The Pros and Cons of Backpacks That are Really Important

Let me ask you a question. Do you actually know anyone that has never made use of a backpack at one point or the other in their lives? Backpacks are so important because of how they are used in our everyday lives and because of this I decided to highlight some of the pros and cons of backpacks.

An adult male wearing a backpack

I have made use of packs for several years and without them, I would have had a pretty tough time because of how I live my life. Depending on where you live it is going to be very rare taking a 1-minute walk without coming across someone making use of a backpack.

From kids to teens, to youths and even adults. It seems everyone is making use of a backpack. I have been able to pinpoint some of the pros and cons of backpacks based on what I have seen and what I have personally experienced.

Some of you might disagree with my opinions but whatever your opinions are towards backpacks, we would love to know about them in the comment section below this post.

The Pros of a Backpack

Below are some reasons why I think backpacks are amazing.

They Make Your Items To Be Well Organized

A backpack can only do so much and even with its ability to make us well organized some of us still just shove our items into our bags and head out the door. For those of us that like to the organized, the backpack is perfect for you. Most backpacks are now being designed for the modern individual.

What this means is that based on your needs or your way of life or work you would be able to find a backpack that would help you to easily organize your items so you can access them easily.

For example, if you are a photographer there are backpacks that were specifically designed to meet the needs of a photographer when it comes to organization.

There were specifically designed to make organization of your camera epuipments easy.


Just as we have backpacks for photographers, we also have backpacks that were specifically designed for other occasions to make organization and access much easier. There are backpacks for college students, workers, hikers, gym, biking, running, climbing, moms, etc.

There are various backpacks designed to meet the specific needs of a particular demographic. These backpacks were designed to make organization inside the backpack easier thereby creating quick and easy access to different items in the bag.

Frees Up Your Hands

Have you ever made use of a messenger bag or probably made use of a handbag? If you have then you know what I mean when I say a backpack would free up your hands giving you free access to easily carry out other activities with both of your hands.

Making use of a messenger bag or a handbag most of the time requires you to hold the strap of the bag with one of your hands. This can make your life really difficult especially if you plan to do other activities that require both of your hands.

It can make you uncomfortable which in turn can make you not to perform your task to the best of your ability. I say this because it has actually happened to me in the past.

A pack excels in this scenario as you are able to put on both straps of the bag thereby making both of your hands to be free. You can go about your daily activities without having to worry about your backpack making you uncomfortable.

An adult carrying a backpack and taking pictures with his camera in both his hands

This is one of the reasons most people go for a backpack as it has double straps which you can easily put on. If the straps don’t properly fit and they are adjustable, you can easily adjust them so they don’t carelessly move while on your back.

Due to this reason, a lot of people are opting into making use of backpacks and are ditching their handbags and messengers bags.

Safely Secure and Transport Your Belongings

The main purpose of a backpack is to be able to transport your items from one place to another. This is the fundamental purpose of a backpack and although backpacks are considered secure for storing your items, pickpockets still gain access into some bags.

For this reason, anti-theft packs are now being created. These type of packs are somewhat different from your regular backpacks and were designed with the aim of securing the items in your backpack from pickpockets or thieves.

These type of back bags come with hidden pockets, hidden compartments, hidden zippers. Some of them are made with anti-slash fabrics and some others come with code locks to lock the backpack. Some of these types of bags even come with GPS trackers that can be used to track the bag.

All these just to protect your items inside your bag from thieves. It is a lot more difficult to snash backpacks from the back of individuals than it is to snatch an item from one’s hands. Even the straps of some backpacks are slash proof which means it is extremely difficult to cut the straps of the pack with a knife.

They Are More Comfortable and are Better For Your Health

Because of the double straps of a backpack, the weight of the items inside the bag is distributed evenly on both of your shoulders. This, therefore, makes the weight of the items you carry to be less of a burden making them lighter to carry.

If you don’t make use of a pack and you just carry your items with your hands either to school, work or wherever you are going, I am pretty sure you have realized just how uncomfortable this can be. It can make your hands and even your shoulders feel weak.

For this reason alone, a lot of people switch to carrying a backpack and appreciate how it has made a particular aspect of their lives much easier.

They Can Be Carried Longer

Due to how comfortable back bags are, they can be carried longer than other carryons when they are heavy. Carrying heavy items is never a good thing but if it is inevitable and can fit into any of the carryons then I would easily go for a backpack.

Trust me when I tell you that you do not want to carry a heavy messenger bag or handbag. Your shoulder and your neck would be the ones to face the consequences. If you make use of a backpack, your shoulder and your neck would be forever grateful.

My only warning to you is that you make sure you don’t make carrying heavy items a habit because it does not matter how specifically a backpack was designed to avoid back pain. If you constantly carry heavy items in your bag then you must face the consequences of experiencing one health challenge or the other.

They Are Being Used As An Accessory

Backpacks are being used for more than just to carry our items. They are now being used by a lot of people as a sought of accessory. There are a lot of fashionable and stylish backpacks for women and also for men that are used to compliment one’s outfits.

From high school students to college students, celebrities, workers and so on. Backpacks are being used to make their outfits look more stylish.

You Can Carry More Items

I wonder how a college student would feel if on a daily basis they carry their laptop, notebooks, textbooks, binders, pens, water bottle, calculator, snacks, etc with their hands to class.

A college wearing a backpack and carrying some of her books with her hands

Do you have any idea how uncomfortable this would be? What if you are a worker in an office who takes his or her work home every day and you probably don’t own a car which means you would have to carry your laptop, documents or other items you make use of with your hands.

Do you have any idea how uncomfortable this would be? I know suitcases are an option but they are not as versatile and functional as a backpack. With a backpack, you can easily switch from an office look to street style.

With a backpack, you can be able to carry way more than you would have without a backpack. Most of my readers have actually switched to a back bag because they see how comfortable they are to carry and they also realized that they can make use of it to carry more of their belongings without being all weird and uncomfortable.

The Cons of a Backpack

Though backpacks are awesome, they are not without their faults. Below are some disadvantages of a backpack.

They Can Make Your Back Sweaty

One of the dreaded reasons of owning a backpack is that they can actually make your back sweaty depending on the type of outfit you have on and also depending on the weather.

I have experienced this on some few occasions and because of this I now know that there are certain times of the day that it would be best not to have my backpack on my back unless if I am heading home.

An adult wearing a backpack in a sunny day which is actually one of the disadvantages of backpacks

I also know the type of outfits I put on when I make use of my backpack. With this, I have been able to avoid the back of my outfits getting sweaty when I make use of my back bag.

They Can Create Health Issues

Anything not done properly can end up creating a problem. If backpacks are carried light they can have little to no effect on your health but if carried heavy they can lead to several health challenges such as back pain, waist pain, altering of one’s posture, etc.

These can easily be avoided if you make sure you don’t regularly make use of a heavy backpack. Your health is very important. Because of the daily activities of some people, they always find themselves carrying a heavy backpack.

You need to make sure you consider your health and try to come up with ways by which you can make use of to reduce the load of the items in your backpack.

They Can Be Used To House Dangerous Items

Thus, the introduction of clear backpacks to certain places. Backpacks that are not see through can be used to store dangerous items which can be used to cause harm to people.

An event where there are a lot of people, stadiums, schools are some examples of places that are beginning to ban backpacks that are not see through. A lot of atrocities have been committed over the years which has led to the injury or demise of people and the backpack was what was used to store some of these items.

For this reason, the use of backpacks has been banned from certain places. This is one of the cons of a backpack as some people use it as a means to commit evil acts.

They Can Be Rather Expensive

Quality backpacks do not come cheap. If you plan to get a pack that is cheap then you should be ready to watch it give way before it serves its purpose.

Backpacks that are of high quality and function tend to be expensive and for this reason, some people might dislike getting a backpack for themselves.

They Can Wrinkle Your Outfits

If you regularly make use of a backpack, you should have experienced this at one point or the other. This does not happen regularly and most likely depends on the type of outfit you make use of.

You might at one point or the other find that your outfit has become wrinkled either at your back or on your shoulders. Again this does not happen regularly and mostly depends on the type of outfit you put on or on rare cases the type of backpack you carry on your back.


Being the owner of a backpack, I can attest to the fact that backpacks are awesome because their advantages based on how I make use of them far outweigh their disadvantages. Of course, this is just my opinion but I am sure a lot of folks out there share this same belief.

If for any reason you are one of those that despise making use of a backpack, I can assure you that you are not alone but what I can tell you is that if you really have a need for one you would look past its disadvantages and get yourself one.

I am pretty sure when you do you would be pleased with the decision you made in finally getting yourself a backpack.

For those that make use of a backpack, I would love to know how it has made an aspect of your life easier. Even for those that despise backpacks, you can still tell us what you don’t like about them. Whatever your reasons are, I would really like to know in the comment section below.

4 comments on “The Pros and Cons of Backpacks That are Really Important

  1. I love my backpack

    I carry my music, a note pad, wallet, phone plus extras just in case 🙂

    Yes, posture can be affected however it can also be good to strengthen muscles you use when carrying a backpack and I am an advocate of a great pack

    Great website and thank you for sharing great information to help people

  2. I haven’t used a back pack since I was a teenager at a school, but as my life has just taken a brand new direction I am looking at buying a back pack again so I can carry all I need with me again, while keeping my hands free. I love the idea of a security back pack, in this day and age they are pretty necessary for self protection, but I never knew these existed before now. Thank you for opening my eyes to the pros and cons of different back packs!

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