2019 List of The Best Waterproof Backpacks For Men

Gone are the days whereby we mostly consider size when purchasing a backpack. It is now more than just size. There are a lot of other features that we look out for when we chose a bag and one of them is their ability to resist water. I have been able to come up with some best waterproof backpacks for men that should be able to withstand any amount of water.


Been able to protect the items inside our bags from rain is now a must especially for those that stay in areas whereby there is constant rainfall.

Having a backpack that is at the very least water resistant is now a must. Water resistant backpacks and waterproof backpacks function differently.

Which out of these two have you made use of? Have you actually been happy with your purchase? Were you probably going for a waterproof backpack and got a water-resistant backpack?

You would have a better answer after having a clear understanding of water resistant and waterproof backpacks.

Water resistant vs Waterproof vs 100% Waterproof Backpacks.

A backpack that is water resistant would be able to withstand water from gaining access into the bag very short term. If you are in the rain they should be able to keep the items in your bag dry short term before you can find a shelter.

Staying in the rain for long would put the items in your bag at serious risk of getting wet. Immersing them into water is out of the question and would give way to water within a very short time.

A waterproof backpack is able to withstand heavy rainfall way longer than a water-resistant bag.

You are able to spend more time in the rain without the items in your backpack been at risk and can even withstand water for a relatively short time from getting into the backpack when immersed in water.

A complete waterproof backpack is what is referred to as a 100% waterproof backpack.

They are completely impervious to rain and can even be immersed in water for several hours without water finding its way into the bag.

They are perfect for water-based activities and for trips that require the items in a bag to remain dry no matter the weather.

The way a 100% waterproof backpack is made is different from the way a water-resistant backpack is made which is one of the reasons why it is probably more expensive.

The holes in a waterproof backpack are so tiny that it becomes nearly impossible for water to squeeze itself through.

For a truly ideal waterproof backpack, these microholes won’t even exist. If there are needle holes then it means that water would be able to find its way into the bag.

Prices of Waterproof Backpacks

Special skills and equipment are needed to create items that are truly waterproof. These equipments tend to be expensive and are only needed to create items that need to be truly waterproof.

The technicians that handle these types of machinery require special skills and are very different from those that use a sewing machine to create a bag.

This, therefore, means more money spent both on skill and equipment.

This means that if you intend to use a truly waterproof backpack then you should be ready to pay some good money for it.

There a lot of backpacks that presume that they are completely waterproof when in essence they are actually just water resistant.

From my list of some of the best waterproof backpacks for men, you can be rest assured that the backpacks listed are either waterproof or completely waterproof.

A Review Of The Best Waterproof Backpacks For Men

Sak Gear BackSak Waterproof Backpack

Backed by Skog Å Kust’s 100% satisfaction guarantee the Sak Gear Backpack offers rugged all-weather protection by making use of a 500-denier PVC to keep your gear dry and protected.

It has a sleek and simple design and it comes in both 25L and 35L sizes. It was made to seal out the elements with watertight, welded seams and a roll-down top.

Its outer pocket is splash-proof and can safely hold items such as keys, IDs or similarly sized items.

Best For: It is best for a variety of outdoor sports and activities.

SealLine Black Canyon Boundary Pack

The SealLine Black Canyon Boundary Pack was made with eco-friendly fabric and its roll-down dry deal closure enables for watertight protection.

It was made with 300D urethane double-coated nylon and 400D HD urethane-coated nylon bottom to ensure the items in your bag always remain dry no matter the weather.

It comes in three sizes which are 35L, 70L, and 115L.

Unfortunately, as at the time of writing this, it seems that this product is only available to citizens within the US and to APO/FPO addresses. It is not available internationally.

Best For: It is best for sports and outdoor activities and can be used for carrying large loads over a short distance.

Cor Surf Waterproof Backpack

An awesome pack for your adventures. A roll-top PVC made bag that guarantees to keep the items in your bag dry.

It comes with an interior padded laptop sleeve and a splash-proof front zippered pocket on the exterior of the bag for quick access to small items like keys and wallet.

It has a large side pouch which can fit a large hydroflask and it also has reflective patches on the front of the bag and both of its shoulder straps for when you move at night.

Best For: It is great for travel, bike commuting, rafting, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Can also be used by school students.

Yeti Panga Airtight Waterproof Bag

A bit pricey but definitely worth the investment. A waterproof fortress and tough construction are the two stand out terms used to describe this backpack.

Its zippers are hydrolock which means that water has no access even through the zippers of the bag.

It leaves up to the standard of been built for the wild. Its exterior fabric is extremely tough and its airtight closure makes it absolutely waterproof and keeps moisture out of the bag.

Best For: It is best for traveling as well as sports and outdoor activities.

Ortlieb Velocity Backpack

The Ortlieb velocity backpack features 20litres of room for your gears and belongings. It has a carrying handle at the top as well as a padded foam at the back for better ventilation.

It has interior pockets for protecting your smaller items and there are strap loops at the back for attaching rear safety lights for riding in dark environments or holding your helmets when you bike.

It is a solid backpack that is sure to stand up to rainfalls.

Best For: It is great for a biking commuter.


30 comments on “2019 List of The Best Waterproof Backpacks For Men

  1. Omg that Yeti looks super nice!

    It’s the first time I’ve heard of the hydrolock zippers, I think if anyone’s investing on a heavy duty bag, the Yeti’s ought to be the one as it’s great for any occasion what with that versatile look. I think the pricing for this bag is worth it as it does it’s job right but out of curiosity, how long is its warranty?

  2. Thanks for writing this article on list of the best waterproof backpacks. I must say that this is my first time of hearing about waterproof backpacks what I have see and used before is a water-resistant backpack. I really found this article so educative and I will really like to own a waterproof backpacks because I find the need for me to own one and looking at all this waterproof backpacks you listed in the review all of them are nice 

    1. The backpacks we mostly make use of are water resistant and not a lot of them are waterproof probably due to the fact that there might be kinda expensive than a water-resistant backpack

  3. I was really annoyed and I felt ripped off after getting a water resistant backpack, and still having my lecture pad drenched in the rain. I guess I didn’t know there was a difference between water resistant and waterproof. Thanks for enlightening me, now I feel dumb!

    A waterproof backpack is a good investment, especially for people who go swimming or work at sea. Of all the backpacks on this list, the yeti waterproof backpack is the only backpack that offers comfort from water, as well as style on the design. I must say it’s pricey, but I guess you get what you pay for!

    1. Hello Louis, thanks for your comment. Some people have gotten ripped off when purchasing a backpack thinking it was waterproof when in actuality it is just water resistant. Getting a truly waterproof backpack can be rather expensive and it due to the process taken in creating them.

  4. Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for everyone to read and digest. Waterproof backpacks are good mainly in the winter season for protection of the valuable belongings. Yeti panga airtight waterproof bag is best for me, I love the color, the shape but the price is a bit expensive. The bag is good for all occasion. Thanks for the review and the all time information. 

    1. I would advise that those that need to make use of such a type of a backpack should be those that really need a complete waterproof backpack as they tend to be kinda expensive.

  5. Thanks for listing out the best waterproof backpack for men, if I was to make a choice of this listing I would say my best amongst the best is the yeti panga waterproof backpack which has nice features like a clasps at the waist and chest to keep the bag stable when weighted down with a day’s worth of gear for the river, and this backpack keeps your things dry when going on a rafting and fishing as well without fear.

  6. It makes sense that a backpack that is 100% waterproof would offer a lot more protection than just water proof or water resistant. In the military, I got spoiled by the 100% waterproof items we carried. When I bought water proof items on my own though I quickly learned the difference. This review does a great job discussing these differences and giving us options to consider. Now that I know better, I will pay the extra for total protection!

    1. Thanks Eric for your comment. Getting a completely waterproof backpack can be rather expensive because of the effort put into making it.

  7. Backpacks are very important especially for our everyday life and to be sincere, most people in the world use backpacks for one thing or the other. Some use it in school, some use them when they go camping or sailing and so on. It is very important to have a waterproof backpack when going sailing and the list in your article is topnotch

    1. Due to the versatility of a backpack they are considered to be really important in some aspects of our lives. A lot of people actually can’t do without their backpacks because it helps them a great deal.

  8. I love the Yeti Panga Airtight Waterproof Backpack the most, of all the 100 percent waterproof backpacks you listed. 

    The design is nice and it’s more aesthetically attractive than the rest. 

    Yes, keeping the items in my backpack dry is a priority, but I also put looks into high consideration as well. Because, I pride myself to be a fashionista, so a 100 percent waterproof backpack that’s ugly won’t work for me. 

    1. You sure are right about that but for a backpack to be completely waterproof its design might be a little bit awkward. That is just the way they are made.

  9. These backpacks are awesome. I am such a person that usually travels with my backpacks and I travel a lot. Atimes it would be a very rainy day and water penetrates my backpacks. I had always wished to get a waterproof backpack and I am glad to see them here. The one I like most here is the Yeti panga waterproof backpack because water can not even penetrate through the zip. 

  10. Now this is some great review and list for the best waterproof backpacks for men and just for the Yeti,I don’t mind being a man and just say that the Yeti Waterproof Backpack was definitely made with me in mind. It’s super cool and I think the price is worth it. It looks durable so it would give value for the money. 

    I just found that there are differences between 100% waterproof, water resistant and waterproof backpacks. I had a water resistant backpack that ended up soaking water when I was under the rain with so much confidence in my water resistant Backpack. Now, I know better.

    1. Some of us get a little bit confused when we see a water-resistant backpack and actually think they are waterproof but they are actually not and are able to withstand water based on the material used in making them.

  11. You are right, as much as style and size are off essence, this is a very important feature.. I remember vividly last year when the raining season met met me and I was having this very big black back pack that I deemed too good because of its aesthetic and size.. Thankfully though I only had class notes inside and I was able to leave the rain without any serious damage to them. 

    I’ll definitely purchase one of these bags. Most preferably the Yeti Panga airtight water proof back pack. It has a sense of style too that I like 

  12. Awesome post. I’ve recently gotten into hiking, as my sister’s finance is basically the equivalent of a navy seal, so he’s all into that kind of thing. Next month he plans on taking my sister and I to Virgina to hike a certain trail (I forget the name) but he said that we might want to invest in waterproof backpacks.

     So Manual, I want to say thanks for posting this article because it really gives me some solid options. I haven’t narrowed my selection down to ONE yet, but I plan on doing so by the next 2 days. I’d rather just get it done with and ordered, you know what I mean? x) 

    But again thank you for the awesome post! you’ve helped me come closer to making a decision. I look forward to seeing more content by you in the near future!! 

  13. I know these backpacks say men, but I can think of several times I would have loved to have a waterproof backpack. I would have had a dry blanket to sleep under when I got stuck on a hiking trail in the rain in the Smokey’s. It would be a way more comfortable night. As well as other things that got destroyed on that trip. And, I never thought of using a backpack until just now for the rockhounding I enjoy doing. Carrying them in a bucket or bag is just way too hard sometimes, this would have been much easier to carry. Then don’t even get me started when I’m fishing.  Yes, I think I will put this on one of the want list when I can splurge some day. 

  14. I really enjoyed the post. The information was great and the review was succinct and to the point. The format lays everything out to where it is easy to read, but where the reader can access the specific item they may be interested in.  I will tell my husband to take a look, so he can find a backpack to take hiking/camping/adventuring.

    1. Thanks Kelly for your comment. Outdoor activities like camping, hiking and adventuring are fun activities and we need to have the right backpack so our journey can be as comfortable as possible.

  15. Everyone desires a good waterproof backpack but been able to see the one with good quality is the problem as many companies are now producing inferior waterproof backpacks. The Yeti panga waterproof backpack is the best among the five waterproof bags that you mentioned. I wish the price range is within one’s reach. Thanks for the article I really appreciate.

  16. Hello, Manuel and thanks for this enlightening post.  I think it’s a good idea to know whether or not the backpack one is using is going to keep things dry inside.  this would be especially useful information to people who live on the west coast of Canada or anywhere there is consistent wet weather.

    I have a couple of daypacks and a multi-day backpack but to be honest I haven’t the slightest idea if they are even water resistant although it would be an easy thing to remedy if they weren’t.

    I am not an avid hiker but these all look well made and being waterproof, would definitely do the job in my WET coast climate. One thing that I noticed though when taking a look on Amazon was that some of the packs don’t have much shoulder padding and the hip belts could also use a little more padding as well.  Some don’t even have a belt.

    I like a little comfort when I’m out in the woods but for hoofing around town I would consider one of the smaller packs.

    You talk a little about paying a little more for the better quality and them being waterproof.  Considering all things, I don’t think the ones you have reviewed here are all that pricy and would certainly fit into every budget.

    Thanks again for this review. I now have an interest in maybe getting one of these someday.  It would certainly expand the number of days one could get out and explore Gods creation.


    1. Thanks Wayne for your comment. Backpacks that are completely waterproof tend to be rather expensive just like the Yeti panga backpack. Most of the backpacks listed in this post are waterproof but not completely waterproof like I mentioned in the post. To buy a backpack that is 100% waterproof one might be looking to spend more than $200.

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