JanSport Big Student Backpack Review – Ideal For Students

Product Name: JanSport Big Student Backpack

A good place to buy: Amazon

Size of backpack: 17″ high and 13.25″ wide

Guarantee: Lifetime

Rating: 9 out of 10

JanSport Big Student Backpack

The Jansport Big Student Backpack Review

One of my number 1 go to backpacks for college students is the Jansport Big Student Backpack. It is considered one of the most common backpacks used in colleges in certain parts of the world. A lot of students don’t really care about having a stylish backpack.

They are mostly interested in what they can use to carry their necessities around campus. It is for this reason I consider the Jansport Big Student Backpack as one of my best-recommended backpacks for students.

Affordable For A Students Budget

I was once a student so I know money can be a challenge for students. The price tag of this backpack is affordable and can serve you for a good number of years. There are students backpacks that are way more expensive than this and although they are awesome packs, I think the price range is not ideal for most college students.

Yes, some college students that are more into style and fashion would go for the more expensive packs like Yorepek’s Extra Large Backpack but the Jansport Big Student Backpack is ideal for the needs of a basic college student and the price range is very reasonable. Although there are some few people that complain that the price is not worth it but I think the price is very reasonable for the type of backpack.

How Much You Can Actually Carry

The needs of most college students for a backpack usually revolves around the same things ranging from carrying notebooks or textbooks to class or the library, laptops to class or the library, pens and scientific calculator to class or the library, lab coats to the lab, extra paper, snacks, gum, flashcards and so on.

These items can end up taking some level of space and for this would require a spacious backpack. The Jansport big student backpack does not fail in this department. As we can see from the name of the backpack it has the word big attached to it. It comes well-equipped with enough space and pockets that can adequately fit your essentials. Though big, its size doesn’t affect the style and simplicity of the backpack.

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You Can Actually Wash The Backpack

Most of the items we make use of would eventually become dirty or would eventually get stained. The Jansport big student backpack can be taken care of when this happens but it is important you do it the right way so you don’t destroy your pack or items in the process.

For guidelines on how to take care of your pack please refer to the post titled how to wash a backpack.

Who This Backpack Is deal For

This pack is not meant for only college students but can also be made use of by highschoolers. I have seen a lot of questions about this which is why I decided to put this here.

How Long This Backpack Can Actually Last

It is no news that Jansport is known for making packs that are durable and this is no exception. Produced with a very good fabric the Jansport big student backpack can last you for several years but there are some complaints about the pack not lasting very long after purchase before something with the pack starts going wrong.

These sought of complaints are very few and if this ever happens to you the Jansport lifetime guarantee can help you solve that problem. Just be sure to check out their guidelines on how to proceed on such an occasion in other to avoid unnecessary disappointments.

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You Don’t Need That Extra Weight

If you have read my post on the proper way to wear a backpack and backpack safety for kids you would notice that I wrote about buying a pack that is light and not heavy because it just adds to the weight you carry on your back which can cause you to experience some level of pain.

The Jansport big student backpack has a light fabric which can make your backpack to be comfortable when you wear it without having much weight to add on your shoulders.

Properly Organize Your Smaller Items

Have you ever had one of those moments when you probably needed a small item lets say a pen from your backpack? You know its there but you are just not able to find it. I definitely had one of those moments while I was in college but the Jansport big student backpack can make this easier for you.

Coming with a water bottle pocket and three front zippered pockets this student backpack can make you more organized and give you better access to all your items.

Not Everything Is Perfect

I really consider the Jansport big student backpack to be an ideal backpack for a student but with everything else, it is not a 100% perfect pack and still has its own flaws. For example, though it is suitable enough to carry a laptop it does not have a laptop sleeve. There are just two big compartments and some pockets.

Also, the pack is not water-proof but rather water-resistant which means some amount of water can get into the backpack if under the rain for a reasonable amount of time.

Why Go For A Rating Of 9 Out of 10

This is based on my personal preference and not of any other person because I am pretty sure everyone has their own preferences. I am more of a stylish kind of person and I just feel though the Jansport Big Student Backpack can serve the needs of most students in college, it is just not stylish enough and looks too simple and straight to the point. In my opinion on a scale of 1 to 10 based on how stylish the backpack is I would say 4.

Also, I would have preferred if the pack was water-proof rather than water resistant but I guess that is still OK.

The Jansport big student backpack is an amazing backpack for students and very affordable and I would recommend it for students looking to purchase a backpack for college.

If you have any questions or suggestions based on this awesome backpack please do not hesitate to leave them in the comment section and if you wish to get a Jansport Big Student Backpack for yourself, you can check out the price by clicking the link below.



54 comments on “JanSport Big Student Backpack Review – Ideal For Students

  1. It looks like a good backpack from what I see in the pics.  

    My youngest daughter use to complain about how heavy her empty backpack was until we switched to a lighter one so that is a good point.

    I would have hoped they had included a laptop sleeve as well as a zippered pocket for cell phones.  Most students who would carry a backpack like this will have those things.

    1. Hi I agree, I think in this day and age a sleeve to ensure your expensive laptop stays firmly and securely in place would definitely be a plus. I do like the washable feature of this backpack tho’, but wonder if washing would destroy the ‘water resistant’ quality of the materials used.

  2. Hey Manuel, nice article. You know, one of the things that I was always wondering about was if you could wash a backpack. I can’t even begin to tell you how often I’ve thought about washing my old backpacks but I was always afraid that they would get destroyed in the wash. Also, its good to have a backpack that’ll allow you to organize smaller items. Your post was a great read. Good job!

  3. Students use shoulder bags and usually, they don’t have as much padding and they can also be bulky and hard to carry. Despite the fact that backpacks are flexible and lightweight, they provide maximum security for the products inside them.  There are many benefits of the backpack but one of the benefits of a backpack is preventing the spine to incline forward during walking that would be helpful in preventing damage of long-term backpack carrying. Great review, thanks for sharing.

  4. Hello Manuel. I hope you are having a great time. Thank you for sharing information about the JanSport Big Student Backpack. I am thinking of getting a backpack that would enable me carry my laptop and books around from home to school and to church. I have never had experience about JanSport products before. well, from your review, I think it’s the way to go. Thank you for sharing

      1. I have tried Jansports Backpack before when I was still studying and I could say that it is pretty decent to use. the style would suit my style and I don’t really bring that much stuff so I just put a pen and a binder. It does not really add to the weight so its pretty light and comfortable.

  5. This looks like the ideal backpack, not too fancy, and lightweight, with seprate compartments.  I know that not everything is perfect as you stated but this seems like a good backpack for anyone who just wants to pack the stuff they need quickly and easily.  It looks simple and lightweight.

  6. That’s a nice little backpack.

    I’m just looking for one for my daughter for school. She keeps using mine but that is not why I bought it 🙂

    My girl likes colours, does this one come in different colours?

    And the straps, are the adjustable, my daughter is not that tall yet and I want her to have it comfortable.

  7. Hi,

    thanks for reviewing this backpack.  I definitely like that it is lightweight.  Personally, I have owned heavy backpacks and it gets so heavy when you have too much stuff in there.

    I think it does not look very stylish, but for me that is not important.  If it has the features and it works, so I sure like this backpack.

    I would only like the laptop sleeve.  It is better when they are better protected.  Else, perfect choice for any college student.


  8. Manuel,

    I have two grandsons one in high school and another in college, the one in college carries a backpack with him everywhere including home when he makes it for a few days.  I have noticed that his pack is really heavy and have asked him about it.  He said that it has bothered his back on occasion when he has so much walking to do with some of his classes.  I noticed this pack does not have a laptop sleeve do you know if they make one with a laptop sleeve by the same company?

    Love the idea of it being lightweight when empty so just might get him one even if it does not have the laptop sleeve keeping his load lighter.  

    Thank you going to keep your website bookmarked to keep checking for more supplies that might be useful for him.


  9. One of favorite topic The Back Pack. I remember my daughter from day 1 she entered high school and coming out from college.with back pack. I thought she will someday will be hospitalized for back problem.

     Not only her, everyone you see getting in to school bus with backpacks bending them few inches, piano or something in one hand and coming out. The overloaded packs carry advance biology, advanced what not. I always look for good student friendly bags and once considered having a business. I could not design any better up until now. 

    I thought rolling bags. My daughter laughed me. Where on earth you live!-she told me. Old stupid idea.

    Coming to this nice backpack not build out of heavy material is the best part form me along with life time warranty, you can wash it, organize your stuff, water bottle holder, can withstand rain reasonably. Everything good and fits well to a student budget. 

    I enjoyed this thorough review of a useful product. I hope this blog will help the students of the entire world.

  10. My son has one of these bag packs. It’s really awesome, it has lots of space, a comfortable padding at the back and of course the price is pretty reasonable. He attends high school and some days he takes more than the usual stuff to school, especially when he has practical subjects. This bag is ideal for those days as it comfortably holds everything and it’s not too heavy. I really like this bag, it’s durable and easy to wash . He has three other bag packs and this by far is the best. 

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hello Manuel,I was once a student and the truth is that the backpack you promote is ideal. 

    As you well explain it is large, cloth, several closures, light, and at a price accessible to the student.

    I have also read your advice and care that we should have when cleaning it. 

    I will take your site into account when I have to make the purchase.

    Regards! Claudio

  12. Thanks for the review on JanSport Backpack, it was indeed detailed to the point that I could say is a convincing buy at the spot after reading, I like your description and rating according to what your feel for JanSport Backpack.

    Based on your description JanSport is very ideal for travelling and camping as well since it can carry so many things at the go.

    I would have loved you talk also on the security features of JanSport, How secure is it? Does it comes with any tracking device? Considering the quantity sold daily how does the owners of this Backpack identify their backpack in circumstances where there have to keep their backpack in one place? Do there have labels to identify them?

    I will love it more if this questions are answered, I might recommend also to my pals.

    Thanks, waiting to read more from you.

    1. The Jansport Big Student Backpack is an ideal pack for college students and although they are produced in large quantities they are not customized specifically for individuals. That would have to be done personally by the owner of the backpack. 

      Also the Jansport Big Student Backpack is not a tech kind of backpack and does not come with a tracking device. Also tracking devices would have to be put into a backpack by the owner of the backpack before the pack can be tracked by the owner.

      I hope I was able to answer your questions and thanks for your comments.

  13. This back pack is not just for college students.  My wife and I are well past our college days.  We have had a JanSport Backpack that we have used often when we needed a convenient way to carry along essentials.  It makes a great carry on bag when traveling by air.  It fits perfectly in the overhead compartment and you will be amazed how much it will hold.

    1. Yes Dennis. The Jansport big student backpack though is ideal for students but can also be used by those that are not students. It can serve as a pack that can be used for travelling and for many other reasons.

  14. Very well organized and informative review! Backpacks are huge for any school year, whether it be for organization, appearance or what not. I personally take great pride in finding a backpack that I will want to wear and one that suits my needs, I personally have a Thule backpack right now and love it! I think everyone should take the time to look for a backpack that’s right for them! It’s reviews like yours that help with this.

    1. Thanks Kohl for your awesome comment. Backpack is an important item we need to own because it can help us in making the way we carry our items much easier.

  15. It is a very good review .According to this review,this backpack is very good for students to carry their books and laptop.My son is going to start high school ,I am going to order a black one to give it to him.

    I have one question,can it be washed ?

    Thank you for the answer.

  16. Nice,

    Love the review.

    I am a huge fan of the back pack. I have several at home ranging from North Face to Fossil and a few JanSport. I have to say the bang for you buck is with JanSPort. Usually outlast all and have a great guarantee that can’t be beat. 

    I haven’t bought this one yet, but very intrigued to see how it holds up for my daughter going to school next year. Thanks for the thorough review.



  17. I’ve been looking for a new backpack as I head back to my studies so thanks for this very helpful review.  I’m a bit concerned about the lack of a laptop sleeve and only being shower proofed.  How good is the padding in the main pocket for protecting a laptop or tablet?  Other than that this sounds like a good deal and the price is right!

    1. Unfortunately, this Jansport big student backpack does not come with a laptop sleeve. If you need a backpack with a laptop sleeve then you should check out yorepek extra large backpack. You can still put your laptop into the Jansport backpack but you would have to make use of the main compartment of the bag. 

      The padding is OK but cannot guarantee that your laptop would be safe from damage or scratches. If you are really keen on getting a backpack with a laptop sleeve then check out yorepek’s extra large backpack.

  18. Nice post. This is really amazingly cheap to the quality it possessed. This really looks like a great quality according to what I see in these pictures. Though, my sister does complain about how heavy her empty backpack was until she switched to the lighter one. I really see a good point in there. Student backpack should not be heavy to carry

  19. Thanks for writing this review on jansport big student backpack. Firstly, I like the fact that the backpack can be washed and dried and last longer. In my own view, it is not the price or fashionable aspect of the backpack that matter. It is the quality and the ability of the backpack to be able to carry all my belongings in one place and doesn’t cut or get spoilt quickly. I have used a Jansport backpack product before and I know how strong and good they are. 

    1. As a college student carrying a fashionable or stylish backpack should not really be a major concern but there are also some students that just like been fashionable and this might make them opt for a backpack that looks stylish like the oscuart anti-theft backpack.

  20. Thanks for this review. I am a student and i recently learned about smart backpacks from your website. The kopack and loctote backpacks are way above my budget and smaller for my needs. the Jansport backpack isn’t stylish but it is big which makes it the best option for a student because of all the stuffs we have to carry. i’m getting a jansport backpack  Thanks for sharing this information.

  21. Thanks for the review. One thing I love about Jansport is their durability. Although there was a particular one I used growing up. It stayed with me for quite a long time just that I changed the zips a couple of time. This particular one on your review is very cost effective for its size and quality. I would definitely get this and recommend it for anyone. And let me testify that the bag I had then was very light but durable 

    1. The Jansport big student backpack definitely leaves up to its name. Although it might not be perfect but it has its advantages which makes it a favorite for a lot of students.

  22. Dear Manuel,

    Thanks a lot for the very thorough and comprehensive review post. 

    Every year in our church we provide free gifts for high school students such as books, water bottle, lunch box, pen, pencil, scale, geometry box etc., But never gave a backpack and when I read your post I taught of discussing with my pastor. The cost is also under budget.

    We can wash this backpack is really a good news and I appreciate for sharing the two cons (No laptop sleeve & Not a water proof) which is a bit concern. 

    I loved how easy the review makes it for readers. No additional research needed and you left no stone up-turned in explaining how it all works.

    Much Success!


  23. I’m going to need a bigger backpack, before I go back to school this coming fall. I’d like something I can put my laptop in with enough room to spare for books and other items I might use over the course of a day. I’m the kind of guy who wears cargo shorts and cargo pants for the pockets, except that I don’t always have that luxury. Since I’m also a writer, the laptop is a given and I’m prone to writing pretty much anywhere, even when I’m not in school. Looks like this is probably the backpack for me. Thanks for the info!

  24. realbackpacks.com is a great blog site. I do always follow your post. I was bought a backpack from suggesting and read a kids backpack review website. Please check & suggest me can I follow that?

    1. Hello Sabbir,
      I have taken a closer look at the suggested options and although I cannot speak for the website itself but what I can tell you is that their suggestions were spot on and those are some of JanSport’s best school backpacks.

  25. Hello dear Manuel, i have always loved to follow you with all you have always written on backpacks. Today, you have done another review of a backpack that i think is very awesome.  The Jansport s really great looking at all its features. One thing i really admire is the fact that it is lightweight and can carry more but i understand that it is not the perfect thing. Nice post.

  26. Wow, i have been looking for something like this one that is both cost-effective and also very quality. Reading through your review of this product, i see that the Jansport meets all my needs. It is lightweight which means a minimum amount of stress to my back and has the basic compartments for me to organise my stuff. I have to get this. Thank you.

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