K-Cliffs Heavy Duty Clear Backpack – Might As Well Go For The Best

It is no news that the mandatory use of transparent backpacks in schools has become a major talking point with some people in favor of its use while some others were against it. So if you decide to go for this type of backpack, you might as well go for the best which is why I decided to write a review on k-cliffs heavy duty clear backpack.

Product Name: K-Cliffs Heavy Duty Clear Backpack

Warranty: Could not find any

My Rating: 9.1 out of 10

K-Cliffs Heavy Duty Clear BackpackOverview of K-Cliffs Heavy Duty Clear Backpack

I have been making use of backpacks for quite some time and I don’t think I have heard about K-Cliffs backpacks or maybe I had not yet come across that backpack brand name but as usual, I did a little digging to find out who they were.

With all my skills in researching, I could not find much about this brand.

All I could find was the year that they were established which was in the 1980s. I really don’t know why a company that has been around that long don’t have an official website.

To make sure these guys were really legit I analyzed the brand name using a brand analyzer and as you can see it came out A which is a very good rating. To also make sure the k cliffs heavy duty clear backpack was legit I ran an analysis on it which came out B which is also a good rating.

An image of reviewed K-cliff brand


An image of reviewed k-cliffs heavy duty clear backpack

I run these analyses sometimes to make sure the reviews present were not tampered with. Based on my observations it was clear that the reviews were legit.

With the controversy surrounding clear backpacks I have come to know more about transparent backpacks and have recently become kind of a fan of clear backpacks. I think the idea of making use of clear backpacks should be voluntary and not compulsory but this might not be the case as sometimes because of security reasons one might be forced to make use of see-through backpacks.

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K-cliffs heavy duty clear backpack meets some of my criteria when choosing a backpack but I think they still have some way to go before they can gain the complete trust of backpack buyers. For example, some people like to know more about a brand before they invest their money into purchasing a product from that particular brand.

A Super Heavy Duty PVC Thick Backpack

One of the major problems of clear backpacks is the fact that they are made with plastics. These plastics make the backpack not to be able to handle a lot of weight. Normally, students, especially high schoolers carry a lot of items to class such as notebooks, textbooks, binders, folders, pens or items for other activities.

A normal backpack is usually able to carry this sought of weight but most clear backpacks due to the fact that they were made with plastics are usually not able to hold this much load and before you know it would end up giving way.

K-Cliffs Heavy Duty Clear Backpack was able to solve this problem to a very reasonable extent. Based on the reviews I read, it is clear that a lot of people had gone through other see-through backpacks that gave way before they got their money’s worth from such a backpack. Clear backpacks are notoriously known for giving way usually few months after purchase.

K-Cliffs must have taken note of this and to solve this problem they decided to make use of super heavy duty 0.5mm clear PVC which is 50% thicker than most regular backpacks. That is actually a very high number. No wonder this particular pack has sold a lot.

I was really impressed with this and there were a lot of praises showered on this backpack just based on that alone. So many customers that make use of k-cliffs heavy duty clear backpack had a lot of positive things to say about the backpack.

To check out the reviews left by customers that have made use of this bag please click the link below

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The customers that purchased this backpack were very pleased with the thickness of this k-cliffs heavy duty clear backpack. The thick sturdy plastic used to make this backpack would definitely make it last longer than most clear backpacks out there.

A Complete See Through Backpack

One fact that cannot be changed for a clear backpack is that it is a see-through backpack. Schools that made it mandatory for students to carry transparent backpacks would require that the backpack be completely transparent.

No worries about this because k-cliffs heavy duty clear backpack is completely transparent and completely see through all around including the back and bottom of the pack.

If you have gone through the pros and cons of clear backpacks you would see that this might actually be a disadvantage of these type of bags because everyone would be able to see what is inside your bag. This is more of a disadvantage to females than to males.

Also, you would find it difficult to leave expensive items inside your bag because everyone would be able to see such an item which would put the item at risk of been stolen. As long as you don’t have any item worth stealing in your bag you should be OK.

More Spacious Than Your Regular Clear Backpack

This is another huge disadvantage of clear backpacks. Most of them are small and are therefore not spacious on the inside. This can be a huge disadvantage especially if you carry a lot on a regular basis. There have been lots of complaints on this issue and I think manufacturers have taken note.

For those searching for a see-through backpack with a lot of space, you would be glad you got yourself k-cliffs heavy duty clear backpack because it is definitely super spacious and has lots of room for you to be able to carry your books and other items.

It comes with side pockets which would come in handy if you decide to go with water bottles or similarly sized items.

Meant For More Than Just Schools

Some of us might assume that clear backpacks are mandatory for only schools if that is what you actually think then you might want to read what comes next. Completely transparent backpacks are now becoming mandatory in some of our places of work.

I would not blame those that implemented such a rule because it is obviously for security reasons but I don’t think that would do much because offenders would just find more creative ways to sneak in or out items of their choice.

But if your place of work or places you go to require a clear backpack then you can always go for k-cliffs heavy duty clear backpack.

A Clear Backpack Used By Adults

Airports, some companies or particular locations or events don’t allow the use of backpacks for security reasons but most of them would allow a clear backpack because inside the backpack would be clearly visible therefore adults make use of transparent backpacks.

K-cliffs heavy duty clear backpack is also very suitable for adults and its straps are large and adjustable to be able to easily fit an adult. They are padded and can easily be adjusted to easily fit an adult comfortably.

My Final Verdict

Based on the reviews of this product I think you would get your money’s worth from this backpack. I recently became a fan of clear backpacks as I think it would be a change from the regular backpacks I normally carry and it would get me through security checkpoints faster.

I would most definitely get myself one and see just how cool it is. If I am to make a choice I would definitely go for k-cliffs heavy duty backpack. I like the fact that out of all the clear backpacks that I have come across during my research this particular backpack stands out.

It’s completely see-through, made with super heavy duty 0.5mm clear PVC, it is very spacious and its straps are large. It should be a perfect fit for me.

What do you think of this backpack? Have you ever made use of a clear backpack? If you have made use of a clear backpack in the past was it able to stand the test of time? Some of my readers might have purchased this particular backpack. If you are one of those that already purchased this backpack I would like to read your take on this bag.

Was it what you expected or were you overwhelmed or underwhelmed? I would like to know. If you would like to get yourself this K-Cliffs Heavy Duty Clear Backpack please click the link below to find out the most recent price of the backpack.

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47 comments on “K-Cliffs Heavy Duty Clear Backpack – Might As Well Go For The Best

  1. Love these clear backpacks, and I am starting to see them around more and more. It is almost a new fashion statement, as people all have their own styles when it comes to packing the bags and it is interesting to see the different ways in which people pack. Some really make it visually appealing.

    I also like that they are a lot stronger and sturdier than they look.

    At least would be robbers can see that there is nothing of value to take, if there is nothing of value, so they might think twice before trying to mug you.

  2. Thank you for this amazing post, this I think is the second time am stumbling on your post and you always make a good review of the available backpacks. This is the first time am hearing about the k–cliffs heavy duty clear backpack and I think it will be a good addition to my collections of backpacks. At less than $30, it is highly affordable in my opinion. 

  3. Hello Manuel!  This is interesting. Looking at the customer reviews from Amazon, it is over 700 and still counting. To me, this is enough evidence that the K-Cliffs backpack is actually one of the best when it comes to clear backpacks. Thanks for taking the time to analyze the brand even when the company didn’t have a website. The backpack looks strong enough and I simply love the orange colour.

    1. Thanks Gracen for your comment. It is always important that we do some research before we decide to make a purchase so we don’t end up losing our hard earned money.

  4. This backpack is transparent and it is good. I know there have been problems with transparent backpacks. It has been criticized by many and there are still some few that are comfortable with it. This clear backpack you listed is good because it’s fairly covered and I think anti backpack users who were forced to use backpacks in school will like this one.

  5. I’ve never seen one before, but I can see this becoming to be a must in the future. I wish schools would require this for all students as think this will help deter any student in trying to bring in any kind of dangerous weapons, paraphernalia etc. This is also good for traveling especially going through airport security, might help speed up the process. Great review. Price is very reasonable.

  6. Clear backpacks, now that’s something I hadn’t seen before. I can understand the reasoning behind creating such a thing but I would be against it because to me it is like telling everyone…look i have nothing to hide! And only if you really have to hide something and want reassurance of the opposite you would need such a backpack. But nevertheless for anyone that is looking for such a bag they seem nice and durable enough. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Manuel 

    I have learned a lot about k-cliffs heavy duty clear backpack reading your article. It’s a wonderful product. People can easily carry the bag and they can get through the checkpoints faster. I will share this great article with my friends and relatives. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful article.   

  8. Hi. I was always skeptical of using a clear backpack, due to the fact that I didn’t want everyone to see what I had inside it. 

    Your amazing review has changed all that for me. 

    With security being such an issue these days it would solve a lot of problems. 

    I will be looking into buying one of these to give to my son a present. It looks strong  enough to hold all the pile of school books they have these days. 

    Best wishes and thank you for sharing this top review. 

  9. This is a great product which i will like to purchase for my kids. It is quite well designed and from description shows it is durable too. I will like to purchase about 3 and will definitely share this post with my friends. Thank you very much for taking out time to.do a thorough review about this brand/company. Looking forward to purchasing mine.

  10. I am looking to buy some backpacks for my kids as they would love to see all their things without opening the bag. It will also be very convenient for me when we go on family holidays, I can have a quick look (without opening their bag) to see if they have not put any objectionable stuff in their bag like kids scissors etc! But looking at these cool reasonably priced,  K-Cliffs heavy duty bags, I am most tempted to buy one for myself!

  11. Well I utmost believe that backpacks should be a thing that boosts ones privacy as it keeps one’s property from public view but the mandatory use of clear bags is not my thing, we all deserve some privacy but meanwhile going through your review on K-Cliffs heavy duty clear backpack I am astonished by its features and would love to get one myself. Thanks for this review

    1. That is definitely a disadvantage of clear backpacks but there are places whereby it is mandatory to make use of them.

  12. thanks for writing this review on k-cliffs heavy duty clear backpack. I must commend you for doing your findings of this product before writing about it. One of the aspects that I really like about this k-cliffs heavy duty clear backpack is that it was about to solve the problem other transparent backpacks can’t solve. Although I have not made use of this backpack before, I must say it looks like a good backpack that will last longer and better than other transparent backpacks. 

    1. K cliffs heavy duty clear backpack is considered as one of the best clear backpacks currently available which can be used in places like schools. It would definitely last longer than most clear backpacks currently available. 

  13. Nice review on K-Cliffs Heavy Duty Clear Backpack. Backpacks are really good for use and it poses no threat or danger when attending a function of gathering with huge numbers of people. It creates a sense of security in a situation like that and even aid security checkpoints to be done faster. We have a good record of suicide bomb blast being traced to unclear backpacks. I think highschool and college students will appreciate this. K cliff heavy duty clear backpack is really the deal to go for. It is really cool and will be useful.

  14. This sounds so exciting and adventurous. I feel tickled by the theme. What an amazingly talented writer you are!

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with lots of valuable information. I am a fan of this lovely product. Kcliff  heavy duty clearbackpack is highly durable and not too expensive to purchase. I can recommend for friends and family

  15. The title appeals to me, “If you HAVE to go take a clear backpack, might as well take the best”, and after reading this article I am quite convinced that this backpack should definitely be amongst the best of clear backpacks. One thing which stands out to me though is that it’s relatively cheap. When you look at the “best” of traditional backpacks those tend to cost twice, if not thrice the cost of this backpack. It makes me wonder though, are clear backpacks really that behind compared to traditional backpacks, or is it due to the cost of the materials involved? Either way, it seems clear backpacks still have a long journey ahead of them.

    1. Thanks Faheem for taking the time to read this post. Due to the materials used in making most clear backpacks, they tend to be cheap. Also, the demand is not as high as of regular backpacks and although they are still used by adults, most of the time high school students are those that make use of them. 

  16. Hello, I have scrutinized your article.By reading this article,I see this bag and realized that I have never seen a clear backpack before. I am very glad to see this wonderful bag. I think this is a very nice innovation.I think every school would require this bag for all students so that students can not try to bring any kinds of dangerous weapons.It is beneficial for security .This is also good for airport security. It Is a wonderful product.

    I will share this wonderful article with my friends and relatives.
    Its price is very reasonable. I prefer everybody should buy this amazing bag.

    Thank you very much for sharing this article. And best wishes for this wonderful bag.

  17. I never particularly thought of getting a clear backpack but this article has persuaded me to possibly research them. I guess the benefit of a clear backpack is that they look cool but they are more lightweight to carry stuff easier. Do you think these would be good for hiking with their more lightweight material?

  18. If you are travelling this type of backpack could be ideal as it shows what it contains and if a would-be mugger looked into it from a distance, they would most likely be deterred by seeing unimportant things inside.

    you could also hide precious items in the middle packed with a piece of light clothing.

    Also, I like that they are really sturdy as well as sometimes plastic doesn’t hold weight without ripping.

    I have 2 friends who are nearly ready for a 2 month OE so will share your link with them as they are hoping to use backpacks rather than bum bags

    Great review

  19. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about this K-Cliffs heavy duty clear backpack which is something that I’ve only recently discovered and probably going to get for my daughter.

    The way you laid it out is perfect and informative. I absolutely love the fact that it deters people from stealing it if you have nothing of value in the backpack. Thank you for taking the time to do a great review. I never buy a product until I have read reviews.

  20. Thank you so much for the review on the K-Cliffs Heavy Duty Clear backpack. Do you know that this kind of backpack is very popular among show or movie set? My good friend is a makeup artist and she needs this kind of backpack all the time. When you are on set there is no station for your equipment, so you have to walk around with your tools and the clear backpack will help you grab your tool faster :)The problem that always happens to her is that the rim of the backpack always rip, as we know it’s plastic and it keeps running, so she has to get a new one all the time. Will tell her about it.

    1. Most clear backpacks are notorious for not being able to last for a long time but thankfully some of them are been made to be heavy dutied which can actually make them last longer than others that are not heavy dutied.

  21. Hello Jon, I definitely would not encourage anyone to make use of these type of backpacks for hiking because the materials used in these backpacks are pretty light and would not be able to withstand the needs of a hiker.
    It is more lightweight and should not be used to carry items that are heavy.

  22. Hmm! Thanks for sharing this interesting post. I’m a victim of various clear backpack because they just end up wasting your cash. I’ve gotten more than 8 clear backpacks for my son because his school demanded and every time, I ended up eating my money. I like the features I’ve seen and read about this k-cliffs and the fact that it can hold up heavy loads better. I should give it a try and hopefully, it would finally be my money saver from backpacks.

  23. Hey there,

    This is a great review! I didn’t know that in the US the students are obliged to carry clear backpacks (for obvious reasons). I’d love to have a clear backpack, and this one seems great for excursions, the beach, hiking…

    One – off-topic – question: How do you analyze a brand or a product for legitimacy? Is there a website or an app?



    1. I would not really advise you use these backpacks for hiking Marios and yes there are ways we use to identify if products have fake reviews on Amazon so we know exactly what to show to our visitors.

  24. I liked the fact that you were completely honest and upfront about the fact that you personally do not own one yet. That’s really refreshing. Furthermore, it didn’t seem like it was a problem. The article I found to be as thorough as it can humanly be. I mean, I would not have anything to add.

    Moreover, you just saved me a ton of time researching a variety of clear backpacks myself.

    And yes, absolutely, I subscribe to the fact that the transparency of the bag is in some regard more of a disadvantage to females than to males, haha. Nowhere to hide my makeup, and my usual purse mess and stuff, haha. 🙂

    Have a Wonderful Day, Manuel!


    1. Yes, clear backpacks are more of a disadvantage to females than they are to males as females tend to be more private than males.

  25. I personally feel this was an extremely thorough article. And I’m the kind of guy who truly enjoys thorough stuff. In that sense, I liked the article a lot. This definitely was the most comprehensive article I’ve ever read on a backpack. 

    At the same time, I feel it wasn’t overbearing if that makes sense. Cause a lot of times articles like this can feel a little drawn out, meaning, there’s a lot of empty text. I feel this one didn’t have that. Sure, there may be some that disagree. But overall, a very pleasant and insightful read that had a nice flow about it.

    Other than that, I absolutely enjoyed the research methods you used, Manuel. Definitely learned something new. 🙂 

    Thank you, and have a Great One!


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