Should The Banning of Backpacks Really be Encouraged?

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If you have been recently following my post you would notice that I have focused mainly on clear backpacks. I have written on some important factors to take note of when it comes to subjects surrounding these type of backpacks such as their pros and cons and also some really good clear backpacks. While researching these subjects, I came across an issue pertaining to the banning of backpacks.Picture of a red banned logo on a backpack

When it comes to safety related to the use of backpacks, it can be a rather conflicted discussion which has lead to a lot of arguments. Most people feel because of measures been taken to ensure safety that it is becoming a violation of their rights. Take the recent mandatory use of backpacks in schools.

We watch the news and we are very familiar with how to use social media. I am pretty sure you must have come across news that talked about these issues and also you must have come across one or two social media memes that were clearly not in support of this mandate.

One of the most recent issues that has always been there in which I recently came across is the banning of backpacks. Now before we go on let me ask you a simple question. Would you actually agree to the banning of backpacks? You might answer yes or you probably might answer no but whatever way you answer you might want to read what I have to say.

I think if you just answer without actually giving it a careful thought you might not have all the information at hand before you make your decision.

Now when I say banning of backpacks I don’t mean backpacks been banned from everyday use. What I actually meant is the banning of backpacks from some specific places like schools, places of worship like mosques and churches, stadiums, huge gatherings, and similar locations.

The Fundamental Purpose of A Backpack

What is the fundamental use of a backpack? If the banning of backpacks is issued would people still be able to live their lives normally or would it have an effect on how they live their lives?

It is no news that backpacks have actually come a long way. If you go through the history of backpacks you would see that even before they were officially recognized as backpacks they have actually been in use for a very long time.

Before they were actually modernized to become what they currently are they have been around for a very long time and have assisted us in carrying items from one place to the other. Even as backpacks are now been smart the fundamental purpose of a backpack would always be to assist us in carrying our items from one place to another.A dog inside a dog carrier backpack

Backpacks are being used by students, workers, those going to the gym, hiking, traveling, for shopping, used by businessmen and women and by so many other persons.

The use of backpacks has made life so much easier and we have actually gotten used to it. If for any reasons backpacks were to be banned from use from any of the persons stated above then I can assure you that it would make life rather difficult.

Yes, we would adjust and probably get used to the new proposed systems but it can hardly replace that fundamental use and ease of a backpack.

Why We Actually Need A Backpack

Better organize your items: This is one very important advantage of the backpack as it can help you to be better organized on how you carry your belongings.

Easily carry your items from one place to another: The fundamental purpose of a backpack is in carrying our items from one place to another. It has been of great assistance to a lot of people and a lot of individuals have gotten used to it and wonder how they would have coped without it.

For students, workers, travelers, hikers, bikers and many more individuals that make use of the backpack have actually acknowledged the usefulness of a backpack on how it has made their lives easier.

Safely keep your items: You can safely store your items without having to worry about others knowing what you carry. With the exception of see-through backpacks, the backpack serves an important role of securely storing our items from the eyes of those around us thereby making them not to know exactly what we carry.

Carry more than you usually do: It would be pretty difficult to carry a lot of the items we own from one place to another without a backpack. This is another important role of the backpack as it can assist us in carrying more than we would have carried without a backpack.Picture of a man on exploration with the backpack

For those that go for backpacking trips, I seriously doubt they would have been able to carry all that they normally carry without their backpack. The backpack can be used to carry their clothes, tents, bed, pot, food, water bottles, and so much more.

It is healthier: As long as you wear your backpack the right way, there is no doubt that it would be healthier than actually carrying items with your hands. Carrying items with your hands puts the load on just one side of your body. Also, if you carry items on your back, it can definitely lead to back pain or waist pain because the weight of the load would not be evenly distributed on your body.

The existence of the straps of a backpack makes it possible for the weight of the items we carry to be properly distributed on the body thereby reducing the amount of weight been exerted on our body.

These are some advantages of a backpack and I plan to further elaborate on these on a different post.

The Evils Of A Backpack

What events actually brought about the suggestions on the banning of backpacks? We have now become accustomed to hearing of tragic news that results in killings. One of the ways or means that has helped these perpetrators in committing these atrocities has been by the use of backpacks.

They have used the backpack to house some of their dangerous weapons which they used as a means of transportation for such dangerous items which has resulted in harming a lot of people. This is a perfect example of the fundamental importance of a backpack been used for negative reasons.

That is just one example of the evils of a backpack. Another example of the misuse of the backpack is actually at the places where we work. If you read the pros of clear backpacks you would notice that I mentioned witnessing workers actually putting company property into their backpack to take home.

This can be considered an act of stealing and can result in loss of the companies properties. This does not only happen in places of work but can also occur in schools where students take school property, put it into their bags and take it home never returning it to the place they took it from.

Let us not forget about shoplifting. It has become normal to be searched when you carry a backpack into a shopping mall. It was not always like this but due to the increase in crime rate, it has become part of our system. Before we carry our backpacks into a bank you would be thoroughly searched before you can gain access into the bank.

Has it always been like this? NO, it has not always been like this but this is now our reality and it is what we are actually currently facing.

Can These Wrong Acts Be Stopped Through The Banning of Backpacks?

I am pretty sure you now have a clearer perspective on the good and bad aspect of a backpack and if I should ask that question again would you actually agree to the banning of backpacks? I am pretty sure you would have a different answer. Now the next question I have for you is can the crimes stated above really be stopped if we all actually agree to the banning of backpacks?

What is your answer to that question? I would really love to know and you can leave your answer in the comment section. I would give you my answer. What do I really think? Can those crimes really be stopped if backpacks are banned from some specific places? My answer is it can probably reduce it but would not stop it.

I talk about everything backpack on this blog and I would never for profit reasons risk a human’s life. Though the backpack is very important in our everyday lives, there are places that should not allow the use of a backpack. Why do you think I say this?A security guard standing in a building with a woman inside the building with a bag

I say this because of an obvious reason which is for safety. If a backpack is to be allowed in places such as work then it should be searched before anyone making use of the backpack can gain access into the building.

Some schools are currently banning the use of backpacks. This decision has not been easy to transition into and there have been a lot of complaints from the students and some parents. Some people actually understand and appreciate why this is been done but some others don’t think it is a good idea.

The banning of backpacks from schools would not necessarily stop the passage of contraband into the school building but I believe it can reduce it to some extent. The banning of backpacks from schools would certainly have several disadvantages such as…

  1. The offenders would just become more creative and would still find one way or the other to make sure their dangerous items get into the school.
  2. Students would have to carry their books with their hands which would be very difficult for them. Lockers are been issued but this would not do much as students might need to carry more than just a notebook to class and might need to carry food from home, jackets, additional clothes because of cold seasons or several other items. Besides, if backpacks cease to exist in colleges it would be a huge disaster to college students.

Is The Banning of Backpacks From Specific Locations Justified?An image showing yes

The banning of backpacks from some locations is justified as the main reason for doing this is for the safety of both the individual and the surrounding properties. Although it would not guarantee safety, it can help reduce it to some extent.

Any location or event having a huge gathering should not allow the use of regular backpacks so those present can feel safe. It would be difficult implementing this in some places. For example, schools as we previously stated would have a hard time coping if backpacks are banned from been taken to school.

This can be an exception but precautions have to be taken to ensure the safety of students if the backpack is allowed to stay in schools,

Some Places Banning of Backpacks Can Be Accepted

There are some places where the banning of backpacks can be easily accepted especially when it comes to human lives.

Places of Worship: This is a place that the use of backpacks should definitely be banned from. A lot of killings now occur in places of worship with people placing things like explosives into backpacks and setting it off inside the buildings. This has resulted in the death of a lot of people and cannot be accepted.

I recently read about a policy been made on the restriction of the use of backpacks in a place of worship. This was a really good idea as it has been shown that backpacks are been used to store dangerous weapons that can cause harm to people.

I seriously wish other places of worship would follow suit and ban people from bringing in backpacks into places of worship.

Shopping Centers: There are some stores that have security doors that makes it impossible to hide items in your backpacks without the security alarm going off. Backpacks can be allowed in these type of stores but for those that don’t have these security stores, I think they should ban the use of backpacks in their stores.An image of inside a shopping centre

Some people that go into stores with a backpack end up leaving the store with items they did not pay for that they must have shoved into their backpacks. This is not right and it would be justified if the owner of such a store bans the use of backpacks from their store.

Huge Gatherings: This might be a bit difficult to implement but never the less the policy should be issued out whereby a backpack should not be taken to a place where there are a lot of people. It is all about safety and the backpack can be used to house dangerous items that can harm a lot of people.

Banks: Have you recently entered a bank with a backpack without the backpack been searched? I think that is highly unlikely. A bank is a safe zone for the investments of a lot of people and should have a lot of security. Backpacks should not be allowed into banks as it can lead to people carrying weapons into the bank.

Obviously, nothing is guaranteed and even without a backpack weapons might still be able to get into the bank but I think without the backpack the level of weapons that might go into the bank would be low. The fact that there is security in every bank is very encouraging.

If we really do have to make use of backpacks into a bank then it should be properly searched before it can gain access into the bank.

Some banks don’t allow backpacks into their buildings and therefore create lockers to place your bag before gaining access into the bank. That was a really excellent idea.

If a regular backpack is used to places that might be at risk because of the backpack then, by all means, the backpack can be searched to avoid any problem from occurring.

So What is the solution

This is a rather difficult subject and coming up with a solution is going to be easier said than done. It is going to be difficult to stop the usage of a backpack. What can be done should be the restricting of backpacks in some locations.Image of a girl wearing SM@TY's clear backpack

Some companies now make it compulsory for the use of clear backpacks by all their workers. Also, schools are making it a mandatory policy for their students to make use of transparent backpacks.

Obviously, this has not been accepted by a lot of people and although I am against the idea of imposing the use of clear backpacks on students, something still has to be done to tackle the issue on the use of backpacks.

Backpacks are very important in the daily lives of a lot of people and banning them is going to be pretty difficult and would definitely not be accepted by a lot of people.

With that said, I think the government should do better in coming up with solutions that would not negatively affect the lives of people.

I love my backpacks and without them, my life would become complicated because I make use of my backpacks on a regular basis.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the issue concerning the banning of backpacks from specific locations. Would you agree with this and do you have locations you feel the use of backpacks should be restricted. Please leave your comments in the comment section below.


Aweda Olakunle · February 15, 2019 at 3:30 am

Banning of backpacks can not definitely solve the issue of backpacks been used for the wrong reasons. Backpacks are fundamental items in most people lives, we use them to transport our belongings around. If we don’t use backpacks, how are we supposed to move our books, laptops and working tools from place to place? A kind of backpack scanner should just be invented so that when dangerous materials are in a backpack, it will alert the security. Backpacks should not be banned

    Manuel · February 16, 2019 at 9:09 am

    Thanks for your view on this matter Olakunle. Backpacks are very important in the lives of some of us but I think there are probably some places whereby its use should be restricted. 

ajibola40 · February 16, 2019 at 8:34 am

Nice article on banning of backpacks. Backpacks have been part of many for so long in their day to day activities either in school, federal institutions, banks, in the market and so many other places and moreover, there is almost nothing you can replace a backpack with because of it uses in day to day life. In my own opinion banning of backpack can’t be totally possible everywhere. It can only be encouraged in some places that is crucial due to security reasons.

    Manuel · February 19, 2019 at 3:47 am

    It is going to be pretty difficult to ban backpacks but I would suggest that there be places that the usage of the backpack should not be allowed.

Olalekan · February 16, 2019 at 8:39 am

What an interesting review on backpacks. I must say that your article is well structured and in between questions and answers are embedded in it. I agree to banning the use of backpacks in some places like place of worship, stadiums and large number of gathering of people. Some of the  record of bomb blast in Nigeria which was perpetrated by Boko Haram was traced to use of backpacks by the suicide bombers. Use of clear backpacks should be encouraged in schools as students can’t do without carrying books in and out of the citadel.

Thanks for this post. 

    Manuel · February 20, 2019 at 9:22 am

    Thanks for your comments Olalekan. I believe there are some places that should not allow the use of backpacks or even if the backpacks are used in such places they should be searched on a regular basis in order to reduce crime committed by a lot of people.

    The idea of clear backpacks in schools is not a bad one and even if regular backpacks are used there should be security measures in place to reduce crime rate.

Yormith96 · February 16, 2019 at 8:42 am

In my own view according to location, banning of backpacks is not really the best, I must agree and say on the other hands that I support your view on evils some perpetrators are doing with it, I will go with your suggestions, it should be banned in some areas like churches, mosques, malls, or places with a large population but not for those kids taking them to school. They are used to it, their items can be arranged properly in it without losing any of it. That’s my opinion 

    Manuel · February 20, 2019 at 9:27 am

    Thanks for your comments. Location location location. I believe some places should just not allow the use of backpack as history has shown that the backpack has been used as a way to commit crime in those places. Banning of backpacks from schools would be really difficult because students are very used to it as it helps them organize their items they take to class.

    The government would need to come up with ways that can safeguard the lives of these students without having to restrict the use of backpacks.

Deraj · February 16, 2019 at 9:27 am

I think banning backpack won’t make any difference because evil-minded people always find their way to do evil things. Even we ban the backpacks, they will again come up with a new idea. So, I don’t think banning backpack will stop them from doing bad things. Before thieves used to steal from home, after they started to rob a bank and now they are robbing online by hacking the credit cards of people. So, banning things like backpack only make our life difficult, but it will not stop any wrongdoings. Anyway, it’s my personal opinion. It doesn’t mean I’ve to be right 🙂

    Manuel · February 20, 2019 at 9:30 am

    You make a good point Deraj because if the backpack is banned the perpetrators would just find other ways to commit their crimes. I agree with your opinion but I think the use of the backpack should be restricted in some places like those listed in this post so the crime rate can be reduced to some extent.

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