Where Do You See Backpacks Ten Years From Now

Let me ask you a question, where do you see backpacks ten years from now?

It is amazing how far we have come in the backpack industry. From the days of Otzi the Iceman to the using of sheets of metals to the addition of a head strap to the addition of zippers to the backpack and so on.

A girl standing by the side of a fast moving train

The backpack has gradually become more than it used to be and is now even growing technologically. The designing of smart backpacks brought about a new world that had not yet been explored.

An image of the three colors of lumzag smart backpack

Who would have thought that a backpack could actually be used for reasons more than just carrying our items from one place to another.

A lot of people have not yet caught up with this change which is one of the reasons we still see the use of regular backpacks more than we do smart backpacks.

Smart backpacks have been in existence for quite some time now and I if I am to guess, I would say that it has been around for about 10 years.

I wrote this post was in the year 2019 and if I am to count 10years backward that would be 2009. During the year 2009, I had not heard anything about smart backpacks and actually started to hear about them when I started this blog.

And since the day I heard about it I have been hooked ever since which made me research even further into the world of smart backpacks.

I came to realize that this style of backpack was so amazing and had so much more to offer than a regular backpack.

I mean have you ever heard of a regular backpack having a solar panel attached to it which can help power up the items in the bag? Backpacks been able to power up gadgets like your phones, tablets and depending on how powerful it is it can even power up and charge your laptop.

A laptop charging a several gadgets
Image Source: Indiegogo. Backpack Name: Lumzag Smart Backpack

There are some amazingly crazy minds that are working behind the scenes on creating smarter backpacks and for this, I give Indiegogo a lot of respect because I recently got to find out that a particular backpack was been created by a team which would make all other backpacks seem really inferior(backpack image above).

The mission of indiegogo is to support new and creative ideas that people have and they are able to get support from other people in the form of crowdfunding which is then used to bring these ideas to life.

A few years back I would never have thought of backpacks been capable of been technologically advanced.

I wrote a review on this particular backpack product that was been created by some creative minds and as at the time of writing that review the backpack had not yet been released to the public.

A prototype had been made which was displayed in an event where new creative items were been displayed. Even as I type this post, I visited the website but it seems the backpack had not yet been released to the public.

Just so you know, this post was created March 2019 so when you probably would be reading this the backpack might have already been in circulation that is if they were able to pull it off.

There was still a lot that needed to be done because all they did before was to actually just design the unique features in just one bag. There had not yet done the design on a large scale.

I have seen this bag in action based on the promotion videos that were created and I was really impressed.

Ten years ago no one would have thought about this coming to existence but here we are 10 years after with a backpack so smart that it can notify you when someone opens your bag, it can notify you if an item you normally put in your bag is missing from the bag, you can track your bag everywhere it goes, you can attach a solar panel onto the bag, it has light inside that lights up when the surrounding is dark and so much more cool features.

A bag like this would have probably been difficult to create 20 years ago due to technology. Even the James Bond movies as of that time were not having such a bag but with the improvement of technology, it is now possible to create bags like these.

If you would like to read the complete review of this backpack you can click the link here. After performing a little research I also got to find out that this was one of the most technologically advanced backpack that was been made.

There are a lot of high tech backpacks but they are not as good as this. Some of them came close but I don’t think they are as good as lumzag. If only lumzag can pull this off and actually mass produce this backpack, they would actually be considered geniuses if they are able to.

So with all these happening what do you think the backpack would be like 10 years from now? Do you think it would remain the way it currently is or would it be way better than it currently is?

Has There Actually Been Progress In The Backpack Industry?

There are a lot of improvements been made to the backpack on a regular basis and I can assure you that 10years from now the backpack would not be the way it currently is.

Better materials are been discovered and been used to design the backpack, more sleek/daring and innovative designs are been given to backpacks, technology is been added to the backpack.

A lot is been done to the backpack to make it better than it used to be. If you have not read the history of backpacks you need to read it so you see exactly how the backpack was a long time ago.

When you read it, try and compare one of the backpacks in those pictures to the backpacks we recently have.

In fact, let me help you out. I would put a very old picture of a backpack that existed a long time ago and I would put a present age backpack. Compare both of them and tell me if progress has not been made.

An image showing a backpack that existed a long time ago and a new age backpack

I mean how would it feel actually carrying a backpack that existed a long time ago.

I bet you would not even be able to take it out your door. That is how far the backpack has come. Now we have creative minds working consistently in coming up with designs making it better than it previously was.

Isn’t that what it is these days, you create something that is better than its predecessors.

If I could see into the future I would tell you that the backpack would be better looking, it would be more comfortable, it would have a better design. Most of the weak points that currently exist in a backpack would either seize to exist or would be drastically reduced.

For example, most backpacks are not waterproof. In fact, they are not even water-resistant. This is going to change in the future as companies would want to do better than their competitors.

This, in turn, would mean that the backpack would be better than it previously was.

If you read a review I wrote on Loctote Flak Sack II you would notice that the backpack though is completely anti-theft, it has a shortcoming of not being waterproof.

This happened because the material used in making the backpack slash proof made it difficult for them to make it waterproof.

Do you think the designers would stop there? No, they would not. If they want to completely dominate the industry in terms of an anti-theft backpack then they would have to come up with a way in which they can use to make the backpack to both be slash proof and also waterproof.

This I know they are constantly working on and in a few months or even years I believe they would be able to get this right.

More Smaller and Compact

Where do I see the backpack 10 years from now? I think the backpack is going to become smaller and compact than it currently is. Our computers just like most things that we currently make use of were not always this tiny.

Creative minds look for ways to shrink everything we have making them easier to use and easier to carry.

When the computer was first created, it was not as easy to carry as it currently is. It was big, it emitted a lot of heat, the circuits and those tiny things inside it were just so damn big.

These obviously made using the computer to be rather difficult and as time evolved and technology became better, the computer was constantly been improved on.

This made the computer to start to shrink in size, the items inside of it became smaller, the heat it emitted became lower and even a small fan was put into it to help with cooling the system while it is working and it also became easier to carry around which is in the form of a laptop.

I see this exact same thing happening to the backpack. I believe it would get to a time whereby we would not have to be carrying a lot of items due to the advancement in technology. This would mean that the existence of largely sized backpacks would not be as important as they currently are.

With our hectic daily activities, we currently need largely sized backpacks but the fact is that technology would come in and therefore we are not going to need to carry as much as we currently do. For those that would still require backpacks, they would now require backpacks that are not so large sized.

For this reason, large backpacks might not exist as much as they currently do which would mean that the backpack would become smaller and even more compact. Even if large backpacks still do exist they would become lighter than they currently are.

Even More Focus On Detail

One undisputed fact is that quality would definitely trump quantity in the future. With competition increasing by the day and companies trying to stay ahead of each other, there would be more focus on quality rather than quantity.

When I wrote on luxurious backpacks I talked about Louis Vuitton actually setting their goods ablaze at the end of the year that weren’t sold.

This is a strategic move to control sales only allowing quality products to be in the market place.

A lot of companies would develop this strategy which is already happening because this can actually create a sense of scarcity which can end up giving the product more value in the eyes of the consumer.

Due to the fact that there would be more focus on the quality of backpacks rather than on quantity, there is definitely going to be more focus on detail in the designing of backpacks.

There is going to be a reduction in defects in materials and workmanship than we are currently experiencing.

Seeing this happening is not rocket science because if a company wants to stay in business they would have to produce more quality products because that would be a really good way to keep their customers happy.

Looking at the backpack been currently produced, there seem to be lots of complaints from customers and from my observations, these complaints are mostly due to defects in materials and workmanship.

It seems only backpacks that are very expensive are the ones been produced to last longer.

There are some reputable brands that don’t price their backpacks that expensive but still produce quality backpacks. The backpacks are not cheap either but are fairly priced.

Soon more people would begin to realize that they really do get what they pay for and if they are to get a quality backpack that can last them for a very long time then they would have to spend more for such a bag.

Trend In The Use Of Backpacks

It is no news that there was a time whereby backpacks were mostly been used for just carrying our items. A lot of us are now beginning to realize that it is now been used for more than that.

A person holding a modern day backpack

There has been a rapid increase in designing stylish backpacks and this increase is due to the fact that a lot of people make use of the backpack to compliment the outfits they put on.

Have you ever asked yourself why a celebrity would be willing to cough out $1000+ for a backpack? Yes they have the money to spend but there is a huge difference wearing a Gucci backpack than to wearing a backpack that was bought for less than $10.

There is a difference in style and swag when making use of a backpack from a luxurious brand. In the future would everyone be able to make use of a backpack produced by Gucci and similar brands?

I have no idea about that but I don’t see these luxurious brands producing backpacks that are going to be less than $100.

I think the gap between the rich and the average or poor people would always be there, therefore, bags would always be produced that targets a particular class of people and in this case the rich.

I don’t see this changing 10 years from now but hey, that is just my opinion and you never know what the future has to offer.

Also, when I wrote on women and backpacks I wrote on the shocking stats that actually showed that more women are now making use of backpacks and there was a rise in the number of women making use of backpacks to men making use of the backpack.

According to the stats reported by Forbes, the sales of handbags as of 2016 went down 8% and surprisingly, the sales of backpacks for men went down by 5% and that for children went down by 15%.

Now the shocking part of these stats was the increase in sales of backpacks for women. There was a 15% increase in backpack sales for women during the one year the research was carried out.

What does this imply? It implies that over the years, more women are now switching to backpacks and actually now prefer it to the use of handbags.

Although there are occasions whereby a woman making use of a backpack might not be appropriate but the stats show that a lot of women now prefer making use of the backpack as it is more versatile than the handbag.

A lady wearing a high quality backpack

A few years back before the popularity of backpacks increased, women made more use of handbags than they did backpacks but as we can see from our every day lives the backpack is now been preferred.

Some women definitely would still prefer handbags to backpacks but the stats do not lie and the increase in the sales of backpacks for women shows a shift in trends from handbags to backpacks.

A lady holding a handbag

Would it still be like this few years from now? Well, I don’t really know about this but if you read my post on women and backpacks you would see the reasons why women prefer it to handbags and for the reasons listed in that post I think it would remain like that in the future.

From the stats observed that same year, the decline in the sales of backpacks to men was really strange because unlike men, women have the handbag to fall back to so I don’t really know what men fall back to. Maybe they fall back to suitcase or messenger bags.

That has to be the explanation because the decline of sales of backpacks to men is baffling as a lot of people feel backpacks are been used more by males than females.

Where Do I See The Backpack 10years From Now

Based on the points mentioned in this post I believe there is more to come in the backpack industry. A lot is been put into making the backpack more comfortable and more secure than it ever was.

A lot of women would continue to realize that the use of the backpack is actually more versatile than when making use of handbags.

I believe the sales of backpacks to men would pick up and there might continue to be a decline in the sales of backpacks to children. Backpacks are going to be more sleek and better materials would be made use of to ensure the safety of the items in the pack.

The quality of backpacks would keep on improving and quality backpacks would be created for both the rich and those that are not rich.

With the difference in status of the rich and those that don’t have a lot, the targeting of the sales of certain backpacks to a certain class of persons would always be there and I don’t see this going away any time soon.

The smart backpack would be smarter as the years go by due to the creative minds of people. It would be more high tech and it would be able to do a lot more than it currently does.

These are just my opinion on how I see the backpack and based on my research it has been estimated that the sales of backpacks would keep on increasing at a 10% rate annually with the backpack industry in the US alone worth over $2.7 billion according to Fortune.

I would like to read what you think about this. What are your thoughts on the growth of the backpack and its industry a few years from now? Do you actually think that there is more to come or have we seen all that the backpack has to offer? I would like to know what you think. Please leave your comments in the comment section below and I would reply as soon as I possibly can.

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  1. As the population continues to increase, the backpack industry seems poised for significant growth and evolution. As far as I can tell, smart backpacks will continue to sell quite well, and this will lead to completely new innovations even beyond that. There are so many great designs to choose from now, and a range of prices that fit every budget as well. You’ve summed everything up nicely here and I’m glad that I happened upon this post.


  2. This is a lovely article and I can attest to the fact that backpacks are improving with technology.  I have the conviction in me that technology would have taken backpacks to higher ground in 10 years to come. I can see lots of improvement on these backpacks as they manufacture them from the factory which is a good flag for the future.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Ola, thanks for your comment. The backpack has definitely improved over the years and with the way the market is going there is definitely going to be more improvements on the backpack both technologically and non-technologically. 

  3. Hi there, when I read your article sometimes last month about indiegogo and what they are building with the backpack, the technology they are building with the backpack, I have to believe a lot of people will see backpack more useful than what we are using to pack items apparently when traveling or going to work. Also with the sale increased in the backpack industry, and with the addition of new technology, where I see backpack in the next ten years is more adoption by even government agencies. My view on backpack

    1. I am a huge fan of indiegogo as they give minds an ability to be able to express their creative thoughts and bring their ideas to life. This is evident in the designing of lumzag smart backpack which I think is one of the best smart backpacks been produced.

      This shows that the creativity on the designing of backpacks would continue to grow giving birth to more cool stuffs been incorporated into the backpack

  4. Nice reviews on backpacks, their uses styles and who uses them. I see that the market is fluctuating and now the move toward regaining with more innovative products at an affordable base for all segments of the economy is now the goal. Change is the only constant and I see it is no different with backpacks. With technology, we could only expect that this product would need to be brought up to our modern needs. Great writeup.

    1. Thanks Ron for your input on this. Technology is definitely a way to go to make the backpack more suited to this modern era

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