Enough Already! 12 Things About Backpacks We Are Tired of Hearing

I decided to write this post because there are certain things about backpacks we are tired of hearing. People always like to look at the bad side of things and hardly consider the good side. In this case the backpack.

A backpack and a guitar on a bench

There are a lot of opinions flying around about things concerning the backpack. Some of them might be reasonable and perfectly understandable but others are just flat out one-sided and totally not worth it. In this post, I decided to point out 12 things about backpacks we are tired of hearing.

1. Backpacks Are Too Expensive

Ah yes, this is one that I have heard so much about and actually tired of defending so I am just going to say it as it is. Buying an expensive backpack is not meant for everyone. Bam, I said it. If you don’t have the money to purchase an expensive backpack then you should stop complaining about them being too expensive.

Image of a person holding an expensive backpack walking on the road

I see this type of thinking as totally one-sided. Why did I say this? I wrote a comprehensive post on this issue and if you would like to check it out you can visit this link –>Are Expensive Backpacks Worth The Purchase<–

Expensive backpacks are designed for several reasons.

  • They have a better quality
  • They save you money in the long run
  • They make you value your purchase even more which means you would not carelessly make use of it
  • and so on

Expensive backpacks are always known to have better quality. Now I am not saying that all expensive backpacks have 100% quality, no sir I am not. What I mean is that most expensive bags have way more quality than cheap backpacks.

Most of the time you can clearly see the difference when comparing a cheap backpack and an expensive backpack. Do you doubt this? Then check out the video below.

2. Most Backpacks Don’t Last Long Enough

I have read through several comments of backpacks that give way after a few weeks of use. Now the reason for this might be because of how it was used or it might also be because of how it was made. When you purchase a backpack, do yourself a favor and go for one that has a warranty.

If you are afraid of wasting your money on a backpack, I would always advise you get one that has a reasonable warranty period. Some companies do refund money while some others give you another pack. It all depends on the company.

Also, I have come to realize that a lot of people don’t exactly know how to take care of their backpacks so it can be used for a reasonable time before it starts having problems. Some things some people do wrong are.

  • They don’t know how to clean or wash their bags which means they do it the wrong way which can damage the bag
  • They over pack their bags which can actually damage the zippers
  • They buy backpacks that are more ideal for certain situations than they are for others
  • and so on

Why would a backpack last long if it is being constantly used for reasons it wasn’t meant for. You decide to machine wash a backpack that is supposed to be hand washed and we expect this not to shorten the lifespan of the backpack. When we wash a backpack we are meant to air dry them rather than drying them under the sun.

Some bags are made with poor quality and if they get damaged on their own then you have the right to return them as long it falls within the warranty period and meets the return policy of the bag but if it gets damaged by your wrong doings then it would be really unfair to ask for a refund.

Some companies are kind enough to honor this with no questions asked but these companies ask that you be fair with them as they are fair with their customers.

3. The Use Of Clear Backpacks Should Not Be A Must

This is just my opinion and although I don’t condone the imposing of clear backpacks on anyone, I think we should ask ourselves why this is being done. There have being a lot of protest and reasons why this is a bad idea and in my opinion, these protests and reasons are justified but I don’t think the government can do any better than this at least for the time being.

Whatever path or direction the government decides to take, someone must always end up being offended or not happy. That is just the reality. As with everything else, everything new would always take some time getting used to. The idea of this is to safeguard students at least to some extent.

It is not the solution but it is a solution or should I say a temporary fix. Some people obviously appreciate this idea while some others don’t. Whatever side you take you should know that the government can only control so much.

This is what they can control which is why they did this. I do hope they come up with a better solution but we need to stop over complaining about this and consider it a step forward.

The government is constantly working on coming up with a better solution than this. Clear backpacks are not all that bad and it is not like we would make use of it for a very long time. It is just for a few years while we are in school and as soon as we finish school we can stop making use of it if we so please.

4. I Hate Backpacks Because They Cause Back Pain, Waist pain, Neck pain and All the Pains I Can Think About

Some of us have sworn off making use of backpacks because we feel they are dangerous to our health. We constantly complain that they cause all sorts of pains to the body. The simple solution to this is that you stop carrying heavy backpacks.

I mean if you know that your bag is causing you pain then you should maybe ask yourself why this is actually happening. Might it actually be how it was made or are we actually the ones making this happen. There is no way a pack won’t cause you pain if it is always packed with stuff making it heavy.

Some of us don’t even carry our packs the right way. We constantly make use of just one strap in a two strap backpack constantly on one side of our shoulders. If that bag is heavy, then you can be rest assured that you would have shoulder pain or even neck pain.

If you don’t want to complain of this type of pain from a pack why not just make use of both straps from the bag on both your shoulders at the same time. They have been a lot of advice about this but some people continue making use of only one strap of their bags on just one of their shoulders.

If we decide to continue doing this then maybe we need to stop complaining about the pains our bags are making us have.

Some backpacks are even designed to be very comfortable on your back because backpack designers know just how important this is and they do it to make sure its user is as comfortable as possible when carrying their packs.

5. How on Earth Am I To Carry A Backpack To A Business Meeting

I always tell people that there is time for everything. There are some situations or occasions whereby I don’t like to make use of my backpack. It is totally up to you if you decide to take your backpack to a business meeting. Depending on the type of meeting, you should know if a backpack would be appropriate or not.

This should not be a reason to complain about backpacks. One thing we need to know is that backpack designers are beginning to realize this so what some do is that instead of making a regular backpack, they create convertible backpacks.

These type of bags can be easily converted from backpack-style to briefcase-style and a perfect example of this is ebags professional slim laptop backpack. So if you feel you go for business meetings regularly, you can go for these type of bags that can convert your backpack dress code from street-style to office-style in an instant.

6. Messenger Bags Are Better Than Backpacks

The all-time debate on messenger bags over backpacks or vice versa with some preferring messenger bags because of how they make accessing items much easier or that they are fashionable and so on. We actually gave our opinion on this some time ago.

When it comes to quick access, yes backpacks might not be as good or as fast as messenger bags but that does not mean that it is all that bad. The problem with backpacks in this scenario is that you might have to take it off before accessing its compartments which you necessary don’t have to do with a messenger bag.

But the fact is that when it comes to functionality, comfort, and versatility, the backpack always comes out on top. With all this said, the user still has the final say. Whatever you feel would be more comfortable for you be it a messenger bag or a backpack, it is totally your choice.

Also when it comes to fashion, I think I prefer the backpack. Recent backpacks are so good-looking that you can use them to complement almost any outfit. So for those saying messenger bags are better than backpacks, those are just personal opinions and should not be a reason to fault packs.

7. Waterproof Backpacks are Too Expensive

The ability of backpacks to resist water varies. Some packs are water-resistant, waterproof and highly waterproof.

I decided to different waterproof and highly waterproof because there are some backpacks that are able to withstand rainfall without water gaining access into the bag but if submerged in water they might not be able to withstand water from gaining access into the bag.


The highly waterproof or completely waterproof backpacks withstand water in any scenario be it heavy rainfall or submerging it into water. These type of backpacks are unique and are made with special equipment and special skills. They are even made with special fabrics.

All these don’t come cheap which is the reason why it might be so expensive. Like I mentioned when I wrote a list on the best waterproof backpacks for men, we don’t all need highly waterproof backpacks. We can easily make use of a water-resisting backpack and these are pretty cheap.

You should only get a highly waterproof backpack if you know you absolutely need to. If you do not need it then you don’t need to get it so you can avoid paying its expensive price.

8. I Prefer Buying Backpacks Offline

If you prefer buying backpacks offline, that is OK and it is entirely your choice. There are reasons why I feel buying backpacks online is pretty good and we listed them on the post we wrong about this. If you would like to read this you can click the link –>How To Buy Backpacks Online<–

Some reasons why we like buying backpacks online are

1. There are way more options

2. You can find unique and creative designs

Some Unique Designs Of Backpacks

3. You can easily read the opinions of others that have already made use of the backpack you plan to buy

4. You get better deals or slashed prices.

5. You get similar recommendations for your ideal choice.

6. No sales clerk disturbing you to make the purchase

7. And so on

There are so many reasons why we buy bags online and if you decide to buy yours offline there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It is totally up to you to go after what you feel comfortable with.

9. Backpacks Should be Banned From Schools

This one never gets old and I sympathize with those that have been negatively affected by this. If backpacks are banned from schools I believe it would make life really difficult for students. Banning backpacks from schools might have some positive effect in reducing the crimes committed in schools but I hardly think it would completely make these crimes to stop.

The offenders would just come up with more creative ideas to commit their crimes. As unfortunate as this might seem the fact is that this is just reality. Some schools are actually implementing banning of backpacks while some make their students use see-through backpacks instead of regular backpacks.

A lot of people urge school authorities to ban bags from schools. Though their reasons are completely understandable what I think is that they forget to ask how kids that go to these schools would cope. I don’t see a perfect solution to this. The use of clear backpacks is the best I think can be done for the time being so the kids can also have what they can use to carry their school supplies.

10. They are Not Worth Spending Good Money On

Some of us are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on shoes or clothes but when it comes to buying a backpack we are always skeptical about spending good money on them. I personally don’t really know the reason for this but I guess if we ask some people they would definitely have their reasons why they think this way.

I treat my backpack as I do my outfits so for this reason I like to spend on getting a quality bag just as I do a quality shoe or outfit. This is my opinion anyway and I am guessing everyone has their own opinions on this.

11. Backpacks Are Supposed To Last Forever

Some of us are fortunate to get backpacks that can last for a very long time while others are not. One thing I have noticed a lot of people say is that they expect every backpack they buy to last for a very long time. If their backpacks don’t last for at least 5years then they would not be satisfied.

I really have no idea why people think this way. A pack is just like most other things we buy. They have a beginning date and an end date. Due to everyday use, they are meant to wear and tear. We are supposed to expect this and should not feel very bad when it happens.

Not all backpacks are fortunate enough to last for a very long time before they start to show signs of wear and tear. If your bag does not last you more than a few months after purchase then you have the right to complain about the backpack but please if your backpack is able to take you some few years then the backpack has done a good job in serving its time.

12. Grown Up Men Should Not Make Use Of Backpacks

I have heard this over and over again and I don’t know why it bothers some people. They say backpacks are more juvenile and not meant to be used by adults. I personally do not agree with this and I believe that packs are now being designed for different demographics.

An adult should be perfectly fine and comfortable in carrying a backpack. There are many packs designed specifically for taking to work that would still make you look very professional.

Three men wearing backpacks

Maybe the mistake some of us make in this aspect is probably the type of pack we buy. Taking a Jansport big student backpack to class is perfectly fine and is more suited for students but when you decide to take it to your office work, I think that is when it might become somewhat weird.

But we are all our own persons and can do whatever we want. So if you feel taking your Jansport big student backpack to work is your style then, by all means, go for what you want.


Though some complaints listed above are justified, we still need to make some effort to look at the other side of things instead of just completely sticking to our own personal opinions.

Are there any complaints you hear about backpacks that you are totally tired of hearing? Please let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

6 comments on “Enough Already! 12 Things About Backpacks We Are Tired of Hearing

  1. Hey Manuel,

    Thanks for your article. It is well written and has a very natural flow.  I appreciate all of the information you share. You do a good job dispelling a lot of the misconceptions about backpacks. It’s funny because I still use one. I am a minister at church and most people would think I would use a messenger or briefcase, but the backpack suits me best. Just as you mention in your article it’s more comfortable and ergonomically helpful. What’s your #1 recommended brand? I really like Jan sport 

    1. Jansport is definitely an awesome brand Eddie but I cannot really say I have a particular favorite brand as there are more than one brand that produces quality fashionable and functional backpacks.

  2. I am totally against most of the complaints on this post. I believe backpacks are great and should be worth spending every penny on so far it is a very quality one. I believe no amount is too much for a high quality backpack.  However, some backpacks are way too pricey for the quality they deliver. Though some do perceive that a quality backpack should last forever but just like any other product, It should not be expected to last forever. Either you get something new in line with development in vogue or just for durability of the backpack. Very nice content you have here and I believe you did a great justification to every complaint.

  3. Very nice post you have here and I believe you did a great justification for every complaint. I believe no amount is too much for a high-quality backpack. Actually, this is exactly the information that I was looking for about Backpacks and when I landed on your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in detail. So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested in this topic.

    Thanks for your practical suggestions. It all really well so thanks so much for all your knowledge.

  4. Wow! You’ve passed so much insightful info with this article, and your opinion are almost the same as mine. In an age when our jobs require us to carry multiple devices all requiring chargers, and when we also work out at gyms, go to the library, try to set aside time to swipe right, and travel with our recyclable totes for after-work trips to the grocery store (no more plastic bags!), we need the dependability of our trusty backpacks. I need to share this to a friend who has a very different view from yours, perhaps he will learn one or two things.


  5. This write-up put a coffin nails detractors and whiners are complaining or saying against the backpack. It is the most popular carry bags of travelers HANDS DOWN not attache case nor anyone and to say messenger bags are better. But I believe in meetings for business or formal meetings while still no issue I bringing a bag back if your personality is comfortable doing its fine. Their limits though like of course when you need to bring large persona belongings you need a suitcase for carry-bags for travelers backpacks is the most practical because the weight is evenly distributed on both shoulders. So the backpack is expensive, there are cheaper ones with good quality too. there’s no meaning in the argument to ban it in school is like saying to ban students wearing shirts! Anyways for information, it is spreading among oldies as well. For me, buying bags is to see it because online it may appear good but it may not be the truth. I never use it before I found it as very practical for carrying things. So let us say let each bag have their own places in the sun.

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