Oversized Backpacks – Can You Actually Pull These Off?

While performing some research online we came across an interesting post which talked about oversized backpacks. O yes, you read that right. These are backpacks that are so large that an adult can even fit into the bag.

Oversized backpacks

Was this a brilliant idea or an idea that was not so brilliant? Well, we are not here to judge. All we intend to do in this post is to reveal to you everything we were able to find out about this bag and you can decide if this is a trend you can pull off.

An Overview

Tagged as a backpackers closet these oversized backpacks which are actually about 180L in capacity was created by the Japanese brand CWF.

It is not a popular backpack outside of Japan and at the time of writing this post it was mostly only produced in Japan and I was not able to find any other country producing this. It is obviously a huge backpack and the idea behind it is simple which is a backpack that is able to carry as much as you want.

While this can be useful trust me when I tell you that it definitely has its downside and we are going to reveal them to you later on in this post.

Weight, Material, and Capacity

As stated above, the capacity of these oversized backpacks is about 180L. They weigh approximately 1.6kg and were made using oxford nylon. They are about 68cm wide, 27cm deep and have a height of about 100cm.

Just looking at these figures you know that you can definitely get quite a lot of stuff into these type of oversized backpacks. The only issue you might face would be thinking about exactly how you would be able to carry the bag.

If you feel you would be able to carry the items you place into the bag then you are good to go.

Pockets and Organization

This is not your typical backpack and its strength is in its size. It does not come with all the perks that come with a typical backpack such as multiple pockets for organization inside and outside the bag.

From what we were able to find out, it has just one huge compartment and it seems that there is just one large pocket at the front of the bag that can actually contain quite a lot of items.

There are no pockets at the side of the bag which means you would not be able to place water bottles at the side of the bag. Your best choice would be to either make use of the front pocket or the huge main compartment. Just make sure your water bottle is well sealed so you don’t get your other items wet.

One standout feature of CWF’s oversized backpacks is the huge lash tab at the front of the bag. With this, you can be able to pass a rope through the lash tab and fasten items to it which you probably don’t want inside the bag.

Other Features Present In CWF’s Oversized Backpacks

We were not able to get a lot of information on this so what we provide here is based on what we were able to see. The shoulder straps of CWF’s oversized backpacks were designed with mesh fabric which actually helps to reduce stress on the shoulders making the backpack easier to carry.

Sternum straps are also attached to shoulder straps of the bag for stability and proper dispersion of the weight of the bag. For those that don’t intend to make use of the shoulder straps of the pack they can make use of the top handle of the bag.

I don’t intend to say that you can carry the bag with the top handle because that would be difficult. What I can say is that if you intend to drag the bag on the ground or floor you can be able to do this by making use of the top handle of the bag.

This would very much depend on where you are as I obviously would not encourage you to do this while outside your house or while you on the road.

But if you are in your house you can drag the bag on the ground but just make sure to be careful so the bottom of the bag does not tear off.

What The Oversized Pack Can Be Used For

This is obviously not the best backpack to carry to work as you might not even be allowed to pass through the gates and just like everything else, there are occasions whereby these type of backpacks are suited for.

1. A pack for camping trips

If you are one of those that likes to pack a lot during camping trips then this might be a pack that was designed just for you. Because of its size, you can be rest assured that you would be able to pack a lot of items into the bag.

Just be wary of the weight of the items you put into the bag so you can be able to carry it.

2. A backpack closet

If you don’t have a lot of space to store your items in your room you can easily make use of these type of oversized backpacks or giant backpacks and safely store your belongings so people are not able to easily see them.

You can use them to store your clothes that you intend to dry clean and can even use them to store futons.

Some Drawbacks of Using CWF’s Oversized Backpacks

Like I mentioned earlier on, the strength of this pack is in its size. But with great size comes the responsibility of being able to carry the bag.

Below, we list some drawbacks of the bag

1. Not meant for everyone

These type of backpacks are obviously not meant for a lot of people. You don’t expect a teen to be able to carry this. They are just too big and can only be carried by people with the adequate height.

This is definitely one of the disadvantages of this bag as the target audience is meant for only those with the appropriate height.

2. Might be too heavy

A major disadvantage of this bag might be on the weight of the items in the bag. It has an unimaginable amount of space that is able to contain a lot of items.

With this, a lot of people can be carried away and actually end up stuffing a lot of items into the bag which in turn would make the bag too heavy to carry.

Even if they are able to carry it the weight of the bag might be too much for their body which can lead to several health issues if done on a regular basis.

3. Top handle not padded

The top handle of the bag is not padded and for those that intend to make use of the top handle to carry the bag might end up hurting their hands especially if the items in the bag are too much.

It would really have been much better if the top handle was padded as this would make carrying the pack with the top handle much more comfortable.

4. Not a versatile backpack

There are a very limited number of places one can take these oversized backpacks. Their size and features don’t really encourage for versatility.

If you intend to get yourself this backpack you really have to be aware of this

5. Does not give much room for organization

Maybe in the future, if this bag remains in demand they might actually work on this but at the time of writing this post, there are just not enough pockets for organization.

In fact, all we could see was just a pocket at the front of the bag. There were no side pockets for items like water bottles or compact umbrellas and we could not see organizational panels inside the bag.

Like I said if in a few years time this bag remains trendy then there is a good chance they would be working on this and making it much better than it currently is.

6. Makes you stand out

Depending on your point of view this might be a good thing or not so good. If you like standing out when in the crowd with a backpack then what better way to do this than in getting an oversized backpack. You would stick out like a sore thumb.

But if this is not your thing then you might be better of getting yourself a normal backpack so you can blend in with the crowd because everyone is going to be looking at you if you carry an oversized pack.

7. Items would be difficult to find

Sure you would be able to carry a lot of items but have you thought about how exactly you are going to find these items? You should know that this bag is a 180L backpack with a width of 68cm, 100cm high and 27cm in depth.

You are going to be doing a lot of finding especially if the item you are looking for is small in size. Just be aware of that before you decide to get yourself this backpack.

A New Trend In The Backpack Industry

Whether this trend is here to stay actually depends on how people receive this product. We are just going to have to wait till a few years from now to see if a lot of people accept these types of backpacks because that is what would make production continue.

In the past, some major backpack brands such as Jansport have produced bags of this size as a sought of novelty bag. I am not entirely sure if they still do produce it.

Depending on your needs this might be a perfect backpack for you. It is the largest size of a backpack that a lot of people have seen and you can fit a family of 5 in there.

If you intend to take this adventuring you would be able to take everything you need and if you feel you have the muscle for it then you can also fit in your entertainment set and maybe throw in a couch to sweeten the deal.

If you intend to view this backpack you can visit plywood which is the online store currently selling it.

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