Jetpal Backpack – A Cheap And Comfortable Backpack

Having created posts on some backpacks that are above $20, I actually decided to research on some really cheap backpacks and I came across this Jetpal Backpack.

If you are in the market for a pretty cheap backpack that is still very good to use I think you would be quite pleased with this review.

Product Name: Jetpal Compact Laptop Backpack

Cheap Place To Buy: Amazon

Warranty: One Year Money-Back Guarantee

My Rating: 8 out of 10

An Overview Of Jetpal Compact Laptop Backpack

Before I proceed, let me make something clear. I am a huge fan of buying bags that are a little pricey because I believe they have better quality and can last longer.

I recently created a post on how to make a backpack last longer and buying an expensive backpack was among one of the reasons.

We might not all have the budget to buy an expensive backpack but it is imperative that we know we get what we pay for which is why I think expensive backpacks might be worth buying.

Having said that, I read through the reviews of this pack before I decided to write on it and for its price, I think it holds up pretty well. It is compact, you can put a laptop in it and it is spacious enough to contain a very reasonable number of your belongings.

The material used in its design makes it water-resistant and it is very suitable for your everyday needs.

To know exactly what this bag is capable of keep on reading as I expatiate on the points mentioned above identifying its pros and cons so you have all the information you need before you make a decision on if to make the purchase or to keep on searching for another backpack.

Padded Sleeve For Laptops Up to 15 inches

Having a backpack with a laptop sleeve has become somewhat of a necessity in the times we currently live in. The use of laptops has been included in our daily routine whereby making use of a bag without a laptop sleeve is becoming a thing of the past.

You definitely would want to protect your laptop from damages and scratches when it is in your bag and one of the best ways to do these is in making use of the laptop sleeve present in a backpack.

Luckily for us, the jetpal backpack comes with a laptop sleeve that is able to contain up to a 15 inches laptop.

The sleeves were designed with a soft lining which helps prevent your laptops from getting scratched.

For those with laptops higher than 15 inches, you might have to settle for a different backpack as this jetpal backpack would not be able to contain it.

Maybe it can contain slightly higher than 15 inches laptops but to be on the safe side I would encourage you get this pack only if you intend to put laptops that are 15 inches and lower into the bag.

The only way I think you might be able to put 15 inches and higher laptops is if you don’t make use of the laptop sleeve and instead use the main compartment of the backpack. That is the only way it would fit in because it definitely won’t be able to fit into the laptop sleeve.

The issue I have with this is that your laptop might not be protected because it is not in its own compartment which was specifically designed to keep it secure from getting damaged or scratched.

Spacious Compartment

The main compartment of the bag is spacious and can actually contain more than it seems. It is quite large and there are some compartments both inside and outside the backpack.

Though not as much as I would have wanted but it is quite reasonable and would be able to contain your pens, keys, cellphones, books and similar sized items.

If you are looking for a backpack with lots of pockets then you might want to check out yorepek’s extra large backpack.

The main compartment of the Jetpal compact laptop backpack like I mentioned above has a laptop sleeve that can be used to house a 15 inches laptop, tablets such as the iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air and Surface.

You can find three pockets at the front of the bag with just one of those pockets having a horizontal zip. The other two pockets at the front of the bag do not have any zip.

From what I came across, it does seem that there were several complaints on the zips of the bag as it seems they are of low quality. I found several persons making this claim and it definitely seems to be a concern for a lot of people.

They sure have to improve on this as the quality of the zips are not good enough.

Lightweight and comfortable

The back of the bag was made with a foam padded material and also, the adjustable shoulder straps of the backpack were designed with a padded material which makes the bag feel comfortable on your back and your shoulders.

One reoccurring advantage I see coming up over and over again of the jetpal backpack is the fact that it is very light. It feels light when you wear it as long as you don’t overpack.

I would have expected a backpack this light with this price range not to be durable but it seems it holds up pretty well but I would say it does not hold up well enough because there were some few complaints on the backpack giving way after just a few months of use.

Protective and Water-resistant

According to Jetpal, the material used in creating the backpack was made from a high-quality polyester material which makes the bag to be water-resistant. Though there were claims of it been waterproof but based on what others said it definitely is not waterproof but water-resistant.

The material used prevents water from getting into the bag except in extreme cases. This is one aspect that I would really commend the quality of the material used in making this backpack.

For the price, trust me when I tell you that you have to be impressed because I have seen packs more expensive than this that are not water-resistant.


It comes with a one-year manufacturers warranty which only covers manufactures defects and does not cover wear and tear from normal usage, misuse, mishandling, or unapproved modifications.

You would need to contact your authorized seller for your warranty service.


The jetpal compact laptop backpack is ideal for students, for traveling, can be used to work, to the gym or wherever you feel it would be adequate to be taken to. I think it is a pretty cheap bag and for its price, it is definitely worth it.

If you wish to go for a backpack that is more pricey than this but with really good quality then check out yorepek’s extra large backpack.

As at the time of writing this post, the price of the jetpal compact laptop backpack was pretty low. To know the most recent price click on the link below.


7 comments on “Jetpal Backpack – A Cheap And Comfortable Backpack

  1. The Jetpal looks like a pretty solid backpack that most people should be able to afford. It being available on Amazon is always a plus too. Your review was thorough and I’m pretty interested in checking it out. I haven’t actually needed a backpack since college, but I’m carrying around my iPad and laptop much more than I used to, so it’s probably time to grab one.

    Thanks for the review!

    1. The Jetpal does look pretty solid and the price is really low which would make a lot of people to be able to afford it.

  2. There’s nothing like carrying an uncomfortable backpack. It’s just like carrying a log around one’s back. The jetpal backpack is a value backpack. For the price it comes at, it really does offer much. I do worry about its durability, would it be able to carry a laptop for a while year?  The backpack is also not anti theft or smart charging friendly. 

    However, for the price it comes at, it’s definitely a steal. Would like to see you review more budget friendly backpacks.

    1. The Louis backpack can be considered as a regular backpack. It does not fall into the smart backpack category and it is therefore not anti-theft.

      The backpack is durable but due to the fact that it is very low priced, it might not be as durable as one would expect. It should be able to take you at least a year when carrying your laptop. You should try though not to over pack.

  3. I love the backpack for many reasons. It’s easy to carry your belongings, especially when you travel, or going to work For instance, I do have a backpack and a special portfolio for my laptop. But now I think you need to have only one because its made from durable material and water resistant, also has many compartments for anybody is so important to have more space. Great review and good tips, Thank you for good advice

  4. This Article is really important. I come to this site daily and read the articles. I have never seen such a nice review anywhere else. Thank you for reviewing Jetpal Backpack.

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