How To Best Select A Laptop Backpack On Amazon

One of the most expensive items I currently own is an expensive laptop and due to my lifestyle, I find myself carrying my laptop in my backpack on a regular basis. Having the right bag for your microcomputer is a huge deal and from my experience of this, I have been able to come up with ways on how to best select a laptop backpack on Amazon.

A picture of a laptop backpack from Amazon

Why Amazon you might ask. Well, they are one of the most popular online stores and a lot of backpacks with very reasonable prices can be gotten from Amazon. They are trustworthy and are known and also being used by a lot of people.

Trying to buy a laptop backpack online can be pretty tricky but I have come to understand that if you know what you want and what to look out for when making your purchase then it can be pretty easy.

If this is your first buy then you might want to check out what to look out for when making that first purchase. But if you already have some experience then researching on features to look out for when buying a laptop backpack on Amazon was a really good decision.

I intend to reveal to you the exact features which are extremely important when you decide to buy a laptop backpack. Just so you know, a regular backpack can also be used to carry a laptop but to be safer it is best to make use of a pack that was specifically designed to house a laptop.

Some very important features you need to look out for which I intend to talk about are

  1. how to get a backpack that can best protect your laptop while it is in the bag
  2. Some dangers of a laptop in a bag
  3. How to protect your laptop from these dangers by choosing the right type of backpack
  4. Taking into consideration the size of your laptop and some other factors

After reading this post you should have detailed information which should enable you to make a smart choice when you decide to get a laptop backpack on Amazon.

Protect Your Laptop

A laptop is a pretty expensive item and one of the best things you can do for yourself when purchasing a backpack for your laptop is to get one that can best protect your laptop.

There are three very important things to consider when you intend to protect the laptop in your bag and they are

  • Protection from damages
  • Protection from scratching
  • Protection from theft
  • Protection from rainfall
Protection from damages

As far as I can tell, a laptop can be prone to two sources of damages while inside a bag.

  • Damages from outside the bag
  • Damages from within the bag

Damages that can be caused or influenced by some outside forces on a laptop are damages due to

  • Falling of the bag on the ground
  • Aggressive contact of the backpack with a person or an object

If a backpack should experience any of these, the chances of the laptop inside the backpack getting damaged are pretty high. At times, we might be overthinking this but it is just best to be safe.

One of the best ways to protect a laptop from damages while it is inside your backpack is by getting a backpack that comes with a padded sleeve. Note that I did not mention just sleeve but rather padded sleeve.

An image showing a laptop in a padded laptop sleeve in a backpack

When a laptop sleeve is padded it gives it kind of like an additional layer of protection protecting your laptop from impacts from both within and outside the bag.

I always like it if the bottom of my backpack is also padded. This can actually go a long way in reducing the impact of the bag on the ground or floor if the backpack falls vertically.

Making use of a backpack with a padded sleeve can also go a long way especially for those that always get their backpacks knocked around on trains, buses or in crowded areas.

A picture showing people standing inside a crowded train with various bags

For damages from a bag, a laptop padded sleeve can protect your laptop from items that can press against your laptop. This can be from anything with some weight to anything that has the potential to cause damage to a laptop.

Having a backpack with laptop padded sleeve gives the laptop its own compartment separate from other items in the backpack.

Protection From Scratches

Since a laptop padded sleeve separates the laptop from other items in the backpack, the potential of the laptop getting scratched is drastically reduced. Scratches can occur from materials one would never expect.

The best way to avoid this is by getting a backpack that enables your microcomputer to be completely separated from other items in a bag as shown in the images above.

To know if a backpack has a laptop padded sleeve when looking for laptop backpacks on Amazon is pretty easy. The names of some backpacks have the word padded sleeve or padded laptop sleeve on them just like the example shown in the picture below.

An image showing the name of a laptop backpack from Amazon

It can also be listed as part of the specs or features of the backpack. Also, you would be able to see the laptop sleeve when you check out the images of the backpack on the description page on Amazon.

Protection From Theft

One of the best ways to protect your laptop in your backpack is by getting a bag that is anti-theft. It is as easy as that. Some laptops are very light that they add very little load to the actual weight of the pack.

Even if it is removed from your backpack while it is on your back you might end up not An image showing a person trying to gain access into a laptop backpack from Amazoneven realizing that it is actually gone.

But with the power of anti-theft backpacks, you can be at ease when the laptop is in your backpack while it is on your back.

I have reviewed several anti-theft backpacks on this blog. You can always check them out to know what I mean.

The zips in anti-theft backpacks are most likely always hidden. You would notice that I made use of the word most likely.

That is because not all anti-theft backpacks have their zippers hidden.

For example, Matein laptop backpack is an anti-theft backpack but I would not completely consider it as anti-theft because its front zippers are clearly visible. The reason it is considered as anti-theft is that it comes with hidden pockets that can be used to safeguard some of your valuable items.

That would not be much of a use if you are in the market for an anti-theft backpack that would make access into your backpack difficult which would protect your laptop from being stolen.

For an anti-theft backpack that would secure your laptop from being stolen, you can check out kopack anti-theft backpack or oscaurt anti-theft backpack.

Their zippers are completely hidden which can guarantee the safety of the laptop in your backpack as long as it is on your back.

Protection From Rainfall

If you have read how to best secure the items in a backpack, you would notice that I mentioned something about pickpockets not being the only variable you need to consider if you intend to protect the items in your backpack.

Another variable you really need to consider is rainfall. Water can be a huge problem for a laptop if they are able to find their way into the laptop.

One major factor you need to consider when looking into laptop backpacks on Amazon is a waterproof/water-repellent or water-resistant backpack.

I cannot stress this enough especially if you live in regions that experience regular rainfall. You would definitely need to protect your laptop from these rainfalls when it is in your backpack.

The best way to do this is to go for a backpack that either does not allow water into the bag or limits the access of water into a bag unless the rainfall is very heavy.

Many backpacks on Amazon are advertised as been waterproof but in reality, they are actually not waterproof but water-resistant. When exposed to heavy rainfall most of them are not able to hold up and eventually water finds its way into the bag.

Yes, some are waterproof but what I advise if you intend to protect your laptop from rain is to get a rain cover that can be used to cover the backpack.

The good news is that some backpacks actually come with these rain covers, for example, kopack anti-theft backpack comes with a rain cover but in most cases, you are going to have to buy a rain cover if your backpack doesn’t come with one.

So if you are looking for a laptop backpack on Amazon, make sure you go for one that is waterproof/water-repellent/water-resistant and to be on the safe side to protect your laptop in your bag make sure you get a backpack rain cover.

Size Always Matters

Have you ever tried putting your laptop into your backpack and noticed that it could not properly fit into the backpack? Or yet still you tried fitting your laptop into the laptop compartment sleeve in your bag and noticed that it could not properly fit in.

These occur due to the fact that the size of your backpack is not compatible with the size of your laptop.

For anyone that has bought a laptop backpack on Amazon, you would notice that the size of the backpack or the inches of the laptop the backpack can contain would be included in the specs/features or even the name of the backpack.

The name of a laptop backpack on Amazon showing the laptop size the backpack can contain

This is actually being done for a reason and it is to make sure anyone intending to purchase the backpack know the size of the backpack.

You don’t expect a backpack designed to fit a 15.6inch laptop to be able to fit a 17inch laptop. When purchasing a laptop backpack from Amazon you need to know the size of your laptop so you know the size of the laptop backpack to search for.

This is very important and would actually save you the hassle of trying to force your laptop into your backpack.

Quick Access To Your Laptop

When intending to purchase a laptop backpack from Amazon a factor I recently started taking note of is actually on accessing my laptop from my backpack.

There are different types of backpacks. There are some that open from the top while others open from the side of the bag. There are even those that open both from the top and from the side of the bag.

Some laptop backpacks actually have special zippers dedicated to the laptop compartment. This was done to enable quick access to the laptop without going through the top of the bag.

A laptop backpack from Amazon having a dedicated side zipper for accessing its laptop compartment

Are you a person that goes into further detail when intending to pick a laptop bag from Amazon? Then you would need to make a decision before you start searching for a laptop backpack on Amazon.

If you prefer to have a pack whereby you can access the laptop without opening the main zipper from the top of the bag then you might have to search for a backpack that has a side zipper dedicated to the laptop compartment of the backpack.

Important Factors To Never Forget

Just because you are buying a laptop backpack from Amazon does not mean that you would not consider quality and comfort.

These are very important because even if you buy a laptop backpack with a separate compartment or with a laptop padded sleeve or even if the size of the bag is just perfect. If it is not of good quality or not comfortable then the criteria mentioned above would be considered useless.

When purchasing a laptop backpack on Amazon make sure they are made of really high-quality material and also make sure they were made to be comfortable.

For a backpack to be comfortable it needs to have padded shoulder straps and the straps need to be adjustable. Also, make sure the back of the backpack is made with a padded material.

I recently started looking out for backpacks with foam padded top handles. This can come in handy if I decide to hold my backpack instead of leaving it on my back.


My intent on this post was not to show you how to buy a backpack. If you intend to know how to buy a backpack then check out what I looked out for when I bought my first backpack. This post was meant to show you what to look out for when you buy a laptop backpack on Amazon.

I have been able to point out some really important features to look out for when purchasing laptop backpacks on Amazon and some of them are too…

  • Go for packs with padded sleeves to prevent damages and scratches of the laptop
  • Go for those with anti-theft features to protect your laptop from been stolen while on your back
  • Get a backpack that eliminates or reduces the access of water into your bag or better still get a rain cover for your backpack
  • Always consider the size of your laptop so you have a good idea on the size of backpack to go for
  • Consider how you wish to access your laptop from your bag

If there was any point I did not mention in this post please feel free and inform me in the comment section below and I would be sure to include it.

If you have any questions or comments relating to this post please leave them in the comment section below and I would be sure to reply back as soon as possible.


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  1. I am also happy for getting to read this article. I love every single thing about this article as you took your time to explain the tips on how to get a good quality laptop backpack. There are many laptop backpacks that are low in quality and having knowledge of how to spot them is vital and that is what this article has helped me to do.

  2. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me.This article is an eye opener in selecting a backpack for laptop. Easy access to laptop, protection against anti-theft, scratch and water proof should be in consideration most. Good features is what I go for in selecting on amazon. Thanks for the information, best regards 

    1. Thanks Adamu for your comment. Picking a laptop from Amazon should not be rocket science. As long as one knows what they really want in a backpack it can be a pretty easy process.

  3. I read one of your article on “backpacks making college life easier” and u expressed my desire to get a backpack but I do not know how to determine the best backpack but luckily I came across your article again. Reading this I remembered I need to get one backpack for my laptop because it has at a time fallen from my hand when I was carrying it to school but if I get a backpack it will prevent this from happening again. I have seen what to consider in getting a backpack and I will be making a purchase soon.

  4. Hi dear,  you just posted a very important information, that which I need at this moment. Before I stumbled on your post on How To Best Select A Laptop Backpack On Amazon, I have been thinking about the kind of laptop bag to buy because my old one just got stolen in a conference I went for. But I will like to ask that won’t the bag with the best and favourable features attract more cost?  That is, won’t it be costly 

    1. Yes Barry, just with everyother thing, when a backpack is of better quality having more features that would benefit its user, it would in most cases cost more. 

  5. Really, a backpack is always needed for carrying a laptop. By reading this article about backpacks I now know about how I can select a laptop backpack from Amazon. It can save my laptop from any scratch, easy to carry anywhere. Thanks for sharing your concept about backpack selection. It will be very helpful for us.

  6. There are different types of laptop backpacks in the market today, but the need for quality, stylish, nice and above all not costly backpacks in the market is still at the high side. Most times many see some price of laptop backpack and consider it too expensive, but fail to look inward and see the quality of this backpacks. I really think all you have pointed out in this article would be really helpful.

  7. Thank you for this wonderful information on getting/purchasing a laptop backpack. Before now, I used any bag. I never put into consideration the factors you mention in this article such as purchasing a laptop backpack that has a padded sleeve. It didn’t occur to me explicitly, the inherent dangers and forces that can cause damages to the laptop though inside a backpack. But your recommendations of the ideal laptop backpacks that can absolve any internal and external forces have widened my perception and gave the exact solution. Wow! You also opened my mind to best anti-theft backpack like the out kopack anti-theft backpack or oscaurt anti-theft backpack as encapsulated in your article review.

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    1. Thank you Chidi for your comment and I am really glad that you got some really useful information from this post.

  8. The laptop market is a big industry because people are making use of them in business, schooling and personal life. So when there are people on the move they need bags to carry them laptops. Your articles touch upon various ways to get the best laptop bag to protect the asset. This is a great article full of information to help people out.   

    1. You make a valid point. The use of laptops by business men and women and even students create a need for the use of good laptop backpacks.

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