Pros and Cons Of Clear Backpacks – Are They Really Worth It?

Is Making Clear Backpacks Mandatory Really Worth It?

It is no news about the dangers we face on a regular basis that even our kids are no longer safe in places that they ought to feel safe. If you watch cable news you must be aware of the shootings that occur in schools that lead to the death of a lot of students.

These events lead to some schools imposing the idea of see-through backpacks to be carried by students. These have lead to a lot of opposing views which is why I decided to write on the pros and cons of clear backpacks.

Yes, that is what they are called “Clear Backpacks” or you can decide to call them transparent backpacks or better still see-through backpacks. Have you ever come across one? I had no idea these existed and was only made aware of it recently having come across a news article that talked about the violation of students rights by making these type of backpacks mandatory.

Before I go on let me ask you a question. Having taken a closer look at these type of backpacks and having at the back of your mind the shootings happening in schools. Do you really think these backpacks would be beneficial to students or is it really an infringement towards the rights of these students?

As I said, there are opposing views to these and you might agree or disagree to the points I make but whatever side you decide to take it is important you know the pros and cons of clear backpacks.

Let me say this before I move on. From what I found out based on my research it is clear that the cons are far more than the pros when comparing the pros and cons of clear backpacks. There were very few advantages that really sticks out when it comes to transparent backpacks and one of them is security.

Are We Really Safe Or Just Deceiving Ourselves

Now let me ask you this. This is just an assumption and should not be considered or used as a way to commit a crime but I am going to put it out there to make my point. Let’s say you own this type of bag and you plan to bring a weapon to school.

A hand holding a small knife

Are you going to place the weapon where it can easily be seen or would you take extra care and tuck it in between books or items that can conceal the fact that there is a weapon in the bag. I would leave you to answer that.

Yes, as part of the pros of clear backpacks I would say that it can play a big role in restricting the free passage of weapons into schools or other places but this in turn can make the offender be more creative thereby devising other means to ensure the safe passage of weapons into buildings or into schools.

There have been a lot of gun violence in schools and I would have to say that something had to be done to reduce this dreadful act whereby kids or students go to school to learn, hang out with their friends and feel safe but instead dread the fact that anyone can pull out a weapon and end up using it on their fellow students.

Something had to be done and the idea of a clear backpack though not a bad idea but I think they can do better. I think other aspects of students or peoples lives were probably not put into consideration when the idea of introduction of these type of backpacks was brought up.

With security being a major factor in the introduction of these backpacks into schools or the market I think the safety of the items inside the backpack were not put into consideration. When making use of a transparent backpack it would be difficult to keep the items inside your backpack secret from eyes around you.

Being transparent, almost anyone can tell when a valuable item is inside your backpack which jeopardizes the safety of that item.

The clear backpack is not all bad and still has other advantages it can offer to a student aside from some level of security and one of such an advantage is organization

You Definitely Have To Get Organized

As part of the pros and cons of clear backpacks is the impulsiveness to have your items in your backpack organized. A clear backpack is like a house made with transparent glasses whereby anyone outside the house can see what is happening inside the house.

If people are able to easily see into your house would you keep your house untidy or would it always be spanking clean? The obvious answer is that you would always want your house to be kept clean. The same principle applies to see-through backpacks.

The image of a clear backpack showing the pros and cons of clear backpacksBecause everyone would be able to see what is inside your backpack you would definitely always want your backpack to be clean and organized to create the impression that you are a clean and organized person. You would avoid making inside your backpack messy unless of course if you don’t care about what people think and just leave inside your backpack unorganized. The choice is actually yours to make.

Definitely No Privacy

It’s a given that those affected the most by this are females. The lives of males and females are very different and one of the advantages of a backpack for females in schools is been able to easily conceal feminine products.

Tampons and menstrual pads are examples of feminine products that female students make use of. It is embarrassing enough taking excuse during class to make use of these. Now with a clear backpack, everyone would know that you have these inside your backpack.

If that is not embarrassing to you I don’t know what else is. Males don’t have this problem and would probably only be conscious of expensive items in their clear backpacks but females have more much to be wary about than expensive items.

No Freedom To Express Your Identity

One of the awesome benefits of having a backpack is been able to choose a backpack that suits your taste of fashion.

A girl wearing a backpack

With clear backpacks been mandatory in some schools, this throws the idea of choosing a fashionable backpack out the window.

Students are now forced to carry only clear backpacks to class or risk going to detention or worse expelled. I don’t know about you but if I was a student this would be a violation of my rights both as a citizen and a human being.

If a student decides to get a clear backpack it should be based on their choice and the idea should not be imposed on them.

A Common Problem Of Clear Backpacks

I have gone through several comments made by some people making use of transparent backpacks and I think a common problem of most transparent backpacks is poor quality material. This is definitely a disadvantage when comparing the pros and cons of clear backpacks.

Now don’t get me wrong there are some good clear backpacks but I think most that have flooded the market are not of the best quality and the fact that they are made of plastic can be highly dangerous because plastic is a flammable material and we know plastics don’t agree with anything hot.

Also, a lot of students carry some pretty heavy items to class that requires a backpack made with good quality. Most clear backpacks has so far not been able to satisfy this basic aspect of a quality backpack.


Human lives are very important and I think the fundamental idea behind clear backpacks is warrantied but cannot guarantee the safety of students or the public. The government needs to do better to ensure the lives of its citizens especially students who go to school to learn.

As a parent depending on the sex and age of my child would make me buy the idea of the introduction of clear backpacks to schools but I would want the government to come up with solutions that would not infringe on the rights of my kids.

I don’t know about you but these are my opinions. I would like to read what you think about this. Are clear backpacks really worth it? Do you think the idea of mandatory clear backpacks in schools is a good idea or do you think they should come up with better ideas? I would love to read what you think about this. Please leave your comments in the comment section below.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this information. The issue of clear backpacks is one not to be taking with levity. There was a time I thought of getting a clear backpack for my kids and I discovered if i should get them then I will be exposing a lot of things about them, clear backpacks don’t keep identity, it is easy for anyone to know what contains your pack but I think there should be those that are not transparent.

    1. While performing some research online, I think I have come across clear backpacks that are not completely transparent but I think if a backpack is not transparent then It should not fall into the category of a clear backpack.

  2. I think a clear backpack is a great idea, provided it was made of strong material that doesn’t rip, and also provided you know how to keep your backpack neatly packed, or it could be embarrassing.

    At least potential thieves can see right through it and see that there is nothing of value to steal (hopefully). You could also customize the contents in a way that portrait you own individual style. Who knows, you could start a new trend around campus.

    I think the best place to keep valuables like phones and money would be in a fanny pack or pocket near the front of your body for extra security.

    1. Thank you Michel for your comment. Most things that have a disadvantage also an advantage. So clear backpacks cannot be all bad but the government should do better by coming up with ideas that don’t violate the rights of students

  3. When. It comes to the issues of security and especially if that security involves our school going kids that becomes a matter that needs to be taken very if the idea of clear backpacks is for the purpose of that ensuring our kids are harm free let it be supported by all the stakeholders in the education and security plus parents and students.

    1. Thank you Charles for your comments. It seems you are in support of the use of clear backpacks in schools. Like I said earlier on there are opposing arguments to whether clear backpacks are ideal to help reduce the crime rate in schools and while some are for it, others are against it. 

      Whatever side one takes it is important to be aware of the pros and cons of clear backpacks.

  4. The idea of clear backpacks is too simplistic, it can not be a solution to such a deep problem with such tragic implications.Recalling the tragic facts of the past we can already say that the worst could not be avoided with clear backpacks, so it is a non-solution of the problem, it is a duty of the government to apply to solve the problem without predicting the good faith of parents, they deserve better and the government has to do it.I’m sorry but I do not know what to recommend.

    1. It is a touching subject and a lot of us don’t really know how to address this issue. We urge the government to do better to come up with better solutions that would guarantee the safety of its citizen without violating their rights,

  5. Hi,

    I would like to offer you comments on your blog post. 

    I really like the idea of talking about clear backpacks. This is a subject that has been around for a little while but we usually hear from school organizations or government but less from individuals. I like that you brought forward the pros and cons of clear backpacks. The article is well presented and easy to understand. 

    The visual aspect is good with the photos you added. I would never have thought of writing on this topic but I’m sure glad you did. It was fun and interesting to read.

    You did a great job with this article. 

    I hope my comments will be useful to you.


    1. Thank you Marie for your comment. This subject is a touching subject and needs to be addressed for the benefit of our kids.

  6. This is like a temporary solution to a long lasting problem, strict gun law would have been the best way to protect the students. A government that mandates students to use clear backpacks may later enforce bulletproof vest on them when the plan fails. This is the failure of the system, not the students. Now, they are paying for crime they never committed.

    1. The students are really paying for the crime they did not commit. It is rather unfortunate what they are passing through and I hope a better solution to this problem of gun violence is discovered.

  7. Hi,

    I think it is not a good idea to make students carrying clear backpacks to be mandatory. The major argument for the mandatory is the safety concern. If the student wants to bring a gun to school, he/she could easily hide the guns in the clear backpacks, inside the clothes, or other places. Clear backpacks don’t prevent a student from bringing guns to school.

    As you described, clear backpacks have freedom and privacy issues. Everyone should have privacy and carry something that they don’t want other people to know or see. This is basic human rights and we should honor this.

    Of course, the clear backpack practice should be exercised on a voluntary basis. If a student likes to show everything, he/she is free to do so.

    Thanks for the nice article.


    1. Thank you Anthony for your comment. The safety of a student cannot be guaranteed just because of clear backpacks. They have to come up with better ways in order to ensure the safety of students,

  8. Hello there,

    when it comes to clear backpacks, well to be honest I have a mixed feelings & opinion regarding them, and for the most part I agree with everything You had to say & discuss about them. First of all, I really like Your point which refers to clear backpacks being mandatory in some schools for safety and security reasons and claims that they aren’t very effective at resolving gun & violence issues. And I truly agree with You on that- they are not. I would even say as far as not effective at all. In my opinion, a person would come up with much more creative way to hide & sneak in a gun perhaps, and as a result the security & safety benefits and effectiveness of clear backpacks completely diminishes or significantly reduces to say the least. That’s a great point! One benefit of having a clear backpack which I’ve found to be very interesting & practical is that by having it, You are motivated to stay organized, care more about cleanliness and keep everything around You tidy, which in my eyes is a very big & possibly life-changing bright side of owning such product! And from a fashion stand point-  a lot of these clear backpacks look very simmiliar to each other, thus it kills the idea of being able to express Yourself and synchronize different outfits to match backpack and create these beautiful clothing combinations. However, I still think that it would be possible to match handful of outfits with clear backpacks and get some very aesthetically pleasing results, at the end of the day- we all have some sense of style and creativity, and maybe clear backpacks would be able to push our creativity into new direction and try out some new clothes, who knows!

    Thanks for such informative article, keep up the great work and best of luck to You 😉

    1. Thank you Evald for your comment. You are absolutely right about students would be forced to become creative on the outfits they wear if they are to consider been fashionable with clear backpacks. That was a brilliant point you made. With every disadvantage comes an advantage.

  9. What a creative post! The issue of clear bag packs can not be over emphasized. I really agree with you on the issue of whether we are really safe or just deceiving ourselves. As you have clearly stated in your points, i also think these see-through bags makes the students more creative and more delinquent since they would try and figure out how best to hide their dangerous weapon if they are with any. I think the idea should not be made mandatory and should be left to the jurisdiction of the students whatever type of bag they wish to bring, or better still the school organization should come up with better ideas other than that. Thanks

    1. Thank you Dapoach for your comment. The issue of making clear backpacks mandatory because of security reasons is really complicated because in one hand something has to be done about keeping the students safe and at the other hand the right of the students are been violated because of safety. It is a really complicated issue.

  10. Hi Manuel – this was a very interesting article.  I had not heard of clear backpacks and didn’t realize some schools required them.  I can appreciate both the pros and cons here.  From privacy issues to safety concerns, this is quite a dilemma.  It will be interesting to see how far this goes.

    Thanks for this post,very interesting.


  11. Hi, I saw your blog on clear backpacks at first I wasn’t really sure. Since I’m a bit of a neat freak and a bit matchy-matchy, you could make them really cool and trendy. It’s a good way to encourage kids to be neat. As for the security issue, it certainly has its advantages. I’d rather see kids have clear packs other than having to go through a metal detector daily. Honestly, that’s what we’ve come down too, but make them a fashion statement. I may get one at least I could find my cell phone. Cool site!

    1. Thanks Andi for your comment. You make a point there whereby you would rather see kids wear clear backpacks than go through a metal detector. If you ask me, I think that was a really valid point you just made and I totally agree with you. Metal detectors in schools are definitely taking the security issue to a whole new level an impression would be created in the mind of these kids that the school is no longer a safe place.

  12. I understand the idea behind these clear backpacks, however, I personally would not have one for my kids. As discussed in the article if someone was to carry a weapon, they certainly would not put it in view for everyone to see.

    Clear backpacks, leave valuable items like laptops, etc in view for others to steal. Even if the valuable items where to be covered, one can see the items still in these bags. 

    I am a person, who likes to keep to themselves, as it is, having a clear backpack would make me feel uncomfortable, so why would I allow my kids to use them if they did not want to?

    The government needs to look into the deeper reason behind why these shootings etc goes on.

    1. Not a lot of people are a fan of clear backpacks because it puts your items in your bag out there for the world to see but it also has some advantages like those listed in this post. The debate of whether a clear backpack should be compulsory in schools has been going on for some time and some schools have made it mandatory or the student might be at the risk of getting expelled. It is really a difficult situation that needs to be tackled with care.

  13. I totally agreed that the Government needs to do better to ensure the lives of its citizens. For example, one idea is to hire more counselors and school resource officers, I think school officers trained police officers who work with children are helpful for students.

    In my opinion, clear backpacks probably won’t prevent school shootings, because someone could hide a gun in the book, or even put in a tennis shoe or wrap the gun in their gym shorts.

    The proper metal detection with armed security will be probably effective to prevent this terrible shooting.

    Thank you for sharing such an important topic.


    1. Thank you Jacqueline for your comment. The idea of metal detectors and armed security guards might end up causing more harm than good because don’t forget that we are dealing with students that are supposed to feel safe when in school. The sight of these armed guards might create a scare impression in some kids which would actually make the kids feel less safe than expected.

  14. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article; it’s really insightful.

    From my own basic knowledge, I don’t think it is really worth it because its disadvantages are much more than its advantage. My thought is that the right of the students is very paramount so government should establish innovations which won’t deprive them of their rights.

    This is my little contribution. Thanks for  sharing

  15. Hi Manuel! To me, I will say yes to the question. The intention with which clear backpacks were made mandatory is genuine enough and they are only looking for a way to keep the kids in school safe. Using the clear backpacks will help them to easily see the contents in the students’ bags. Although it might be inconveniencing some of these students it is not an infringement on their rights why? Because they are still allowed to come to school with the necessary material, the only difference is just putting them in clear backpack for easy identification of dangerous weapons. Using the clear backpack may not necessarily put a stop to weapons from been taken to school, but it will go a long way in restricting free passage of weapons in schools like you rightly said.

    1. The idea behind a clear backpack is actually a good one and it would really help prevent some of these students from easily bringing weapons into the school but I don’t think it should be imposed as a necessity to make use of these backpacks as it can violate the privacy of students. Males might not have much of a problem in this aspect but I think the females would find it more difficult to cope with these backpacks in schools.

  16. Clear backpacks are good but they should not be imposed on students. The use of clear backpacks should be a choice and not a must. Though I think it was imposed on students so that none of them would come to the school with any dangerous objects or weapon. But on the other hand, these clear backpacks aren’t of good quality and inferior things shouldn’t be imposed on students. It makes parents waste money trying to replace worn out backpacks often.

  17. Thanks for this wonderful review . The issue with clear backpacks is something to take seriously. My mum got it for my sister who is still in high school, but the truth is it exposed her to so many things at school. It could only get embarrassing when one buys a backpack with inferior quality. But to me, the advantage is more than its disadvantage. But I will still get it for my kids regardless of

  18. To be honest, I’m really glad I live in a country where getting guns is pretty hard. One needs to go through all kinds of tests to get one. Furthermore, in reality only a few people apart from police have them, so it’s not like the kids can just in secret take their parents guns because they don’t have one.

    Although I completely agree that to some degree it’s a violation of human rights. However, if this was the case for us in Europe (all the frequent shootings in schools) there is a way of limiting any human right, for example, if it’s needed for the safety of the society. And in this regard, children fall into a more unprotected category, which only means that any limitations regarding their safety must be more strict.

    On that same note, I do believe that clear backpacks might not be the best way how to combat the situation as the restrictions on human rights ask for it to be the most effective alternative (furthermore, the possibility, as you said, to tuck something in to make it pretty much unnoticeable). Meaning, I bet a metal detector in all schools would be a much more effective way how to combat this and would restrict the rights to privacy of children to a smaller degree.

    Either way, I hope that ultimately we will be able to find a good way on how to get this shooting trend under control as it’s something we hear a lot about even in Europe. God Bless, Stay Safe and thank you for the article, was fun to read.

    Cheers, and have a Great One!


    1. Hello Mattis, I think the idea of metal detectors might be somewhat better than making use of clear backpacks in schools to safeguard the safety of students because I think most weapons are made of metal. This would be way better than imposing the use of clear backpacks for students.

      I think clear backpacks are not all bad like I wrote in a recent post titled pros of clear backpacks we absolutely should not ignore. What we all don’t like about the idea of clear backpacks in schools are when its compulsory use are been imposed on students. 

  19. I don’t think I agree with transparent backpacks. First of all, it’s not all that hard to stick some paper around the sides to hide things. You could also hide weapons in make-up bags and such and keep those in the backpack. It’s a false sense of security for sure.

    Considering all the cons associated with a transparent backpack with little pros, I don’t think it is the right answer. Though I agree something needs to be done to increase security in schools.

    1. I do not like the idea of imposing the use of clear backpacks on students and I don’t think it can totally stop weapons from getting into schools but they can at least reduce it to some extent and apart from the pros listed here I have been able to find out more advantages to using this type of backpack that can make it tolerable.

  20. This is a beautiful topic and I have to contribute immensely to this lovely article.

    Although backpacks has its advantages but i see no reason of using it when there is no privacy and freedom to express your identity. The clear backpack is a great idea and highly innovative standard from the government but there is a need for the government to look into the cons/disadvantages in order to make suitable corrections.

    1. I like the idea of clear backpack but what I am not a fan of is when it is imposed as a must use. A lot of people don’t often like been told what to do even if it is for their own safety and I believe even with the clear backpack offenders would just find other ways to get their weapons into these schools

  21. This is a very rich article…

    Though ,the mandatory use of see- through back-pack may truly look like infringement towards the right of these students but it is of there maximum benefit considering their safety. Students can easily keep or hide dangerous or harmful tools inside the usual bags that are not transparent unlike the transparent which would be revealed immediately. I think it is better to adopt that. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Thanks once again for sharing an informative article on clear back pack. Everything that has an advantage has disadvantages as well. I agree with you that girls will suffer more disadvantage of clear back packs than boys and if that happens then back packs have lost the operandi of its use. There should be something to do to ensure human rights are not violated. Thanks man

    1. Females are most definitely going to be more affected by this. I really hope the government and school authorities come up with a better solution.

  23. In view of safety at schools, work places and other public places, I think the idea of clear and transparent backpacks isn’t a bad one. The only challenge I see with this is how to enforce it without infringing on the rights of others. I believe everyone has a right to privacy and forcing someone to reveal the content of their bags to others might not go well with some people. For instance I might be using certain prescription medications legitimately, which I consider my private business and may not want the whole world to know I am taking medications for a certain condition.

    1. You are absolutely right. The idea of clear backpacks is definitely not a bad one the problem is really how to enforce it without infringing on people’s rights. Doing that might just be really difficult especially when imposed on students.

  24. My daughter used to have one of these clear backpacks, and she absolutely loved it. A big problem with this model is they get damaged very easy, it broke at the stitches because the material is not very rough.

    I think that you don’t have ‘privacy’ when using one and of course, you are a perfect target for thieves when wearing one.

    Even if the material is not very rough, visually looks good.

    1. A major disadvantage of these model of backpacks is obviously the fact that they are see through. The way they are made makes them really vulnerable. I wrote a review on some quality clear backpacks I was able to come across. They are of good quality and should be able to last more than the normal lifespan of most clear backpacks. To check them out please click here.

  25. In my opinion I do not think a clear backpack will make any  difference at all in regards to school shootings and weapons. If someone wants to bring a weapon to school I do not think a transparent backpack will be what will stop them. I agree that it will be very hard for female students to conceal any feminine products and for anyone to keep anything private. At the end of the day if a transparent backpack would save lives then I am all for it but I do not think that it would make much of a difference in other then perhaps increase theft and decrease privacy. 

    If you want to get rid of gun violence perhaps going to source of the problems would benefit more.

    Great article!

  26. I don’t really love the design of the clear backpacks and the feel but I have seen a lot.of.people rock it and some students prefer it to any other backpack. For me, I don’t have any choice than to add it to my backpack sales because one has to sell things that people love

  27. For me,anything that can be done to keep weapons away from schools are actually very welcome. Even though I know that it can not be fully eradicated, denying the perpetrator the ability to conceal the weapon easily is not bad. When it comes to female tampons and menstrual pads, I do think that it isn’t a big deal. They can put this in a nontransparent makeup bag and put it in the bag. The guys have a more serious problem with their expensive items getting stolen and I think that they can also be able to circumvent that.

    There are pros and cons of the clear backpacks but I think they are worth. At least for now, the pros seem to outweigh the cons. So until there is a better option, we can make do with this. The lives of our kids are more important than pads and expensive items.

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