Yorepek’s Extra Large Backpack-Your No.1 Large Smart Backpack

Smart backpacks especially the most complicated tend to have a common issue of being small sized. I recently wrote a post on a small sized smart backpack and while it would be adequate for some particular events, I needed a backpack that was larger which was how I was able to find Yorepek’s Extra Large Backpack.

Product Name: Yorepek Extra Large Backpack

Warranty: Could Not Find Any

Product External Dimension: 14.8*10.5*19.3Inches(LxWxH)

Capacity: 45L

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Overview of Yorepek Extra Large Backpack

Yorepek is a name I recently came across so to know more about them before looking further into their products,

I headed straight to their official site. They have not been around for a long time, in fact, to be more precise, they started manufacturing backpacks in the year 2016.

Though the company has not been around for a long time, I was really impressed with the praises heaped upon their backpacks. With what I found out, I noticed that the reviews on this pack are quite much.

With further research, I also found out that most of their backpacks have a lot of reviews from previous customers.

One thing I noticed they do is that they look at what their competition does and then take it a step further. Like I said earlier on, smart backpacks have a tendency to be small in size.

Yorepek must have noticed this and made it a point to design a backpack with similar features to other smart backpacks but with a little more space.

Extremely Large Spaced Smart Backpack

Taking a look at the picture you would understand what I mean by extremely large backpack. For a smart backpack, I was really impressed with the size of the yorepek extra large backpack.

In my review of Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel Backpack, you would notice that I complained about the size of the backpack as one of its drawbacks.

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Well, not for yorepek’s extra large backpack. The backpack is large enough to carry everything I make use of on a regular basis and I am pretty sure it should be big enough to carry yours. I do not own a 17 inches laptop(although I plan to very soon) so I would not be able to say for sure if it can house a 17 inches laptop but based on the specifications of the backpack and the comments of previous buyers, I am confident it would be able to take 17 inches and below sized laptops.

It comes with three large main compartments that are equipped with rugged oversized metal zippers.

Protect Your Laptop From Getting Damaged

Due to how expensive my laptop is, I always like making use of a backpack that has a padded sleeve that can be used to keep my laptop safe. This is very important to prevent your laptop from getting damaged by items inside your backpack.

Yorepek’s Extra Large Backpack comes with a padded sleeve for 13 to 17inches Laptops/MacBooks. The compartment has an adjustable velcro strap so you can be able to fit different laptop sizes and be able to gain easy access to them.

Unbelievable Number Of Pockets

Hardly do you find backpacks that have 20+ pockets. Are you one of those like myself that sometimes need a lot of pockets in a backpack? Then yorepek’s extra large backpack is just for you.

With its 20+ pockets, you can be able to place your smaller items into different pockets such as your iPad, pens, keys, wallets, books, passports, clothes, cell phones and similarly sized items without having the need to cram them all into a few numbers of pockets making your backpack to be disorganized.

A Backpack Approved By TSA

The hassle in traveling is an experience a lot of us have coupled with going through checkpoints in the airport. Offloading my backpack and then repacking my items is definitely one of my unfavorite parts of traveling. Luckily, most airports now approve smart backpacks which means you don’t have to offload or completely offload your items when passing checkpoints.

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This is what is referred to as TSA friendly or TSA approved. Yorepek’s extra large backpack is a TSA friendly backpack. When making use of this backpack, all you have to do is to inform them at the checkpoint stand that your backpack is TSA friendly and then what you need to do next is to open it flat up to 180 degrees, lay it flat so it can easily pass through the scanners.

You won’t have to remove your digital gears like your laptop, phones, tablets or media players. Pretty sweet, right?

Charge Your Phone With Ease

This has become a common feature in smart backpacks although, not all smart backpacks have this feature. Yorepek’s extra large backpack is one of those smart packs that come with a USB charging port with a built-in charging cable so you can charge your phone on the go.

Your smartphone, kindle and other electronic devices would be able to get charged while on the go. The downside to this feature is that you would have to make use of your own power bank that can be connected inside the backpack. This means that the backpack does not come with a built-in power bank. You would need to make use of yours.

A Healthy Way To Listen To Music

I love music and I cannot do without it so when I found out that this backpack had a hole for headphones, made me really excited because putting devices in our pockets is not good for the body especially for guys and holding the device with our hands just defeats one of the purposes of having a backpack in the first place which is supposed to help us free up our hands.

The Yorepek’s extra large backpack comes with a headphone jack that makes you to conveniently listen to your favorite music hands-free while on the go with your device placed securely inside the backpack.

As you know, most things that have an advantage also have a disadvantage and the disadvantage of the headphone jack is restricted access to your device to change your music unless if playing a particular playlist then, there would be no need in removing the device from the bag.

An Important Factor Of A Backpack

Durability and quality of materials of a backpack is a factor that should never be overlooked because it can determine just how long your backpack would last. The Yorepek’s extra large backpack was made with polyester fabric with high-density nylon lining.

This is a pretty good material and should be able to hold up for a long time although I came across a user that complained about the quality of the material.

But based on my findings on the quality of the material used, the compliments from users of the Yorepek extra large backpack outweighed the complaints of its users plus based on material quality ratings, it received almost an excellent star rating.

Comfort, Second To None

One of the disadvantages in making use of some backpacks is your back been sweaty because it overheats when the back of a backpack is pressed against your back for a long time especially in sunny weathers.

Luckily, Yorepek’s extra large backpack was designed with a mesh back panel which prevents or drastically reduces overheating thereby allowing for better airflow.

According to its specifications, it’s shoulder straps were designed with heavily padded honeycomb breathable material which is easily adjustable.

They were designed to be wide. Also, due to the designing of the backpack, it should be comfortable to wear because it’s design ensures dispersion of gravity of the backpack.

The problem I have when it comes to the comfort of the Yorepek’s extra large backpack is the exclusion of chest straps.

Addition of a chest strap is supposed to help remove some load of the backpack from the shoulders thereby making it more comfortable. I really don’t know why this wasn’t included during the designing of the Yorepek’s extra large backpack.

The handle of the backpack was designed with a rugged steel cable. This was done for a more secure hold when picking up or moving the backpack and I think it is a good idea.

The straps of the Yorepek’s extra large backpack comes with a stylish sunglass band that can be used to hang your sunglasses, clip work ID or similar items that need quick, easy, and convenient access. Some backpacks I have come across don’t have this basic feature but it can make a difference when a buyer is to purchase a backpack.

More Than A Fair Pricing

For a backpack of this magnitude, I think the price is fair. Taking a closer look, it does seem to come with different colors with two set prices. I don’t see any important detail to warrant the difference in their pricing. The only noticeable difference I can see is in their color.


My Final Take

Yorepek’s extra large backpack is one of the largest smart backpacks I have come across. It has a nice structure and its features are pretty amazing. There are definitely features I would have loved to see like a built-in power bank, chest strap, better anti-theft features, and few others. But I think it is still an amazing backpack and well worth the price.

If you have purchased this backpack or plan to purchase it, I would love to read your take on the backpack. Is it suitable enough to cater to your backpack needs? Please leave your comment below.

If you feel this backpack meets your requirement for your ideal backpack and you would like to get yourself one, please click the link below to check out the price so you can get your own Yorepek Extra Large Backpack.

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24 comments on “Yorepek’s Extra Large Backpack-Your No.1 Large Smart Backpack

  1. Wow, I think the Yorepeks extra large backpack is even more better due to more added value, I have been following your posts, and have offered some comments and I really like the idea that you keep on posting more about this backpacks, for this backpack I am amazed by its features like the capacity to carry a 17inch laptop,that’s amazing, plus a lot of pockets on it, my favorite part is about the headphone jack point where someone can connect headset and move around enjoying music, I think this is the best of all, also including the charging system.

    For anyone planning to travel, I would also suggest them to have this Yorepeks extra large backpack. Looking forward to learning more from your posts, also, you can make some of your images to link directly to the page where they can be purchased.

  2. I have been doing some research about backpacks.I am glad I landed on your site. To me this is the style I’ve been looking for.I love backpacks with many pockets Although is it waterproof – I mean at least during the rain?Or does it have any sort of removable plastic cover that comes with the backpack?

    1. Hello Micheal, thanks for your comments. This particular yorepek’s backpack although advertised as waterproof but I would not say it is 100% waterproof.  It is made with a really good water resistant material which can drastically reduce the access of water into the backpack.

      Unfortunately, it does not come with removable plastic covers. This would have to be bought separately.

  3. The Oscaurt Anti-Theft Backpack review 2019 is firstly an honest review,it does point out the features and benefits of the product but it also points out its limitations. For example, it isn’t fully waterproof or if you have a bigger than average size laptop it may not fit into the space. Overall the Oscaurt Anti-Theft Backpack seems to have some amazing features and would be suitable for a lot of people, the security features make it difficult for someone to steal your stuff, the price point for this quality of backpack seems to be good. Did you mention what colors it comes in?

  4. Yeah I read your earlier post on small size backpack but then I want something lager and more spacious. Your review of the Yorepek’s extra large backpacks is cool, I think I will be needing this, this to me seem affordable at $55-$65 and it will be nice to keep my laptop also. I will check more about it on amazon. 

  5. Backpacks are great! Especially if you have one like you are promoting. Besides many advantages backpacks can offer, such a piece is great also for your health. Having them on your back will keep your posture straight. Backpacks are easy to carry, great for additional storage place when traveling, especially on aircraft, during biking, climbing etc. My son was using a backpack a lot during his primary school. I am using it for sport, carrying some other stuff, traveling. When choosing what kind of backpack to buy, in my opinion, the most important thing is to consider what for you need your backpack. There are so many products available online and offline. It is really easy to pick up the best one you need. Thanks for sharing your info. It i+helps a lot to make a proper decision related to buying the best backpack.

    Best regards, Igor

    1. Thanks Igor for your comment. Backpacks are really important for a lot of people in their everyday lives as it can help them in carrying their items. It is very important to wear backpacks the right way as wearing it the wrong way can lead to complications in the future

  6. Yorepek Extra Large Backpack looks like something I was expecting to buy. My old backpack has torn apart and I was looking for a good one with a good amount of zips and pockets and I think this bag has what I need. It will be really essential for me when I go to University. I can use it for storing my Laptop.

    The price is really affordable and worth for this. Thank you so much for sharing this article.

  7. The yorepeks extra large backpack is really big. One of the biggest backpacks I’ve seen lately. 

    The USB port and even a jack for your ear phone is really good. Yorepeks must have put a lot of thought into designing this.

    I also like the protection it provides for my laptop. However, is this backpack also water proof?

    1. Thanks Louis for your comment. No, this backpack is not waterproof but it is water-resistant which means that it can reduce the amount of water that has access into the backpack.

  8. Don’t we all wish we could pack our houses into a backpack! Or at least a backpack that would shink our refrigerators and carry them in backpacks! Sounds like the Yorepek’s Extra Large Backpack with its many pockets would do a better job than most!Extra pockets always have the best advantage for better organizing, maximizing of space and smart storage of the many different things we would love to carry on trips! Going on a trip, then later looking for something you really need, only to find out you did not bring it due to lack of space..is going to be a real bummer!Great product, great find. It would be a great seller! Thanks for the share Manuel!Joe

    1. Thanks Joe for your awesome comment. If we could fit our house into a backpack that would have really been something else. The fact that there is a lot of pockets in this backpack would make organization better than other backpacks out there. It is really a favorite of a lot of people

  9. This is a very clearly explained review of the Yorepek backpack.

    I really liked the number of pockets and the fact that your electronic equipment is secure within it.  The other thing I really liked was the price. I thought value for money these backpacks have to be an easy choice. I love hiking, even as a 70+ year old . We live near Wilsons Promontory and it is a wonderful place to go for overnight hikes.  This backpack would be perfect. It would also be ideal to take on board the plane as cabin luggage when traveling overseas. Being able to keep my laptop securely with me is an added bonus.  The other positive indicator for this one is the number of good reviews.

     I would feel confident purchasing this backpack. Thank you for explaining its attributes so well. 

    1. The Yorepek’s extra large backpack is a versatile backpack because of its many features. It can be used for several different occasions which is what makes it a favorite for a lot of people.

  10. This extra large backpack is a must have for travellers. It is spacious with compartments that serve different purposes like the protective inner space for laptop transportation, the quality of the bag is superb. The one acquired  since 3 years ago is still in good shape. This backpack makes my journey a simple one without carrying luggage of different sizes. 

  11. Thanks Manuel for this honest reviews. This Yorepek Backpack seems to meet all the requirements I needed. The only drawback ia that it’s isn’t fully resistant to water. I’ll need to get a seperate plastic cover to cater for that. Seeing that the Yorepek backpack meets my all my requirements and budget and I surely will go for it 🙂 :). It’s too smart a Backpack to not have one.

    1. Thanks Muhiyb for your comment. One of the flaws of this backpack is its ability to not be waterproof although it was made with a really good water resistant material. A plastic cover would work just fine in protecting your items during rainfall.

  12. Thank you for the detailed review of Yorepek backpack. This backpack looks awesome especially for the short distance travelers. 

    I love this product because it has many pockets that can store a whole verity of items. I will like to have it, in case I want to travel or go an a picnic. 

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