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Let me ask you a question, have you ever bought an item online? If you replied yes to this question then I am pretty sure you know exactly how to buy a backpack online. If you have not bought or are struggling to make the decision to buy a backpack online, follow me as I show you exactly how it is done which would make your shopping much easier.

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There are advantages to buying a backpack online as well as disadvantages and those of us that make purchases online would be familiar with most of them.

What You Would Learn From This Post

  • Advantages and disadvantages of buying backpacks both online and offline
  • Popular places to buy backpacks online
  • Pictorial demonstration on how I make my backpack purchases

Do People Actually Prefer Buying Backpacks Online?

To answer this question better, I did some research and my findings were interesting. According to, a survey was carried out to specifically address this question and the survey was based on those that buy backpacks online based on photos, those that go into a shop to try it on before they buy, those that read reviews before buying online and those that buy based on recommendations from a friend.

From the result of the survey, I noticed that a lot of people that buy backpacks actually prefer to go to a brick and mortar to purchase their backpacks(specifically 53.9% of those that took the survey).

This simply means that for those that buy backpacks, most of them actually prefer going into a physical store to make their purchase.

My second observation from the results of the survey carried out was that those that read reviews before buying online (about 19.2%) came second to those that actually purchase from physical stores with those that buy due to recommendations from friends (about 19.2%) and those that buy online based on photos (about 7.7%) coming up third and fourth respectively.

If I am to ask you, what do you actually think about this survey? At first glance, you might actually think the gap between those that buy offline and those that buy online is much but if you take a closer look, you would see that that is not really the case.

Let me break it down. Those that buy online based on reviews was 19.2% and those that buy online based on the backpack photo they saw is 7.7%. This means that from these two observations, those that really actually bought online was 19.2% + 7.7% which would give us 26.9% that buy online based on these two observations. Let’s go even further.

If you also noticed, you would see that those that buy online due to recommendations from friends is 19.2%. So what does this mean? This means that those that actually buy online in total is 26.9% + 19.2% which is 46.1%.

Even with more people actually buying offline, don’t you think that a lot of people actually also buy online? Now before you begin to actually think that it is better buying a backpack offline, HOLD THAT THOUGHT and continue reading.

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Why Do We Actually Buy Backpacks Online?

From the results, it is clear that more people buy backpacks offline but with that, a lot of people also actually buy backpacks online. Now why people actually buy backpacks online is a question you might find yourself asking. Are you anxious to find out why? Then read on.

Way More Options

With the popularity of online shopping increasing, shopping online has never been easier than it currently is and this would become better each and every year. One of the reasons I like buying backpacks online is due to the vast options available. You can do a lot of comparisons to find the exact design that you want.

It is really amazing and currently, some online shops even give you the chance to design your own backpack online which you submit and then the manufacturers would give you exactly what you designed. Although you might spend extra for this, this just tells you how far the internet has come thereby been able to give you exactly what you asked for.

Availability Of Creative And Unique Designs

I have bought several backpacks online and I can assure you that I could not find most of these backpacks offline as they were made with unique styles and designs.

Now depending on where you are from, finding these unique styles or designs of backpacks might be easy when you go to a physical store but for a lot of people this might not be the case.

Most of these unique backpacks might not be available in a lot of places but due to online purchases and shipping, you can be able to get that particular backpack to where you are.

Although I have come to find out that some online stores do not ship to certain countries but what I just do is to purchase it from a different online store. It is as easy as that.

Have you seen the unique design of the Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack? I am pretty sure you are hardly going to find this particular designing of a backpack in a store close to you. This is just one more advantage of purchasing backpacks online.

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Get Opinions On Those That Made Use Of The Backpack

How many times have you encountered someone in a store that has actually made use of the item that you are about to buy? If this has ever happened to you then I would have to say that you were pretty lucky because it hardly happens to a lot of people out there.

This is a huge advantage of buying a backpack online because before you make your decision you can actually read the reviews of customers that have actually made use of the backpack you are about to obtain. This is a no brainer and can actually help you a lot before you make your purchase.

Also, there would be questions that a lot of people actually asked before they made their purchase and you can view these questions and answers before you make your purchase which would enable you to make an informed decision.

When you make a purchase in a mortar and brick store, there is no way you can remember to ask all you want to ask or find out every little detail before making a purchase but luckily, when you buy your backpack online you can draw from the experiences both the good and the bad from previous buyers before you make your decision.

Get Better Deals or Slashed Prices

Have you ever purchased an item offline and then found out later on that it costs less online? A lot of us have been there and it is one disadvantage of buying a backpack offline. Now, this may not be the case most of the time as you can get deals in some major retail stores but the fact is that these retail stores are not available in a lot of places which makes your best option to be buying online.

You cannot blame most stores for increasing their prices as they have to make a profit from the items they sell but from the customers point of view, they are only interested in buying an item as low as they possibly can and don’t want to buy products been sold for more than the actual asking price.

When you buy your backpack online, you are able to compare prices from different stores or sites and some of them would have deals and would slash their prices so you can get your product at a low price.

Similar recommendations

When I plan on buying a backpack online, take for example a smart backpack, after I see a particular backpack that I like, I might want to see other options similar to that particular backpack. On most online stores you are able to scroll down to the page and view products similar to the one you plan on purchasing.

This particular function has come in handy a lot when I purchased online as I have been able to find better options than what I actually planned on buying.

No Sales Clerks Breathing Down Your Neck

Have you ever entered into a brick and mortar store probably just to look through several items or yet still to make a purchase and then found yourself actually making that purchase that you actually never planned on making?

If you haven’t, good for you but for some people out there like me, we have made several purchases that a sales clerk pressured us on buying and then getting home before realizing that this actually was not the option we planned on going for or did not even actually plan on making that purchase.

This is one thing that although also occurs online when purchasing a backpack but is not as common as when purchasing offline.

Why do I say this? I say this because you have a lot of time to make a decision when buying online with nobody breathing down your neck or sweet-talking an item without informing you about any of its downsides before you decide on making that purchase.

If you buy backpacks online especially when reading reviews you would notice that when advantages of a particular backpack is stated, you would also find disadvantages of that particular backpack like for example, if you read Oscuart Anti-theft Backpack Review, you would notice that I stated the advantages of this backpack like its anti-theft feature, its design, its organization, and other features but if you take a closer look you would also notice that I talked about the size of the backpack been a little too small and also the backpack not been meant for everyone.

These are some disadvantages of making use of that particular backpack. When you know of these disadvantages, you would be better informed which would enable you to make a better and well-informed decision on whether to make the purchase or not.

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This is an advantage to buying online that you would not often get when you shop for a backpack offline.

What Difficulties Do I Face Buying Backpacks Online

Buying a backpack online is fun and exciting but this does not mean that it does not come with its own baggage. Sometimes they can be pretty frustrating but I am able to find alternate solutions to most of them. For starters…

Items Might Be Out Of Stock

If you buy backpacks online or other items then you might have come across this. Sometimes, an item that you really want to buy might be out of stock and this can be frustrating. Before it would be restocked might take some time depending on the manufacturer.

A woman biting a pencil due to frustration of an item been out of stock

This can be a big let down as you probably won’t be patient enough to wait for it to be restocked. My quick fix to this is to just go to another reputable website that sells that particular backpack and just purchase from there.

Delay On Receiving Your Backpack

Most of us would want to make use of our backpacks as soon as we purchase them but unfortunately, this can be delayed when you buy your backpack online as you might have to wait for some days before it gets to you. The time frame might differ based on your location but the fact that remains is that you must wait for some particular time before it gets to you.

One of my favorite places of purchasing backpacks is Amazon and they have the option of express delivery which means your product would get to you faster than the normal time.

Impossible To Test Out Before Purchase

This is pretty obvious and I think it is one of the biggest disadvantages of buying a backpack online. Most of us want to feel and touch a product and even test it out before we make that purchase and it is advised to actually test out a backpack by putting it on to see if it is the right fit for you before you actually make the purchase which is what I did when I bought my first backpack.

Most of the backpacks you buy online would actually be a good fit with the option of adjusting its straps to suit your taste. So the option of testing out your backpack before purchase though very important but can be managed so you get the best out of your backpack.

Delayed Reply To Questions Asked

There are times that you might want an answer to a particular question that has not been asked by someone else. Reply to your question might be slow unlike when you shop in a physical store. Even if you email the seller of the backpack, you might not get an immediate reply to your question which can delay your research on that particular backpack.

Places To Buy Backpacks Online

Having laid out the reasons why I like to buy my backpack online and also why buying a backpack online has its disadvantages, I would like to show you exactly how to buy a backpack online. But first, where do we actually buy backpacks from when we buy online.

For starters, if you are familiar with a brand name and you intend on buying that particular brand, then the best thing to do would be to buy from their official site.

If you don’t know their official site then you can use google to get it. But if you don’t plan to follow this method then some common places where a lot of people buy backpacks from are…

#1 Amazon

This is one of the most popular places to buy backpacks online and very few people don’t know about Amazon.

They sell almost anything you can think about and the awesome part is that you can read reviews of previous buyers and do basically almost everything I have talked about in this post.

#2 Target

These guys have so many deals that you might find yourself buying more than one backpack when you shop with them. Also, they offer really low prices on their items.

#3 Ebags

They are an online retailer of backpacks, handbags, luggages and travel accessories. Check out their exclusive collection to get the best prices on some of your favorite backpacks.

#4 Forever 21

Searching for that cute chic backpack? Then you should check out forever 21. They are an American fast-growing retailers with trendy must-have styles with hot deals.

#5 Backcountry

For those trekkers out there, your one stop for your recreational gears for camping, hiking, road biking, mountain biking and so much more is the online specialty retailer Backcountry.

You can purchase your outdoor gears from big brands to small and undiscovered brands at Backcountry.

These are examples of some places online where you can get backpacks at very reasonable prices.

Step By Step Procedure On Buying A Backpack

My favorite out of all the online retailers listed above is Amazon and I am going to show you how I purchase my backpack from them.

Please note that before you can make a purchase from Amazon you would have to create an account with them.

If you already have an account then sign in before you continue with the procedure. Make sure you are not logged in to someone else’s account but only your account.

First and foremost, you should have an idea of the backpack you plan to shop for. You can go directly to or if you are going through a blog, you can just click the buy now button that would lead you to Amazon. Note that the process is pretty similar for different online retailers.

If you go through, all you need to do is to type the name of the backpack you plan on getting into the Amazon search bar.

If you don’t have any idea what to buy you can always just type in backpacks or narrow it down by typing backpacks for men/women/kids/schools/hiking or for anything or scenario you need your backpack for.

In most cases, this would help narrow your search. If you don’t want to go through this route you can always go step by step from the homepage of Amazon. From the homepage, you hover your mouse cursor on department, locate luggage and click on it.

On the page that opens up, you click on backpacks which is at the left side of the screen. You would be taken to a page where you can find lots of backpacks and you can narrow down the search by making use of the filter menus at the left-hand side of the screen.

When you find a pack that you like you click on it which would take you to a page dedicated to the description of the backpack.

From this page, you can read the reviews of the other customers on that particular backpack and also see the questions asked by some customers.

If you like what you read after selecting a color you like (if this option is available) what you do next is to click on add to cart.

If the backpack is available you would see in stock if not you would see out of stock which means you have to get it somewhere else or choose a different backpack.

On the next page that displays, you click on proceed to cart. You would be directed to a page that would show the address(s) where your backpack would be shipped to.

Note that at this particular point you are to use the address that you want your backpack to be shipped to therefore you should make use of the name/information of the recipient of the item which can be you or anyone you plan to send it to. If you don’t already have this information in your account you can just create a new address using your same account. The new address can be created on this same page.

You click on deliver to this address and on the page that opens up you would be able to select your shipping options depending on how quick you intend to receive your item. Just know that if you intend to receive it faster then you would have to pay more for it.

After you click on continue, you select your payment method fill in the information and click add your card. The page would reload and you would see your card has been added. You can select any more payment options if available.

Note that you can only use one credit card per purchase but you would be able to make use of gift cards or promotional codes together with your credit card.

If you have selected your payment method you just click on continue. The final page of checking out would be the review your order page and on this particular page, you can make changes to all that you have done up to this point. To complete your order you click on place your order.

After this, you would get a message that your order has been placed and you would also get an email confirmation of your order.

So this is how to buy a backpack online from Amazon. Obviously, the process for other sites might be different but there are a lot of similarities.


Learning how to buy a backpack online and making the purchase as you have seen is not a difficult task. Based on the survey carried by we can see that although a lot of people purchase backpacks offline, there are also a lot of backpack purchases that happen online.

I can attest to the fact that there are a lot of advantages of buying a backpack online but with those advantages, there are also some disadvantages. Whatever choice you decide to make on where to purchase your backpack from is totally up to you.

I would love to read your reply on this topic. Have you ever bought a backpack? If so, where did you buy your backpack from? Do you prefer it to the alternative of purchasing a backpack from either online or offline? Please feel free to reply to this and leave your comments in the comment section below.


16 comments on “How To Buy A Backpack Online – Shopping Made Easy

  1. That’s a nice and wonderfully written post. In fact, I was planning to buy a backpack, great to land into this site. Since you have mentioned that Amazon is the best place to buy. What is your opinion about other sellers you have mentioned? Have you tried them? I haven’t, btw. 🙂

    Does they all provide international delivery? Anyways, this is a nice article to read as everyone needs a backpack.



    1. Thanks for your comment and for visiting my site. Amazon is not the best place to buy but rather it is a good place to buy and I think it is one of the most popular places to buy things online. Like I suggested your first option might be to try out the official site of the particular brand you intend to purchase (that’s if you know the name). If you don’t know any brand then you can check out Amazon and what they have to offer.

  2. I got to University and I live far away from my house. I live in the residence at the moment so I travel every week and I was looking to buy a travel backpack which can hold my laptop. I’m glad that I found this article because I actually like one of the traveling backpack listed in your article. I’m going to order this tomorrow.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article.

  3. Thank you for sharing such an informative post, personally I do have 3 backpacks differentiated with purpose such as occasion, two of them I bought online, among the two, one of it a friend of mine recommended me to check it out, I really do trust online shopping as I have done it severally, I also agree that it saves on time as they deliver to your premises, I am a huge fan of backpacks, I really appreciate for coming across this post, thank you.

    1. Thanks Joy for your comment. Shopping online has its benefits as long as its disadvantages. We have to weigh both options and go for the ones that fit our needs.

  4. Thanks for the in-depth article on buying backpacks, I was really impressed by the level of research you did and you uncovered a lot of information I had never even thought of!

    Some good information about buying a unique backpack. Of course, physical stores can’t stock every possible combination of backpack, so buying online is definitely the way to go.

    You also make a good point about clerks breathing down your neck. I hate it when you go to a store and feel under pressure, shopping online is a much more relaxed experience for me…

    1. It really is a relaxed experienced Les. That is a really vital point you just made. One can relax and shop online without any stress or hurry to buy or someone breathing down your neck just because they want to make the sale. It is really a much more relaxed experience.

  5. I prefer buying online because I can view a ton of different products without a sales clerk interfering in my decision. However, buying online can be pretty tricky because you may get something different from the pictures you’ve seen. 

    When buying online, I always read the customers review and I pick the bags with the most positive review. That way I know I’m getting a good product.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. That’s a really good point Louis. One of the disadvantages of buying a backpack online is that there is a chance that you might be mislead based on the pictures been displayed. But if this ever happens the best thing is just to return it back and either get a refund or another backpack.

  6. Thanks for the detailed post giving me variety of choices in purchasing my backpacks online. It’s just that atimes the very backpacks you want to purchase may be out of stock and you may not really be confident enough to make your purchase outside your favorite website. Most of those website you listed are not really known to me except Amazon.

    1. Amazon is one of the most popular companies online that sell a lot of items so they are known to many. The other listed sites are also good and a lot of people know them and make use of them.

  7. I have made many purchases online to include a backpack. Your deep dive into the ‘why’ people buy a backpack either offline or online was interesting and I like and agree with many of your observations. Speaking from personal experience, I can say you are spot on.

    As you show, the how of buying a backpack is not hard, the actual purchase process is relatively quick and easy. Prior to the purchase is where your advice is most valuable. There are many things to watch for and also opportunities that you have purchasing this item online.

    I use a combination of considerations when making a purchase online. I may have a friend that has a certain style of a backpack and it looks good and feels great (when trying it for comfort and usability), and I combine that with what I may see in a store, then when online I look at the options and prices prior to making that final checkout button.

    This most definitely was a useful post for those that are researching how to buy a backpack online. They will be able to make a better decision on which to buy using your tips, and likely will be more satisfied with their purchase over time. Thanks!   

    1. Thank you Dave for your comment. Personally, I like to buy backpacks online because there are a lot of options that one can choose from and I am able to take my time when researching for a good backpack without someone breathing down my neck to make the purchase.

  8. I have to say that I have never bought a backpack online before but the way the online market is now it can be a good option since we can find more variety and the convenience it gives us, if we do not like it we can return it and I think it would be a good idea to try it. maybe I never try to buy a backpack online before like you mention,because we can’t try it before purchasing. Next time that I need a backpack I will give it a try.

    Thank you for this great article.

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