Gods Ghost Laptop Backpack – A Truly Impressive Creation

When I first heard the name gods ghost laptop backpack, I thought to myself that this must be some sought of out of this world bag. I was expecting to see a bag that could perform some extremely unique features.

Was this bag able to deliver in this aspect? There is only one way to find out. Read on while I break down for you my findings on this laptop bag.

Product Name: Gods Ghost Laptop Backpack(Daring Texture)

A Good Place To Buy: Amazon

Warranty: 1 year

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

The Brand Behind Gods Ghost Backpack

Before you commit to bringing out your hard-earned money to purchase a product, you might want to know a little more about the brand behind the product.

In this case, the brand behind the gods ghost laptop backpack are called RoadGods.

I am pretty sure that would be a strange name to you as it was to me but just like every other thing that we would like to know more about, a bit of research can go a long way.

Quick Note: Before you decide to read this review, you need to know one thing. As at the time of writing this review this particular product was only available locally.

This means according to their shipping policy page, this product is only available in India and they do not ship internationally.

This was a huge disappointment as it turned out that there was a lot of positive feedback on this god ghosts backpack.

The only thing said about this on the shipping policy page was that whenever they started shipping this product internationally, it would be reflected in their shipping policy page.

If you have any way to receive this product in India and can send it to anywhere you want in the world then please keep on reading.

Roadgods is a brand located in India and was founded in the year 2014. They are into anti-theft backpacks, motorcycle gear, outdoor adventure gear, performance clothing etc.

According to their website, the journey to the creation of roadgods started when the founder Apoorv who normally embarks on road trips discovered during his road trips some problems with the existing products that he made use of.

He noticed that the products were designed for use and not for the user. Noticing this he then decided to embark on a journey to solve these problems and therefore create unique experiences for their users.

This journey he decided to embark on made him name it as roadgods which led to the formation of the brand roadgods.

The co-founder of roadgods by the name of Ashish after finishing college decided to forgo job opportunities been offered to him and focus on the brand roadgods.

This is the short story of roadgods and their vision is “To create disruptive products, which solve problems, create unique experiences and bring user delight” and this has made them create products whereby their patents have been granted in India and several other countries.

Unfortunatley, the gods ghost laptop backpack is only distributed in India. To find out how they came up with the idea of this product please refer to this page.

An Overview Of Gods Ghost Laptop Backpack

I came across this backpack while researching on smart backpacks for women and men and I did not include it in that post because as at the time I wrote it this backpack was not been distributed to a lot of countries and even as I write this post it is still been distributed mostly in India. I don’t think it is been distributed in other countries.

The first thing that caught my attention when I first saw this bag was the elegant and unique design given to it.

The hidden zippers clearly show that it is an anti-theft backpack and it has such a nice built which I later came to realize that even when the bag is empty, it still retains its structure as when it has a lot of items in it.

It is a type of backpack that is not too big and would not be ideal for anyone intending to carry a lot.

From what I heard about the bag it seems to be cutproof and would be very difficult for anyone to gain access into the bag without my permission.

These are some great anti-theft features and I am pretty sure that there is more to this bag than meets the eyes.

If you are interested in this bag then read on while I reveal some amazing features that makes this bag stand out from its competitors.

Presence of Anti-Theft Features

For a backpack to be anti-theft, it needs to have its zips, pockets, and compartments hidden. This is a common feature of smart backpacks and the gods ghost laptop backpack possess this feature.

There are no accessible front zips on the backpack and the rear opening of the backpack is completely secured.

This is great protection against theft and pickpockets because not been able to access the zippers of a backpack makes it difficult to gain access into the backpack.

Also, some of us have a problem of actually forgetting to close the main compartments of our backpacks.

This has actually happened to me quite a number of time and because of this even while I am walking I always check my backpack to make sure the zips of the backpack is closed.

Well with gods ghost laptop backpack you definitely would not have this problem. This is because of the way the backpack was designed.

Never ever forget to close your backpack due to the mechanism of the bagIts mechanism made it so you just can never forget to close the zip of the main compartment of the backpack before putting it on your back.

The main compartment of the bag can only be accessed from the back of the bag. This means that as long as it is on your back then pickpockets have absolutely no way to gain access into your bag using the zip of the bag.

Unbreakable Access Through Outer shell

Making use of the zip of the main compartment of a backpack is not the only way to gain access into a bag. One can also gain access into a bag by making use of a sharp object like a knife or razor blade to cut through the front of the bag.

A lot of backpacks are unable to withstand this and therefore are unable to completely protect the items in your bag.

This is not the case for gods ghost backpack version 2 as it has been upgraded to have a reinforced outer shell which was made with unbreakable fiber.

This means that with the hidden zippers of the bag and also the unbreakable outer shell of the bag you can be rest assured that no one can gain access into your bag as long as it is on your back.

The only downside to this is that if you decide to remove the backpack from your back and place it on the ground without monitoring it then a pickpocket can be able to use the zipper at the back of the bag to gain access into the pack.

I talked about this when I wrote a post on how to safeguard your backpack and the items in it. To view this post click the link below.

    –>Click Here To Learn How To Safeguard Your Backpack And The Items In It<–

Retains Its Built Both When Empty and Full

Some times our backpacks look one way when they are empty and another way when they are full. This can be because of the material used in designing the bag.

I was really impressed when I found out that this was not the case for gods ghost laptop backpack.

Due to the material and the designing of the backpack, whenever items are placed inside it, it still retains its shape and the beauty that made you purchase the pack. It is able to stand on flat surfaces at ease without needing any support.

Its logo at the front of the bag is reflective which makes it glow at night making your presence known.

Not Your Typical Design

This is not your typical backpack design with a normal backpack style. The gods ghost laptop backpack was designed to have a minimalist and elegant look which would definitely make you stand out when you make use of the bag.

The quality and the rugged construction makes it one of a kind.

You can even convert the base of the backpack from either hard to soft depending on what you want.

The pack was made with polyester fabric which makes it be water-repellant and also water-resistant keeping the items in your bag safe from water.

It is imperative you know that this bag is not waterproof as stated above.

It can resist water to a very reasonable extent but if exposed to heavy rain for an amount of time, water can find its way into the backpack.

A way to safeguard your items in your bag under such an occasion is to make use of the rain cover for the gods ghost laptop backpack. This does not come with the bag and is actually sold separately.

You would need to search for “The Cape Ghost” on Amazon to be able to locate this. The last time I checked it was unavailable but hopefully when you do check it might be available.

You should be careful how you maintain the bag because you might damage it if you decide to machine wash it. My advice would be for you to make use of wet cloth and wipe mildly with your hand.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I always go through the customer reviews of any product I decide to review on my website and find out if there are complaints.

I have mentioned some few complaints of this bag already and another one I was able to find was on the stitching of the bag.

Now just so you know it is pretty difficult to find a backpack without faults and also the way my backpack was made and the issue with mine might not be how yours was made.

They can be produced at different times and might not have the same issues.

Having said that, one of the complaints I came across that I felt I should also include here was like I said on the stitching of the bag.

There were complaints that the quality of the stitching of the products they received was really poor.

If this happens to you my advice would be to return the product back to them to give you another bag because this can be due to either manufacturer’s defects/defects in material or poor workmanship.

Compartments And Pockets

For starters, giving you the ability to better organize the items in your backpack, the gods ghost laptop backpack is able to open up to 180 degrees.

This obviously makes it possible for you to easily arrange the items inside the bag to make it look exactly how you want it to unlike regular backpacks that are not able to open 180 degrees.

The compartments inside the bag were designed to make organization inside of the backpack to be tidy.

First of, there is a suspended compartment whereby you can put your sunglasses or goggles into thereby safeguarding them from crushing impact.

Also, there are separate organizers for your documents, laptop charger, hard drives, pens, phones, power banks, and similarly sized items.

The compartments were designed to eliminate cluttering inside the bag thereby increasing efficiency and reducing stress.

If you have a headphone or USB cable, tangle-free hangers have been provided so you can neatly place these items on them.

For small items that require quick access to, pockets have been provided on both shoulder straps of the backpack to store such items. These items can be anything from keys to wallets or even cards.

There is a fully concealed and water-resistant bottle compartment where you can place your water bottle for quick and easy access without having to take down the backpack from your back.

Inside the main compartment, there is an innovative 6-point stretchable laptop compartment that can be used to house a laptop of at most 15.6 inches.

This can be a disadvantage for those that have laptops that is bigger than this. They would have to settle for another backpack and a good recommendation is Kopack-Anti-Theft-Backpack.

–>Click Here To Read The Review Of Kopack Anti-Theft Travel Backpack<–

There is also a zippered mesh compartment inside the bag that can be used for items such as chargers, portable speakers, mouse, and similarly sized items.

A downside to this backpack is the size of the bag. I would not say the compartment is small as I am not all that surprised but it is not as large as one might hope it should be.

With the type of lives some of us live we might be hoping to make use of a large backpack to accommodate all the items we make use of.

If you normally carry a lot of items then I might not recommend this bag to you because even though the main compartment is not that small, it might not be large enough to carry a lot of items.

A Great Backpack

A lot of great backpacks are now been produced which just goes to show that a few years from now the backpack industry would have made some really remarkable products. Gods ghost laptop backpack is a real beauty for a backpack and its features are really amazing.

Just a recap, some of its note wordy features as stated in this post are

  • The main compartment opens from only the back of the bag
  • Due to the mechanism of the bag, you can never forget to close it
  • Its outer shell was made with unbreakable material
  • It has a reflective logo
  • It retains its shape when full or empty
  • It was designed with a water-repellant and water-resistant material
  • Its compartments makes organization easy
  • It comes with two pockets on the shoulder straps to store items for quick and easy access
  • The base of the backpack can be converted from hard to soft
  • etc

It does not have the features of some high-level tech backpacks but I would say that it is pretty impressive.

The price of the product as of the time I wrote this post in Amazon is in rupees and I am pretty sure this is because it is mainly available in India.

If you are in India and you would like to know its current price in rupees you can do that by clicking here.

A great alternative to this gods ghost laptop backpack is oscaurt anti-theft backpack. Their design is somewhat similar and oscaurt anti-theft travel backpack is not based in India and they ship to countries around the world.

8 comments on “Gods Ghost Laptop Backpack – A Truly Impressive Creation

  1. I am interested in researching backpacks since I am looking for one to purchase. I was disappointed when I read this backpack was only available in India.The Ghost Laptop Backpack is definitely top notch from this review and has amazing features. If you could help research a way that this backpack could be available internationally, it would be wonderful. 

    great review

    1. I hope they start distributing this worldwide as there are some folks that would really love to get their hands on this.

  2. More and more of these types of backpacks are entering the market in an attempt to lower the cases of theft during travels with a number of interesting safety features. I would like to ask about the outer shell material and its construction. Many of the latest backpacks have an anti*tear cross weave to prevent a small tear ruining the bag. Does the Ghost feature this material too?`


    1. Hello Richard, I just spoke with the godghost team and they informed me that this feature doesn’t come with the godsghost backpack

  3. Exactly what I needed for my laptop and other devices when am on the go. This product answers almost all my questions about a near perfect backpack, the beautiful design , hidden pockets, hidden zipper, lack of pocket and zipper directly behind the user as well as the anti sharp cut protection.

    With these features am ready to jettison the old backpack am I have been using for a while. I just sincerely hope it will fit into my budget. Thanks for the review.

  4. Thanks for your unbiased review. I do a lot of interstate travelling, and I need a bag with better features than the one I have now. A colleague advised me to get a draw back, that brought me to your page. Not disappointed in anyway from what I read about the Gods Ghost Laptop Backpack from amazon and your post. I don’t need a big bag. I would need to get the water proof coat as well.  In order to have it send to the U.S., I would need to contact a friend in India to do this for me. You stated the price in rupee, I would do the conversion in dollars. 

    1. Shipping the backpack to a friend in India and then having them deliver it to you is a really good idea for anyone trying to purchase this backpack outside India. The price in dollars is about $33.27.

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