Lumzag Smart Backpack – The Smartest Backpack in the world

When I say the smartest backpack in the world trust me when I tell you that is not an understatement. I have reviewed several smart backpacks that are not as good as lumzag’s smart backpack such as oscaurt anti-theft backpack, yorepek’s extra-large backpack, and several others.

An image of the three colors of lumzag smart backpack

They are still very good smart backpacks but not as good as lumzag’s. Lumzag’s pack actually brings the word smart to life and it showcases the true meaning of the word smart in a backpack.

Just so you know, I am not affiliated with this company in any way (at least not yet) but I came across this bag when I started looking into tech backpacks and it blew my mind away. It’s like a backpack from one of those tech movies that has almost everything in it.

As I write this post, I am actually excited because the features of this pack are just amazing. It looked like some geniuses came together and decided to design an outstanding backpack that would trump all other backpacks. One backpack to rule them all.

When you are through reading this post you would be like “wow”, does a backpack like this really exist? I would definitely love to get my hands on this.

Well, get in line because that was what I said before I started writing this post. Have you ever thought to yourself if a backpack can actually be more than just a backpack? What if a backpack could serve you more than just its primary purpose of helping us carry our items?

Won’t that be exciting? Smart backpacks are here to stay and a few years from now, we are going to see even more innovations coming our way in the backpack industry.

The lumzag smart backpack was created by some geniuses with the help of indiegogo’s team and at the time of writing this article, it has not yet been released to the public. There are still trying to polish the bag to make sure it is perfect before been released to the public.

A lot of hard work is been put into the completion of the backpack before it can be released to the public. To those that have already pre-ordered, regular updates are given to them so they know the stage the completion of the backpack. To confirm if the production and testing phases are complete please click the link below.

       –>Click Here To Confirm If The Testing Phases Are Complete<–

I have not yet purchased this backpack as at the time of writing this post so I am going to try to describe it’s awesome features as much as I can based on the information I get from the internet.

Indiegogo, Who Exactly Are These Guys

Some of us reading this post might not have heard about Indiegogo. I did not know much about them until recently when I found out more about them. They were a team started way back from 2008 and each of the founders was inspired by their own personal issues of not been able to raise funds for different reasons.

They came together and decided to use the internet to help people that had innovative ideas to help bring their ideas to reality. Most of these ideas need funding before they can become a reality and therefore crowdfunding was initiated.

It is a platform that gives people an opportunity to fund ingenious work in progress product ideas. To read more on this please click here.

Crowdfunding is a way of asking the public to help support the bringing to life of an innovative idea and if the idea is able to be created then they would be among the first to get their hands on it.

This was how the lumzag smart backpack was born. It all started with an idea. It was created but was not available to the public. Bringing that idea to the public required funding and luckily a lot of people were able to comply and I guess they would be among those to get their hands on it when production is complete.

I went through the details of the backpack and I was amazed by what it was made of.

Carbon Fiber With Leather/Nylon Material

If you have not heard about carbon fiber then keep on reading to get a better understanding of it and why you should feel extremely glad this material was used to design this backpack.

Carbon fiber is a strong thin crystalline material that is used to strengthen a material. It normally gets its strength when it is twisted together like a yarn. It is a very strong and lightweight material. You can consider it as a very advanced material in the present generation and it has a kind of high tech look which has made it become popular in industries such as automobile, aerospace, military, and recreational activities.

For its water resisting ability which is very important in every backpack, a silicone coated genuine Italian leather was used on the backpack which gives the backpack a high water-resistant rate making the backpack to be durable and luxury looking. Just so you understand, the backpack is not waterproof but is highly water-resistant.

To further protect your items inside the backpack, a water-repellant AquaGuard zipper was used which was coated to not only make it look luxurious but also increase their durability as well as their reliability.

The materials used in the designing of lumzag’s smart backpack is a fundamental advantage of this backpack. Now we are going to go into the features that makes this backpack to be considered the best smart backpack currently available in the world.

Never Leave An Item Behind

Are you in the habit of always dashing out the door with your backpack thereby forgetting some very important items that should be in your backpack? If I tell you that there is actually a solution to this, what would you say? I bet you would say wow, are you for real.

O yeah, I am for real. The lumzag smart backpack comes with a sensor that is able to track all the items you put into your backpack. This would make you to never forget any item that is meant to be inside your backpack.

All lumzag smart backpacks come with special identification stickers. You would need to attach these stickers to the items you know you put into your backpack that are important. For the process to be complete you would need the lumzag’s app in which you would need to identify the items in the app.

Checking item feature of lumzag smart backpack

Checking item feature of lumzag smart backpack

So if you are about to leave all you would need to do is to do a quick check using the app and if any item marked with the identification sticker is not in the backpack then you would be notified in the app. This is very efficient and can make you to never forget any of your items.

Or better still, you can set it to automatic making use of the lumzag’s app and anytime you zip up the bag and about to get on the move, the app would check the bag for any missing item that has the identification sticker attached to it and you would be almost instantly notified.

This is just cool and these are the type of features that made me review this bag on realbackpacks. Just amazing.

An Out Of This World Anti-Theft Feature

Pickpocketing is becoming kind of a career path for some people that we now have professional pickpockets. They are professional because they are more experienced in the act of pickpocketing. With you lumzag anti-theft smart backpack you don’t need to worry about any pickpocket. It does not matter if they are professionals or amateurs.

An alert on been out of range of the lumzag smart backpack
Image courtesy Indiegogo

Your backpack is very much secured because if the zip of your lumzag smart is been opened, you would get a notification in your cellphone. Also, if you are leaving your backpack behind, as soon as you get out of a specific range you would be notified by a high-pitched alarm on your cellphone that you are outside the range of your backpack.

All you need to do to make this feature live is to activate the security mode of the lumzag app on your mobile device. Pretty sweet, right?

Switching of the security mode of the lumzag app from off to on
Gif Courtesy Indiegogo

You don’t have to worry about your belongings been safe even if you are in a public place.

Light up Your Backpack

When I came across this feature I was like, damn these guys are awesome. Light up your backpack with the built-in Led light of this lumzag’s smart pack that automatically comes on when the backpack is opened in a dark place. As you read this, I am pretty sure you must be fascinated with this feature. It takes the smart backpack to a whole nother level.

An image showing the inside of the lumzag smart backpack having light inside of it
Image Courtesy Indiegogo

This was made possible by a TSA approved lightweight removable smart box that can also be used to charge your laptops, phones, tablets at the same time. It’s like the backpack has a life of its own.

Charge Your Mobile Devices Wirelessly On The Go

Charge your phone while on the go. If you take a closer look, you would notice that there is a small pocket attached to a strap of the backpack. If your phone is QI supported and you place it inside the pocket on the strap, it charges wirelessly.

Please note that your device has to support QI technology before you can make use of this particular feature

Be Online Anytime, Anywhere

Now you don’t have to depend on the network of your phone to be online when you on the go. Another awesome feature of the lumzag smart backpack as it comes with a built-in sim card that was specially designed for this smart backpack. It is a global WiFi hotspot that was designed to work anywhere in the world at a very affordable rate.

Now when you travel to a new location you can be able to contact your loved ones before you settle down and get an actual sim card that is meant for that particular country. But the WiFi hotspot should be used only when necessary and should not always be used.

The WiFi is paid for only when you make use of it and can be done through the lumazag app

Lumzag’s Smart Backpack Gat Your Back

Now you have never seen this before in a backpack. I had no idea something like this could exist in a backpack until I came across lumzag’s smart backpack. How about knowing what is going on both at your front and your back without you actually turning to the back.

Now you might say this feature is not important but let me break it down for you. Say you are on a bicycle on the road and you are wearing your lumzag backpack. You would not have to turn to look at the back because your backpack would have your rear view covered.

You just need to position your phone in a position whereby you can easily look at the phone to know what is going on behind you. Who would have ever thought a backpack would have this type of feature. I am just blown away by its awesomeness.

GPS Tracker To Track Down Your backpack

GPS tracker of the lumzag smart backpack
Courtesy Indiegogo

Keep track of the location of your backpack wherever you are. This is one of my favorites as you can monitor the location of your backpack in real time making you know exactly where your backpack is at.

You might think this might cost you mobile data on your phone but no worries because it would cost you absolutely nothing as a special technology was designed by the team behind this awesome backpack making the GPS tracker be absolutely free because it does not make use of an internet connection.

So if for any reason you forget your backpack somewhere or your backpack probably gets stolen, you would be able to monitor your backpack using the GPS tracker of the lumzag smart backpack from your mobile device.

Change Your Identity

Can a backpack actually define the way people look at you? Can it actually change your identity? I believe it can change the way people classify you. Depending on the type of backpack you carry can define the class you belong to. I always say that having a backpack these days is more than just for carrying our items.

A man wearing a lumzag smart backpack
Image courtesy

It is now been used as an accessory and the introduction of smart backpacks shows that the backpack is actually more than meets the eye. There is so much more that it can offer if a little creativity is put into its design.

First impression always matter and the backpack you carry can define the way people look at you. Why not take your swag to another level by getting yourself a lumzag smart backpack.

Can it actually get better than this with a backpack? Actually, I hope it does because I believe in the next few years there would be more innovations put into the backpack that would make it smarter than it ever was.

My Final Verdict

It was actually fun writing this post and I was really excited finding out more of the features of lumzag’s smart backpack. Its unique features makes it one of the best smart backpacks I have ever come across.

The ability to charge your phone wirelessly, have a global enabled hotspot, rear view camera, anti-theft alert features and more makes this one of the best backpacks to be ever produced.

Are you excited to get your hands on this backpack? What do you think about its features? I would love to know. Please leave your comments in the comment section below.

To watch the video of all these features in action please click on the video below.



30 comments on “Lumzag Smart Backpack – The Smartest Backpack in the world

  1. This is really a big wow for me. I never knew there is such a thing. I mean this is just a WOW. The most high tech backpack I have ever heard of so far. I didn’t find pricing information and where to buy. So I just went ahead and quickly browsed online how much this thing cost and where to buy. Doesn’t seem too expensive, but I have to spend more time checking on it for real. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

    1. This is a really awesome smart backpack and I don’t think I have come across any like this. The first batch of those that ordered for the backpack would soon be released and I was not yet able to find an official pricing because they are still in production of the first batch but as soon as I get more information I would definitely include the price in this post.

  2. I’ve heard of smart backpacks before but I never imagined they are already this advanced. I’m planning my backpacking trip to Asia. I’ve heard they’re a lot of pocket pickers and they’re pretty thrifty as well. Do you reckon Lumzag smart backpack would be a good idea to have with me at all times? Would it notify me if someone stole a wallet from it?

    Thank you,


    1. If you are going backpacking, making use of lumzag smart backpack might not be a good idea because the size of the backpack would not be big enough to contain your belongings. Nevertheless, if your wallet is inside your lumzag backpack and your backpack is been opened that is when you would be notified. You would be notified if anyone tries to open your backpack.

  3. This backpack is amazing, I love it, Water resistant, Super material, A reminder, Top security, mobile hotspot,etc,. This features are amazing and mind blowing. I can see smart backpack L’s becoming the next big tech. What is the official price for the backpack? I have to start planning on getting one.Insightful review. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi there, I must say am very much excited to be one the first set of people to read about this backpack, I have actually not come across the name of the set of technology giants guys that built before online, the indiegogo, they are more than genius, with all these great features I read about this lumzag backpack, I can’t wait for it to launch and hopefully it will be available on Amazon for easy order 

  5. Just one word, Awesome!  I haven’t used a smart backpack before, but I’d the intention of getting one asap, hence the reason why I landed here. Perhaps, I would have to wait a little longer for this lumzag beauty.  This happened to be the best backpack I’ve seen  so far. So many lovely features.

    Thanks for this review.

  6. Who knew such a thing even existed? Modern technology truly amazes me all the time. How is it possible that you can use your smartphone to track all the items inside your backpack? The feature that you get a notification to your mobile phone if the backpack is opened in any way, that’s a big WOW for me as securing your personal positions is such a massive thing these days.

    My only concern is the backpack looks a bit bulky to wear on your back, is this the case or is it actually light when you put it on?

    Your article is very informative and full of useful information about the product. Great work.

    Good luck to you and best wishes.

    1. Hello Matthew, I have not yet purchased this backpack as it has not yet been released to the public as at the time of writing this but from the producers of the backpack, they have notified everyone that it is very comfortable to use. I guess it is bulky because of the features they included in it.

  7. Dear Manuel when you made the claim that Lumzag Smart Backpack is the smartest in the world I was curious to know why you make such a big claim.  To my surprise, you said that you are not affiliated with the company and I took your review seriously and read on.  By the time I finish, I can agree with you that you are right. 

  8. Wow

    What an incredible blog post. 

    I don’t know there is a bagpack known as lumzag that has this much function of this nature. It has so many features which made me convinced its indeed the best of all especially the mobile charging aspect. The tracker is also an eye opener . This is not too expensive and it is highly durable. I am getting mine right away

  9. What a smart backpack. I have read your post carefully and I love it very much. This article has a very clear description. Lumzag is a brand and model and I really love the backpack. So many advantages and comfortable backpack. I am very much excited and so much interested to buy this.

  10. Wow! Wow! This review is super interesting on Lumzag smart backpack. I kept reading and enjoying all the features stated about this wonder backpack. Very fascinating and really cool to have. The intriguing part is having a wireless hot spot, getting a notification on the app connected to a device. This is awesome. I want to ask if this backpack is water proof? 

  11. Whoa.

    This thing is the ultimate utility backpack for the information age. I’d have to say the anti-theft and GPS tracking capabilities are my favorite. In a busy city like New York or London, I could see this being worn a lot by the “suits” with no worries of pickpocketing or outright theft.

    I’m really curious to see what the final price point will be. This is an ambitious endeavor so no doubt it’ll hit the pockets hard if all of the features discussed in your article are incorporated.

  12. Wow, this back pack is really something. I love the function that it acts as your rear view mirror when you are on a bicycle. That might be good as well if you are walking alone at night, you will be able to see who is following you. I love the light weight and water resistant features. Not sure about the reminder on the list that I have to put on the backpack though lol If I really have to rely on my backpack that much I would have no brain left, just my opinion. Overall this is a cool backpack with great functionality. Do you think they can get the price down that will be affordable for everyone? When will it come out?

    1. Unfortunately, backpacks like these with this much feature tend to be rather pricey and the last time I checked it was above $200

  13. This Lumzag Smart Backpack sounds like the Ferrari of backpacks from your review and details that you cover. It most certainly has a lot of features that I have not seen but wished for in a backpack. I am convinced after reading through all these features that this indeed is the best backpack in the market.

    They have thought of everything, from lights to see what is inside, to be able to track everything that you put into it (I am horrible at leaving things behind when I attend meetings). The wireless charging and always having internet features are out of this world too.

    The bottom line here is that you have convinced me that this is my next backpack. I am sure that it will be an investment that is going to pay dividends in many ways. From not losing stuff to always having a wireless connection so I can work, it is going to save me money and make me money. Thanks for the great review and tip! 

    1. Thanks Dave for your comment. I really liked what you said about this being the Ferrari of backpacks and you are absolutely right as lumzag smart backpack is the best of its kind. 

  14. Hi Manuel.
    After reading your post I have fallen in love with lumzag’s smart backpack. It is just awesome. I never thought a backpack can be as smart as lumzag’s smart backpack. You have nicely described with which materials lumzag’s smart backpack made and also how it will serve its owner. I liked mostly the matter of the sensor against pickpocketing. It was really awesome.
    I will definitely try to have this super-powered bag and share your post with my friends and family.
    Thank you so much for such an amazing post.

  15. Hi! Wao! I need one of these backpacks. As I was reading, I said about three times “I definitely need one”. Charging my phone on the go, receiving notifications when I get too far from my backpack, being reminded when one of my things is left behind and the inside light are some of the cool features I appreciate. Thank you very much for this review. I love Lumzag!

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