College Backpacks and Why They are Extremely Important

Are you a college student or probably aspiring to be one? Then college backpacks are some necessities you would require. Are you probably like most people that go for cool and also convenience? Then trust me when I tell you that you would need the right choice.


I am pretty sure growing up you have made use of several backpacks so you must be familiar with them and how they can make one’s life and some activities easier. This is also true for when you are in college.

Your college backpacks can be of great help because as a student with all the stress and the tight schedules and the studying you would need pretty much one thing checked off of your list and when I mean one thing I mean ease at which you carry some of your items.

Life in school can be pretty stressful and also you are going to own items like a laptop, your notebooks, and textbooks. It is going to be of great help if you don’t have to hold most of these items on your hand. I have been there so I know exactly what I am talking about.

Just that little convenience can make your life easier in college.

Do I Really Need To Own One

OK picture this, you wake up in the morning so tired after maybe having a rough previous day and then you remember that you have an early morning class.

You know there are some important things that you must always take to class but due to the fact that you woke up late, there is really no time to cross-check to make sure those essentials are present.

Oh and one more thing, you do not have a system to make sure these items are in a particular place.

You freshen up and you take a quick breakfast and then you are out. Some minutes later you find yourself in class and then just like magic you remember that you forgot one very important everyday essentials you take to class with you(let us just say a pen).

The professor looks straight at the class and announces for an impromptu test. Now you might have been prepared due to the fact that you are a serious student but for some reason, you forgot something as basic as a pen and with this you can instantly become disorganized.

You might say you can’t become disorganized due to a pen but what if you can’t find anyone around you to lend you a pen then what next? Do you know that this scenario could have been easily prevented?

What if at one point or the other you thought about college backpacks and got yourself a JanSport big student backpack. Now imagine you woke up that morning and the important items you always need in class like your pens, your laptop, your notebook, and textbook are inside your college backpack.

A guy riding a bicycle with his school backpack to class

Now tell me if that won’t have made your life easier and more convenient.

This is just an example of many more scenarios that one can prevent in college if you own something as basic as a college backpack.

Convenience Vs Cool, Which Do You Prefer?

You must have heard the saying “smart is the new sexy”. I agree with that but I also have my own saying that “been cool is always cool”. Hey, one can be smart and also cool there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

A student wearing a college backpack with a cap and a pair of sneakers

In fact, if you are smart and cool that is so much better. Why am I saying this… I am saying this because your choice of backpacks is also important. With the introduction of smart backpacks, college students can also benefit from its many features.

You can have college backpacks that would be convenient for you, make you look smart and also make you look cool.

That is why it is important that before you make your choice you should research or seek expert advice and that is exactly what we are here for at

If you go through my about page you would see the reason why I consider making this sort of choice really important.

I am here to help you perform all of the research that would provide you with all the right information before making your choice.

It is important from personal experience to not just buy the first backpack you see (unless you are absolutely sure that is what you want) but rather take a bit of time to go through several options before making your choice.

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I wrote a post on the experience I had when I purchased my first backpack. You should check it out to know what I look out for when purchasing a backpack.

     =>Click Here To Find Out What To Look Out For When Purchasing A Backpack<=

For convenience, how much do you actually put on your back? There are different sizes of backpacks that might be peculiar to different type of persons. Your strength or your size should determine the one you go for.

Students wearing different college backpacks

My experience has shown that carrying one that is too heavy for you can make you be really uncomfortable and even make your shoulders start to hurt. So if you are going for convenience why not go for something that is just right for you.

Do You Use One Backpack For Every Occasion?

I think everyone has their own opinion but if you ask me I would tell you that you should have more than one college backpacks. You remember the short scenario I told you of earlier on.

If you don’t have more than one bag, the result of that scenario would still be the first result because you are going to have more than one different occasion that you would need to carry something that you do not want to hold.

I am going to assume that you are definitely going to or already own a laptop, you are probably going to want to go to the gym probably just to keep fit or maybe even go hiking.

You should not have only one backpack for all these different occasions, therefore, in my opinion, you should have more than one.

Why not have more than one so that you can make your life easier and less stressful. You don’t have to make use of only one backpack for several occasions.

Why Not Go For The Dashing Look

What is your style and how do you match what you put on. Do you go for the cool or the smart kind of outfit? Backpacks have become part of our accessories that even celebrities are been spotted every day rocking the backpack.

Do you just open the wardrobe and take whatever you see there and put it on? Or do you actually take careful consideration before you actually put anything on?

A student wearing a backpack to college

The same goes for college backpacks. There are different types you can pick from to go with your outfits with different colors and styles.

You can be cool and also smart. Some people have different college backpacks just for the reason of choice to go with their different outfits.

Make Your College Life More Easier

College students can make some aspects of their lives in college easier when they own a college backpack. Depending on the aspect of your life as a student a backpack can be of great use and importance and can just give you that little edge you need in making your college life better than it used to be.

A happy fello

Are you in college and do you own a backpack? How has your backpack affected your life in college? Has it made things easier for you or has it made your life more complicated? I would like to know how a backpack has affected your college life. Please feel free and leave your comments below.

111 comments on “College Backpacks and Why They are Extremely Important

  1. Hello Manuel,
    Very interesting ‘take’ on the subject. I personally am not a ‘fan’ of the backpack. You are right, it might give you the capacity to take the ‘whole house’ as you need it, but think about the health strain on your back. Sure, looking cool is great, having the convenience is also nice, however, I am so ‘old school’ that I prefer the briefcase. It fits just what you need and it keeps you in physical balance. It also does not ‘make’ you ‘over-pack’. Sure, being smart is also a part of your ‘baggage’ needs, though I think sometimes, we forget the health aspect of it.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks michelle for your comment.
      Yes, backpacks can sometimes be a strain on the back but if we know how to properly wear a backpack it can be very useful which is why I created the post the proper way to wear a backpack.
      Everything that has an advantage also has a disadvantage and backpacks can be of great help in our everyday life if we know exactly how to make use of it the right way which can enable us to avoid any complications in the future.

    2. I agree Michelle it can be very taxing on the back if you are lumping about a heavy backpack, can affect posture as well!

      Enjoyed the article though.

    3. I am with Michelle on this one. I had a bad experience with backpacks since I used them throughout my high school and college years.

      I think the back pain I have now is also contributed by the strain I put to my back on a daily basis over the years.

  2. Great article, I like the tip about more than one backpack. I currently only use one backpack. And do the switching around when I need to. I don’t go for looks but convenience and it meets my needs adequately.
    And there are so many choices you are right the right backpack can be a huge help. As long as I have my bag I am never out of paper and pen. And my laptop everything in one easy convenient place.
    Thanks for this inspiring and informative article.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Scarlett. I do believe that because of budget we might want to stick to owning just one backpack but if we are able to afford it, we should go for more than one so we can alternate them for different occasions.

  3. Hi Michelle, I’m not even in college but I’m all for wearing a smart backpack when heading to work. Form over function for me 🙂 Would love a few examples of back packs in each of the above categories. Thanks in Advance

    1. I plan on writing a post on some really good examples in the near future. Thanks for your input

      UPDATE: I recently created a post on a smart backpack I think would be of great interest to you. Smart backpacks have a lot more functionality than a normal backpack and they take your cool to a whole new level. Also, they are able to serve the main purpose of a backpack which is to house our items. They are cool and they have lots of features. You should check it out.

      1. I agree.

        Smart backpacks are pretty cool and they can last you a long time with lots of functionality also.

        Great post and great site. Keep up the great work.


  4. Hi Manuel,
    This is an interesting concept of the backpack. I have noticed in the last year or so that everyone, especially men, seem to carry a backpack everywhere they go. In college, you always have your laptop, your books, papers, etc. Then there is a woman’s purse. If it isn’t a bottomless pit with everything you own you could put that in your backpack also.
    It is amazing what one puts in a backpack.
    I especially like your take on the “go for the dashing look.” When their backpack goes with their look they will feel comfortable and ready to tackle what the day brings to them.
    Good information. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Cynthia for your comments. Backpacks can be of great help in easing up the weight of the items one carries. You can wear a backpack while still remaining fashionable

  5. Hi, Although my college years are way behind me now, I still found your article really interesting.
    I only really found 1 problem with your article and that is;
    Where you have put, ‘What if college backpacks was something,’ would actually read more easily if you had worded it; ‘What if a college backpack was something,’.


  6. Interesting article about backpacks, and they become a trend these days. Backpacks are evolving, they are not just school bags anymore, but you’ll see people carrying it as part of their outfit.
    I myself had and have a backpack too.

    You mentioned that a college student should own more than one backpack— don’t you think it will be costly or impractical?
    I mean you are talking about college student and not someone who has stable income.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing and wishing you success.

    1. Thanks Mina for your comment. I was ones a student so I know how difficult the financial aspect of their lives can be. A lot of students do own just one college backpack and they are able to cope just fine with it which is very ok. Speaking from my own experience there are times when owning more than one backpack made things a lot easier for me while I was in college.

      For instance, I had a separate pack I took to the gym. It was different from the backpack I took to class due to the fact that I did not want to put my sweaty gym clothes into it.
      One does not have to go for an expensive backpack. You can go for one that is within your price range so you can make your life just a bit more easier.

  7. I am going to be in college starting in the winter next year. I anticipate that I will need lots of supplies and in that I will need something to *hold* them in right? I couldn’t imagine why anyone would forgo wearing a backpack to school and not bringing the necessary  supplies on account of looking “cool”? That is just silly!

    Why pay for college and put all the effort in applying if you want to “look cool” seriously a quality backpack is absolutely essential because going to class you need more than just your books and pens, you need paper, something durable to hold your LAPTOP for god sakes, and if you take a math class, you know they still use calculators. Then you have to consider you need a place to hold your money or wallet, your lunch or a snack, and your water bottle. I want a very durable backpack with lots of compartments.

    Nowadays I even see backpacks that have a USB charging port!!! All you do is get your own separate “battery tank” portable battery, you know what I mean? You attach that to the *inside* of your backpack, where they have a special cable that attaches to that. And then on the *outside* of your bag, in a convenient spot is a port to put your USB cable, and then attach your phone. And VOLLA, you got charge! Its very urban and cool and that is like the ideal backpack for me if I could find one. Color isn’t important. More about functionality.  

    1. You are right about having a backpack for not just the reason of been cool but for functionality. But in my opinion I think there is no problem with having a backpack that is cool and can also accommodate your needs. Its a win-win situation.

      It seems you have a really good taste based on the choice of backpack you desire to have. Such backpacks are what is currently trending and a lot of people are actually going for them due to their diverse and multipurpose functionality.

      One of my favorite selections I think would be ideal for you is Yorepek’s Extra Large Backpack. It has everything you need to be able to give you the best experience with a backpack.

  8. Personally, I always preferred to use a backpack that was lightweight and carried only a couple of books for that particular class. I realized that most of the time I only needed a laptop and notebooks since most of the time I can rent the class textbook in my schools library or it was an ebook within my laptop.

  9. My son is going to university next year and, unlike myself, he is very organised and wants to get the essentials asap, the only problem is that I’m footing the bill for it all, kids eh!

    While he is out with his mates this evening I’m stuck here at home trying to look for things he might need for him to take. I had no idea that the books he will need cost so much, I’m glad I never went myself or I would still be paying it all off, lol.

    Just stumbled on your site looking for a luggage bag really so that he can take all his clothes with him to Uni and I didn’t think about a college backpack for carrying around his books, pens, and whatever 3lkse I will be buying him for the days he has classes.

    I’m a bit stuck as to what type of backpack to buy for him because even though he thinks he’s a cool guy he’s a very sensible one as well so I’m not sure where I should go with this, should i wait for him to decide which one he wants or just get him one anyway? I know if I let him choose he might go for the most expensive backpack, lol

    Any input you have would be greatly received 🙂

    1. Your son really does sound like the sensitive type. In my opinion, you should probably ask him and hear what he has to say and then you offer him your own advice.

      One of my best options on college backpacks is the Jansport Big Student Backpack. It is commonly used by college students and would be adequate for him to carry to school.

      If you are going for a backpack that is larger and a little more stylish then I would go for Yorepek’s extra large backpack. This is a smart backpack and I think he might prefer this option.

  10. Ok, really hope you can help with this. There are certainly bigger things in the world to worry about but for me this is my dilemma and need a solid recommendation.

    Here goes. I want a cool swarve backpack that must be able to hold my laptop as well as my gym kit. It’s been suggested I should use a super uncool big gym bag. 

    So with that in mind what can you recommend to take care of my daily needs?

    P.S must be comfy as well… 

    1. Ok cool, I understand what you mean. If you are going for a backpack with a wide space inside that is fit to take to the gym with your kits then I would suggest Yorepek’s extra large backpack. It has lots of space and it would easily be able to contain your laptop. Always, it has a lot of cool features that you would love.

  11. Love a nice backpack. has to be said that i am also pleased double strapping is the in thing these days.

    when single strapping was the “cool way to use the backpack” I longed for a day when the double strap ran supreme….. so much more comfortable. 😂😂

    also agree that more than one backpack should be considered. nothing worse than when your mac book pro smells like a jockstrap. 

    Great article my friend. 

    1. Thanks Lee for your comment. Double strapping is really important these days because of its safety. Using just one strap can cause complications on the body and should be avoided.

      A lot of us these days even kids make use of just one strap in our backpacks and this can lead to complications in our health. We should endeavor to always make use of the double straps on our backpacks and even encourage kids to do the same because the safety of kids making use of backpacks is very important as it can affect them in the future.

  12. I ended my college life years ago but I certainly remember how helpful it was to have a backpack in which to carry all that I needed at school. I learned very early to pack my stuff the night before, so that I don’t leave anything behind the next day that was essential.

    Cool can most times be expensive – extravagant even – but I have been able to find backpacks that I found cool and still were not taking my entire budget. I also like the fact that they provide sections – some large, some small – that allow me to separate my stuff and at the same time, retrieve it in a few seconds. 

    Truth is, I still have and use the backpack. It’s still valuable, even outside of college.

    1. Yes Russell, even after college our backpacks are still been used and is assisting a lot of people in their everyday lives in order to carry their belongings from one place to another.

  13. Cannot imagine college without a backpack, could not think of any other accessory more neccessary for a student rather than a backpack. It may be simple or with several compartments, cheap or expensive, black or with different colors, but it should be there for each student. If there was a ranking about students most neccessary things; after the books, it should be ranked as the second most important item.

    1. Yes Leo, you are right. It might seem really simple but it plays an important role in the life of a college student because without it college life can become really stressful. Just think about going to college without having a bag to put your items into. It would make college life to be difficult making you be completely disorganized and always forgetting your essentials on a daily basis.

    2. I completely agree with you Leo, Living in college without a backpack can make life really really miserable and hard because you have your laptop, bags, and several student survival kits and imagine carrying them around separately ….. I really enjoyed reading this post

  14. Hey Manuel, reading your post about backpacks took me bag through my college career and had me thinking about all the different backpacks I tried and still have. I tried the one that has only one strap that goes diagonal (still have that one) which is great for days when I had only one class or when I didn’t have to pack many textbooks. The only other backpack I still have and use from then was a bright yellow one which I got to remain highly visible at night(I ride a motorcycle). I look forward to hearing more about realbackpacks to see what’s new 🙂


    1. Its pretty nice Eric to know that you still currently have a backpack that you made use of while you were in college. That’s pretty cool. It must have been a really high-quality backpack. I really wish I was like you because my college backpack has seized to exist. I don’t even remember who I gave it to or where I placed it.

  15. Hi Manuel, a good fitting backpack is extremely important, it makes college life so much easier. My daughter also had a backpack she could put on wheels. All those books are mega heavy. She didn’t use it much, it wasn’t cool. I am at the age, I put convenience before cool, but most teenagers don’t. It’s a good idea to have a couple of backpacks, so you can style them with your outfit. That’s more a female thing, my daughter has multiple, my son has just one 😉


    1. Thank you Loes for your comment. Backpacks can be really useful as it helps in carrying some of our items. I really like the idea of owning more than one backpack so you can have several options to style with your outfit.

  16. Hey Manuel, great job on your post. Your post reminded of my days in college and it sort of made me a little nostalgic but I can say that I did have a backpack when I was in college but I didn’t really need it that much seeing as how most of my classes were afternoon-evening. However, your post is a great reminder that college backpacks are always important to have especially if you plan on taking your game system over to your friend’s dorm. Great read!

  17. backpacks are essential to comfort as a college student.  When I say comfort,  I mean ease of carrying ones things. Woo,  I will say here that the backpacks are not just for carrying things, they make you look smart and matured.  Imagine owning about 4 backpacks and then you schedule each for specific days of the week,  common,  you will look much more organized and settled.  You will have all your things in one place,  not having to forget anything.

    It also adds to your fashion sense when you carry one……. 

    1. Yes it does. You can have a backpack that can make you look cool and can also carry your necessities to class. For some college students both of these are important.

  18. While in college, my backpack was a vital part of my life. It was too far to go back to my dorm room to switch out books or other necessities, so I had to carry everything I needed with me and I needed a good, study backpack to do that. Because I carried so many things, I went through at least two backpacks a year because one or both of the straps would inevitably break. I wan’t buying high quality, well made backpacks, just cheap ones that I could afford on a student’s budget! Looking back, had I invested in a good backpack, I probably would have saved a lot of money in the long run! I now use a backpack for work and I spent about $130 on it. I’ve had it for five years and it looks as good as the day I got it. I always tell my friends now, spend the extra money and get a good backpack!

    Having two backpacks at the same time in college would have been ideal!

    1. Really good advice Karin. It is important that we go for quality rather than going for cheap because most times when we go for cheap on an item we use regularly, we might end up spending more in the long run. There have been a lot of debate by a lot of people who wonder if it is actually necessary to go for expensive backpacks. We always consider the cheap backpacks without actually looking at the long run to know if it isn’t actually better to go for expensive backpacks.

  19. I am in the opinion that backpacks are necessary for college students. During my time, I used a sling bag because it looked more feminine, but that resulted in years of shoulder pain, due to the uneven weight distribution and the weight itself. It was only towards the end of my college years that I started using a backpack, but the chronic injury inflicted on my shoulder is something that I have to endure even until today. 

    1. I do hope you are eventually able to get over the pains you are feeling Cathy. Owning a backpack is really important and can really make aspects of our lives easier and better. I would advice you read this post the proper way to wear a backpack so you know exactly how to wear a backpack to avoid any pain or complications in the future.

  20. I agree that having a backpack not only helps when carrying your books from class to class but it’s an easy way to keep everything organized when your coming and going from home.

    I’ve always had a backpack when going to school, however, I wasn’t really picky about what kind I had. As long as it helps me carry my books I was fine with that.

    Also being a college student I don’t think you need a big backpack because you’ll probably take a class or two then go back to your sleep dorm. So having a stylish one could probably work.

    Out of all the brands, which one is your favorite?

  21. Interesting read. I clicked around a bit and read some other information on your website. I like how you write about comfort, health and safety.

    I agree with you, that there is nothing wrong with liking the style of backpack you go with, but functionality is the whole purpose of owning a backpack and what sense does it make to have one that’s hurting you?

    I have several backpacks, and rotate through them depending on what it is I’m using it for. As a mom, they come in handy when you need free hands, and a purse, clutch or tote just won’t cut it.

    Backpacks are so much more important than people realize! Using the right one makes all the difference!

    1. Yes it really is. Backpacks are very important and a lot of us make use of it on a regular basis without actually realizing its importance.

  22. I have always loved large purses and backpacks because I really do feel they keep me organized. Within my purse are smaller zipper pouches, and each one contains specific types of items.  For example, I use one for my toothbrush, floss, toothpicks, etc., and another for my nail stuff, like my file, nail glue, and fake nails.  That’s why as a student, I loved my big backpacks with lots of pockets and dividers.  I could organize the heck out of it.  LOL!

    1. Backpacks are really awesome because we can be able to take a lot of things with us that we make use of on a regular basis. Also carrying them becomes much easier when making use of a backpack

  23. Even though my college years are well behind me, I still use a backpack on a frequent basis.  I always use one when traveling by plane, when hiking, or going on a road trip.  I have several backpacks as they each serve a different purpose. 

    I liked your article, and would suggest you provide some examples of different types of backpacks that different audiences would be interested in.

    Nice job,


    1. Thanks Michelle for your comment and awesome suggestion. I have taken that into consideration and I have created several posts that I think would be of interest to different needs. I have placed some links to some comments above linking to some awesome packs I think would suit different needs but just to make sure you see them, I would place them here again.

      If your choice is a college backpack that is not too stylish but is big enough to carry your items then you should check out Jansport Big Student Backpack. Going for a stylish smart backpack then you should have a look at Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel Backpack. These are really good choices for a college student. If you plan to take it a step further putting into perspective a large spaced backpack then yorepek’s extra large backpack is just for you

  24. I agree that having a backpack really helps one to easily carry books from one class to another. It is also true that it helps in keeping everything organized when a student goes outside and comes back.

    I’ve always made use of a backpack in college, however, I wasn’t extremely meticulous regarding what kind I had. As long as it helps in carrying my books I was fine with it.

    1. Not everyone is really into having stylish backpacks. As long as it is able to do the job they want it to do that’s all that matters.

  25. Very Interesting article about backpacks that keeps you in physical balance! Those in college should have one backpack for papers, books, pen, etc. and another for in case they need to go to the gym or probably hiking. I like your idea on your blog about how people make use of backpacks so they don’t hurt their shoulders and backs.

    1. Thanks for your comment Shenai. I am a big fan of having more than one backpack as it allows me to have backpacks for different occasions.

  26. I love my backpack, I got one from “Santa” a few years ago and I absolutely love it.  I don’t go out without it, I do not carry a purse when I go out.  I do not go to college, but I still believe that a backpack is a necessity, at least it is for me.  It is so much easier to stuff things in a backpack when you go out to the store.  Much easier to carry home when you have to walk.

    It is big and roomy and can fit a lot of stuff inside.

  27. Thanks for all the info about different backpacks! I didn’t know that smart backpacks existed – those are sweet! And including all those pictures and mentioning that celebrities use backpacks make them seem more attractive also. Can you list some more links that offer different styles of backpacks? I’m not in college anymore, but definitely feel like I need a backpack a lot of the time anyway.

  28. I just graduated from college a few months ago and I can add my personal testimonial that a backpack is definitely essential! I hate carrying things in my hands so it was a no-brainer for me to purchase a backpack. I used a few different types of backpacks throughout college and in my last couple of years, I even had a couple of different backpacks I used at once. That way I could have two separate groups of items that were all ready for my different days of classes and I didn’t have to spend time assembling all my items.

    1. That’s Mariah, I always encourage those in college that if they have the budget they should definitely go for more than one backpack that they can use for different occasions. It just makes things easier. That was exactly what I did while I was in college. 

  29. A great post once again, being a student I really understand the problems encountered when handling books and other stationaries as you go to school and back, due to this I really understand the reason as to why I should have a backpack for myself, backpacks can be used for various activities, can be used while you are traveling, it can also be used to store some documents. Personally, I have several backpacks as I use them for several occasions such as hiking, schooling and also for traveling, as I was going through your post I have learned new differentiated backpacks in the market I got interested in some highlighted on this post. I really appreciate the effort put into this post as, I am sure to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more about your posts, thank you.

    From Joy.

    1. Thanks Joy for your comment. As a student, having a backpack is a necessity as it can help you stay organized and be ready to hit the road whenever you have to. I am sure you have probably heard about this but one of the most common backpacks in colleges is JanSport Big Student Backpack. It is the go-to backpack for a lot of students and depending on the location, it is also very common.

  30. I am not a college student. But I am a counselor and I move around from center to center and office to office. I have a backpack that I carry with me that always has all of my files, pens and notes. I would literally be lost without it. I prefer a bag that has lots of pockets so I can easily store my keys and cell phone. I think a bag needs to be strong and reliable but I also like it to be pretty and feminine as well.

    1. Thanks Wendy for your comment. A lot of us prefer backpacks with a lot of pockets as it can help us to better organize or keep our items. This can come in handy and can make access to our items a lot better. If you are looking for a backpack with a lot of pockets then you should check out Yorepek’s Extra Large Backpack. I think it would be ideal for you.

  31. Offers all kinds of key points of why you need a bag. Seems even though they are essential they quite fashionable. I know having a bookbag comes in handy more then just schools as well. Like even in a office or during sports. One question though, can we get them custom? 

    1. Yes, you can. Some websites give you the opportunity to be able to customize your backpacks which the manufacturer would then make for you although it might be a little more expensive I would say that it is worth it.

  32. I like the idea of a college backpack for all the reasons you mentioned and for making life more convenient, especially when you can keep all your essential stationery handy. 

    Also a great place to keep your snacks, fruit and water for the day ahead. 

    I love all the cool styles you can choose from nowadays and I think I am going to get my niece one for her birthday as she is an university student. 

  33. I always have such a nightmare trying to find the perfect backpack – the reason for this is that I try to meet all my needs with the one item, and the only way to do that will result in a compromise. I now have two backpacks, ones small and light for my daily essentials and the other is bigger to accommodate my laptop and other stuff I need when I am out for a long day.

    Backpacks are so personal also, I always view them in shops 1st and then I go online and buy them at a discount, this way it is a little easier trying to figure out size and features. I was wondering if you have any idea which Brand is the most durable, as I get tired of either zips or handles, or seams wearing out?

  34. These backpacks are pretty good. I think they can last for a very long time. I like using my backpack to carry my laptops.  It’s safer for my laptop. Not just that it’s safer for my back, it’s sexy too and so convenient. I think I can check out for the one I may like in amazon.

  35. Sure, Organization, organization, and organization have been the other name of success. It brings less stress, less aggravation, make you carry a healthy and cool mind around with unnecessary botheration.

    You are spot on with your teachers with what they ask for making you look- you really care. You never know how this feeling of someone especially your teachers can stretch you who may write your recommendations.

    I see a rat race around the world to look like celebrities and backpack can give you an edge beyond the convenience you enjoy.

    Excellent write up addressing all the concerns one can think of before you decide on your next backpack. 

  36. Hi! Yeah, backpacks are a necessity! I can’t imagine life without a backpack.

    But I also agree we should choose our backpacks considering our personality and the way we dress.

    I’m more on the cool side. But occasionally I like to gravitate a bit to the smart looking outfits.

    I’ll continue reading these things you recommend us to consider when we’re looking for a backpack. Thank you very much!

    1. Thanks Henry for your comment. We all have our preferences when it comes to a backpack. The most important thing is that we get a backpack that can suit our needs. 

  37. Hi Manuel.

    It was a good article with a interesting twist to it. I refer to your scenario example in the beginning of the article. You give attention to the subject, and I wish my parent had the same awareness of good packing when I went to college. One can tell that you`re passionated about backpacks and that captivates the reader. 

    Good luck and keep it up!

  38. This is an awesome article. I’m used to carrying briefcase but I think I should try backpack out also, so I can have experience in it also and be able to consider which one best suite me . Although backpacks will sometime be a strain on the back but I believe one will avoid this by wearing it properly. Thanks for sharing this information. After getting a backpack then I will give you comprehensive feedback on backpack.

  39. Hello Manuel, presently am not in college anymore but am a big fan of a backpack. I make use of a backpack for my traveling each time. I would love to see some pictures and designs of those backpacks. Don’t you think too much of heavy load inside backpacks can affect the spinal cord? Best regards 

  40. Thanks for this because it helps the students understand why having a backpack is necessary and also for me that wants to sell them online. I can take some snippets from your article just to help my e-commerce store get more sales. I love the way everything was explained. It can easily change the mind of a student who thinks having a backpack is not important

    1. Thank you Linus for your comment. Backpacks are very important for a college student as it can help them to easily carry their school supplies easily. While I was in college I was unable to survive without the use of my bag. It made my life to be so much easier due to the number of books I normally take to class. It is a lifesaver and every college student is supposed to have one.

  41. Hi Manuel,

    Really the use of backpack makes our life easier and comfortable and I don’t really know how a student can survive without one. As a student, I also use a backpack. Different colors of backpack look so attractive. We can use for schooling, traveling etc. My friends use backpacks. It’s a very nice writeup. Thanks 

  42. During my school days it was very difficult for me to do without backpacks. I had lots of backpacks and I enjoyed carrying them to almost everywhere. I had it in different colours so I can have choice of selection each time I am going out in order to compliment my outfit. It’s cool having more than one backpack especially for students. I even need to purchase an extra backpack for my little nephew. 

    1. A backpack is a must for college students due to the fact that it can actually make their lives easier when carrying their items from one place to another while in campus

  43. Great piece! I used to not be a fan of any kind of backpacks, until I switched to a very expensive one. Believe it or not, the quality and thickness of the straps made all the difference in the world. I remembered how my back used to hurt in high-school, but after I left and actually bought a good pack, it was a game changer lol.

  44. Even though I’m not in college, the high school life sure needs a good backpack, especially when you’re taking AP and Honors classes like I am. The main issue I had with my old backpack, other than a giant hole at the bottom from who knows what was the weight from the backpack wasn’t distributed well enough at the straps. Meaning my shoulders, even though I love working them out, were taking punishment with too many books or papers.

     When you mentioned “Convenience vs. Cool”, I thought to myself, “why not both?” 

    Which is totally possible, there are tons of great looking backpacks that fit whatever you need. Can’t wait for college!

    Nicely made article!

  45. Excellent article you have written up here if I was to be sincere. Seriously, I always prefer to make use of a backpack that is lightweight and can just help with packing a couple of books and my laptop to classes and school generally. I prefer reading through my laptop and getting materials online for easier access so, I only make use of my bag to pack my laptop majorly and maybe any other book.

  46. I totally agree with you Manuel when you say been cool is always cool. You see  most college students prefer to carry their books on their arms especially the ladies and it can cause some problem when it comes to gathering all you need for that days lecture especially if the lectures you’re to have for that day is much. So I agree with you that one needs more than one back pack. You could have one for the style and one for organisation. That’s if you can afford it though. Overall, this is a really good post

  47. You have covered one of the most important topics of this generation of people going to school with a backpack.

    I used to shed tears when I see my daughter and her friends getting off from the school bus hungry, tired and struggling to carry the backpack loaded with books and notes. They can not leave them off in their assigned places at school because they need these for homework. 

    The other day I was watching an Indian news channel. The government is taking responsibility and now weighing the schoolbags for kids sending officials to classrooms. The parents applaud the decision.

    I love your site helping to solve a major problem of the current society. The kids should be smart to take the decision correctly for them and I am sure this site will help them.

  48. I am also part of those that love and find interest in using backpacks. These backpacks makes it easier to convey a lot of materials from one place to another without having to go twice or forget anything that would make you go through stress… Having more than one backpack can also be cool too. It can be used to suite-style and also to enhance durability in the use of these bags… Great post you have got here.

  49. Backpack have been one major packing tool regardless of the fact that I’m no longer in college, I find it easier to move around with my hands free for movement, it’s less stressful when I would need to pack up few stuffs to hang out with the guys, but making the very best choice is very confusing. I love your suggestion on going with backpacks that works for me. I’ll be checking your recommendation out. Nice work done!

  50. Hello Manuel I must say this is a really nice post. Some kids don’t really know the simple benefits of these backpack. I often wonder why you’d be packing your stuffs on your hand and walking around when you can get a simple backpack and like you said it can even be used as fashion. I’ll say this is one of the essentials for college students. Best regards

    1. Thanks for your comment Dane. Having a backpack in college can be of great help to a college student. It is very rare before you find a college student that does not make use of a backpack.

  51. I had this backpack when I was in college, I loved it to the extent that I didn’t drop it till now, I have it hanging in my bedroom, I so much love it and it was actually gifted to me by my Grandma so it was very special. Everyone needs a backpack especially a college student. I love the way you listed the importance of backpack in this article, really nice and interesting post.

  52. I wish I had so much to chose from when I was a student. You have indeed offered a wide and varied offerings  in backpack here. I had an old backpack in leather and with aluminum support. It was awful to use. Not to mention how much back pain you got after a 45 minute walk to the school. And all those heavy books in it as well… Thanks to your website today’s students have the possibility to have choices.

  53. Hello there, thanks for taking your time to put up this nice post. There are lots of people who needs the backpack in colleges but do not have it because they do not know how important it is to them. Going with a very simple backpack thay makes you smart and fast is really underrated by these people. Personally for me, I’ll ask anyone in college to have a personal backpack. Best regards.

  54. For school, I think that everyone needs a new backpack. Backpacks all have their own different uses so getting a new back pack isn’t a bad idea at all. It is something that I’ll do myself because I have a bag for hiking, for business and why not one for the school. There are a lot to look into when vying to buy a school backpack. Thank you for making this explanation as broad as possible. I have really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing.

  55. Hello Manuel, this massive to see and I must say that this is very interesting to read on. College backpacks is an admixture of style and beauty coupled with it being a jaguar that can be used for all situations. This is really great for me to know of. Making use of one backpack for all situations would warrant the use of the special one that can go through all the stress of making use of a back pack. Thumbs up on this. Thanks

    1. You are very correct Roddarrick. If we decide to make use of just one backpack for every single thing we do then it is really important to get that bag that would be able to withstand the intense use.

  56. I will always go for convenience over cool anytime. There are times where I get some stuff but do not go out with it or even use it because I’m not feeling comfortable using it. There are also times where I just want something convenient and cool when we talk of backpack but I haven’t been fortunate enough to get any. Are there any suggestion of backpack you’ll give to me for convenience and cool feeling?

    1. Hello Chloe, there are a lot of backpacks that I can consider to be really comfortable based on the features they posses such as padded shoulder straps, padded and ventilated backpanels, etc. You can also go for backpacks with padded handles. Check out some selections of student backpacks, I am sure you would find a backpack that fits these criteria.

  57. Very interesting to read on concerning college backpacks. You have truly covered the lives of students and their backpacks in the college. During my college days, I made use of only a backpack for all occasions but I made sure I got a very great quality that could pass for both fashion and ruggedness. This is very interesting to read on and hopefully if I can have my way, I would suggest this to my cousin who is in college too to read. Very interesting one

  58. I believe that when one is going to school, the most important thing is to have a backpack that is convenient. Cool is good but cool is not when it’s not convenient. Your pack should be able to carry all the things you need to carry and at the same time be able to give you the convenience you want. I must say that school backpacks have made life better, especially those that give the option of organizing everything well.

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