The Best Clear Backpacks That Are Just Absolutely Amazing

With all the controversy surrounding a transparent backpack, most cannot help but wonder if they are really worth having. Just like everything else, there are disadvantages as well as advantages that absolutely should not be ignored. With that said the fact is that they are still been used which means we might want to consider the best clear backpacks when making a decision on which to get.

Transparent backpacks are not the best when it comes to outstanding quality but they are been improved on a regular basis with better transparent bags been introduced into the market. Those that have made use of clear backpacks know what it feels like to go through not one not two but three and above clear backpacks because they have not been made with the best of materials.

I have taken it upon myself to search the internet and identify the best clear backpacks out there that are worth the money. There are qualities that are very important with one of the most been durability. One of the cons of clear backpacks is the fact that they are notorious for not being durable.

This is not a surprise because they are made with plastics and because of this you can hardly find anyone that have made use of just one clear backpack for a complete year especially if they use it to carry items that are somewhat heavy.

Also, they are usually small sized which means we might not be able to carry as much as we usually carry with our regular backpacks. Let us not forget the fact that they can also be highly flammable. These are some issues with clear backpacks and manufacturers definitely took note.

Although they were not able to solve most of the issues, they were able to solve some of them. For example, durability has been tackled in some clear backpacks but flammability is one that I don’t think they have been able to tackle. With that said, I introduce to you my first pick of the best clear backpacks.

1. K-Cliffs Heavy Duty Clear Backpack

K cliffs clear backpackWhen you hear the word heavy-duty, what comes to your mind? The first thing that comes to my mind is built to withstand heavy load. As I said previously, see-through backpacks are notorious for their lack of durability.

The fact that they are backpacks made with plastics clearly implies that they would not be able to withstand some level of weight a regular backpack can withstand.

This is not the case for k-cliffs heavy-duty clear backpack which is one of the reasons this bag has become one of the best clear backpacks ever produced.

The use of super heavy-duty 0.5mm clear PVC was K-cliffs solution to the durability of transparent backpacks.

This actually made it be 50% thicker than regular clear backpacks. That is a really huge gap which is why I placed this as my number I recommendation of the best clear backpacks.

Obviously, there are other reasons why we like this particular bag and one of them is its size. When you design a backpack that cannot carry a lot you probably would compliment this by designing the bag to be small sized. K-cliffs heavy-duty clear backpacks are heavy-duty which means it can carry more.

This, in turn, gave room for the backpack to be designed bigger than it normally should which means you can actually buy a clear backpack and carry your items without the fear of your backpack ripping off before a year runs out.

My advice to you though is even if you pack a lot of your items into this backpack just make sure you don’t over do it for the sake of the backpack and also your health.

2. SM@RTY’s Heavy Duty Clear Backpack

I probably should have made the title of this post the best heavy-duty clear backpacks because most of the transparent backpacks listed here are heavy-duty clear backpacks.

SM@RTY’s heavy-duty clear backpack might have been the best heavy-duty clear backpacks I have come across if not that it isn’t as thick as K-cliffs heavy-duty clear backpack.

Most of the time when I am to review a product I make sure I go through all the questions that were asked by previous customers so I get the most accurate information.

If you check the features of this backpack on Amazon you would notice that it said 55% thicker than other competing brands but when I looked further into the questions asked I noticed that it wasn’t actually 55% but rather it was 33%.

I don’t have any idea why 55% was written there. It probably was an error but I highly doubt that. Anyway, that is one of the reasons why this was not placed in the first position in my best clear backpacks list.

I was actually impressed with the size of this bag.

It actually comes in two sizes which are medium and large sizes and the last time I checked the medium size wasn’t available but I am sure by the time you are reading this post it should have been made available.

You can check it out by clicking the link below to know if the medium size is available.

–>Find Out If Medium Size Of SM@RTY’s Heavy Duty Clear Backpack Is Available<–

When you click on the link above you just need to look at the right-hand side of the page that opens. If it is available you would see In Stock if not available you should see Out of Stock.

The medium size is mainly used by kids, teens or adults that want their pack to be portable.

The larger sizes are more for taller students and adults that are in need of a large sized clear backpack. The dimension of the larger size is 18” x 13” x 6.75” while that of the medium size is 16.5” x 12.4” x 6.25”.

I have not seen a lot of clear backpacks that come with a laptop sleeve. This was pretty impressive as SM@RTY’s heavy-duty clear backpack comes with a laptop sleeve where you can place a laptop size up to about 15 inches.

I might have to write a separate review for this just the way I did K-Cliffs because there is so much I cannot include and elaborate on in this post which might make the post to become longer than I intended.

For example, the top was three times stitched and the bottom of the bag was made with reinforced double layered clear plastic & 1680D nylon often found in normal backpacks which makes it less prone to tear.

It comes with a front mesh organizer pocket where you can place your pens, pencils, calculators and even phones.

The straps are double padded and the bag was designed to hug the body. It is a perfect combination of comfort, durability, convenience, and style.

To top this all up they offer a 90days warranty if you experience any issue. You just have to visit Amazon’s Order page and click on Ask Seller’s button to contact “THE SMARTY CO”.

3. Mggear’s Clear Backpack

Clear backpacks are not just been used by students but are also used by adults.

Large clear backpacks for adults are now in demand as transparent backpacks are required by some companies and also to be able to easily gain access into locations that don’t allow the use of regular backpacks.

All the transparent backpacks on this list can be used by adults and the same goes for this Mggear’s clear backpack. Just so you know, they offer a 30days money back on all their backpacks produced.

This is not a lifetime guarantee but I would take 30days over nothing.

I ran a product analyzer on this based on Amazon’s reviews and it showed a B grade with a 4-star rating out of 5 which means if you go through the reviews left by other customers on Amazon you would actually be reading real reviews and not reviews that have been tampered with.

It has two compartments with the main compartment having two zips and the second compartment having just one.

So if you are one of those that like to make use of a backpack with two compartments then you would really find this useful. It has a mesh pocket at the front of the backpack with two sides zipper pockets which is about 8 H x 5.5 W.

A lot of people always like to ask if clear backpacks are waterproof because they are made of plastic.

I would love to say yes they are but the fact is that they actually might not completely be waterproof.

The place that I can think of that water can gain access through in a see-through backpack would be through the zipper lines of the backpack but the rain might have to be pretty heavy for this to happen.

So to answer the question on if Mggear’s clear backpack is waterproof I would have to say no as water might be able to pass through the zipper lines of the backpack but the amount of water would be very small.

4. Clear Bag Stores’ Heavy Duty Clear Backpack

Clear backpacks have a problem of not being able to withstand heat, unlike a regular backpack. Also, they are not able to properly withstand extreme cold and might end up cracking because of the materials they are made with. Aside from the fact that this is a heavy-duty backpack, one of the reasons I added it to this list is because it is able to withstand extreme cold.

A highly durable ultra-clear freeze PVC plastic material was used which prevents the plastic from cracking under cold climates as low as 0 degrees. If for any reason it hardens under extremely cold weather, it can be softened by simply running it in water or allowing it to return to its normal temperature.

Its zippers are sturdy and large-sized which means it would be able to be easily grabbed making it easier to open. The straps can be adjusted so it wells fits. Only the medium and large sizes seem to be available but you can always check to know if the small sizes are available by clicking here.

5. Trail Maker’s Deluxe Clear Backpack

I have listed several heavy-duty clear backpacks and thought I would list a see through backpack that is not heavy dutied.

When making use of a clear backpack that is not heavy dutied your best option to having it last for a reasonable amount of time is to make sure you don’t put much load in it.

Putting much load in it would rip your backpack sooner than expected.

One of my best clear backpacks selections that is not heavy dutied but is of reasonably good quality is Trail Maker’s deluxe clear backpack.

It was made from quality PVC and it is perfect for anyone 8years and above.

It comes with one main big compartment that is dual zipped and also the backpack has a front accessory pocket which can be used to store smaller items like your pens, calculators and similarly sized materials.

I would have loved if it came with more than one compartment but I guess that is still OK depending on your needs.

It comes with two meshed sized pockets which can be used to securely store water bottles.

The pricing is pretty low and I think it is well worth it.

From what I found out so far, this clear backpack does not really last a long time and this is understandable because it is not heavy dutied but the price is very reasonable and it is one of the best clear backpacks that is not heavy dutied.

Are you probably looking for a cheap clear backpack that you can make use of in sporting events? Then Trail Maker’s Deluxe clear backpack might just be ideal for you.

So What Do You Think?

I consider these to be some best clear backpacks currently available and the standards that they meet for a clear backpack sets them apart from regular clear backpacks.

Their sturdy nature, durability, transparency, comfort and other features make them ideal when making a choice to get a clear backpack.

They can also all be used by both sexes and are ideal for students going to school, for adults going to work, for sporting events or events in general, to enter government organizations, for trips to the beach, to compliment an outfit and many more uses.

With so many choices out there these selected 5 should give you exactly what you need in a clear backpack.

So what do you think? Do they meet your standards for a clear backpack or do you want more in a transparent backpack? I would love to read what you think. Please leave your comments in the comment section below.

25 comments on “The Best Clear Backpacks That Are Just Absolutely Amazing

  1. Actually, there are both advantages and disadvantages to using a clear bag pack. Part of the numerous advantages is to be able to gain access to all locations, as all that is in the bag can be seen. The selected five types you reviewed are all nice and its hard for me to pick the best. Another thing I love about clear bag packs is that it is best to use for sporting events as it brings a kind of special beauty. Thanks so much for these explicit reviews. Hope to get more similar posts from you later

    1. Clear backpacks do have a unique look to them and they are good to be taken to sporting events as some events to allow the use of regular backpacks

  2. Hey there. Loved reading your article. I used to do a lot of nature exploring and in this time I changed around five backpacks. However, none of them was clear. I saw these clear backpacks in the stores but I was never really attracted to them. 

    To me the biggest disadvantage with these kind of backpacks is the fact that anyone can see what you have inside and also, you are grabbing attention – and that is something I am not very eager to do. I think that your privacy should be only your own.

    If you are wearing these clear backpacks in public you would have to be careful about what you are carrying and I have a feeling you would be targeted more for pickpocketing or similar acts.


  3. Hi Manual,

    Thanks for the great suggestions. I know that clear backpacks are becoming more and popular in schools in the United States due to the gun violence. The one obvious thing is that you can easily see into the backpack and see whether is attempting to conceal a firearm or ammunition. While I think it’s a bit of a privacy invasion, I think that it is only going to become more popular. Great to see that there are some great brands making clear backpacks. I am going to pass this along to some friends with children. Thanks again. 

  4. Hi Manuel, very good post about clear backpacks. I need to admit that I`m not excited to have a clear backpack, I don`t like the feeling that everyone can see what do I have inside it. But I also need to admit that you really did your best to find all those amazing backpacks and write their reviews. My favorite from your list is Mggear`s Clear Backpack; I like the design and it seems it has enough space. Thanks for sharing with us and keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Luke for your comment. Most of us sure don’t like the idea of a clear backpack but I think clear backpacks also have a lot of advantages as I pointed out in a recent post I wrote which was about some of the pros of clear backpacks. You should check it out as I feel you would find it to be a really interesting read.

  5. Working at an amusement park, I have experience with clear backpacks. As a worker, you were only allowed to bring a small bag or had your choice of a clear or mesh bag from our employee shop.

    I went through at least two bags myself. What you said about durability is true. That is the major spot they are lacking in. 

    On the other hand, they are great at getting you through security bag checks quicker due to them being see through. This can also be used as a disadvantage because all of your belongings in that bag will be shown so publicly to the world.

    1. Hey Mandy, clear backpacks have a major disadvantage of been see through as everyone can see what is in your backpack but I don’t think we should focus on just that one disadvantage as it also has some advantages that makes it a unique backpack.

  6. Nice article on the best clear backpacks. Truly clear backpacks are amazing and in as much as I will like to have them, my nature of work can’t allow me. And most time clear backpacks are for students at elementary school. My cousin does make use of clear backpacks to keeps her things and I also discovered that most female like them because it goes along with what they wear. All the backpacks in this article are really nice I must say

  7. This is a very good post about clear backpacks, am excited to be aware that it doesn’t hide belongings that can harm people. It’s so lovely to see different brands of backpacks. Backpacks are getting more popular everywhere and its design is suitable for schools, offices and public officials. Your post has been always educative. Thanks for the review

  8. There is nothing as satisfying as having a backpack that is durable and can last you for a long time. I have had the opportunity of using one or two clear backpacks and it wasn’t as durable as I expected as the material it was made of made it easy for the strap to give way once it seems the load inside was too heavy. Nevertheless I am willing to try out the Mggear’s clear bag and hope it last long. 

    1. Clear backpacks do have an issue of not been made with durable materials which is one of the reasons they easily give way. The introduction of heavy duty clear backpacks try to solve this issue and there has been some positive feedback to this.

  9. I don’t quite like the idea of using the clear bag pack for some reasons. One is the transparency of the bag showing all items kept inside the bag makes its a little uncomfortable for me. Also, its highly flammable nature is also another factor but I never knew a transparent bagpack is as thick as stated in this article. I actually thought they easily wear out, but with this article, I would try to get one for my self to check it out. 

  10. I just read through your best clear backpack list and the one I fell in love with and captivated me the most is the Sm@rty’s heavy duty backpack.

    Though it is not your #1 best I still would like to own one of those. I think some of the reason it is a must-have for me might simply be because of its 90 days warranty (wow 3 months is not a joke, most that I have come across are usually 30 days warranty), and its 15 inches laptop compartment.

    I can’t wait for you to write a separate full and complete review on it!

  11. Hi there

    This is really educating. Honestly, transparent backpacks are not that strong. But it has a huge advantage when it comes to security and comfort. I am really amazed about that Sm@rts Heavy Duty Clear Backpack because of the size and the smartness about it. I am getting it for real. Thank you for this info

  12. Everyone has a different taste for products but these clear bags have never gotten my attention anytime I consider buying a backpack. While it’s undoubtedly nice looking in its category, the durability and privacy are things I don’t ignore when making a choice. During my basic school days, it became fancy for some time. It was a way that people show off their newly bought things. 

    I think the quality of information you’ve provided is comprehensive for anyone interested in a clear backpack. Maybe, I might consider getting one for a moment that fit it. Thanks for the info. 

  13. This is a great article. Clear backpacks are becoming very popular in recent years especially among the youth in the USA. One thing I love about it is that everybody can easily see what you have in your bag so you cannot hide any illegal stuff in your bag. However as good as that may sounds it also expose you to thieves especially if you are carrying valuable things. It’s a two sided sword but I think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. I love all the ones in your review!
    Thanks for sharing

    1. It goes both ways of exposing the items in a bag and also giving no way for privacy. It is really a two-sided sword.

  14. Clear backpacks are revolutionary products in the backpack industry. I used to think, that clear backpacks would not be durable and perhaps get spoilt easily. However, with your explanation, I know that clear backpacks will be very durable.

    I am not really fired up to get one, because everyone would be able to see the contents of my bag. 

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