Smart Backpacks – Welcome To The Future

Revolution In The Backpack Industry

A revolution in the backpack industry is the introduction of smart backpacks. Several years ago, when the backpack was used mainly to carry books to schools and also to carry items, who would have ever thought the word smart backpacks would ever be used in a sentence.

An image of a young girl wearing a backpack touching the fingers of a robut

Technology has gone a long way from what it was a few years ago and it keeps on improving. Technological ideas have been incorporated into the backpack. Ideas that would blow your mind away.

I seriously doubt Otzi the Iceman ever had in mind that one day the backpack would be able to house a tracking device to be able to locate themselves or a backpack would be able to charge a phone or even a laptop. Crazy times we live in. This tells you how far we have come technologically.

With the way technology keeps improving every day, the era of the regular or the old-fashioned backpack would sooner than later be old news. The smart backpack is the future and it is going to be improved on a regular basis becoming more technologically advanced thus the name smart backpacks.

The days whereby the battery of your devices running out when you are on the road is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past as we embrace the future.

The purpose of a backpack is always going to be for carrying our items from one place to the another. This is all cool and stuff but come on, a backpack that has the ability to give me wifi, that’s just insane.

That is the ability of smart backpacks and the awesome part is that it has more features that makes me wonder where has this been all my life.

Never Get Caught With A Drained Out Device

This is one of my favorite features of smart backpacks. Imagine you are on the road, you know, just doing your usual trekking or you probably are commuting on your day to day activity or yet still you are about to board a flight and you suddenly remember you need to make that important phone call or you need to access the internet with your laptop or you need your device to listen to some awesome music by Coldplay.

You suddenly realize that the battery of these your devices is totally or about to go out.

You search through your backpack and realize you did not come with your phone charger wall piece.

What would be your reaction or should I dare say what thoughts would actually be going through your head.

I would definitely think to myself, darn it, what on earth am I going to do now, how on earth am I going to power up my device. No worries because smart backpacks to the rescue.

You suddenly remember that your backpack can actually be used to power up and charge these your devices.
How cool is that, you have just killed two birds with one stone.

One of the birds been the items which your backpack is carrying and the second bird is been able to charge your device using the USB charging port attached to the built-in battery pack of your backpack to enable you to be able to charge your mobile phone or your laptop.

Pretty awesome, right? I think that’s cool. You can charge your phone, your laptop, your power bank and so much more.

Would you like to kill three birds with one stone? Literally impossible, but not in the world of smart backpacks. Keep on reading

Backpacks Actually Approved By TSA

Some smart backpacks are actually TSA-friendly. For our regular travelers, the routine of taking your laptop out of your backpack to pass through security can be frustrating.

If your smart backpack is TSA approved, all you have to do is to let TSA know about your TSA friendly backpack and it would be scanned without you having to offload your laptop(three birds with one stone in the airport).

Emergency Light Signals

Presenting, LED chips emergency light signals – welcome to the future. Some smart backpacks come with LED chips that projects light on the backpack that signals to anyone behind of the presence of a person at that particular place.

This is a pretty handy feature that serves a really good purpose of safety, especially at night. It can be used as an emergency SOS or just as a source of light.

They usually come with three light modes which are low brightness, high brightness and an SOS for emergency flashing and all these can be controlled through your smartphone.

Depending on what you like, you can alternate the colors to suit your taste.

Your Backpack Gat Your Back

Gone are the days whereby only electronic devices such as cars and phones or similar devices can be tracked.

Some backpacks such as the lumzag smart backpack has built-in tracking devices that can be used to locate your backpack if it was probably snatched, stolen from you or if you are like me that constantly forgets where I last placed my backpack(this actually happens).

It can also be used by parents to know exactly where their kids are or maybe by girlfriends trying to keep track of their boyfriends😉. Smart backpacks are a must buy if only for these reasons.

Never Forget Any Item

We’ve all experienced this at one point or the other. You are all dressed up and ready to hit the road and then you realize you don’t have that important item you make use of on a regular basis.

You then spend the next 10minutes trying to locate it. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t.

Some smart backpacks such as lumzag smart backpack produced by an Indiegogo sponsored team helps you keep track of your items whenever they are missing from your backpack.

It notifies you by vibrating alert if you’ve forgotten or are missing something from your backpack.

All you have to do is to attach T-Track smart cards to everything you usually put in your backpack from your laptops to headphones and other items.

Listen To Your Favorite Music On The Go

I just recently found out that some smart backpacks are created with bluetooth speakers. Now you can play your favorite music while on the road.

The awesome part is that some of these speakers are shock-proof, waterproof and dust-proof.

Streaming Videos Has Never Been Easier

Streaming videos have never been easier while on the go. The Co.alition smartpack is one of my favorite smart backpacks as it has the ability to act as a wireless mobile hard drive.

It lets you stream video and access files anywhere via its wireless hard drive inbuilt in the backpack.

Solar Panel Enabled Backpacks

Solar panels have been included in some smart backpacks thereby making it possible for you to be able to power your items while on the road.

Some disadvantages of this feature that I have come across are that it would require a high level of sun and you cannot charge your items while the solar panel is getting charged.

Wifi-Enabled Backpacks

For a backpack to be wifi enabled tells us that this is really the future. Check out the video below of a backpack produced by Lumzag and see for yourself a wifi enabled backpack or check out this site to watch the backpack in full effect. It was constructed to provide you with wifi wherever you go.

Though Awesome, But Never Forget These

Your old-fashioned backpacks are still very reliable but if you decide to opt into the smart backpack world, never forget some important factors like the size of the backpack and how much it can actually carry.

Also, you should be looking for smart backpacks made with durable materials that can last for a long time.

It does not matter how techie smart backpacks are, if the one you find has reviews that say it is not durable then you should probably research on some other smart backpacks.

Also, you might want to look into the pricing. The more sophisticated a backpack, the more expensive it becomes.

Just so you know, all these awesome features are not all found on all smart backpacks(but it would have been pretty cool if that one backpack was created that would give me all these features all rolled up in one).

What you need to do is to make sure you check the specifications or the features on the smart backpack you plan on purchasing.

While a particular backpack might come with some particular features, these features might vary on another backpack.

You need to know exactly what you want so you can look for those features in the smart backpacks you research on.

Welcome To The Future

It is an awesome time to be alive. A time whereby the backpack has been turned into more than just a backpack but into an accessory that keeps up with our modern life.

Smart backpacks are the future in the backpack industry.

Why don’t you invest in a smart backpack and make your trips much easier so you can enjoy every single moment.

If you already own a backpack and you plan on taking your cool one step further then go for smart backpacks.

What do you think about the features of smart backpacks? Which is your favorite feature and which of these would you like to have on a backpack? Please leave your comments below. I would very much like to know what you think.

32 comments on “Smart Backpacks – Welcome To The Future

  1. Unbelievable…….a smartphone backpack!! That’s really great to hear about…..I need to get my old trusty North Face backpack out and have a smartphone device added to it! My backpack is only 50 years old…..

    1. Having a smart backpack is the future. With our demanding modern life that requires us to always be technologically active, a smart backpack can be of great importance.

  2. I saw those kinds of backpacks for a long time. I never treat them as something useful. Now I think to change my mind. This one with an emergency light on looks useful in the night. You will be safe walking on the road, also this one with solar panel is nice. Do you use one of them?

    1. I am currently in the market searching for one that fits my taste and is a fair price. I would really love to own one of these as they would be of great help to me. I have just recently come across Oscaurt Anti-Theft travel backpack and I think it is a good pack although it doesn’t have all of the features mentioned above, it does come with some of them.

  3. WiFi enabled backpacks, backpacks that can charge your mobile devices and laptops so we don’t have to worry about carrying our backup batteries. This truly is awesome to say the least and it should be one of 2019 must-have products. This is what I would call living a worry-free lifestyle. When the backpack is working for you.that is true achievements.

    1. It’s pretty sweet when the backpack is really working for you. Coupled with the fact that it can still carry your items just makes it really amazing. Smart backpacks are the future in the backpack industry and something tells me it is going to outdo a typical backpack

  4. Everything is going smart in this time and age. from cars to houses, to fashion and every other aspect of life you can think of, Technology and innovation are taking over, therefore, I’m not at all surprised when I hear or see a smart backpack. It’s a welcome development and we love it, everything designed to make our lives and work easier will be appreciated.

    1. That is very true. Technology is taking over everything and it would have been strange if the backpack was left out. We definitely welcome these changes and are eager to see what else they have in store for us.

  5. This is state of art backpack. The engineers that designed this bag deserve accolades. I thought it was a joke that a backpack can charge phone, laptop, a tablet and serve other multi-function purposes. The question I would like to ask is how much is the cost of these backpacks?

    I love a bag that  can contain all my things at same time. 


    1. The prices of smart backpacks vary depending on the features present in the backpack. I have come to realize that with more sophisticated features present in a backpack, the more expensive the backpack. Also, I don’t think I have a favorite brand. All these brands listed are really good brands and they produce really good products that can last for a very long time although they might get it wrong ones in a while most of the time they still live up to expectations

  6. There are some cool features added to backpack nowadays that weren’t even around back at my times. The one that I really like the most – and plan on getting one as I travel a lot – is the Wifi-enabled technology. I imagined this would come in handy when you are at the airport whereby in-house connection is usually poor. 

    I wonder if the connectivity works the same across different continents. Do you know? 

    1. The backpacks with wifi-enabled technology are usually globally enabled. For example, the lumzag backpack in the video above was made by designing a global wifi feature so you can stay connected around the globe. I am not entirely sure of the wifi connection across different countries but it should be able to hold up

  7. Great article! I had never heard of the term smart backpacks before. I think it’s awesome to provide ways to charge your electronic items, although the solar panel may not be very effective. I’m not sure that they are exactly smart yet until they integrate some sort of computer hardware and screen interface with voice to be able to get advice from siri, alexa, or google assistant from anywhere. These services would be more ideal for hiking when you are in the middle of nowhere and there is no access to a charging station or even communication. I like the idea of the smart backpack, but still think it needs more development. I appreciate you reviewing these latest updates and look forward to seeing more of it.

    1. Having to integrate siri, alexa, google assistant and hardware into the backpack might just be some of the features that are being considered to be included in the backpack. That is why smart backpacks are the future. There is still a lot to be done to make it a true smart backpack and I can’t wait to see what they actually come up with.

  8. How cool are they? Unbelievable, my kids would love backpacks topped with technology and considering that they even cater for phones it could not get any better. Thank you very much for the review, not just useful but my two sons gonna love me now when I will show up with two smart backpacks. Thank you so much

  9. This is wonderful! Technology is changing a whole lots of things. No one would have thought that a time will come when we can be able to charge our mobile devices through our backpack. I love backpacks a lot and I have used a couple of them. However, I have not used any smart backpack before. I will love to buy one of these smart backpack any time soon. Thank you so much for this post. 

    1. Smart backpacks are really the future of backpacks. They have so much more to offer than a regular backpack and I see them outstaging the regular backpack in the future

  10. These backpacks are truly phenomenal, to say the least. If you can have a backpack that is wifi enabled plus one that charges your phone while batteries go low and backpack that has a player, to move worry-free because of the backpack got my back feature that can alert us when items we make use of are not in our bag. That is just amazing and that is all I can ask for.

  11. I keep pretty abreast of technology, but this is a category that completely escaped my notice. These are some genuinely ingenious features.

    I really like the backpack that alerts you to the fact that you forgot something.  So many tech features have little more going for them other than the “gee-whiz” factor with no actual practical use, but that is one I could see being really helpful to me. 

    Great idea for a post, thanks, it’s already bookmarked.

    1. Thanks Jon for your comments. It is really awesome how we are technologically growing that even the backpack is now becoming smart. It is just amazing.

  12. I have a backpack which could link your power bank to your phones.

    But wow these backpacks are amazing I could actually charge my phones and laptop.

    This means I could go out without worrying about a blackout.

    This is a good backpack for a picnic.

    Thanks for this post.

    This is everyone’s dream backpack.

  13. Hi Manuel,

    This is cool!

    Nothing is impossible these days. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few years from now, there will be an embedded phone in the backpack.

    From the features that you mentioned, my best choice would be the wifi and the emergency light. They will be very handy while travelling.

    But of course, I have to consider the price before I buy.



    1. New things would be invented in the future and I am very positive that the backpack would not be left behind technologically. Who knows, an embedded phone in a backpack might not be far fetched because anything is possible these days

  14. Smart backpack? Count me in. Being able to charge my mobile devices from my backpack would be a fantastic feature. Imagine plugging your backpack into a wall outlet to charge its battery though? Insane.

    I travel a lot, mostly flying around the world so not having to pull out my laptop to go through airport security is a must have for me.

    Are there any backpacks available that have both features, TSA approved as well as mobile device charging? If there is one like that I’ll buy it right now.



    1. Hey Ed thanks for your comment. There are TSA approved backpacks with charging features. You should check out Yorepek’s extra large backpack. Although it cannot be plugged into a wall it is TSA approved and you can charge your gadgets by making use of the USB charging port of the backpack

  15. So when I started reading the article, I was thinking.”What? Really? No way.” Then you had me. I was reading and my brain was going into overdrive. I’m a car driver on a daily basis,loads of us are. We already have all these gadgets available to us on some of the higher end vehicles. So we never give a thought to those who don’t drive. The walkers,the cyclists even the bikers. My son has started university, this would have been a great investment. As a student they can sometimes spend all day moving from one lecture to another, carrying all their books and stuff, it’s not always easy to be in the right place for wi-fi or charging. If you’re a cyclist or a biker you can now have all your tech on your back and you’re visible with the light features.

    New tech is always expensive at the start so choosing wisely is a must. You have made that clear and it is well appreciated.That being said. as an investment over a number of years, I think it would be very justifiable. For parents and the owners themselves the tracking system would be invaluable.

    1. That just tells you how far the backpack has come that smart backpacks are now the in-thing. It is amazing that a backpack can now perform so much more than just to carry our items from one place to another. Now technology has been incorporated into the backpack which makes it more versatile than it ever was.

  16. Thank you for sharing this great smart backpacks and they are amazing, I recently I bought the coalition smartpack for my laptop and is really good and totally satisfied with this smart backpack.

    I looking for kids smart backpacks for girls to be more specific do you have any recommendations that you can share?.

    Thank you.

    1. I have not written a post on kids smart backpacks and maybe I would do just that but before then you can check out this site that I found out. They were the only kid’s smart backpack I was able to come across for now. This is the link of the site

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