The Proper Way To Wear A Backpack – Avoid Complications

Sometimes the simplest of things are taken for granted because we might feel that they are not so important. This goes without saying in most aspects of our lives. I wonder how we think when it has to do with something as little as a backpack and I wonder how many people would think about the proper way to wear a backpack.A very young kid wearing a backpack

Most people wear their backpacks every day and just dash out the door without ever considering if they are putting it on the right way. Our kids go to school every day and we never advise them how to wear their bags the right way.

We go hiking, we go camping, we travel, go to classes. We do these activities on a regular basis and most of the time we require backpacks for them but we never consider if there is a correct way to wear a backpack.

Now one might think that thinking about something as trivial as that might just be a waste of time with all that is going on around us but what you should know is that if ignored can lead to a level of complications in some people.

Now, why am I saying this… The reason is due to the fact that growing up I too never ever considered that I could properly wear a backpack the right way. Something as little as that might have led to some minor complications I am currently passing through. Who knows right?

When you finish reading this post maybe you would have a second thought if you should actually be doing it the right way.

Why Even Bother Doing It Right

Have you ever maybe felt a little pain on your shoulders and asked yourself where on earth did this come from? Ever felt that slight pain on your back that made you think what now?A guy holding his shoulder due to shoulder pain

Pains as little as these can make you go to the drug store to get something to relieve you of that slight pain. I know because I have done this on several occasions and I do know not everyone is a fan of taking drugs.

I know of some people that just the smell of drugs make them throw up. That’s to tell you just how the system of some people are.

That discomfort no matter how little it is can make us uncomfortable for the most part of the day which can lead to us having a crappy day.

Minor complications built over time can lead to major complications in the future if not dealt with. This is true for a lot of people and I am probably sure you have read or heard of such occasions.

So why bother with something as trivial as thinking of ways to properly wear a backpack. For starters, you don’t want to have a crappy day. That’s pretty much something you should easily check off your list.

Nobody wants anything to complicate their lives and I am pretty confident you don’t either. Avoiding minor complications like this can make for a better life. It is very important that we be careful the way we live our lives.

We need to make sure we take necessary precautions no matter how small the issue is.

Can It Really Alter My Posture?

Most people don’t know that minor daily activities can alter or change their posture either for good or bad because it really can. The way you position a load on your back can affect your posture drastically.

This is something that seems very minor and would hardly be considered by a lot of people. I see the posture of some people how they walk or sit. If such a person should tell you about their daily activities and how they have lived their lives you would see that their present posture is justified.

Do we look deep into our lives to know exactly how we live our lives considering even the tiniest of details? Do you carry backpacks regularly and have you ever thought about the proper way to wear a backpack? Please read on.A kid wearing a backpack

This is a subject that is really dear to me because I see how it affects some kids. These kids are still growing and whatever habit they learn now can stick to them for the rest of their lives.

They wear backpacks to school every day and if not worn right can affect their posture for the rest of their lives.

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How Then Do I Wear A Backpack

You have read about some few complications when you wear your backpack the wrong way. I plan to write more on that on a later post but now let’s find out the proper way to wear a backpack.

Please note that with most things practice makes perfect and to master a habit and make it become an unconscious habit takes some time and you would have to make a conscious effort until it becomes a part of you.

This means you would have to do these for a couple of weeks consciously until it becomes a part of you.

Know Your Limit

First of you should not carry more than you know your body is capable of. Heavy load on your back can become a major problem especially if done on a regular basis.A picture of an overloaded backpack

Growing up I know the number of times I carried a heavy backpack and trust me when I tell you I did not feel great afterward.

Carrying a heavy backpack on a regular basis can create severe stress on your spine and also your shoulders and one of the outcomes of this is that it can alter your head posture thereby giving you a forward head posture.

                                   –>For Lightweight Backpacking Tips Please Click Here<–

Buy The Right Backpack

Personally, I don’t like heavy backpacks but I know that depending on the occasion one might want to own one but if this is done please it should not be a regular occurrence because it can cause you major issues down the road.Picture of a backpack

Some of us buy for fashion purpose. Using myself as a perfect example. Whenever I carry one for fashion purpose I make sure it is very light so that it would not give me any stress.

Try getting a backpack that has a waist strap and a chest strap and I would explain the reason for this below. This is one of the reasons why I tell people to have multiple backpacks so they can be used for specific occasions.

Wear Both Shoulder Straps

I like being cool and I like been awesome but I no longer look at another direction for anything that involves my health just for been cool and awesome. I put this here as one of the proper way to wear a backpack because when I was a student I always put on just one strap of my backpack.

During my time in college, I hardly taught about the health effect which should not be.

I knew I would feel some pain latter because of this but hey, I looked cool. This sort of behavior should be avoided because if this is done you are putting all the load on just one part of your shoulder whereas the load should be distributed evenly among both shoulders

Properly Adjust Shoulder Straps

You should make sure the shoulder straps on the backpack are properly adjusted. You need your shoulders to not feel uncomfortable. That is one of the reasons you need to properly adjust your shoulder straps.

Stabilize Your Backpack

Your backpack should be stable on your back. It does not have to be moving from left to right when you are working. This can result in a problem known as chafing.

You might think chafing is just a minor issue but like I said earlier on any minor issue that is unchecked can get built up over time and lead to major complications.

Chafing is like an irritation caused by friction and this friction can be clothing on the skin and even skin on skin

Know The Clothes You Wear

I have noticed that sometimes the type of clothes I wear are not ideal for the type of backpacks I carry. The type of outfit I put on might cause chafing and this would be between the cloth and the backpack.

I cannot advise you on the kind of outfit to wear. It is totally up to you to know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Just Above And Below The Waist

Adjust your backpack so it is just above or just below the waist about an inch is OK.

Make Use Of The Waist Strap Or Chest Strap

Some backpacks come with waist strap and or chest strap. It is advised that if your backpack came with these you should always make use of it. The waist strap helps to reduce the load the backpack exerts on your shoulders by distributing the weight on your hips.

The chest strap helps put the backpack in place thereby reducing the rate at which it moves.

Make Your Life Easier

I always believe in making my life as easy as possible. Therefore, I like to check off my list the simplest of things because it is just one less thing to worry about.

A lot of people that wear backpacks would hardly think about the proper way to wear a backpack. There is the popular saying that what you don’t know cannot hurt you. I have no idea the person that came up with this statement because what you don’t know can actually hurt you and hurt you real bad.

A lot of people that own backpacks don’t even know that there is a right way to wear their backpack in other to avoid future complications.

I see kids going to school every day with heavy backpacks and their parents are not aware of the dangers of that. I encourage you to please use your initiatives and look at yourself and your surroundings so you can tell and help people on how they can live their lives the right way.

If you have any suggestions or comments on this post, please leave it in the comment section below and I would reply as soon as I can.

71 comments on “The Proper Way To Wear A Backpack – Avoid Complications

  1. You are right. Let me tell you this story.

    I have taken my son, 17 years old, to the clinic several times complaining of chest pain. The Doctor did all the test and now suspects it’s a muscle problem.

    I remember one day, while at the clinic, he was doing his assignments while waiting to be attended. He had this backpack full of heavy books. When I tried to lift it, I felt the weight and wondered if that had something to do with his pain. he disagreed. It’s quite a walking distance from my home to the bus stop and carrying in a wrong way, as you have explained, can have an impact.

    I drop him to school now and I see he has not complained about his chest and not taking pain killers. Maybe he was not carrying the backpack the right way. He has an appointment in a weeks time and hope we will discuss this with the doctor.


    1. Thanks Smart for the comment. I do hope your son never complains about the chest pain anymore. It is very important that we never neglect the health of kids. A kid should never make use of a heavy backpack as this can lead to complications in the future.

      1. That is so true, yet something that I have not been made aware, i used to carry my backpack on one shoulder now I realise that this was a bad habit, i was doing it carelessly without thinking, now I will adhere to the proper way to wear a backpack, thank you for this post

    2. Hi Smart,

      Thank you for sharing your own, actually – your son story. I’m sure there are many similar stories and experiences. I see children on the street carrying huge backpacks – you have a feeling that these backpacks are bigger than children carrying them. I also remember a backpack that my son was having in his school. It was really heavy! Now, when thinking of that backpack, I really doubt it had an acceptable weight for his age…

      The fact is – that we don’t know a lot about proper backpack carrying. Thanks to this amazing article, we learned a lot about the subject.
      Best regards,

  2. I used to have the issue where I would stuff my backpacks full of nonsense and it would weigh a thousand pounds. And to top it all off I would wear the back on one shoulder. 

    I still usually wear my backpacks on one shoulder.  I guess it’s just a bad habit. and I know its not good for my back but I have less weight to carry now that I’m in college, I dont need to carry 4 textbooks like I did in highschool. All I need to carry is my laptop and a notepad.

    1. If we pack light there is usually little to no effect on the way we wear our backpacks. Backpacks should always be carried light so that we can be comfortable when we are on the go. Also, as you like making use of just one shoulder strap of your backpack, make sure you alternate the shoulders you make use of so they can occasionally be rested and all the load won’t be solely placed on one shoulder.

  3. Hello Manual,

    I personally have to wear a backpack during my daily commute with my laptop and a number of other items in it and before you know it, this can weigh a few kilos and like you mentioned in your article, can cause problems with posture.

    In your opinion, with so many design types and optional extras, what would you recommend as key design features when choosing a robust backpack and what are just nice to haves?

    Thanks for your help and advice.


    1. Thanks for the comment Richard. When buying a backpack some of the features one should look at for are
      1. Go for a backpack with two shoulder straps
      2. Go for a backpack with wide shoulder straps(at least two inches wide)
      3. Make sure the backpack you go for is the right fit.It should not be above your shoulders or too low down your hip bone. An inch below your hipbone is ok
      These are some features one should look out for when purchasing a backpack. Depending on what you need the backpack for would also determine the type of backpack you buy. For example, Yorepek’s Extra Large Backpack is a good fit and is suitable for business travel, weekend getaways, shopping, professional office work, and other outdoor activities. Also perfect for college students for boys, girls, women, and men.

  4. I suffer with a terrible back from an injury I picked up working in the security sector in my 30’s – it went away but the pain can always return with bad posture…

    This means I frequently get my backpack wrong when it comes to weight issues etc. 

    After reading your article I believe I’m not taking into consideration the tightness of the straps – I think I’m probably leaving them too loose! 

    As a website – what is the model/brand of backpack you would recommend on top of all others?

    1. Please, it is very important that if you are experiencing or have experienced back pains that you should see a chiropractor doctor so you can find out if you should still be putting anything at all on your back.
      A backpack that you should consider making use of is kopack Laptop Backpack. It has an S-shaped shoulder strap that curves to the line of the back and is thick and well padded than most backpacks out there.

  5. I always feel pain on my shoulders after a while when wearing a backpack. Most of the time I wear it on one shoulder and after a while I change it over to the other shoulder. It’s not for hiking as you might think… No, it’s the stuff I’m carrying with me when I’m on the go with my 2-year old son. 🙂

    I know that it’s better to wear the backpack over both shoulders, but it’s faster to get something out when I only wear it over one shoulder. But I guess I should listen to you. I’ll try to remember next time! Thanks for the info.

  6. This is awesome!!, I never know how to wear backpacks. This is great and nice, Thanks for sharing this kind of news, I could see many ways of carrying backpacks without having back pains. Most people wear their backpacks every day and just dash out the door without ever considering if they are putting it on the right way.

    Also, most people don’t know that minor daily activities can alter or change their posture either for good or bad because it really can, the way you position a load on your back can affect your posture drastically. This write up is good and advisable for us to know how to carry out our backpacks. Thank!  

  7. This article couldn’t have come at a better time.  I have been fighting with some health issues.  The Drs have ruled out several things that could be dangerous like cardio.  However I do get lots of pain in my neck, shoulders and back and guess what I wear a back pack every day.   It is absolutely worth a try to see if I make changes if it helps.  Thank you for this great article.  It may just be the answer I need. 

  8. Good afternoon Manuel,

    How right you are. There are right and also wrong ways to carry a backpack. 

    In 2010 I went on a trekking tour in the south of Spain. I went to buy trekking short boots, socks which keep your feet dry and a rather big backpack. I figured I needed that as I also was carrying books with me. Luckily I got good advice in the shop where they sold me the backpack. Always wear cotton between the backpack and your skin to avoid skin rashes.

    An other important feature was a piece of mesh, leaving an airflow between my back and backpack. The 30kg which I had stuffed in it was really heavy by the end of the day. Just as well I bought the right model and used to put it on correctly.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Thank you for your comment. The importance of backpacks is really vast. There are some really important features to look out for in a backpack in other to have the right experience of a backpack. I mentioned most of them in this post and I am happy that you were told about making use of cotton between the backpack and your skin in other to avoid rashes. That is a really good advise.

      Also, making use of backpacks with mesh materials used on the backs to encourage airflow is also a really good one. One of my favorite backpacks that has this feature is Yorepek’s Extra Large Backpack which makes it very comfortable to wear.

  9. I never thought that one day I would think of the backpack as having an effect on my posture and having health problems like chafing. It is so disturbing how we usually harm ourselves without even knowing about it. I carry a backpack almost every day to work, its like a norm that I have to put just one strap of my backpack on, I rarely put both, little did I know that was risking my health.

    As I was reading this, I realized that the back pains I usually experience must be a result of the way I carry my backpack everyday. 

    Thank you so much, I had so many takeaways from your article

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes the backpack simple as it might seem can cause us problems without our realizing it. Some of us carry this everyday and never try to find out if we are carrying it the right way. It is good to know that I was able to be of help in making you aware of the right way to use a backpack.

  10. This information comes at a perfect time. We are going backpack camping this weekend with the scouts. Will look at each backpack to make sure that they are not too heavy and are worn properly. Do not want to have to carry one of the others stuff.
    Do you like the framed or unframed backpacks for camping.

    1. I do like the frameless packs due to its simplicity and fit. Their designs are simple and they have less compartments and zippers. Frameless packs are not ideal for heavier loads and besides I don’t think I should be carrying a heavy pack anyway. If you are going for a load that is slightly heavy, the frameless packs would need to be well constructed and by so doing you should have no problem.

  11. This is really interesting. It is true, I too never think too much about anything you mention here when I wear a backpack.

    The only thing I check is that it isn’t too heavy. The clothes I wear make a big difference, I have noticed that many times but always too late lol.

    It’s good to have a list like this, it will remind me the next time I prepare the pack for my girl and when I go on a trip I take more care in future too.

  12. It’s funny how we never realize that the simplest seeming things that we do every day can be something we are doing wrong. Having good posture is so important for so many reasons, and it’s something that a lot of people take for granted.

    The first time I ever used a backpack with a waist strap, I was amazed at how incredible it was at taking all the strain off of my shoulders and upper back. Such a game changer. Knowing how to pack your backpack properly if you are carrying a lot of stuff can be helpful in making it easier on your back as well! 

  13. Manuel, Great article, I have hiked many a mountain with a backpack strapped to my back, including a few 14,000 ft mountains.  Now that I am older I realize I should have made sure the backpack was in the correct position.  I now have mild backpain and you just explained the probable reason.  No worries, I do take some OTC pain meds once in a while, but you’re right about people not wanting to take drugs, that’s me.  Great article, keep up the good work!


  14. Thanks, Manuel, for your post.  My experience with backpacks is similar to yours.   I like to have the weight distributed evenly along my back, or concentrated fairly high up.  Too much weight near the spine of my back can give me sharp pains.  I see school kids all the time with the weight (books and stuff) hanging at the bottom of their packs just above or even with their butts.  It’s probably no big deal if they don’t have to wear it for too long but over time, who knows what damage they are doing.  I like the chest and waist straps too, for stabilization.  A loose backpack swinging all over the place is uncomfortable for me.

  15. I’m a big proponent of putting the backpack on right. When we head out to the great outdoors, I always make sure my back pack is on right and buckled properly. For my entire high school and university career I carried my back pack using the right strap only. I almost always had a few binders and a few textbooks in it and though I didn’t feel the weight because I was used to it, I’m suspecting that it caused some “damage” to my shoulder.

    Let me explain.

    A few years ago, our girls were “showing off” how that they could clasp their hands behind their back, one hand up over the shoulder and the other one from below. They joked about whether or not I could do it as well. So I tried. I put my right hand over top and the left one from below, and I was able to clasp my fingers, no problem. I then tried to do it the other way with my left hand over top and the right one from below. And I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t even touch my fingers let alone grasp them.

    I was shocked and perplexed as to why. I set myself before a mirror to look at my shoulders to see if anything was out of sorts. When I shrugged my shoulders up and let my arms fall by my side, I was surprised to see that my right shoulder was lower than my left one by a noticeable amount. At first, I chalked it up to “genetics”, but when I thought more about it, I wondered if my bad backpack carrying habits during my growing years might not be the blame.

    I’ve never had my shoulder checked out because it doesn’t cause me any pain or discomfort, but I do think about “what if” I had used both straps, I likely would not have lost that flexibility.

    You give some good advice about something that has the potential to affect every child’s health, posture and flexibility.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I bet your kids might have been surprised that their dad could not accomplish that task. We have all been there. It is really important that we try and wear our backpacks the right way because an issue that might seem minor can turn into something that causes us a lot of discomforts.

  16. Good list of things to think about especially when you just lug on the backpack without due consideration on what the consequences are with loose straps, not wearing waist belts etc… The list you provide is really an eye opener when people like me consider only the weight and how far or how long I have to carry the pack. These considerations in your list may not be immediate concerns but they do have long term effects. Thank you for this post which will now ensure that I never again take for granted the do’s but to think of the dont’s too. Furthermore I can help my family do this right.

  17. This all makes sense. I’ve had issues with backpacks although when I was a kid I never thought much about it.

    But sometimes these backpacks can get really heavy and I can sure see this causing physical problems at some point.I would definitely have a backpack with two straps because otherwise the weight will be off balance.

    It’s really important if you’re going hiking. An extended period of time and wearing the backpack the wrong way is really going to do damage.

    These are excellent tips for avoiding unnecessary pain and discomfort.Thanks for sharing!

  18. Hi Manuel,

    Thanks a lot for your good advice on how to properly wear our backpack to avoid any complications. Sometimes we do take somethings. for granted. I used to be a teacher and sometimes you will see some kids come to school with their backpacks full of unnecessary materials which they do not need for the lesson that particular day.

    Even though they have a time table which should guide them in choosing the appropriate books and tools for each day. The sad thing is that even the parent themselves did not care about what the children were carrying in their backpacks.

    This is very serious because even we who’re grown ups sometimes feel it when our backpacks are full of load. And especially when it is not properly won. For example when we used ONLY one hand on the shoulders even though the backpack has two straps, you will realize that all the load are on the shoulder that is carrying the bag and that sometimes make you start to feel some pains in the body. Now I have learned to do it the proper way.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful information. 


    1. Hey Stephen, thanks for your comment. Sometimes we neglect the simplest of things like wearing our backpacks and end up causing ourselves harms. Our kids now even follow in our footsteps and I can see this by how they actually wear their backpacks. Which is why backpack safety for kids is very important and we should endeavor to teach kids how to do this

  19. Great article on how to properly wear a backpack. Believe me, I know from my own experience the pain you can deal with years later. When I was active in the scouts a number of years ago I never even thought about how to properly wear a backpack.

    I would regularly carry too heavy of a load with no waist straps and wondered why my shoulders and neck hurt. To this day I have a nagging pain in my shoulder and neck area that never completely goes away.

    Thank you for laying out some guidelines on how to properly wear a backpack.

  20. That’s a good tip – buying a backpack with a waist or chest strap. I know it may look as if you are going for camping, when you are actually going to school, but it does help to distribute the weight around your body much better. I had one that goes around the chest that I use for classes as well as traveling and I swear it put me in better posture than the fancy version I used in the past. 

    1. Yes It really does. When you purchase a backpack that has waist and chest straps it would help. The waist strap can help reduce the load the backpack exerts on your shoulders and the chest strap is just as important.

  21. Everything you are saying is so true. I wear heavy backpacks a lot, both for work as a wildlife biologist and for leisure backpacking. These backpacks can be 65 L or more in volume and they can get heavy. It is imperative that you wear large backpacks correctly because backs can be really susceptible to injury.

    Even school backpacks can get very heavy and be damaging to children, college students, etc. Thank you for raising awareness about the proper way to wear a backpack.

      1. I have a plan to travel for a year, and I was wondering what kind of backpack should I take with me. Certainly not a heavy one such as Mariah, I hope her back are alright. I saw your tips for lightweight backpacking, and I had to stop. I’m heading there to read more. Thanks for sharing!

  22. I am so glad that you have highlighted this issue. It is very easy to take these things for granted. I always used the back pack over one shoulder or loose fitting so that it pulled across my back causing extreme discomfort later in my neck and shoulders. Too much weight in the backpack is a common problem and especially for children. The damage on their bodies will effect them in later life if not avoided now. Thank you for some wonderful tips and great information. This has been very helpful. Cheers cass

  23. I never even considered a right and wrong way to wear a back pack, this is so true though!  

    So many posture issues can come from day after day of bad posture, even your feet play a role in how we walk and how our posture affects us. Wearing your backpack the right way now seems like it’s a no brainer now that I’ve read your article!

    From now on I will use your article as reference whenever I am wearing a back pack!

    Thanks again,


    1. Thanks Aaron for your comments. A lot of people don’t normally take this into consideration. I hope in the future we would be more enlightened on these issues.

  24. Thanks for this informative post on the proper way to wear a backpack. My backpack does not have a waist nor chest strap. Anyways what I basically put on my backpack are my books and my laptop. It’s a bit heavy and I’m having this pains in my shoulders, maybe it’s because I walk far distance to school with it.

    I don’t know how I can reduce the load because I must go with both or maybe I’ll have to change my backpack.

    1. There are two options I can tell you to go with but they might cost you some money. First you can get a new pack that has waist and chest straps. If your pack does not contain heavy items then having a pack without waist or chest straps can be ok but if you would be carrying heavier items then you need to have a pack that has waist and/or chest straps as this can help reduce the weight of the load you carry.

      Second you can get double of your text books so you don’t have to be carrying them to and fro from school. You leave one of the sets of textbooks at home and the other one at school. I have found this to be helpful for some kids.

      1. Hello, but what if I have a sports bag, with only one strap? Like, I can’t fit my clothes and everything I need in a regular backpack. And once it is filled with stuff, it is not as easy to carry. What do you suggest in this case?

        1. Carrying a heavy one strapped backpack can have some negative effects on our shoulder. You should try getting a two strapped sports bag so it can help to distribute the weight. This was one of the advantages of wearing both straps of a backpack as I listed when one compared wearing either a single strap or double strap of a backpack

  25. Happy to find such a post. Actually, I’ve never realized the importance of wearing a backpack the right way. My daughter just started school and this is the best time for me to teach her how to use her backpack. I would share this information with big pleasure as I am sure not a lot of people know about these complications that can arise when they don’t properly wear their backpacks. Thank you for sharing this great post. 

    1. Thank you for your comment and please wherever you are do try and educate those around you on how they can help their kids by showing them how they can properly wear their backpacks.

  26. Hi Manuel,

    I read your article and it took me back to my much younger Boy Scout days. We were in a simpler time back then and actually built our own backpack frames for a merit badge. I know that packing a backpack is important for comfort, and we knew to never make them top heavy! You can carry more weight comfortably with a framed backpack, but that would likely be too cumbersome for small children in school. Do they make a backpack with built-in support or stiff panel for heavier book loads? 

    Like you said, I can remember making use of very heavy backpacks in high school, and I sure could have used some kind of extra support! So, it is worthwhile for you to tell others about the Proper way to wear a backpack, and help them avoid complications!


    1. External framed packs are heavier than internal framed backpacks and is not ideal to be carried by kids. I don’t think there are packs that have stiff built-in panels for heavier book loads as this might end up doing more harm than good in that it can increase the load of the backpack for the kids.

  27. Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful review on the proper way to wear a backpack.I am happy that I found this post because I have a son who always carries a heavy backpack full of books and I didn’t even think about this consequence.

    It is very important to me now I will be checking his backpack before going to school to avoid that my son could get such chest or back pain.

    1. Please do Julienne. It is imperative that our kids wear their backpacks the right way because neglecting something as little as this can have a negative effect in the future.

  28. I really like what you wrote, nowadays it’s really important how you wear a backpack. I really like your content and your pictures!

  29. Hi Manuel,

    I know where I am from the school backpacks are insanely heavy – very heavy! When I was going to school we could leave the bulk of our books in our desks. Whatever happened to that?

    Nowadays they are expecting to stunt kids growth by making them carry overburdened backpacks? Seems cruel and unusual if kids have to walk to school especially in bad weather.

    I will remember this article for the right way to put on a back pack and thank you kindly for your insight Manuel.

  30. Thanks for sharing this great post. I was looking for information about wearing backpack and when I landed into your website, it answered all my questions. I’m happy to see that you have wrote this post and decided to share this information with others.
    It’s definately a great source for wearing backpack.

    I’ll come back to read more posts on your site.

  31. Hey Manuel! Like most of other people, I never really took time to think or consider the way I am wearing my backpack, which doesn’t seem to be something to be left behind, yet I never knew something more about it. I will definitely consider the proper way of wearing one, since I am having back problems for some times and hopefully this is my problem as well, as if I know my enemy, only then I know how I am going to make the fight. Thanks a lot for sharing this post with the rest of us.


  32. Wow! This might be the most educative and informative post I’ve read in this month. Attention to little details can really save a life. Who could have thought that the way I wear my backpacks cause so much complications and hazards to my health and even my son’s because he does wear his pack to just a shoulder. This must stop immediately. The highlighted tips and points discussed here in this post has taught me a great deal and I will surely adhere to what I’ve learnt here.

  33. This is a very important post perhaps more so than people may think. If you are going to be traveling for any long distances while wearing a backpack, you will know quickly if it is not being worn properly, as you will start to feel pain in places that you do not want to feel pain.

    For most of my life, I have been using backpacks. For school, for weekend trips, for longer voyages through lakes and streams across long distances, and later while in the Army for 25 years. Also during those military years, I introduced my girls to the wonders of backpacking and hikes through mountains and over other rough terrains.

    So that is my background which brings me to the numerous helpful tips and advice you have provided us…

    If you do not wear the backpack properly, it will cause the pain I mention, but it can also really hurt more than that pain. Posture and pulled muscles, minor pain that can lead to major pain and back problems later, and other such issues are all reasons to do it right from the get-go.

    Things to look at are how much can you carry (in the Army at times we had 80-90 pounds we were carrying!), the straps (wear both and adjustment), weight distribution within the backpack, using the waist strap if available, and wearing it just above or below the waist is all spot on.

    Part of the initiation to backpacks when I was a young lad was learning all of this, and I did the same for my girls. This was even more important when they were young because they used backpacks for school. They had books, supplies, lunch, etc. They walked a considerable distance daily.  

    I know how important it is to wear your backpack properly and plan for things like proper clothing, adjustment, and even planning for breaks from the backpack regularly. There are more people that do not know these things, so what you have published is a super useful guide that anyone using backpacks needs to read and heed. Thanks for your effort on this one.      

    1. Thanks for your comment Dave and also for your useful tips. Wearing the backpack the right way is very important and unfortunately, a lot of people do not know about this and even some that know choose to ignore this. It is really important that we know how to do this the right way so we can avoid creating problems for ourselves both now and in the future.

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