Kopack Anti-Theft Backpack – An Awesome Professional Bag

Have you ever owned a smart backpack? What are the features you look out for in a tech pack that you can call your ideal bag? Just buying a regular backpack without any unique feature is slowly declining. Most people now get backpacks with special features and it is for this reason I decided to review Kopack anti-theft backpack.

I am pretty sure before you decided you needed this backpack you must have heard about some special features that are present in smart backpacks.

If you haven’t then you might want to go through some unique features present in high tech backpacks to whet your appetite before continuing with this post.

These type of backpacks are awesome but the issue with them is that you hardly find all the unique features present in just one bag.

Most of the time they are normally just one or two but keep on reading and I would reveal to you a backpack I found that contained almost all the unique features a smart backpack can contain.

Though it is a bit pricey, it is totally worth it. Before I reveal it I would break down the features of Kopack anti-theft backpack which is the whole reason for this post.

Product Name: Kopack Anti-Theft Backpack

A Good Place To Buy: Amazon

Warranty: One year warranty

My Rating: 9 out of 10

An Overview of Kopack Anti-Theft Backpack

They say first impressions always matter and while a lot of people would argue with that statement, I think most of the time it is usually spot on.

My first impression of this backpack is that it leaves up to the name of the backpack which is anti-theft.

I was not able to see any zip or compartments neither was I able to see any pockets. This is pretty good as it shows the backpack is really an anti-theft backpack.

Also, it has a sleek design that gives it that smart look and I can also see two strips at the front of the backpack which I am pretty sure is used to reflect light mostly at night.

The size looks large enough and it should be able to house my laptop without any problem. Let’s dig in further and really analyze the backpack to see if it is really worth it.

Backpack Size Actually Large Enough

For a smart backpack, I am really impressed with the size of this kopack anti-theft backpack. Some smart backpacks have a problem of been too small sized.

Like if you take a look at oscaurt anti-theft backpack you would notice that it’s compartment is fairly small.

But there are also others just like the backpack reviewed in this post that are really large and an example of this is yorepek’s extra large backpack.

With the kopack anti-theft backpack having a size of 20″ * 12″ *5.9″ means you would actually be able to fit a lot into your backpack.

With our present demands of having a backpack that can actually carry a lot, a 20″ * 12″ *5.9″ sized backpack should just be ideal for your needs.

One thing I do have to point out is that this sought of size of a backpack is better for those that are tall and the shoulder straps were designed for those with shoulder width that is less than 18″.

When I first decided to review this, it had two sizes which were the smaller sized which was about 15″ and the larger sized which is 17″ but as I write this post it seems it only has just the large size.

I am not sure why it only has just the large size but to check if they have included the smaller size you can click the link below.

–>Check If The Smaller Size is Available<–

If the smaller size is available you should see an option for it so you can select it. You need to know that though it is fairly large you would need to get a bit creative especially when you need to pack much so they can fit perfectly into the backpack.

The difference between both sizes is not much but it sure seems the smaller size is more demanded for than the bigger size.

What I can say is that the 17″ has a better chance of holding a 17″ laptop than the 15″ and it is slightly bigger with just a few inches. Although, according to what I read the 15″ seems to be the more comfortable size.

The All Important Anti-Theft Features

It looks like some people out there have created a career in picking pockets which has made them become professionals at this act which is why it is imperative that we always make use of an anti-theft backpack.

One reason why I like smart backpacks is that most of them come with anti-theft features although some of them don’t.

This particular Kopack anti-theft backpack comes with some anti-theft features such as hidden zippers and hidden pockets. This is very similar to oscaurt anti-theft backpack which also comes with hidden zippers.

Take a look at the backpack shown below and you would see that you would not be able to see any visible zipper or even pockets at the front of the backpack.

This is very important as it would really limit anyone trying to easily gain access into your backpack unless their hands can pass through objects which would mean no backpack on this earth would be safe.

Good thing it is not possible which means your items inside your Kopack backpack would be well protected against those trying to illegally gain access into your backpack especially when it is on your back.

Your wallets, smartphones, laptop, folders, books or whatever you put into your backpack would be safe from the access of thieves.

Please note that if you put your backpack down or if you are unaware of its presence then this can give those pickpockets time to locate the hidden zippers and pockets to gain access to your items.

So no matter what, make sure you safely place your backpack in a secure place. If your backpack is an anti-theft backpack and it is on your back it would be difficult for anyone to have access to your items in it.

Just make sure when you are in a crowded place that you avoid wearing your backpack and instead hold it with your hands.

When making use of this backpack the easiest way to open the main or largest compartment of the backpack can be done when the backpack is actually taken off your back. That is what I call a great anti-theft feature.

Water-Resistant and Anti-Scratching Feature

Some of us might actually think that pickpockets are only what we need to protect the items in our backpacks from.

If you are of that belief then I suggest you change it because there is something else we need to protect our items in our backpacks from and that is water.

Having a backpack that is not at the very least water-resistant can be really tough especially if you live in a region where there is constant rainfall.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes even with an umbrella that your backpack still ends up getting wet?

This happens more when the rainfall is extremely heavy with some level of wind.

This means an umbrella might not guarantee the safety of the items in your backpack from rainfall which is why a waterproof or water-resistant backpack is important.

Going through the features of this kopack anti-theft backpack I came to realize that it was made of a water-resistant material which means at the very least it would be water-resistant even if it might not be completely waterproofed.

Making use of an anti-scratch fabric was a really good idea as it would make the backpack really difficult for anyone to easily scratch the backpack. Please note that this is not a cut-proof backpack it is only anti-scratch and not cut proof.

An Actual Waterproof Backpack

I just pointed out that sometimes your items in your backpacks are not safe due to water entering into your backpacks because of rainfall even with the use of an umbrella.

While thinking about this I scrolled further down on the features of this backpack and I noticed that it came with a rain cover.

This made me think, well, there goes your rainfall issue completely solved. So what actually happens is that the backpack actually came with a rain cover that is stored at the bottom hidden pocket of the backpack.

You can bring out the rain cover whenever it is raining and use it to completely cover the backpack.

This would ensure that not a single drop of water gets into your backpack which indirectly makes the backpack to be waterproof.

Out of all the backpacks I have reviewed before this I would have to say that this is the first that I would consider completely waterproof because of the rain cover.

Because of this, I think I would review more backpacks that are waterproofed so you can have more options to choose from.

Charge Your Phones and Tablets While On The Go

This is a common feature of most smart backpacks as most of them come with an external USB charging port which would enable you to be able to charge your phone while on the go.

This means if your phone is weak when you are out and about you can charge the phone while still making use of the phone.

This is really effective and can come in handy. All you need is a device that can store power and a good example of this is a power bank.

A non-removable cable comes with the backpack which is attached to the external USB port from inside the backpack. A pocket was even created inside the backpack where you can place your power bank.

So all you have to do is to place your power bank into the pocket, connect the cable inside the backpack onto the power bank, connect your USB cord to the external USB port and charge your phone/tablet while you walk with the phone on your hand.

That’s pretty cool.

Although someone complained that he would have preferred it if a pocket was created outside the backpack to keep your phone when It is charging but I think not including that is still OK and besides there is a pocket at the back of the backpack that I feel you can still place your phone into and zip the pocket so it almost closes.

If you have a long eyepiece you can even place your phone into the back pocket of the backpack and listen to music while the phone is inside the pocket.

Please, it is not encouraged to use an earpiece to listen to music with your phone while the phone is charging.

It has been known to be harmful to us so it is best you avoid this.

You either charge the phone while not making use of your phone earpiece attached to the phone or you make use of the earpiece while the phone is not been charged. It is better to be safe than sorry.

TSA Approved Backpack

Loading and offloading a backpack can be rather stressful when going through checkpoints in airport security.

Due to this, there is an increase in TSA friendly backpacks as this can make passing through airport security easier than when making use of just an ordinary backpack.

This particular Kopack anti-theft backpack is TSA friendly because it is able to open flat which means it can pass through scan points directly.

You just need to unzip it to the end and put it through screening on the belt without actually taking out your gadgets like your laptop.

Hidden Pockets To Hide Your Items

Most backpacks I made use of while growing up did not have pockets inside the backpack let alone hidden pockets.

If you were to find pockets in the backpack it would be at most one pocket. Nowadays It is pretty difficult to find backpacks that don’t have pockets and it seems they compete for the most number of pockets in the backpack with yorepek’s extra large backpack been one of those backpacks that have a lot of pockets.

Nevertheless, this Kopack anti-theft backpack does have a reasonable number of pockets that you can place and safeguard your accessories. There are several pockets inside the backpack and about 4 hidden pockets outside the backpack.

They are hidden because just looking at the backpack from the front would not give away their positions.

There is a hidden pocket at the bottom of the backpack which is used to house the rain cover of the backpack. There are two pockets hidden at the side of the backpack and a large pocket positioned in the padding at the back of the backpack.

You can use these pockets to hide your items that you don’t want people to easily locate.

Also, while charging your phone you can also place it into the hidden pockets especially the pocket at the back of the backpack although the charging cable would reveal the location of the pocket connected to the phone.

One thing I really like about this backpack was the way the pockets inside the bag were arranged. It was arranged in an orderly manner which can make accessing your items really easy and would make you organize your items much easier.

There are enough pockets that can be used to store your gadgets for your ease of access.

One of the great reasons for having an anti-theft backpack which does not have a front pocket is that you would not have to worry about anyone opening the front pocket of your backpack to steal your items.

There have been a lot of complaints about some folks making use of backpacks without anti-theft features whereby pick-pockets were able to steal from their packs.

This is a reason why an anti-theft backpack is a must for anyone with a fear of experiencing this.

There are pockets behind the shoulder strap that you can also creatively make use of. I have so many great things to say about this bag that it would just be impossible to complete them here. You would have to experience it yourself.

Never Forget About Comfort

With all the pockets and anti-theft features of a backpack if the backpack is not comfortable to wear then that just defeats the whole purpose of the backpack.

First of all, the shoulder straps need to be really comfortable and kopack nailed it by making the shoulder straps of this anti-theft bag to be padded.

Secondly, the back of this backpack is also padded which offers extra back support making your backpack to be very comfortable on your back.

All of these and the way the backpack was actually designed makes it comfortable even while carrying a lot on your backpack although I would not advise you carry heavy items because no matter how good a backpack is if you regularly carry heavy items it can lead to future problems.

To know about the safety of a backpack please click here to check out backpack safety.

An Easy Way To Travel

Your backpack does not always have to be on your back while you are traveling. It can be placed on your rolling luggage and strapped to it for convenience.

This is another reason why I like this backpack as it comes with black elastic bands that can be used to stabilize your backpack on a rolling luggage especially when you are traveling.

An Additional feature

A little additional feature to set it apart from its competitors. An anti-slip feature was included at the bottom of the backpack which can protect the backpack from accidentally slipping when you are not wearing it.

It is not a breathtaking addition but still, there are times whereby it can come in handy. You just never know.

Prevent Your Laptop From Damage

Afraid of your laptop getting damaged even when in your backpack? Unless you own a million dollars in the bank I think most of us would be worried about our laptops getting damaged in our backpacks.

If you are among those that don’t have a million dollars in the bank then you would be pleased with this additional little feature of the backpack.

It was designed with a shockproof cushion that can offer your laptop lots of protection while it is inside the laptop compartment.

It is able to absorb damage shock impact if your backpack should fall mostly while on the ground although I would have also liked it if it also was on the bottom of the backpack but that’s still OK.

Safety At Night

Another noticeable feature I am sure some of us would really appreciate. The kopack anti-theft backpack has two reflective strips at the front of the backpack that can be used as safety at night.

This feature is pretty much useless during the day but it can be really useful when everywhere is dark which is mostly late in the evenings or at night.

It can be used to easily draw the attention of anyone behind you to the presence of someone with a backpack. Really cool feature.

My Final Verdict

I have to say that I am pretty impressed with this backpack as the praises been heaped on it is quite amazing. There are obviously complains as everyone has their own taste but overall the compliments outshine the complaints.

There were some little features added to separate it from its competitors like the shockproof cushion and the anti-slip bottom.

Though these were not groundbreaking features, I think they were still an amazing add which makes the backpack to be better than some other smart backpacks.

Other features like the anti-theft feature, rain cover, water-resistance and anti-scratch features, the built-in USB charging port with its cord and additional pockets makes this a very reliable backpack that a lot of people would definitely love to have.

If you would like to be one of those that would like to get their hands on this backpack you can click the link below.

I told you I would reveal to you a backpack that contains the highest number of features I have seen in a smart backpack to learn about the backpack please click this link to read the detailed review.

I would like to know what you think about the kopack anti-theft backpack. There are definitely going to be some features you really like and if you already have the backpack please do feel free and leave a comment below on your thoughts on this particular bag.

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  1. Hi Manuel, this is my first time of hearing about Kopack backpack. I do purchase backpack, unisex one that also serve as office bag for me atimes. I must confess that I have not really given a thought about purchasing an anti-theft backpack. Going through your review of Kopack backpack, it makes a lot of sense to put into consideration features that have anti-theft features. I will definitely put this into mind when buying next backpack.

  2. I’m so impressed with this smart backpacks. I never knew backpacks have aslo evolved with technology. I still can’t believe backpacks could possess all this amazing features.  This  kopack anti theft backpack is a really impressive item. I would really love to own a backpack like this. Is there a backpack that comes with a WiFi hotspot, that would be an amazing feature for a backpack.

  3. With the rising rate of insecurity in my community, an anti theft backpack is really important for me. I love the kopack backpack because of its amazing features.

    With it’s large size and hidden zippers, I believe this would be a good backpack. It’s also good to note that the kopack backpack is water proof and can also allow charging on the go.

    This bag is recommendable especially for people who need a big and safe bag.

    Absolute value for money!

  4. This is good information that is well detailed and will be of good help to your readers. This backpack is perfect for any laptop up to 15.6 inch and will find it great, especially because of the large storage capabilities. Considering the price, I think this is a great value.

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