Pros Of Clear Backpacks We Absolutely Should Not Ignore

It is obvious that clear backpacks are not a favorite for a lot of people. They are actually not a bad idea but what makes people angry is imposing its use as a must follow rule. A lot of people don’t actually consider the pros of clear backpacks and just focus on the negatives.

This was made clear by the recent shootings of students whereby see-through backpacks became mandatory in some schools making students vent their anger in the form of memes on social media.

As much as I don’t like the idea of the use of clear backpacks been imposed on people, I still like to look at the general picture of clear backpacks and if you look closely you would notice that they are not all bad.

I recently wrote a post on the pros and cons of clear backpacks and if you have read that post you would notice that I mentioned that I was able to find a lot of cons of clear backpacks online and very few advantages or pros of clear backpacks.

One thing I noticed was that the cons of clear backpacks were clearly inspired by the imposing of these style of backpacks on students. The writers on this subject were clearly angry that the idea of imposing the use of clear backpacks on students was in violation of the student’s rights.

Now while I don’t disagree with that there is a good chance that it might have affected their judgments on the advantages that a clear backpack has to offer. When I wrote the pros and cons of clear backpacks, I wrote more on the cons aspect because I was also not in favor of anything been imposed on anyone which was clearly what was happening to some students in some schools that made transparent backpacks a necessity.

Having written that post, a few days later I actually sat down and thought to myself that clear backpacks cannot be that bad.

A man sitting in the front of a computer frustrated

I have to try to find if this type of backpack actually had more pros than what I listed in my post and I was able to find some.

Now if we remove students from the picture of clear backpacks you would see that it is not such a bad idea and is actually a good and creative idea as long as durable transparent backpacks are constantly made. But just like your regular backpack in which some are made to be better than others, the same applies to see through backpacks.

If you go through one of the reviews I wrote recently you would find out that there are actually some really good clear backpacks that can last for a long time like for example K-Cliffs heavy-duty clear backpack.

Students are not the only ones that make use of clear backpacks as you would find out later in this post that adults also make use of clear backpacks on a regular basis.

See through backpacks were not all that popular but I feel they became more known to the public after the shootings that occurred in some schools that lead to the unfortunate deaths of a lot of students.

These tragic events made clear backpacks more known to the public and there were a lot of grievances on this being the solution that was proposed by either the government or school authorities.

This in turn led to a lot of hate speeches and articles been published about the disadvantages of clear backpacks.

Image of people protesting

If you would like to find out some cons of clear backpacks please refer to the pros and cons of clear backpacks.

The idea behind this post is to elaborate more on the good qualities of a transparent backpack so we know that it is not all bad and actually embrace the ideas behind a clear backpack.

The Almighty Security, It Actually Goes Both Ways

If you mention a clear backpack to most people the first thing that comes to their mind is that word “SECURITY“. This type of security goes in both ways.

There is good and there is bad. Lets first talk about the bad side. One of the ideas behind a clear backpack is in the name itself which is the word “CLEAR“.

What does this mean? It means that your bag is see-through and everyone can see exactly what is inside your bag which can lead to the items in your bag to be at risk of been stolen.

This applies to both students and adults and don’t think that stealing of items from a backpack is only a students thing because it is not and items are just as well stolen from adults backpacks both at their places of work, in the coffee shop, in a subway, when they are standing in a line or various other places.

Still on stealing, let us not forget how important clear backpacks are. We just only think about ourselves and have not thought about the organizations or companies we work for. We have not thought about the school authorities and the properties they have inside the school.

We have not thought about the pressure mounted on school authorities to safeguard their students.

We have not thought about the fact that something at least has to be done to reduce the rate at which crimes are committed in schools.

Been strict on gun policies is a matter to be discussed on its own and it would be difficult for the government to implement that probably because of the politics going on behind the scenes but like I said that is another topic on its own.

A picture of people protesting against Donald Trump

Let’s elaborate further on some points mentioned above. Been the owner of a business is not easy as you always run the risk of your employees stealing your properties from your company.

The idea behind some companies implementing the policy of clear backpacks in their companies is very justified and I totally agree with that.

This is one significant pro of clear backpacks as it would enable anyone to be able to see what is in the backpack which would make you think twice before putting company property into your backpack.

Of course, this would not completely eliminate this type of crime but I believe it can reduce it to a very reasonable extent.

Where I used to work I have come across some people actually putting company property into their backpacks and taking it home. So trust me when I tell you that I know exactly what I am talking about.

This might be little depending on what is stolen but it can lead to a loss in the financial aspect of the company.

What about in schools? Aside from the weapon’s aspect do we actually think that a school does not have the right to tell their students to wear transparent backpacks? Some students are fond of taking school properties home like textbooks, equipment or various other things.

They do this on a regular basis which means that the school would be at a loss because such items end up missing and the school has to replace it. Let us try not to be sentimental about the idea behind a clear backpack and really look underneath and see if we can find some benefits to this.

Males don’t have to lay much complains about clear backpacks. If anyone is to lay a complaint about clear backpacks it should be females because of their feminine products that they put into their backpacks.

Quickly Be Alerted When Your Items Are Missing

Have you ever lost items from your regular backpack that you had no idea was missing? If you have not then good for you but for some of us out there that have, it was not a fun experience.

You maybe lend someone an item of yours from your backpack and later on because of other activities you might assume that the item has been placed into your backpack and you go home with your backpack and later realize that your belonging was actually not returned to you.

This can happen a lot with normal backpacks but is less likely to happen with clear backpacks because the backpack is transparent which means depending on the size of your items, you would know exactly what is inside your backpack or what is missing from your backpack.

It Gives A Sense Of Security At Gatherings

Have you noticed that there are some locations whereby regular backpacks are not allowed? One of the obvious reasons for this is because of security reasons especially at locations where there are a lot of people.

You can be arrested if spotted with a backpack because it can be used to house several dangerous items.

This is also one of the pros of clear backpacks. Because the items in your backpack remain visible you would have a better chance of making use of it than a regular backpack.

For example, most stadiums that I have come across don’t allow backpacks into the stadiums but some of them now allow clear backpack because the items in the backpack would be visible for everyone to see.

A place where a lot of people normally gather

We all know how important a backpack is and sometimes we might want to take our backpacks into a stadium to watch an event. What better way to do this than to take a clear backpack so everyone around you can feel safe that your backpack does not contain anything dangerous.

Breeze Through Checkpoints

An annoying feeling I get sometimes when going through checkpoints is when my backpack is totally emptied before I can pass through.

This is obviously for security reasons and it is another justification of the importance of transparent backpacks. You can spend lesser time at a checkpoint than you would with a regular backpack.

When I wrote a post on college backpacks I encouraged people to try to make sure they have more than one backpack so they can make use of them for different situations or occasions and this is why you might want to add a see-through backpack to your collections.

If we can purchase more than one outfit and buy several shoes and spend a lot on these things, why does the idea of buying more than one backpack always seem like a difficult thing to do for a lot of people?

Picture of a woman saying I don't know with hand gestures

I really don’t know the answer to that question because I find a backpack just as useful as my outfits or my shoes.

I have actually strayed off topic a little but let me get back to point. I think most people can own a regular backpack and also a see-through backpack and it should not be a big deal. They both have their advantages and disadvantages and can be used for several different occasions.

If I know I am going to a place that has checkpoints then I see it as the perfect opportunity to wear my clear backpack because most of the time the officer at the checkpoint would just look at the backpack from the outside without actually having the backpack unzipped.

I know few people still ask that a transparent backpack be opened but it is not as common as that for normal backpacks. I consider this as one of the pros of clear backpacks and it is a pretty good one.

An Alternate Backpack Style, Go Unique

It is no news that backpacks are more than just for carrying our belongings and are actually being used to compliment our outfits. Have you ever looked at your backpack and felt you needed something for a change that would give you a unique look?

I consider see through backpacks as such. It is a type of backpack that would make someone look at you twice when you put it on. As I said, clear backpacks have always been around but they became very popular due to tragic events.

I think they were initially mostly been used by adults because of security issues at their companies or other locations but have now also become very popular with students.

There are some countries were clear backpacks are not very popular and I can assure you that you would definitely stand out when you make use of one.

Although there is not a lot of room to accommodate clear backpacks with designs because it would just end up defeating the main idea behind a clear backpack which is to keep it totally transparent but I think there are some few ideas that are coming up to give clear backpacks a nice look.

These type of fashion-oriented clear backpacks can obviously not be used in places where transparency is important but it just goes to show that anything can be improved upon and made to better satisfy the needs of customers.

It is an alternate style to your regular backpacks and can give you a different and unique look.

Feel More At Ease Under The Rain

If you have bought a backpack online and gone through reviews you would always see things like waterproofed backpack or water resistant. Most of the time you find that very few backpacks are actually waterproofed and most of them are actually water resistant.

I can tell you that clear backpacks don’t fall short in this aspect due to the fact that they are made with plastics. Although water might still be able to find some access points like maybe through the zip lines but they hold up better than regular backpacks excluding backpacks that were made to be completely waterproof.

Cleaning Your Backpack Just Got Easier

Cleaning of a backpack has never been easier than when cleaning a see-through backpack. You are able to easily clean spills on clear backpacks without having to actually wash the backpack.

I have normal backpacks that I cherish a lot but it is not easy keeping them clean because if there are any spillages it can be really difficult to get it off without ruining the color of that particular spot.

With a clear backpack a wet cloth and detergent should do the job and still leave your backpack looking like it initially was although some stains might be tougher to remove than others while some would just be impossible to remove but I think you have a better chance of not ruining your clear backpack than you do a normal backpack.


On a previous post I wrote on clear backpacks I made it a point to write less on the pros of clear backpacks and more on the cons which I think should also be considered if you are to go for this type of bag.

I wrote some advantages that were not listed here that should also be considered as advantages of clear backpacks.

Making use of a see through backpack should not always be considered a bad thing. It has its advantages that can make it just as important as a regular backpack.

Although it also has its cons I think I have made it clear on this post that it just as much has advantages. If you would like to check out the cons of clear backpacks please click on this link.

I am sure some of us reading this post have made use of clear backpacks or we probably have an opinion on clear backpacks. If you do please leave your comments in the comment section below. I would like to read what you have to say about this.

16 comments on “Pros Of Clear Backpacks We Absolutely Should Not Ignore

  1. Good job you did trying to bring the positives of owning a clear backpack. I think most of the advantages the bag holds is due to security concerns. It helps everyone see what you actually possess. However, from an individual point of view, this kind of backpack would not be advisable for security purposes too. 

    You must be commended for choosing to bring out good from this situation

    1. Thank you Louis for your comment. Clear backpacks cannot be all bad and if we look closely we would discover that it does have some advantages that can benefit the lives of people.

  2. I have to be honest here – I always thought these clear backpacks were a bit of a security risk, and never let my teenage son use one because he always put his phone in it…

    For everyone to see! 

    However, I really hadn’t thought about the tragic incidents that could well have been avoided if these backpacks were made mandatory at certain public buildings.

    Very interesting article – and a very interesting argument! 

    1. Security in making use of clear backpacks goes both ways if you consider it for several different occasions. As been transparent the items in our backpacks can be at risk and fact that it is been used as a means to reduce crime rate. It goes both ways and the fact is that both sides that argue for its use been compulsory have valuable reasons that justify their statements.

  3. Making transparent backpack compulsory for students must have been caused by some negative occurrences which include the unfortunate shootings which occurred in some schools leading to the death of several students.With this in mind, it is assumed that with transparent backpack bags people can easily see the content of your bag for security sake.  This is not totally a bad idea in itself as long as there are enough of the bags readily available to the students to buy.  And it is not just students alone that make use of clear backpack bags, even adults do use them regularly too.

    1. The idea of a clear backpack being used for security reasons is not such a bad idea as it can to some extent reduce the number of weapons that can have access into buildings like schools and various companies.

  4. Thank you making out time to put up this interesting article. You have done an excellent job! I love the clear backpack and have seen people use it. Students also use it here but it is not mandatory for students to use clear backpacks in my place. Though I am not in the United States. 

    I love it because it is cheaper, more fashionable and easy to clean. Even though it exposes what you have in the bag, those who uses the backpack don’t put sensitive items in it. 

    1. You made a very valuable point Abiodun. Those that make use of clear backpacks should know that the backpack is transparent and should therefore not place valuable items in the backpack. Which is why in the post college backpacks I wrote about having more than one backpack so you have several backpacks to make use of for different occasions.   

  5. As you said, my first reaction to a see-through bag is security, that is my own security. Why would I want everyone seeing the contents of my bag?! However, once you opened my eyes to the flip side, it seems like a really good idea for school and workplaces to enforce. The thing with female items that you don’t want the whole world to see, well those can go inside a small bag in the bag. That way you get the privacy you need at the same time! Great post!

    1. Yes Rose, the security goes both ways if we take a closer look at it. Although the items in our backpack would not be safe because of the transparency of the backpack but it can reduce the number of weapons that can be taken into buildings like schools, companies and also at events 

  6. I’m Guilty! I am one of the many who believe that clear backpacks are a bad idea. 

    I have read through this blog and I think that you have great points, but the biggest issue is still security for the things in the backpack. I must commend you on stating these pros however. It was a great read and it opened up my eyes to the few positives that the clear backpacks have.

    Great blog. It takes a true writer to stand for such a topic of opposition.

    1. Thank you Angella, it is a topic that has a lot of opposing views whereby some people are for the idea while others are against it and both parties have valid points to back up their claims. We should however try and look at things from a different angle so we can get a better understanding on why some policies are made.

  7. I don’t think clear backpacks are that bad, but the reason that we’ve come to need them is too bad. It’s really sad that our world has gotten to this point where in some areas kids can’t even pick out their own bag for school. 

    I will say that I have been to a sporting event where no bags were allowed that weren’t see through, and while I found this rule irritating prior to the event, I didn’t mind at all after seeing how much faster people were let through the security lines. So in places with increased security protocol, it really does help to move things along. 

    As for discreet items, you can still have some privacy by using smaller organizer bags inside, such as a makeup bag, though they would no doubt be questioned for further inspection.

    At the end of the day, the clear bags are still ugly, still put all of your items on display, are completely lacking individuality, and it’s unfortunate that they are needed. 

    1. Hey Chris, seems you have some strong views against clear backpacks. Yes the idea of imposing the use of clear backpacks can be irritating and you have obviously listed some disadvantages of clear backpacks but I think if we look just beyond those disadvantages we would find some things we really like about clear backpacks. 

      A lot of people use clear backpacks as a sought of unique fashion style. Clear backpacks weren’t as common as they currently are and they were better appreciated then but because the idea of it’s use is been imposed on others I think that is the reason why it has become so hated by a lot of people. 

  8. The rights of one have to be balanced against the rights of many.  I am sure that if you ask someone that has lost someone in school violence, you would find that they would support the clear backpacks. 

    The clear BPs would definitely have some cons but what is the cost of life. A little inconvenience is surely worth it to save a life. Is there anything else to consider?

    1. You are absolutely right Bryan. A life should trump every other reason. A little inconvenience should not be a problem when life is involved.

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