Top 10 Best College Backpacks 2019

Let me ask you two questions. As a college student have you ever given any thoughts on the backpack you make use of or intend to make use of? Have you ever wondered if there are actually bags that are suited to the needs of a student? We have compiled 10 best college backpacks that we feel are perfectly suited for the needs of a student.

A student wearing a college backpack

The life of a college student can be pretty amazing but I have recently come to find out that not a lot of these students actually give a lot of thought to the type of bag they would make use of when in college.

From attending classes to going to the library or involving one’s self in one activity or the other, the type of backpack one makes use of can be a huge burden reliever.

Students would have to carry a laptop, notebooks or even textbooks to class. They might want to go for sports or go to the library.

Having the right backpack to assist you in carrying your items from one place to another can take a lot of stress from you.

I know exactly what students go through because I was also one’s in college which is why I think the choices I selected in my 10 best college backpacks are going to be right for you.

Know Exactly What Your Needs Are

Before you make a choice you need to have an idea on the type of backpack you would like to make use of.

Are you intending to go for a backpack that is cool which would look nice with the outfits you put on or are you probably going for a bag that would be able to contain all the items you intend to make use of on a daily basis?

Are you the intellectual type that would probably need to always have their textbooks in their bags or are you one of those students involved in sports that would need to always have their sports gear in their bags?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with been intellectual and at the same time being cool/fashionable or involving yourself in one activity or the other while in college.

For this reason, we have been able to compile a list of backpacks we feel would be ideal for you no matter the type of lifestyle you intend to live in college you should be able to find something here that would be to your taste.

A Review of 10 best College Backpacks

Bronze Times Shockproof Laptop Backpack

The bronze times shockproof laptop backpack is one classic backpack made of water-resistant and shockproof oxford cloth fabric.

It has a padded laptop compartment meant for holding and protecting your laptop. If you are a college student going for a stylish backpack then this would be a perfect choice.

It is not too big but is just the right size to be able to contain your books and your laptop. Because of the size of the laptop compartment, it would be better if your laptop size is not more than 15.6inches.

Laptop sizes bigger than that might be difficult to fit into the backpack.

It is comfortable to wear, looks great, and it has a sleek design of a modern backpack.

BOPAI Slim College Leather Backpack

One of my favorites from this collection is Bopai Slim backpack. It comes with three options with each having its own distinguishing design.

It was made with synthetic leather and ballistic nylon material which makes it highly water-resistant.

Are you probably looking for a stylish leather backpack to make use of in college? Then consider this leather backpack.

Its main compartment opens up to a 45-degree angle which has an advantage of not allowing your items to fall from the bag when you open it.

The spacious compartment is able to contain your notebooks, textbooks, A4 documents, clothes, umbrella, and similarly sized items.

The interior of the bag has a laptop compartment designed with a soft woven fabric to help protect your laptop from getting damaged.

There are various pockets inside the bag for better organization and it even has a hidden zip pocket at the back of the bag to keep your valuable items like your wallet and passport.

An invisible pocket is located at the side of the bag to store items like a water bottle or even an umbrella.

There is no reason why you cannot go for a backpack that can make you look both cool and smart while in college.

Incase City Backpack

Are you a college student looking for a tech backpack? Then Incase City Backpack is exactly what you need. The organizational options built into this bag is really amazing.

The main compartment of the backpack offers 360-degree protection for your laptop and has a soft material to prevent the laptop from getting scratched.

This compartment even with the laptop in it can also contain at list 5 notebooks and textbooks and the second compartment has built-in pockets made with both mesh and solid fabric materials.

It even has hidden pockets where you can keep items like your wallet or passport.

There is a zippered compartment at the top outside of the backpack which is perfect for placing your gadgets or items you don’t want to get scratched.

There are two zippered pockets at the front outer pocket of the backpack and there is a front bottom compartment that is perfect for storing bigger cables like your laptop charger.

There are two small pockets at the back of the backpack located near their straps where you can be able to store smaller items like metro cards.

The Incase City Backpack was made with durable materials which makes it water-resistant.

It looks good and has a nice design giving you the confidence to carry it to class or even to work.

The North Face Surge College Backpack

Made with 5000 Cordura® nylon matte ripstop, the North face surge laptop backpack was made to be highly resistant to tearing and ripping.

Its trademark FlexVent suspension system boasts custom injection-molded shoulder straps.

The back of the bag is padded for more comfort and has a spine channel and a wicking lumbar panel for maximum support and ventilation.

It has a fleece lined laptop compartment capable of protecting your laptop from scratches and damages and the bag is able to open up to 180degrees making it checkpoint friendly.

Do you probably have items you wish to organize in various pockets of your backpack?

No worries because it comes with multiple interior and exterior pockets that gives you more options to better organize your belongings.

The main compartment is large enough to contain your books, binders, and even your clothes

For quick access, a padded fleece-lined tablet sleeve was placed in the front compartment of the backpack.

It also comes with a removable waist belt, a sternum strap with a whistle buckle, reflective accents for increased visibility, water bottle pockets, and an elastic webbing for cord management.

Trust me when I tell you that you would not be disappointed getting your hands on The North Face Surge Laptop Backpack.

BOLANG College Backpack

There is no doubt that a backpack is not fully complete if it is not at the very least water-resistant. Bolang college backpack was made from a high-grade water-resistant nylon material which makes the backpack lightweight and durable.

It comes with several pockets that can be used to organize the items in your backpack.

To be precise, there are 4 main pockets, 6 smaller inner pockets, 2 pen pockets, and 2 mesh side pockets. That’s a lot of pockets for just one backpack.

There is a separate compartment for just your laptop which is able to contain up to a 16inch sized laptop.

The back and the shoulder straps of the bag were created in a way that offers maximum back support and comfort.

Due to the number of multiple compartments and pockets, you would have no problem organizing your clothes, books, pens, laptop, keys, water bottles and much more.

It comes with a 1-year warranty and it is perfect for college.

Yorepek’s Extra Large Backpack

When it comes to large backpacks, this is one of my favorites. It has a phone jack that makes it possible to listen to music with your earphone connected to your phone in the bag.

I have gotten used to regularly mentioning this bag because I feel it is just ideal for a college student.

It has a lot of pockets that make organization to be really easy. Its compartment is very large and can contain the items you take to class ranging from your notebooks to textbooks to your binders and even your laptop.

It can contain your clothes and your sports gear at ease without having to carry another bag to hold them.

Its laptop compartment is able to house up to a 17inch laptop and it comes with an attached USB charging port to easily charge your phone while you are making use of it.

It is able to open up to 180 degrees making it TSA friendly.

It was designed with a mesh back panel which prevents or drastically reduces overheating when making use of the bag thereby allowing for better airflow between the back of the backpack and your back.

Its straps come with a stylish sunglass band that can be used to hang your sunglasses. You would not regret making this your favorite college backpack I can assure you that.

Matein Laptop Backpack

Matein Laptop backpacks have proved to be a very popular bag used by college students. Their backpacks are fairly large and have a nice design that blends in both cool and smart all rolled up to form a nice sleek design.

One of their most popular bags I recently reviewed in a previous post was a bit small which is why I decided to include in this list another of their popular backpacks that were designed to suit the needs of a student.

It is larger in size and also has the same features.

As a college student, you would find this bag really useful due to its large capacity that is able to contain all you need to take to class.

It has multiple compartments with many zippered pockets for better organization and even has a laptop compartment for safely storing your laptop. It is able to open to 180degrees making it a TSA friendly backpack.

It has an external USB charging port for charging your devices while you are on the go. It was made with a high-quality water-resistant material which makes the backpack to be durable enabling it to last for a long time.

It was even created with waterproof zippers able to withstand heavy use and harsh conditions.

Your notebooks, binders, folders, pens, iPad, calculators and so much more can easily fit into the pack in an organizational pattern making inside your backpack neat giving you easy access any time you need to make use of your items.

It even comes with anti-theft pockets at the back of the bag to protect some of your valuable items from thieves. Pretty cool.

19inch Swiss Gear Laptop Backpack

For a college student that would need to put a lot of items into their backpack on a regular basis, swiss gear laptop backpack would be a good choice for you.

It was designed to fit the needs of a modern student or even a professional.

How many items are you actually intending on carrying to class? As long as you feel they should be able to fit into a backpack then you can be rest assured that they would perfectly fit into this swiss gear laptop backpack.

Do you probably own a laptop and are worried if it would fit into your bag? You no longer have to worry about this because this backpack comes with a laptop padded compartment that can fit your laptop.

When I first came across this bag I assumed that it would be able to fit at most a 15inch laptop but I later got to find out from other people that made use of the bag that this wasn’t the case.

The laptop compartment is so big that it can even fit a laptop size that is more than 15inches.

It is able to take a 17inch and even a 19inch laptop and the laptop sleeve makes sure your laptop is well protected inside the bag.

It has a main large zipper compartment and can be used to store bulk of your items.

It comes with several pockets which include small side pocket and also 2 mesh side pockets for water bottles.

There are also several pockets that can be used to organize your items and it also includes a front bungee cord.

The back of the bag was created with a mesh material which encourages super ventilation which was also made to be contoured padded which helps to prevent back fatigue especially when carrying it for a long time.

Whether you are going to class or to the library or probably going for sports, the backpack would provide you with plenty of room to contain your belongings.

High Sierra Swerve Laptop Backpack

The high sierra swerve laptop backpack is large sized with enough space to store your gear. It has a padded laptop compartment able to contain up to a 17inch laptop.

Its large compartments and multiple pockets make for better organization.

The backpack is sturdy and strong and would serve you well in carrying your school supplies. It is durable, has lots of storage and is perfect for college students.

High Sierra backpacks are made to last for a long time. While in college you would not have to go through several backpacks before graduating.

This can be your one option and should be able to serve you throughout your stay in college.

For durability, good storage space, affordability, and adequate protection for your devices such as your laptop, high sierra swerve laptop backpack should be just what you need.

Jansport Cool Student Backpack

I consider this one of my number one go to backpacks for college students. Some students don’t really care about a backpack been too stylish.

They are mostly interested in a backpack that is able to contain their school supplies, is durable and pretty affordable.

The Jansport cool student backpack was designed for the ideal college student and it has enough space to contain your school items.

It has a simple stylish design with high durability that can make your backpack last for a long time.

It is easy to wash and it even comes with a lifetime warranty which the brand honors giving you peace of mind when making use of the Jansport cool Student Backpack.

College Backpacks FAQs

1) Question: Are These Backpacks Meant For Only College?

Answer: The backpacks listed in this post can also be used outside college. Their sizes are large and they have a nice design which means they can even be taken to work, they can be used for traveling, they can be used by high school students.

They cannot all be used for every single occasion. Depending on your needs you can easily decide on which of these backpacks you would like to make use of.

For example, if you are traveling and you would need to carry a backpack that would need space to contain a lot of your items then you should go for a bigger that has a bigger sized compartment.

2) Question: Do They All Come With Side Pockets?

Answer: Not all the backpacks in this list come with a side pocket for storing water bottles. For example, Incase City Backpack doesn’t come with a side water bottle pouch for storing a water bottle.

Like I said at the beginning of the post you would need to know what you need your backpack for before making a decision on the type of backpack to chose.

3) Question: Are They All Waterproof Backpacks?

Answer: Please note that none of the backpack listed here is waterproof. They are water-resistant which means that it would be pretty difficult for water to find its way into the backpack unless if there is a heavy downpour of rain.

4) Question: Do They All Have A Separate Laptop Sleeve compartment?

Answer: Yes, all the backpacks listed in this post come with a laptop sleeve. The only difference they have is in the size of the laptops that can fit into the laptop compartment.

5) Question: Are They All Unisex Backpacks?

Answer: Yes, all the backpacks in this list can be used by both male and females.

6) Question: Do the USB backpacks come with power banks?

Answer: No, the backpacks with USB external ports in this list does not come with power banks. You would have to get your own power banks and connect it to the USB port inside the backpack before it you connect your own cord to the external USB port.

If there are any questions you have that you would need an answer to please leave your comment in the comment section below and I would reply as soon as I possibly can.

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  1. Getting to read this article really made me happy as I have been searching for good backpacks for college student because I want to start selling them online. I have seen the different backpack and I love their designs and to. Me, I feel they are of good quality and can be used for other things aside college

    1. Hello Linus, these backpacks listed on this post can definitely be used for occasions outside college. Due to the way they were made or designed makes their use versatile. 

  2. This a great post as you have decided to write on what most won’t even consider writing about but I would like to say this is a very informative post. I know this because there have been a couple of times I have failed to pick out good backpacks for my nephew and I ended up getting backpacks that couldn’t last 6 months. For me, this is why I value this post as I can always go for any one of those listed here and I will be sure I’m getting the best. Thanks

    1. Thank you Seyi for your comment. I took my time in selecting these products as I feel that they would be able to serve the needs of a student.

  3. Hi there

    This post is really educating. I’m glad to read this article. Reading this article has solved two major problems for me. Number one is, knowing what type of backpack I really need. Bopai slim college leather backpack. It contains everything every single quality I need to make going out easier for me. Number two problem that this article has solved is, lack of knowledge about backpack because I really have the plan to sell them online. Thanks for this 

  4. Thanks for writing this article on Top 10 Best College Backpacks.i must commend you for taking the time to do your findings and research on different backpacks in the market. The North Face Surge College Backpack is the backpack I like most with the nice color and style it has. I have used similar products in the past and I know how nice it is as a backpack 

  5. Oh thank you for giving me some inspiration for college backpack. My brother needs a new bag since his high school bag is rather rusty. I’m sure he will love Jansport. It doesn’t cost too high for a college student with a passable fashion style. While I understand none of those bags you listed above are waterproof, do they (at least the Jansport one) have additional ‘water protection bagcoat’ for the bag? Traveling bag sometimes has this, so I wonder if college backpacks have too.

    1. None of the bag listed on this post come with raincovers. That would have to be purchased separately. That are various backpacks out there that come with raincovers and one of them I wrote a review on which you can check out is Kopack anti-theft backpack.

  6. The perfect backpack for college life has to be sturdy and functional. It’s has to be tech savvy, very secure and last for a good duration. I particularly like the design of the Incase City Backpack. It’s design is kind of modern, and it can also be useful for carrying my laptop. I do wonder, can this backpack sustain me for the duration of my college degree?

  7. Hi Manuel

    Great post! I have been looking for a good backpack. One that can fit most of what I need in a daily basis. I am a freelancer, I get to work outside my house a lot. So, I need a good solid and big backpack that will allow me to carry everything that I need for a day at work.

    Thanks to your post, I found the High Sierra Swerve Laptop Backpack. It is just perfect, I can carry my laptop, my lunch, my powerbank, notebooks, water flask, and more. It’s solid!


  8. Hi Manuel

    Really great article, for me, the most important aspects of a backpack are the fit, comfort, and durability. I have had so many backpacks in the past that have failed one or both of these criteria, from a durability point of view I do tend to throw them around a fair bit. I particularly like the Matein and the High Sierra Swerve, looks like they are well made and have a large capacity which I like.

    Thanks again

  9. Great article about college backpacks. I didn’t know that there was so much difference in a bag. After your informative article, I know what to look for if I want to buy one. Which would you recommend me for both laptop and Ipad and books?
    I am glad you wanted to share this article, it’s recommended if you want a backpack.
    Good luck

    1. The packs listed on this post are all great options and should be able to easily fit a laptop, iPad and some books. Your only concern might be the size of the laptop. For a larger screen sized laptop it would be best to go for a backpack with a large laptop compartment or sleeve.

  10. These are all well thought out backpacks,suitable for college students,having protected storage for laptops,and most have well thought out pockets for books and pens.

    The idea of some like the 19 inch Swiss Gear Laptop Backpack of having 2 water bottle,storage compartments, is neat,and also of some,like the Matein,having an external USB charging port is great.

    It is a bit disappointing, that none of the backpacks are waterproof,especially for those who live in countries,which have a high rainfall,but I suppose that a student, spends most of their time indoors.

    I like the feature that the BOPAI backpack has with a hidden zip pocket to keep valuables,like wallet and passport safe from thieves.

    1. Hello Robert,

      Most of the backpacks listed here are water resistant and would be able to withstand light rainfall. As you said, most students spend their time indoors and even if they get caught by rain they can take shelter without having to get drenched by the rain.

  11. I am always attracted to backpacks when I go shopping and I like to compare them to the one I have that has a lifetime guarantee on it and to see if there are any better than it.
    However, there are few and far between that come close.
    I like the list you’ve given and my favourite out of all of these is the one with the shockproof, well-padded and water resistant features in it.  It is important to realize that instinctively, most students tend to ‘dump’ their backpacks when they put them down and that could actually ruin your laptop and electronic devices.  Therefore the shockproof one gets my vote and this would give me peace of mind knowing that my laptop is well padded and protected.
    Thank you for this extensive review on a range of backpacks, it has given some food for thought on the matter.

    1. Very few students really care on how they handle their backpacks which is why getting a strong backpack is important. For those with gadgets, getting a backpack that can protect these gadgets or devices can actually go a long way.

  12. I am so glad I came across your post here.  I have been looking for a good sturdy backpack for my nephew for college.  All of the backpack he used for high school are done!  They have tears in them from him always trying to over stuff them and the yorepek extra large backpack will be perfect for him!  The compartment space and room for his laptop will fit all his needs, because he’ll be able to throw his gym clothes in there as well!  The added usb charger and hook up to listen to music will be an added extra.  Your right this isn’t just for the college student; because I’m going to get one for myself!  This will be perfect for my job where I can have a bag to put my scrubs in to change into at work, as well as space for my laptop and notebooks!

    Thank you again for this article and I have bookmarked it for future reference, as well as tweeted your article


    1. The yorepek extra large backpack is a good choice as it has quite enough space for your items and also thanks for the tweet. 

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