Fundamentals on How To Sell Backpacks Online – Expert Advice

Building a backpack business online can be easy or difficult depending on how you approach it. How much profit you make can depend on how much you know on how to sell backpacks online.

Though I am not an expert, I can say that within the short time of selling backpacks online I have gotten some experience I think might be of use to you.

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It is of no use starting an online business that involves the sales of backpacks if you have not gotten at least some level of understanding on how to start and make it succeed.

Based on the experience I have gotten I can tell you that there are various ways that you can use to achieve this but I would generalize it to two methods. There is the quick method and there is the longterm method.

The quick method requires you to have a reasonable amount of capital to invest in your backpack business and the longterm method though still requires capital but not as much as would be required for the quick method.

As you read through this post you would be able to identify both the quick method of succeeding in this line of business and also the method that takes a longer time.

Even if I don’t specifically mention it, trust me when I tell you that you would be able to identify if the method would lead to a quick success or a success that would be achieved over time.

Quick Success Vs Longterm Success

When building a backpack business you need to ask yourself what you really want to achieve before you start out. Are you in it for the short term or is it a long term business.

Clarifying exactly what you want can make you know exactly what you need to put in place to achieve your goals.

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For example, if I am looking for quick success in the backpack business I know exactly what to do to achieve this because it is not rocket science and everyone can acheive it although it has its risks.

Going for long term success is what I might consider to be a bit of rocket science because it involves a lot of learning and trying and even failing along the way but if you are able to keep with it and focus on what works it can be one of the best things that would ever happen to you.

Building a business is never easy and you need to be open-minded and know that if you are to achieve a long term success then there would be some failures along the way. The backpack industry is a lucrative business if you know what you are doing.

If you read a post I wrote on where I see backpacks 10 years from now you would notice that I mentioned that there was a 10% annual increase in the sales of backpacks.

This shows the trend in the use of backpacks actually going up and if you are able to produce quality backpacks then you would be able to position yourself as an authority in this line of business.

This post is not about creating backpacks but rather about how to sell backpacks online. I don’t have all the answers on how to do this but I am pretty sure that you would find some amazing information that can help you achieve success from this post.

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A Little Inspiration

Before you decide to commit yourself to this line of research you might need some inspiration to tell you that ordinary folks can actually succeed in this line of business if they want to succeed even if they started from nothing.

I did a bit of research and I was able to locate an individual that started from scratch from selling backpacks offline to selling them online. It is a short story and if you would like to read it CLICK THIS LINK.

The summary of the story was the creation of backpacks that was meant for actually helping people. His first sale was actually made from the back of a trunk and later on, he decided to take the business online which led to the success of the business.

Like I said it is a short story and to read it just head over to the link I mentioned above. It shows that you can actually start from scratch when selling backpacks and build it into a success if you so much are willing to do what it takes to make it succeed.

Clarify What You Actually Want

There is a reason why I decided to write on this. Before you decide to find out how to sell backpacks online you need to know exactly what you want.

An image of a book and the words my plan on it with a hand holding a pen

What I meant, in this case, is are you in the market to sell just a single backpack, a used backpack, or probably to create an actual backpack business.

Knowing what you want would enable you to know exactly how to go about it. You cannot really be thinking of selling a single backpack and then creating a website for it. That would just be a waste of money and time.

The same is true when considering selling a lot of backpacks. The steps taken to sell a single backpack is obviously different from the ones taken when you want to sell backpacks as a company or as a brand. You would obviously approach these differently.

Selling Backpacks Online

The backpack industry is worth about $2.7 billion in just the US according to a report by Fortune. This is not a business to joke around with as you can reap your own share of its worth if you devote yourself in making your business succeed.

Having decided on exactly what you want to sell, what you then need to consider is how to get your hands on the backpack to sell.

I am not focusing on how to create a backpack business that is offline in this post because if I was I would have directed you to a post on how to find backpack manufacturers. Instead, we are focusing on how to sell backpacks online.

To get your hands on a backpack it can either be produced by someone else and then you sell on their behalf collecting a share of the profit or you have your own backpacks made which you can then sell online.

If you have a used backpack you can even sell it online as there are people that are willing to buy such a bag as long as they are of good quality and are in a very reasonable condition.

Selling Backpacks Produced By Other Companies

This is a method that I am currently involved in due to capital. I decided to start this line of business from scratch and due to the fact that I was not having a lot of capital I consider this as my best option.

It is pretty simple. The process of creating bags on a large scale is not something you can do alone. If you are really determined and you have the skill to personally produce backpacks then, by all means, you can go ahead and go through this route.

If you read the history of backpacks you would see that some brands we currently have today were actually started from inside the house. For example, Dick and Nena Kelty started Kelty Packs brand from their garage in their home.

So if you know you have the funds and skills to design and create a backpack then you can definitely do that but for those that cannot do this, your other option would be to sell backpacks that were produced by other people.

There are a lot of brands or companies that sell backpacks and even some of these major brands don’t produce the backpacks they sell.

A lot of them make use of manufacturing companies mostly in China, Hong Kong, and Pakistan.

They make a deal with these companies, their brand or company name is attached to the bag, they are imported and then distributed to the public.

All of these are done to save costs and the hassle of actually making these products.

You can also do this but instead of directly contacting the manufacturers you can just go directly to the company distributing these products and then you can become a seller.

You can sell offline or online or even do both. If you are to sell offline you might have to purchase the product with your own money before you can distribute it but if you are to sell online all you need to do would be to be the middle man that directs the buyer to where they can actually purchase these backpacks.

When they make the purchase, you get a percentage from the actual sale without you having to purchase the product first. This is my most preferred method as it does not involve me setting up a brick and mortar store before being able to sell backpacks.

Most brands that sell backpacks are into this type of marketing whereby individuals such as you and I sell their backpacks on their behalf giving us a particular percentage of the sale made.

Some major brands out there that do this are Jansport, Adidas, Osprey, Patagonia, Bagallini, Herschel, The North Face, Nike, Under Armour, Dakine and so much more.

You can get in contact with some of them directly through their websites by becoming an affiliate to sell their products directly from their websites or you can go through other means which you would find out below.

You don’t have to worry about delivery, order fulfillment or any of that stuff. All you have to do is to just connect the customer to where they have to purchase the product and if you did a good job convincing them on making the purchase then a commission from the sale would be given to you.

Please note that when you become an affiliate of a particular brand or company they would give you a unique link that you can use to attract customers to the sales page of the backpack.

When the visitor clicks the unique link and they make the purchase, that link would enable the company know that you were the particular person that made that sale to be possible so they can credit it to you.

Everyone gets a unique link so you don’t have to worry about your link been given to someone else.

I make use of affiliate networks and I am able to promote backpacks through these networks. Keeping track of my sales is really easy and I am able to withdraw them based on the requirements of the network.

My favorite is Amazon and anyone from any part of the world can become an affiliate on Amazon whereby you can locate backpacks to sell on your website. If you are not fond of Amazon you can always try commission junction.

How To Sell Backpacks Online

Having found out a way whereby you can get these backpacks without them actually getting to you, now what you need to know is the medium whereby you can use to attract these customers.

You have to have a place whereby customers can visit online. When they visit such a place, you tell them about the product and then you redirect them to where they can make the purchase.

There are various ways that you can do this and I am going to show you some of them below.

Selling Backpacks Through A Blog

I consider creating a blog in order to sell backpacks online to be a long term plan that focuses on building a long term business that can continue to succeed for a long period of time.

An image of the word blog spelt out

Creating a blog to sell backpacks online is not a quick success strategy and is more of a long term strategy. An example of a blog doing this is obviously this blog that you are currently in.

Just like it takes hard work to create a backpack business offline that can stand the test of time, the same is also said about creating a backpack blog that can also stand the test of time.

All you have to do is to write on subjects about backpacks and then you promote backpacks on your blog. It is easier said than done and the easiest part of this is actually the writing as you have to produce quality contents constantly.

The hard part is actually getting people to read your contents because if a lot of people are able to read your contents then trust me when I tell you that making money selling backpacks online would become very easy for you to accomplish.

I am not going to explain how to create a blog on this post. It is pretty easy to do but if you would like to see videos that can show you how to do this then I can direct you to such a website. Just click this link to learn how to build a blog so you can get your blog up and running with just a few clicks of a button.

     –>Click Here To Learn The Simple Step By Step Process On How To Build a Blog<–

One of the ways I use in attracting people to this blog is through google. There are several ways that I also make use of and google is just one of them.

You try and make your backpack blog rank on the first page of google which is the best search engine in the world that most people make use of.

To do this you would need to write contents targeting specific keywords that people use in searching for anything relating to backpacks. If your site has such an information it would show in the results google presents so the visitor can access your site through google.

If the word keyword is unfamiliar to you I would advise you either click the link I provided above on how to create a blog or CLICK HERE to learn exactly what keywords are.

        –>Click Here To Learn About Keywords and What They Mean To A Blog<–

If you already know about keywords, then for your backpack blog to be at the first page of google for a new blog you would need to make use of keywords that are not been used by a lot of other blogs out there that are just like yours.

To find these keywords I am willing to show you exactly what I make use of.

To know the exact keyword tool to make use of to find low competition keywords, you can click the link below.

       –>Click Here To Learn About The Keyword Research Tool I Make Use Of<–

I believe using a blog as a means to sell backpacks is a really good idea because your visitors would trust you because they know you and would therefore be willing to buy what you recommend.

It can also make your backpack business to last for a very long time. I don’t recommend you sell used products on your blog unless you specifically inform your visitors that you sell used backpacks that are still of good quality so they know exactly what they are getting.

Just make sure the products are still of good quality even if they have already been used so you don’t mislead your visitors which can end up ruining your brand.

Owning a blog is a good way to sell backpacks online but what you need to know is that building your backpack blog to become an authority can take some time so you need to be willing to put in the work because it is really worth the effort.

Selling Backpacks Through The Use Of YouTube

The creation of YouTube has been a goldmine for a lot of online entrepreneurs. It is no wonder a lot of people now create videos to sell products as they are beginning to show a trend of actually converting more.

An image showing the homepage of youtube

If you are not interested in creating a blog then a perfect alternative for you is in making use of YouTube or similar video sites to sell backpacks.

If you head over to YouTube and type the word backpack into the search bar you would be amazed at the number of videos talking about backpacks that would pop up.

This is no coincidence because a lot of people that sell backpacks are now making use of YouTube. A lot of millionaires have actually been created from just promoting backpack products on YouTube. You just need to create an account with YouTube that would enable you to upload videos.

An image of a video camera

Depending on your budget you can either create very professional videos making use of actual professional cameras or you can be creative and even make use of the camera on your phone.

When you create the video, on the description of the video you can either direct people to your blog where you have the backpack you plan to sell which you talked about in the video or you can direct them straight to the sales page of the backpack with your affiliate link.

If they make the purchase you get credit for the sale and you get your commission. Pretty sweet right? You don’t need to be a professional to create these videos.

Just make sure you pass across your message clearly to your viewers explaining both what you like and don’t like about the backpacks you talk about.

One of the disadvantages of using YouTube to sell backpacks is that if you are just starting out online there is a good chance that it might take some time before you start making money so you might not have money to purchase the backpacks you would like to review.

Not having the product physically with you might not be as effective as when you actually have the product with you.

When you are becoming more familiar in the online world some companies would approach you and send you backpacks for free for you to review on your YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, this does not happen when you are just starting out online. It takes a bit of time before something like this happens.

Selling Backpacks Through Instagram

I just recently started making use of this so I don’t have a lot of experience yet on this. When I have made use of it for several months I would update this post but based on the little time I have spent on Instagram I would give you my experience.

Image Of Instagram signup page

To sell backpacks through Instagram you have to be clear on what you actually intend to do. Do you plan to promote your backpack blog through Instagram or do you intend to sell directly from Instagram?

The choice is really yours but if you are to sell on Instagram before people buy from you they have to trust you which means you would have to upload pictures regularly.

You would need to upload eye-catching pictures that can lead to a lot of likes. Since you are in the backpack industry you should stick with uploading pictures that are closely related to your niche.

If you are promoting your blog through your personal Instagram profile then you should be able to upload pictures that are not related to your blog but if you are promoting your brand on your business account in Instagram then you have no business uploading pictures that are not closely related to your brand.

Maybe ones in a while you can throw in one or two pictures that are not that related to your brand but make sure you don’t do this on a regular basis.

If you would like to master Instagram so you know exactly how to make use of it in selling backpacks online then my advice to you is that you purchase a course that is about mastering Instagram or you can use google to find information on using Instagram to either grow your website or to promote products.

Making Use Of E-commerce Business

Are you planning to make quick money when it comes to selling backpacks online? One of the best ways to do this is by going into an E-commerce business.

Now just so you know, there is a huge risk involved in this form of selling backpacks because it involves you actually making use of money to attract visitors to buy backpacks.

I would explain this the best way I can so you know exactly what you are going into if you decide to follow this route.

An E-commerce business specifically, in this case dropshipping is when you create a store online, you look for sellers selling a particular product.

You upload pictures of the product to your online store and then you write a really good description that would be enticing to your visitors.

After doing this, you add on top the actual price of the product which is what your visitors would see on your online shop.

You then head over to places you know you can run advertisements for example Facebook. These advertisements are not free meaning you would have to pay for them. You create an ad copy that people can see which when they click it would direct them back to your online store.

If they like what they see and are really in need of it they would make the purchase. The profit that you would make from this sale would be the amount that you added on the actual price of the product.

Obviously, it is more than what I have stated here but this is the actual summary of it. You would need to invest money to run ads that people would see. They click on the ad which would direct them to your online store and from there they can make the purchase if they are really interested.

It is very risky but is a way to get targeted audience to your online store.

What you need to know about some backpacks is that they are seasonal. What I mean by this is that some backpacks actually sell more at a particular time of the year. A perfect example of this are kids backpacks that they normally use to school.

These type of backpacks normally don’t sell all year round and sell more when schools are about to resume. You can take hold of this opportunity and include school backpacks in your online store.

Then you would run an advertisement to your online store through places you know these people normally frequent so you can get a better chance of making sales.

The good thing about this is that you can quickly tell the backpacks that are making you profit and those that are causing you to lose money.

If you find out that you are running on a loss on a particular ad you are running then you can quickly either pause or completely stop that ad.

The process I have explained above is more complicated than it seems because if you are not good at it then it can cost you money but if you are really good at it then you can make a lot of money in a very short period of time.

What I just explained to you is like a short version of dropshipping. If you are really interested in following this route then you would need to do more research on it so you know what you are getting into.

Just so you know, selling backpacks online using this method would require a reasonable amount of money that you can use to run your ads and also to set up an online store.

Selling Backpacks Through Pinterest

For those of us online involved in blogging, we have come to realize that pinterest can be used to drive traffic to a website due to its popularity.

If you are looking to sell backpacks online and you are not making use of pinterest trust me when I tell you that you are not taking hold of a really important opportunity in front of you.

I also just started making use of pinterest and I am beginning to see that if done right it can lead to a really good amount of traffic to my backpack blog.

You can also do this and use it to drive traffic to either your backpack blog or to the sales page of backpacks that you are promoting.

It can really help you attract visitors as long as you do it right.

Selling Used Backpacks Online

There are times whereby we might be looking to sell used backpacks. Some of us might have turned this into an actual business while some others might just be looking to sell their used backpacks.

When I say used backpacks, I don’t mean backpacks that you have made use of for a very long time and are now looking old and tattered or worse of all damaged.

You should think about the person you intend on selling the backpack to. If the backpack does not look good enough then please do not sell it to someone else.

There are several places where you can sell used backpacks online and a simple google search would reveal these online websites. Although I have never sold a used backpack online, I have been able to identify some places where this can be done.

A very popular place to do this is through eBay. It is very popular to a lot of people and is also kind of famous for being a place to sell used products.

So if you are interested in selling a used backpack online then that is a place you should definitely look into.

Another very popular option is craigslist. It is just as popular as eBay as a place online where you can sell used backpacks. Although I don’t think some countries are allowed access to craigslist but if you are serious you can always find a way.

Perform Some Research

There are a lot of ways that you can use in selling backpacks online and I have just listed a few above. If you are looking long term then making use of a blog can be the best option for you. You can create a blog and turn it into a brand.

Having a blog does not mean you cannot use the other mediums I mentioned above. You don’t need to make use of everything I listed above at the same time.

Depending on your plans you can make use of either two or three and when you have mastered them then you can move on to learning more ways by which you can use to sell backpacks online.

This was a pretty long post and I think it had to be this long because of what I had to cover. Trust me when I tell you that there are a lot of things I decided not to add because it would make this post to be very long.

I hope I have been able to answer some of your questions in this post but if there is anything you really need an answer to that I did not talk about in this post then you can leave a comment in the comment section below and I would get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. I have done many things and sold many things online but selling backpacks have never crossed my mind but seeing this has given me a change of mind. I think I will look into selling backpacks and see how profitable it can be. I love that you wrote this out of your experience selling them. Thanks so much

  2. Selling backpacks, or other consumer products, online can be done without the expense of having a website. Retail arbitrage is a simple business concept that has enabled people to have a side hustle or full-time business. They find local businesses that are having liquidation sales, specials to move excess inventory and buy products at a low price and then resell them on eBay, Craigslist, or even Amazon as an Amazon Third Party Seller at a higher price. For long-term business longevity, having a website becomes important if someone wants to create passive income via affiliate marketing.

  3. Wow, I was impressed with this post. I never new that there was so much involved with starting and running a successful online backpack business. I can see how a lot of this information could be useful in other markets. I wish you luck and success.

    1. The process involved in making a backpack business succeed online for a huge company and for a one-person team is obviously different and this article was specifically targeted towards an individual intending to build a backpack business online.
      Building a huge backpack business like the major brands we currently have with the likes of adidas, jansport and other similar brands would require a different set of skills and knowledge

  4. Wow ! . I have a good number of used (but looking good) back packs tucked away in the family store room. I never thought of the possibility of making some money out of old stuffs like this. This is an eye opener, and am very excited about it. 

    The prospect and possibility of making such sale could have been a source of concern, but this well presents post has taken care of that.

  5. Hi Manuel,

    I am looking to start up a backpack business online and have found some great tips on how to get my webite out there (through social media and buildinga blog).

    I was particularly interested when you mentioned about having your own product manufactured, or by opting for selling a well established brand like Nike.

    I am on a relatively small budget and was wondering, would I be better off making my own brand or by selling other peoples brands like Nike?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. If you are on a small budget I would advise you sell other companies products in which you can get commissions for the sales. You can create a website or sell through youtube and when anyone makes a purchase you get credit for that purchase.

  6. Thanks for this article on selling backpacks online. It is so detailed with useful tips that can be followed. Giving options on how to set up an online business makes you think about what you want to achieve. Most people are looking for the quick money making solution and as you explained sometimes paying for ads does not return your investment. I set up websites for others who want to sell and make money and most have no understanding about how to go about it. This is a great article for anyone wanting to start an online business not just for backpacks.  

    1. Thank you for your comment Rowena. A lot of people even those not intending to sell backpacks and who might want to sell other products can actually benefit from this post. 

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