Loctote Flak Sack II – One of The Best Theft Resistant Bag

Have you ever been a victim of professional pickpockets? Have your loved ones ever been victims to the cruel act of pickpockets? If your answer to this is yes then I have a solution for you that I can guarantee you would not regret. The Loctote Flak Sack II is your solution to secure and guarantee the safety of the items in your backpack.

One of the best ways to secure your backpack and the items in it is to get an anti-theft backpack. By doing this, you have drastically reduced the odds of pickpockets gaining access into your backpack.

Yes, there are other ways to secure a backpack but getting an anti-theft backpack gives you a better chance of securing the items in your bag.

I am not that into string backpacks but the moment I came across Loctote Flak Sack II and I checked out what it was capable of I instantly became interested in it which is why I decided to write this review. I intend on going deep on what this backpack is capable of.

I plan to write about the material used in its design, its anti-theft abilities and also how resistant it is to water.

Product Name: Loctote Flak Sack II

Places To Buy: Loctote Official Site or Amazon

Warranty: One year only if purchased from Loctote Official Website

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

 Overview Of Loctote Flak Sack II

What is one of the most important factors of a theft-resistant bag? It is invisibility of zips, pockets, and compartments and this is pretty obvious for a string bag.

A lot of these type of bags don’t come with zips, pockets or compartments outside the bag, therefore, nothing can be stored outside the bag.

I have written several reviews on some anti-theft backpacks such as kopack backpack and oscuart backpack but I don’t think either of those two is as secure as Loctote Flak Sack. My first impression tells me that accessing this bag can only be done either from on top of the bag or by slashing the body open.

Based on the features of this bag and the research I have done the material used in its design is slash proof or cut proof which means using a sharp object to cut through the backpack is going to be extremely difficult and also it comes with a combination lock which means no one can access the backpack from the top without my permission.

These are really great features for a theft resistant bag and definitely made me more curious about what this bag has to offer.

About Loctote

Due to my previous post on how to secure a backpack, I decided to search for brands that focus mainly on producing bags that are hardcore anti-theft. When I mean hardcore anti-theft I mean bags that are going to be extremely difficult to break into.

One of the brands that caught my attention was Loctote. While performing my research I found out that they have not been around for a long time and actually launched their first product in 2016 in Kickstarter.

What impressed me was that at that very time they became the highest grossing backpack ever in the history of Kickstarter.

Their main focus in bags was creating theft resistant bags that actually worked which was the main reason I decided to take a closer look at their bags which eventually led me to write this Loctote Flak Sack II review. They have designed some amazing bags and the first version of this particular bag was really amazing.

I guess there were some improvements which they needed to make which led to the flak sack II. A really amazing bag that has some of the best anti-theft features I have ever seen in a string bag.

A Slashproof Backpack Immune To Knives

So what makes this bag so special that I decided to include it among the bags on my blog. One of the ways anyone really keen on gaining access into a bag makes use of is actually slashing their way into the bag.

A lot of bags are vulnerable to this and easily come short when it comes to resisting sharp objects.

If a bag is vulnerable to sharp objects like a knife then I cannot say that it is completely theft-resistant. This is a particular feature that makes Loctote Flak Sack II one of my best recommendations for an anti-theft bag.

I kid you not when I say the material used in its design makes it extremely difficult to slash or cut it open.

If you doubt me then check out the live presentation below and see the resistive power of this bag to a knife. This is the perfect presentation of this backpack been slash-proof and also cut-proof.

So how is this even possible that a backpack can be slash-proof? I researched this and came to find out that a special material was actually used in the making of this bag.

Have you ever come across a police vest? The material used in making a police vest is Honeywell’s UHMWPE Spectra fiber. This material is what makes the police vest and military materials to be bullet-resistant and guess what, this is the same material used in the making of Loctote Flak Sack II.

When I found out about this it actually blew my mind. No wonder this bag has this type of resistive power. It was pretty impressive.

The FLAKnit slash-proof fabric as they call it achieves an A9 cut level which is actually the highest level there is. I like bags that take anti-theft to a whole nother level and this slash-proof fabric does exactly that. It is able to resist slash, tear, and has high abrasion resistance.

This is my first time coming across a bag made this way and the good thing is that the textile is soft and flexible and yet it is almost indestructible.

If you are in the market for a really good anti-slash bag then trust me when I tell you that you would not be disappointed getting your hands on the Loctote Flak Sack II bag.

Just to point this out, this is not a stab proof bag. To design a stab proof bag is not an easy task. If an object is used to stab the backpack to create a hole on it, that particular hole cannot be enlarged to the extent of any item being able to be removed from the bag.

It is really important you know this so no need to be scared because the bag is not stab proof but just know that holes can be made on the bag with a pointy sharp object.

Double Secure Your Backpack

Been slash proof is all good but what about gaining access into the bag from on top the backpack. Is there a way to prevent access into the bag from the top of the backpack? O yes there is and you would be pretty impressed with what I am about to describe to you.

I once owned a string backpack and I can assure you that it was nowhere as safe as this. Been able to secure the top of your drawstring bag with a combination lock is just simply amazing.

I actually got to find out that the straps of Loctote’s Flak Sak II bag is steel reinforced and it makes use of a heavy-duty solid brass lock.

This makes you be able to secure the backpack to a fixed object and just go about your business without having to worry about anyone been able to gain access into your bag. The bag definitely leaves up to expectations because these features makes it a really great theft resistant backpack.

The only way someone would be able to gain access into your bag is only if they apply extreme force or make use of heavy tools. All you have to do is cinch it, pull it, lock it, and leave it.

Even when wearing the backpack you can still make use of the combination lock to lock the backpack giving it more protection while on your back.

A Cut Resistance Rope That Glows At Night

If you have not heard about strap slashing then I would describe it for you so you understand. Stealing a backpack is not only done when a backpack has been placed on the ground or when it is no longer on your back.

A backpack can actually be stolen from you when it is on your back.

What is done is that the strap of the bag is cut with a knife which makes it fall off from your back and then can be grabbed by anyone intending to snatch your backpack from you. This is becoming common especially when gaining access into the backpack is out of the question because it might be on your back.

The strap is cut off, the bag falls off your back and the offender runs away with it to a quiet place where they can easily open the backpack without any disturbance.

So how did Loctote solve this problem of strap slashing? Pretty simple, they made the rope of the bag to be slash proof. Meaning if anyone intends on cutting through the ropes of your bag they would be really disappointed because their efforts would be in vain.

Even better, they made use of a cut resistant core interwoven with a highly-reflective material for night visibility.

I don’t know what you consider A+ when it comes to a secure bag but in my book, I consider this A+ because it checks all the boxes for a secure backpack.

RFID Blocking, Immune To Electronic Theft

I consider this to be a feature of smart backpacks and was really amazed to find it among the features of the Loctote Flak Sack II bag. There are different forms of pickpocketing and this is definitely high graded.

Some professional pickpockets don’t need to open your bag to collect some digital information from your backpack.

This is a new form of pickpocketing that is done electronically. If you have watched prison break season 4 you would notice that a device was created to electronically steal data without actually coming in contact in with.

All that is needed to be done was to just be in close proximity to any data you plan to copy and the device would automatically copy the data.

There was a particular scene whereby they were not able to copy any data because the card they were to copy the data from was inside a place that blocked any form of electronic access.

They had to drill through and then brought it out before they could copy the data from the card.

I brought this explanation up for a reason and that was because the Loctote Flak Sack II has a similar technology that protects against electronic theft.

So for example, if you have your credit card or your passport and you place it inside the internal pocket made of a certified RFID blocking material you can allow your mind be at ease because no one would be able to electronically access any information from any item inside that particular pocket.

Pretty cool stuff and for this reason, I might have to consider this a smart backpack for having this unique feature.

Not Really Water Resistant

I find it difficult making use of a backpack that is not water-resistant and unfortunately, the Loctote Flak Sack II is not water-resistant. Actually only the nylon lining inside the bag is waterproof.

This is a disadvantage of this bag and going through the questions on Amazon I found out an explanation on the reason for this.

It turns out in order to make such a high cut resistance bag, they had to develop a very large denier yarn and complex knit structure which they have not been able to waterproof yet.

This is a factor I would have to put into consideration when I decide to make the purchase but all in all, this is a really good bag and is one of the best theft resistant backpack I have come across.

Better Balance For Comfort

To better balance the backpack on your back to make the weight to be distributed across both shoulders, a sternum strap was included for that better security and comfort.

It keeps the ropes centered across your chest which makes the bag stay secure and comfortable.

Warranty Period

The warranty period for all Loctote products is just one year. Their warranty only applies to products bought directly from their official website. This means if you bought the bag from anywhere outside their official website then the warranty would not apply.

The warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship and does not apply to anything outside this.

My Final Verdict

Having gone through the features of this backpack I can say that it is arguably one of the best theft resistant backpacks I have recently come across.

First of all, the fact that the brand that made the bag are mostly focused on producing anti-theft backpacks made me more reassured that they knew exactly what they were doing.

I was really impressed with all of its features especially the slash-proof material used in making the bag. I mean, a bag that is immune to a knife is just amazing. It is not every day you come across such a backpack.

Its other features such as double steel locking strap, heavy-duty combination lock, reflective cut resistance rope, RFID blocking, and sternum strap makes it a one of a kind anti-theft bag.

My disappointment with the bag is the fact that it is not as water resistant as I hoped. I hope they are able to find a solution to this.

Trust me when I tell you that you would not regret this bag especially if you are in the market for a high-level anti-theft backpack. You would be crazy impressed.

An alternative to this is smart anti-theft backpacks and some really good ones are Kopack anti-theft and Oscuart anti-theft backpacks.

Having gone through this review I am pretty sure you would have feedback and probably one or two questions. If you have something you would like to say please be sure to make use of the comment section below and I would reply to your comments as soon as I get them.

Check out Price on Amazon

Check out Price on Loctote Official Website

24 comments on “Loctote Flak Sack II – One of The Best Theft Resistant Bag

  1. Thank you for this article! I have heard of so many people getting something stolen, without them even knowing. It’s nice there’s a backpack that helps prevent that. Great article with pictures and it is very easy to read, thank you for this article, I will definitely consider buying this!

  2. I was intrigued by your review of the kopack backpack but this loctote flak sack is amazing. Technology just seems to make life better each day. This backpack is really top notch and from its features, i do not see any kind of theft happening with this bag. The design also makes it easy and portable to carry. All that is left for me is to go check out the price. Thanks for an interesting review

  3. This is an amazing backpack. A backpack with lock combination and cut proof, this is cool. If I had this bag some years ago, it would have saved my belongings from professional pickpockets. Till now I’m still wondering how my bag was opened without me noticing. I’ll have to go for this loctote flat sack II. 

    1. For professional pickpockets, they usually have different ways of accessing a backpack’s content due to the experience they have. This is why we need to stay a step ahead of them and get backpacks that have great theft-resistant features.

  4. Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for everyone to read and take a look at this bag. The anti theft bag and anti slash bag really amaze me. Getting a good value for our money is nice. Seeing this Loctote flak sack  theft resistance, knife resistance secure the hidden things inside the bag and the one year warranty. I can’t wait to order for one soon. Thanks for the information 

  5. This is the most comprehensive review I have ever read on  Locote flak sack. I have been using this bagpacks for months and I can tell you it is highly durable and not too expensive to use; I have used different types of brand before now but this is highly exceptional.

    It is not water resistant but that makes me love it the more. Its obvious the pros outweighs its cons.

    1. As one of those that have made use of this backpack I really appreciate your commenting on this post. It would make others in doubt of this bag to be reassured.

  6. Man, I was considering the Jetpal that you mentioned in another review, but now I’m looking at the Loctote Flak Sack. It seems super sturdy, and while a little pricey, that’s okay. Good things sometimes cost good money. Nothing wrong with that at all. I’ll be comparing both packs in the morning. I started by having no idea what to look for, and now there are two great products that seem to fit my needs.

    As always, thanks for the review!

    1. The Jetpal backpack is pretty low priced compared to Loctote Flak Sack II. The locotote flak sack II was specifically built to be theft-resistant which makes it difficult for any unauthorized entry into your backpack. 

  7. In my opinion I think the bag would put up a good fight, but it’s not intended to withstand an arsenal of heavy tools. The bag is intended to block the everyday thief. These kinds of thieves are people who are looking for the easiest target and are not going to try and break through durable materials. For this purpose, the bag is perfect.

    1. It is pretty difficult getting a backpack that can withstand the use of heavy tools and you are very correct by stating that most theft resistant bags are designed with the intention of blocking the everyday thief that does not make use of heavy tools in trying to break their way through in accessing items from backpacks. 

  8. The loctoke backpack is a fantastic backpack. With such a backpack I can lock down my backpack and just leave my life carefree. Seeing that even the ropes are anti slash, I’m definitely sure no one will get access to my backpack. The only drawback on this back pack is its style, doesn’t look so stylish. The backpack looks small too, can it carry a laptop? Apart from those, this is a military grade weapon for safe keeping our valuables on the go.

    1. The size of the Loctote Flak Sack II sure might not big as big as one might hope but it should still be able to fit a MacBook Pro 13 inch

  9. Nice article on loctote flak sack as the one of the best theft resistant bag. I must commend you for taking the time to find such a simple and lightweight backpack that can be used to carry a few things when going out. 

    I have used something similar to this bag before and I know how good and strong it is and am sure this one will be much more better because it is of high quality 

  10. Interesting backpack that would be perfect for my needs. I’ve always feared of my items being stolen from my backpack in big cities when I’m on vacation. I believe this is the right solution as you have described in details the strengths and weaknesses of this backpack. I have already bet the camouflage fusion is soon going to be mine.

  11. Bag theft and pickpocketing has been on rampant these days and the victim rate has skyrocketed without proper care put in place to curb it. So, it therefore became pertinent for everyone to get themselves braced up against all these hazards by getting a perfect anti theft backpack and this Loctote Flak Sack II, is definitely one of the best, if not the best anti theft backpack. Wow! The features are simply awesome to know of especially its resistance to knife slashes. 

  12. Good website and thank you. I don’t think I have ever been pickpocketed before. I have heard more about the electronic theft thing and it is good that the bag will protect you from that. I will think about getting this and bookmark your page. It is good to take preventative measures even if I have not been pickpocketed yet.

  13. Great article about the Loctote Flak Sack II which is my  solution to secure and guarantee the safety of the items in my backpack.You really explained the qualities of the bag and warranty of a year,I think that is great and awesome,I have noted this product with your website.Thanks for sharing.

  14. Hey Manuel :),

    I enjoyed reading your review on the Loctote Flak Sack II and I agree that this Bag truly is one of the best if not the best I have seen a review on as a great anti-theft bag because of the amazing features you have painstakingly pointed out.

    I especially love that the material is slash-proof and the RFID Blocking, is my best feature in this bag. 

    Thanks for pointing it out to me. Would be worth every penny

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