Undeniable Reasons People Hate Backpacks – Beware of These

Let me tell you a short story that I am pretty sure occurs on a regular basis. I have been making use of backpacks from quite a young age and I have actually loved it and it has assisted a lot of us on a regular basis but I have recently come to find out that there are actually undeniable reasons people hate backpacks.

Picture of a person holding a backpack close to their legs

There was a guy who had a really important interview. On that fateful sunny day, he dressed up smart, looking all good and feeling confident. He had actually prepared himself and was sure he was going to ace the interview.

He had his backpack, put it on and headed on his way. Unlucky for him there were no cabs to take so he decided to walk with the mindset that where he was going to wasn’t far.

He was actually right and it wasn’t far but what he failed to put into consideration before beginning that walk was the fact that he was pretty late and needed to walk fast.

Secondly, the weather was pretty hot which meant he was going to sweat because of his fast pace and to top it all up he was wearing a back pack.

Due to these he got to his interview and was completely uncomposed which led to him not getting the job.

How could these simple factors contribute to him not getting the job you might ask. Keep on reading and I would reveal to you what might have actually caused this.

In this post, you would find out some disadvantages of backpacks and how to avoid these disadvantages from even occurring. Some of them might be beneficial to you while some others might not.

They Can Make Your Back Sweaty

I love my backpack and I am pretty amazed at how much it has made my life easier both when I was in school and after I finished school but one of the reasons I am careful when I make use of my backpack is that it can actually make my back to be sweaty.

I told a story at the beginning of this post about a guy going for an interview who might have lost the interview because of the weather and his backpack. I have more than one bag and I like to alternate them based on their use and where I am actually going.

Depending on the type of outfit you put on, when you make use of a bag that does not allow for good ventilation at the back, It can lead to your back becoming sweaty especially if you make use of it in a hot and sunny weather.

An adult wearing a backpack in a sunny day which is actually one of the disadvantages of backpacks

Brands producing this product are now looking into these and I have come to find out that there are many packs now being produced that allow for better ventilation at their backs.

The materials been used and the structure of the designs allows your back to remain dry even in sunny weathers while making use of it.

The guy that lost his interview from the story I wrote on might have been due to the fact that he got to the interview all sweaty because he actually wore a backpack that did not allow for better airflow or ventilation at the back of the bag.

This alone can affect your composure and can make you less composed than you actually were which can affect your interview.

This is just my speculation but I think If he had probably gone to that interview with his clothes dry he might have been more composed and would have done better.

So the point you might want to take away from this is to know exactly when to make use of your back bag and try to make sure you purchase one that would not be a burden to you.

If you are making use of a pack that does not allow for better airflow then you might want to be wary of the time of the day you use it. If the weather isn’t hot and sunny and probably has a light gentle wind then it should be ok.

There are a lot of fancy back bags that we might want to get which is one of the reasons I always encourage having more than one bag so you can have options on which is ideal for which.

You can also avoid a sweaty back by making use of bags made with a mesh back vent.

The back panel of a backpack made with mesh material

The inclusion of back panels on a back bag depending on the designing can help separate the back from the pack.

Complicating Your Health Issues

Not knowing the proper way to wear a back bag can actually put your health at risk. A common advice given to anyone making use of a back bag is to make sure they don’t make it heavy.

There are a lot of complications that can occur in regularly carrying a heavy back bag. From waist pain to altering your posture and even chest pain. This is one fact that cannot be ignored when making use of a back pack.

Because of our hectic daily activities whereby we have a lot of things to accomplish. We might feel the need to always load our back packs from bottom up. This can be dangerous to our health and is one of the disadvantages of backpacks.

My advice to you is to think about the back pack you feel would be the right size to carry your things and then go for one that is just a bit smaller than what you thought of because if it is not huge then you won’t even have the space to pack more than you should.

They Can Wrinkle Your Clothes

The truth is always bitter but the fact is that we back pack users have actually experienced this at one point or the other. It falls down to two things.

  • The type of outfit you put on
  • They type of back bag you have or purchase

Back bags are not meant for every type of outfit and there are actually some outfits that get wrinkled at the back when making use of a backpack. They might get wrinkled on the back or on the shoulder.

I have come to find out that if there is some breathing space between the back of the pack and your back then you should not be at risk of having the back of your outfit wrinkled when making use of your back pack.

My advice to you is to make sure you don’t over adjust the straps of your back pack so it doesn’t become tight because if it becomes tight and the back of the bag wasn’t properly designed then it can end up making the back of your cloth become wrinkled.

Whether a pack is tight or loose doesn’t have much effect on some type of outfits but the fact is that there are also outfits out there that get wrinkled easily at the back or the shoulders when wearing a tight back bag.

Just make sure you know the type of back pack you are buying and the type of clothes you wear it with so you can avoid these when making use of it.

They Can Be Used To Store Dangerous Items

I recently wrote a post why I feel bags should be banned from some certain places. There is no denying the fact that having a back bag can be of huge help to a lot of people but let us not ignore the fact that it can also be used for dangerous activities.

A bag can be used to store dangerous items that we are not able to see. These items can be used to cause harm to people and for this we should be cautious in their usage.

Very little can be done about this due to the fact that it is actually like an enclosed space hidden from the world but precautions can always be taken. In the post I wrote on about if back packs should be banned I mentioned the use of clear back bags.

A lady wearing a see-through backpack

Clear packs is not a solution a lot of us are fond of and it wasn’t accepted by the public but there are places I feel the use of clear bags should be encouraged and I wrote more on it in that post.

–>Click Here To Read On If The Use Of Backpacks Should Really Be Banned<–

Even if back packs can be of huge help to us let us please try to avoid using it to store dangerous items which can be of risk to both ourselves and to those around us.

They Can Be Rather Expensive

I am pretty baffled as to when people consider this a reason why they hate back packs. They feel back bags are actually too expensive.

There are a lot of points to look at why I feel a backpack should not be considered as expensive and I wrote more on this in a previous post.

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A lot of people might actually consider back bags to be expensive and although I do not agree with this, it is a point I had to include in this post.

Most people prefer to buy bags especially kids bags pretty cheap and whenever they see an expensive pack they are really turned off.

I would address this issue briefly in this post. If you want to read more on it click here. The fact we should never forget is that anything we wish to purchase be it a bag, a shoe, an outfit or whatever.

If we intend to purchase something of good quality then it would hardly come cheap.

An image of bronze times shockproof laptop backpack

There are back bags that span over $200. While I am not saying they are all of excellent quality but the fact remains that for a bag to be priced that way it is going to meet some certain standards that can ensure its long usage.

A lot of these expensive packs come with lifetime warranties giving you peace of mind when you make the purchase. So my advice to you is to try to not be turned off by expensive bags.

They are worth more than money and can be able to last you a long time due to the quality put into making them.


I am all for owning a backpack and the reasons listed on this post should not be a turnoff on getting yourself one.

You just need to be aware of some of its disadvantages and luckily I have been able to identify ways you can make use of to avoid some of the complications of a back bag.

To refresh your memory, some of the reasons why people hate backpacks as listed above are…

  • They can make your back to be sweaty
  • They can complicate your health issues
  • They can wrinkle your clothes
  • They can be used to store dangerous items
  • They can be expensive

I have come up with ways you can make use of in this post so you won’t have to experience these complications.

I would really like your feedback on this post and also if you have any reasons not listed here or questions you can leave them in the comment section below.

Please note that the short story at the beginning of this post is completely fictional and although it relates to lives of many people, it was told to give you a picture on some of the points made on this post.

14 comments on “Undeniable Reasons People Hate Backpacks – Beware of These

  1. True on the cloth wrinkling Manuel,

    I got tired of bringing my backpack to a meeting because although they are handy and easy to bring, they unfortunately wrinkle my shirt and it won’t look good in meetings. I ended up buying a trolley bag with that luggage handle or briefcase to meetings instead which cost me more money :/

    1. As awesome as a backpack is they still do have their disadvantages and unfortunately one of those disadvantages is that they tend to wrinkle some of the clothes we put on. It is not always the case but it does happen.

  2. Hello Manuel, that was quite a story. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the young man. In actual sense of it, backpacks do make one sweaty at the back, it even becomes more annoying if the weather is hot and you happen to be putting on any black material, as black tends to make people more sweaty.

    I love the fact that the producers of backpack are now producing ones that allow for better ventilation. The reasons people hate backpacks is quite understanding and I wouldn’t blame them, especially the disadvantage of backpack complicating one’s health issues.

    1. We do need to be careful about the type of backpacks we. Also, the weather should determine if we need to wear our backpacks. I know there are times when it just can’t be helped because we need to make use of the bag but I feel the type of weather should determine just how long a backpack stays on our backs

  3. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. The major reasons I could figure out is wrinkling of cloth and storage if dangerous item. Backpacks are more important and useful in transporting valuable items, clear backpacks are my favorite in selecting backpacks. Thanks for the review, it’s was really helpful. 

    1. Clear backpacks even though they have their disadvantages but they are still awesome. Thanks for your comment Adamuts.

  4. Hi Manuel,

    I really liked your new article and the way you organized the disadvantages of backpacks. However, I don’t think these reasons are enough for people to HATE backpacks. The benefits of backpacks are sometimes worth going through some unpleasant moments and even some of the disadvantages can be avoided. 

    For example, in my case, I haven’t experienced ever being sweaty because of my backpack and I can assure that I live in a very WARM city. That depends on the person, but for those that get sweat in their backs, they could use those that allow a better airflow. And if they would argue that they are expensive, I would say that it’s an investment for a product they will use for a long time. The backpack I usually use for school has over 5 years and it’s still pretty new.

    About getting your clothes wrinkled because of your backpacks, I wouldn’t have a problem with that and perhaps other people do care about that. But backpacks aren’t the only reason why clothes get wrinkles. If people don’t sit straight, they lay down, their clothes get wrinkles. So, in my opinion, it is very difficult to keep your clothes without wrinkles while wearing them.

    What I think it’s a great disadvantage is how it can affect your health and I have been through that. I have back pains, mainly because of my backpack and carrying many things for school. I definitely have to read your article about the proper way to use backpacks. 

    And another valid disadvantage is that people can hide dangerous objects, and I have already stated my opinion about that in your article about that.

    I really like your site and I LOVE BACKPACKS, so I can’t understand why someone would hate them, but I respect their opinion. 

    1. As useful as a backpack is they still come with disadvantages and some of these disadvantages are bearable for some people than it is for others. Thanks a lot Mariana for your opinion on this and thanks for taking the time to read my post.

  5. I like the one that is transparent, like the one in the picture here in this article. With a transparent back pack, no one can hide deadly weapons or even a bomb used by suicide bombers. Here in the Philippines particularly in the southern part of Mindanao, there are frequent incidents of suicide bombing done by persons carrying a back pack. I think if the military will require people to wear transparent back packs, such terror attacks will be prevented.

    Aside from the transparent one, I also like the idea of improving the ventilation of the back through special features like the one mentioned in this article. I can relate to this as I am a person who sweat profusely while carrying a back pack walking on the streets. The perspiration sometimes emit bad odor which turns off a lot of people the moment they smell me. The next time I buy a back pack, I will take these into consideration.

    1. Unforuntately, backpacks are been for dangerous activities which was not the main purpose of it. Making use of clear backpacks can be a way to minimize some dangerous activities carried out by some people. Although it would not eradicate crime but in some locations, it can help reduce it.

  6. You did touch on a lot of the negatives associated with owning a backpack and not a different type of carrying bag. However, you missed a very important point when it comes to the positives of a backpack.

    One of the downsides of sports style tote bags, or messenger bags is that all of the weight you are carrying is on one side. This inevitably places all of the stress on one side of your body, throwing off alignment of the spine and causing many chiropractic issues. Any weight that you will be carrying for more than a minute or so should be evenly distributed, so that your spine and all major muscle groups are lifting and carrying the weight evenly.

    Backpacks allow for even distribution of load weight.

    This is a very good reason to choose them over other types of carrying apparatus.

    1. Thank you Tyler for your comment. Backpacks help a lot in distributing the load weight evenly especially when carrying a heavy load. This is obviously a major advantage of a backpack but it can also be a disadvantage if these heavy load in a backpack is carried every day and can have a negative health impact when not carried the right way.

  7. Hello Manuel, how are you doing this Thursday?

    Although it’s been a long time since I had to use a backpack, I recall the times that I used to put on backpacks mindlessly just as long as I liked how they looked, and how conveniently they served when it came to storage space and overall design and quality.

    I remember running to, while in, and after school, or days where I would just spend them walking because I enjoyed it, and in most of these days I was always aware of my sweaty back and how awkward it would feel sitting somewhere where I would most likely had been taking care of some matters. Sometimes I could care less about it, sometimes I wish I could do something to change the current situation that I was in, I just got to say that I wish I could have been more conscious about these types of backpacks back then. At least I have a good reference here for when I want to be on the lookout for quality back sweat proof backpacks.

    Thanks for writing a superb article Manuel.

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