Stylish Backpacks For Women – The People’s Choice

A lot of focus is being put on making backpacks stylish and also functional. A little search online would show you that there are now stylish backpacks for women and also for men that have been made specifically for the reason of being stylish also having its functional purpose.

Picture of a woman wearing a stylish backpack for women

Taking a cue from some of our celebrities, backpacks have become more than just an item that is used to carry our belongings. Most of us make use of backpacks to carry things around.

An additional bonus to making use of a backpack can be to make you look cool and stylish. We use it to compliment the outfits that we put on giving us a more fashion-oriented look.

Have you checked out celebrities and the backpacks they make use of? This would tell you that backpacks are more than just items for carrying things around when you see a celebrity with a backpack of more than $1000. Some of us are used to buying backpacks of below $100.

That’s all cool and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that but for those that use backpacks for more than what they are intended for tend to spend more on backpacks just to look cool and swag.

I can tell you that I have carried backpacks on several occasions whereby the only thing I had in the backpack was just my phone and maybe my wallet.

Now you might look at me and say this dude is crazy for acting like this but what you don’t know was that I actually used that backpack not for carrying my phone and wallet but actually to match the outfit I had on.

I recently wrote a post about celebrities and backpacks and although some female celebrities were more casual than others, it proved my point that celebrities on some occasions make use of backpacks for more than just carrying their items.

Building upon that post, I would be pointing out some sophisticated and also casual stylish backpacks for women.

A picture of a woman wearing a stylish backpack for women

A good backpack can look cute or fashionable and also functional. It is becoming apparent that backpacks can be stylish as well as being able to be used to carry items. Here are some of our best sophisticated and casual picks on stylish backpacks for women.

1. Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack

A cute stylish trendy backpack that is most suited for traveling. It has been a favorite for female travelers that are into backpacks that are cool and also convenient.

For comfort and ease of use during your travels, we recommend the Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack. If you are wondering what color to go for, you can stick with black as that color seems to go with almost everything.

2. Coofit Black Faux Leather Backpack

Looking to look classy while at school or at work? Then give the coofit black faux leather backpack a go to reveal your noble temperament.

This coofit branded backpack has a beautiful and simple design with a classic black color that can match your outfits.

Whether you are a university student or an office lady or you decide to go shopping or do outdoor activities, the coofit leather backpack got you covered.

3. Rains Backpack Mini

This is a smaller version of rains classic backpack. If you have heard of the brand rains, you would know that they specialize in the production of waterproofed backpacks and this rains backpack mini is another part of their classic collection.

Their designs are simple and stylish and are able to withstand tough weathers. The rains backpack mini has a nice smooth matte finish which gives the backpack an elegant look.

4. Sandqvist Hege Backpack

The Swedish branded Sandqvist Hege Backpack is known for its functional and sophisticated design making it perfect for everyday work.

This spacious unisex backpack is a well-made simple retro style bag that is perfect for work while also giving you a classic stylish professional look.


5. Louis Vuitton’s Mini Backpack

Louis Vuitton’s backpacks are a big deal and were obviously going to make its way into our picks for stylish backpacks for women.

They are one of the well-known luxury labels around and have become a favorite for our celebrities with the likes of Khloe Kardashian, Rihanna, and so many others spotted rocking the Louis Vuitton’s mini backpack.

The Louis Vuitton brand is so luxurious that they actually burn any unsold goods at the end of the year so trust me when I tell you that rocking their backpacks can skyrocket your cool and your swag in an instant.

So if you are willing to break the bank then you should go for the Louis Vuitton’s mini backpack.

6. Michael Kors Rhea Backpack

Michael Kors Rhea BackpackFor the sophisticated and stylish ladies, the Michael Kors Rhea backpack has made its way into our top stylish backpacks for women because of its luxurious appeal and style.

The Micheal Kors Rhea backpack is a laid-back but yet luxurious backpack that redefines big city accessorizing.

Feel like traveling in style or you probably going for a weekend trip or yet still, looking for a new backpack for school? Then you should consider getting yourself a Micheal Kors Rhea’s backpack.

7. Trek Pack Mini Nylon Backpack

Trek Pack Mini Nylon BackpackMarc Jacobs has made a name for himself by being one of the best designers of sporty-chic accessories and he has delivered by producing this mini backpack perfect for your treks or daily routines. Finish off your look with this sleek style of the Marc Jacob’s trek mini backpack.

8. Sak Ventura Convertible Backpack

 Dare to go with an adventurous sense of style? Then Sak Ventura Convertible leather backpack is a really good choice.

This convertible backpack comes with a rugged leather design and also with straps that can convert the pack from a traditional backpack to a messenger bag giving you the option of two looks with one bag.

9. Z-joyee Leather Backpack

Z-joyee Leather Backpack

Though advertised as a backpack for students, the Z-joyee leather backpack is just as good for women of all ages. A fashionable style for women looking for that perfect backpack with enough room to carry their items around the city.

10. Simona Fabric & Leather Backpack

Simona Fabric & Leather Backpack

Are you going for the casual chick stylish city look? Then you should consider this tricolor raffia circle stylish backpack for women with swishy side tassels that is topped with a richly pebbled leather flap which gives you a classy feeling.

Did you find something you like from this list or do you have a favorite that is not listed here? Feel free and leave a comment below.

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  1. My business partner is looking for a good backpack for his wife and I’m so glad I came across this post.  There are so many options out there and it’s really hard to tell what’s good and what ones should be avoided.

    Personally i think the Rains Backpack Mini is a winner as it’s smaller and more portable than the rest.

    Will be checking that out on amazon.

  2. I’m looking for a Christmas present for my sister, and I think a great looking backpack would be something she’d love! She’s a sales professional and always carrying things for her job wherever she goes. So I’m going to look at all the backpacks you recommend to see which one I think will work best for her– thanks!

  3. This is a cool post sharing these beautiful stylish backpack for women. I am a huge fan of backpack. Just like you, I move around with my backpack most times with just my charger inside of it. Backpacks these days have more functions as intended. I’d love to get one of these bag packs for my lady friend. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great selection of backpacks to choose from here. I really like them all if I am honest. But that’s how it usually goes with me when it comes to bags. Most women love a handbag but I just love a backpack you can put on your back and forget you have with you as long as it’s comfortable. Which one would you say is the best for comfort?

  5. These backpacks are GORGEOUS! Elegant, yet trendy. Plain, yet detailed. Love the selection!

    I like the Sak Ventura Convertible Backpack for casual wear and outings, and the Coofit Black Faux Leather Backpack work work 🙂  Both are decently priced too!I see some great gift potential here as well.  I mean, who doesn’t like a backpack? Especially if it’s as beautiful as these!

  6. I purchased a backpack for the sole purpose of carrying my laptop. The one I purchase is not a designer but I suspect its Michael Kors inspired because it has the black with gold zipper. I was never a fan of backpacks because I thought they can potentially ruin an outfit. But now I am a big fan because I realize the right one adds style to my outfit. Plus they make shopping and traveling easier and don’t strain my shoulder like handbags.

    1. Backpacks are pretty awesome and for those that pay close attention to what they wear tend to be really picky when choosing a backpack. Knowing exactly what you are buying would help you know exactly the type of backpack that would be ideal for the type of outfits one puts on.

  7. Hmmm… You certainly have eyes for Beautiful backpacks. I love your choices of these stylish backpacks for women. Among all these backpacks, I have seen the Louis Vuitton’s Mini Backpack before and it is so much astonishing. I love it among all these other bags. Which one of these is your favourite?

  8. This article had the best collections of backpacks. Out of all the stylish backpacks in this article, I am going to go with Louis Vuitton’s Mini Backpack. I like its color and the style. I am definitely going to gift this for my sister next month on her birthday. Thank you for the rundown on these stylish backpacks.

  9. My older daughter who already has Louis Vuitton purse would love to get a matching backpack. We’ve been looking around for, didn’t know you get it on Amazon. Thanks for pointing us in that direction. I love all the other backpacks as well but the one that stood out for me is Trek Pack Mini Nylon Backpack. I like anything by Marc Jacobs as well I enjoyed my daily tracks of walking down the street to get a daily coffee. This would be a perfect Accessory for me. Thank you for the great reviews of the backpack.

  10. This is a really good post about a variety of backpacks. I agree that you might not always have to spend thousands of dollars on a stylish backpack. You have some great alternatives to choose from. I like the ones without leather. Would you happen to know if there are any vegan designer backpacks available? Thank you for a great post. 

  11. I wish I had seen this site before Christmas!  My daughter is a travel fanatic and would probably love any one of several.  I don’t know if it would be possible – or maybe not a popular “metric” – but it would be nice to know if a pack is small enough to be considered a personal item (like a a purse) by the airlines.  That might affect some buying decisions.

    1. I am not entirely sure about that. You would probably be better off getting convertible backpacks for your daughter. They are backpacks that can be used both as backpacks and also as purse

  12. I know a lot of my female friends would love having one of these in there collection. These back packs are not only chic but also very simple, stylish and  manageable. I know for a fact that i will be getting some of these bags for some of my friends for upcoming birthdays or events. Thanks for sharing

  13. Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for every women to read and digest.women loves fashion, and beautiful things. Great selection of backpacks to chose here, I would love to present one for my wife. I like Sak Ventura convertible backpack for casual wear and clothing. Good post 

  14. Amazing article discussing the latest topic in here. I really commend the efforts behind this wonderful review. Its good to be updated. Having these new stylish backpacks for women is amazing. The list of the stylish backpacks for women is really amazing, as I love to get one for my junior sister this weekend as compensation for her good grade, especially the Rebecca Minkoff backpack. 

  15. Great choices, of all the list I was happy the one I’m using is among, which is Sandqvist Hege backpack. This bag is a subtle and elegant blend of Coton Canvas and bright metal hardware leather. You really feel like you’re buying something special when you buy one of these bags. Anton Sandqvist has been at the forefront of this fantastic Swedish brand together with his brothers and they clearly know how to make an absolutely amazing bag!

  16. Hello Manuel, manufacturers of backpacks has really outdone themselves with the kind of stylish backpacks being produced these days, especially for women. Stylish backpacks are a great way of complementing one’s outfit, while some females use it for their office day to day rendezvous.

    I happen to have used one of the stylish backpacks you reviewed, Rebecca Minkoff Backpack to be specific. It was a gift and I am still rocking it till date.  I love the Simona Fabric and leather backpack, it looks cool.

    Thanks for an informative review.

    1. Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack is a favorite for a lot of women due to its quality and simplistic design. It is an absolute beauty for a gift.

  17. Hi Manuel,

    Wow! What an excellent product review you have written about Stylish Backpacks For Women

    This is an awesome review with a lot of gorgeous backpack collection. I am looking for a birthday present for my sister, and I hope I found the right thing for this. I will share this great article with my friends and relatives. Thank you so much for sharing.

  18. As a man in my 50’s I haven’t really used backpacks in my life unless I’m camping.

    But I have to say you really have it down as far as the explanation, the description, and imagery.

    Your site is beautifully done, and reading what you’ve written along with the images you put on there makes me think you’re an expert at what you have content wise within your design and your site.

    I’m quite impressed. You’ve definitely chosen a niche that you know a lot about and by reading not only your content but the comments back and forth with the customers or potential customers.

     If I didn’t know any better I would say that you definitely display that you have a passion for backpacks.

    That’s something I didn’t think was even possible, but you have made a Believer out of me well done on your site well-done content well done on your communication with your customers absolutely Well done.

    Everything on your site is top-notch just very well put together site.


    1. Thanks for your kind words Pete. I do what I can to make sure I give my best to my readers so they get every information that they might need.

  19. Talk about timing.  I have a friend, who’s birthday is around the corner, and she’s been hinting and needing a new bag.

    I need to sneak over there and see what she has, style-wise now, so I can see what would be a good fit for her.

    You’ve provided a lot of options here and I’m sure one of them will be a perfect fit.  Personally, without doing my research, I’m liking either the Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack or Z-joyee Leather Backpack for her.

    Thanks again,


  20. Gone are the days where backpack serves as  just the primary tool for carrying objects all around. Now, they are centered majorly for complimenting our fashion sense and it adds that extra bit of spice to everything. These days designer backpacks are meant to add that extra bit of touch to our look and as ladies, fashion is our number one priority. I like the Luis Vuitton mini backpack. I would definitely get one for myself

  21. Hi,

    Excellent post about some stylish backpack for women. I really like your collection which you presented in this post . You portrait everything very well with images and descriptions. I have a plan to going on holiday to Europe in this cristmas holiday time. So I was looking for a backpack, which should be not too heavy and should be stylish as well. And I love the leather backpack. And I got my desired backpack from your post. I am going to place an order now. Thanks a lot for these resources.  

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