Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack Review – Go For A Rugged Style

Product Name: Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack

A good place to buy: Amazon

Size of backpack: 20″ high and 8″ wide

Weight: About 4Ibs

Guarantee: Depends on the original retailer

My Rating: 8 out of 10Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack

The Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack Review

Of recent, I have focused on writing posts on cute backpacks, backpacks that one wears largely due to the motive of style and fashion to match one’s outfit but today, I have decided to focus on a more rugged type of backpack which is why I decided to write an Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack review. From the picture of the bag, you can understand what I mean by a rugged type of backpack for those rugged folks out there.

I would like to ask you a question. When you first came across the Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack, what was the first thing that came to mind? Well, for me, the first thing that came to my mind was that this is not the type of backpack where you hang a cute cartoon princess character on.

It is a backpack whereby your first impression on the backpack tells you that this is a manly backpack. Now don’t get me wrong, don’t let the look of the pack fool you because it can just as much be used by women.

The Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack is just like every other backpack out there in that it serves the basic function of a backpack which is used to help us carry items from one place to the other but because of the design of the backpack, it is not ideal for everyone.

First of all, some criteria I intend of making use of in this Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack review are…

  • Durability
  • Protection
  • Compartments
  • Comfort
  • Versatility
  • Design
  • Water-resistant

While some of these criteria are an advantage to the bag, others might be a disadvantage. My rating of the Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack is 8 out of 10 although it might be just a little bit different from what was given to it on Amazon.

Though this backpack is awesome, it has its perks that can be somewhat of a disadvantage which can cause a lot of discomfort to people. Please read on while I unveil both the good and bad of this backpack.

Heavy Duty Appeal

The durability of the Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack has a heavy-duty appeal. This means that the materials used in producing this bag were gotten from heavy-duty materials. Heavy-duty materials are strong, thick and are not easily damaged. The clasp, the zipper pulls, the hooks were all made from heavy-duty metals.


I am pretty sure you noticed a rigid compartment at the top of the bag. This was designed for you to be able to store your sunglasses, goggles, earphones, cellphones and similar items to avoid getting damaged inside the bag and also for easy access. Also, inside the top compartment is made with a soft material so it can keep your items from getting scratched.

To access the main compartment of the backpack, you would have to get through the heavy-duty locking mechanism. With two hooks holding down the top flap that would need to be unhooked before gaining access to the main compartment of the backpack which has cable zipper pulls that you can padlock to further secure the main compartment.

While this is a good idea to prevent anyone from gaining easy access into the Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack, it can become a problem for those that access the main compartment of their pack on a regular basis. Also, on accessing the main compartment, the top flap or rigid compartment has to be pulled up and held so it doesn’t fall back down when trying to access inside of the main compartment.

At times, this can become really inconvenient as it just makes things difficult when organizing or searching for an item inside the main compartment of the bag. An easy fix to this as suggested by a customer is a 180- degree flick of the top flap as this makes it stay opened providing easier access.

The concept of the Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack makes it suitable to handle almost any situation when on the go.


The Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack has several compartments which I have decided to group into the main compartment, bottom compartment, and other compartments.

Main compartment: It has a main compartment which can be accessed by unhooking the two hooks holding down the top flap. Inside the main compartment is another compartment separated by a padded case that is able to store up to 17 inches laptop or a laptop that is slightly higher than a 17 inches laptop. To prevent the laptop from moving around, an elastic pull tag was provided to keep it in place.

The laptop compartment can also be accessed from the side of the bag without going through the main compartment. That’s pretty cool and would definitely make accessing the laptop much easier.

Bottom compartment: The bottom compartment of the Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack has two air vents which I am pretty sure are for ventilation for items inside that compartment but I found some customers that suggested that it was a drainage port for wet or soiled items(From what I found out it does seem that they have stopped producing Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpacks that have those air vents at the bottom compartment of the backpack).

For those of us that normally like to carry items like shoes or probably gym clothes that we want to be separated from other important items, would be pleased with the bottom compartment of the Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack which has an internal bag that can be used to store these items.

Now you don’t have to carry a separate bag just to keep your shoes or your gym clothes. Pretty sweet right!!

Though the bottom compartment is a cool feature of the Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack, it does have the disadvantage of taking up space that is meant for the main compartment of the backpack and a lot of people have complained about this. I hope the Oakley team does something about it.

Other compartments: There are several large external compartments that provide storage areas for quick access. At both sides of the bag are two compartments that can be used to store water bottles, snacks or items of similar sizes to water bottles or snacks.

The front of the Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack has a larger compartment that has more compartments within where you can use to store even more of your items.

An Increased Level Of Comfort

Looking at the design of the Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack, one might think the bag would not be as comfortable as other packs. But trust me when I tell you that is not the case. The shoulder straps and the back of the bag come with extra padding that makes it very comfortable when you put it on.

The back of the pack has grooves that help allow for sufficient airflow to keep your back properly ventilated. The type of foam used at the back of the pack also stops items inside the backpack from poking ones back. Also, don’t forget the external adjustment straps and detachable waist straps which helps better the weight distribution of the backpack.

The shoulder straps are made with materials that help protect your shoulders and they also come with adjustable straps that makes the straps adjustable to soothe your taste. On one of the shoulder straps, a pocket was placed as an added bonus that can be used to store a mobile phone, flashlight, or similar sized items with an elastic retention tab to keep them fastened and in place.

The backpack has a secret compartment at the back where you can put things that you don’t want people to have easy access to.

An all-rounder backpack

Are you a business person that is always on the go, a college student or do you hike? Do you go to the gym or do you intend on traveling? Then this Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack review is meant for you as it is a bag that is considered an all-rounder backpack.

Though an impressive backpack that can be used for hiking, I would advise it only be used for short hikes as the backpack is not big enough to contain items for a long journey.

Probably Not Your Style

Like I mentioned earlier on, the Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack does not have a cute appeal. It has more of a rugged concept in its design. If you are looking for a backpack with more of a casual look then this backpack is not meant for you. Its design is rather aggressive and is not meant for light duty use.

Extreme Exposure To Water

Made with about 69% nylon and about 31% polyester material, the Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack is able to withstand a great deal of rainfall except in extreme cases whereby the bag experiences an extreme downpour of rain. The backpack was designed in a way whereby the access of water into the backpack in these extreme cases is limited.

A Well Constructed Pack

The designing of the Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack is pretty amazing which gives it a unique look that is sure to get you compliments. It is a feature packed backpack designed for heavy-duty use. The materials used makes the pack pretty easy to clean. With an aggressive and appealing design, the Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack can carry a good amount of your items and is ready for almost anything thrown at it.

Have you made use of this backpack or do you have experience with similar backpacks? Please do tell us in the comment section below.


30 comments on “Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack Review – Go For A Rugged Style

  1. I like a backpack with a lot of compartments. I’ve never been one to be happy dumping everything in and then having to fish to get it out.

    I also see that it weighs about four pounds. I wonder what the weight would be with a laptop, notebook, charger, etc. in it.

  2. I am actually on the look for a nice backpack but probably a bigger one for traveling and hiking. This still looks like a good backpack tho and the brand might be worth looking into as the prices doesn’t seem to bad.

  3. Really cool looking backpack. Not sure about liking the name of it… kitchen sink but I guess it makes sense when I saw all those compartments. Good review.

  4. Thanks for sharing the review of this heavy duty backpack. Love this bag.

    I can see that it is heavy duty and comfortable when carry it. I will consider take one in near future when i go for a walk outside for travel. Thanks!

  5. I knew that there are many well made backpacks but this Oakley Kitchen Sink is on a different level. It seems that they put a lot of thought into it’s design and offers a very balanced design good for mixed usage. I like how you analyze every little detail about it and I am sure people that used backpacks and look into a new one will definitely appreciate it. I always find a pleasure in reading similar reviews about products I am use in the future and I will keep this one in mind. Thank you for the great review.

  6. I like this Oakley backpack! It seems it is a great deal. A lot of compartments, heavy duty material, and the best feature for me is that it is made to be waterproof. I am “surfing” for some good deal because my old backpack looks like a granny purse from the past century and it cries to be replaced. Thank you for this review.

    1. It does have a lot of compartments and I would say that it is about 90% waterproof. With a heavy downpour, it might succumb to some level of penetration but it was designed in a way that reduces the amount of water that enters into the pack in such a situation

  7. Wow! Very informative article. Thank you for not soft-soaping the problems you found with the pack. You brought to light pitfalls, as well as features and benefits I would have overlooked. I appreciate your vast knowledge regarding backpacks. Good to find you expanding your comfort zone to include the rugged styles. Doc

  8. Wow! this is a nice review about Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack product. I have 17 inch laptop which is needed to carry sometime and I am planning to buy a backpack for this. I believe this product will be helpful for my laptop. water resist feature is great for my laptop. Now I have a little bit concern about my laptop safety if in case, this backpack is fallen to ground. Thanks for this helpful informative review.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Your laptop should be safe depending on the height of the backpack from the ground. No matter the type of backpack we make use of, we should always be careful on how we handle it if we have delicate items inside.

  9. Looks like an outdoorsy type of person can definitely benefit from this type of back pack, looks pretty rugged and rigid. The way you unveiled it with your detailed review, felt like i actually really used it! Very thorough. I agree that i would find the top flap annoying, i would imagine having the need to use to hands to unhook it every time.

    1. The top flap can be a major disadvantage when making use of the oakley kitchen sink backpack. It takes some getting use to and when you get the hang of it, it becomes one less thing to worry about.

  10. Hello Manuel,

    I have read your article of oakley kitchen sink backpack review, thanks for sharing this heavy duty backpack review. i would like a backpack with a lot of compartments. this still looks like a good backpack tho and the brand might be worth looking. i can see that it is heavy duty and comfortable when carrying it. i appreciate your great work. 

  11. I am still exploring your website. I really liked your content. Now as for this backpack – they are kind of my thing to be honest. Nothing against clear backpacks but almost bulletproof ones are my favorites :).

    I love the design of Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack but more importantly I like its durability. If you need to keep a sensitive equipment in there you are worry free. Also I can see that this backpack has more than enough comfort which is rarity with these types of backpacks.


  12. Nice, I love the rugged style backpacks and I would love to try these backpacks. This backpack will definitely suit me when I travel and I think this Oakley backpack would also be suited for the camera and stuff like that because it is heavy duty and waterproof. This backpack will be the best travelling partner for me. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Good to know you like the oakley kitchen sink backpack. What a lot of people love about it is its rugged look.

  13. What an amazing name. KITCHEN SINK backpack. I wonder actually, the backpacks which had bottom compartments with air vents, like would they block the smell from going out? If used for gym clothes I can imagine that if not, those air vents could become more of a curse than blessing.
    All the joking aside, seems like an interesting backpack to work with once you’ve gotten used to it. I’m all for utility at the expense of “cuteness”, so I could definitely see myself considering it if it wouldn’t make me stand out too much.

    1. The last I heard, the production of oakley kitchen sink backpacks with air vents have been stopped and I am not entirely sure if they would go back to that model. It is totally up to them though as they can resume production of that model any time they like.

  14. Hello Manuel,

    This is a wonderful review of the Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack. First, I love its black color. This bag is really eye-catching. A few days, I started to think that I needed a bag and I searched online to buy a bag. But most I saw did not match with my choice. Then I found your review and I think this is the thing that I have been looking for. This bag truly does have a place for everything. A compartment that fits laptops up to 17″ sits within the spacious main compartment. Large, zippered compartments on the outside of the backpack provide quick access storage. Those things really impress me and now I want to buy this bag.

    Thanks for such an amazing review.

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