Chrome Summoner Backpack – A Perfect Short Trip Pack

In this post on chrome summoner backpack, I am going to show you why I gave this bag serious consideration when deciding on getting a short trip backpack.

You are also going to see real proof from actual users of the bag that shows what it has to offer.

Let’s dive in.

  • 9.5/10
    Durability - 9.5/10
  • 9.5/10
    Comfort - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Fabric Quality - 9/10
  • 6.5/10
    For Everyday Use - 6.5/10
  • 9.8/10
    For short travels - 9.8/10

Summary of Chrome Summoner Backpack

The chrome summoner backpack is part of chrome’s modal collection and one of their best backpacks for short travel trips.

It is a 32L backpack with a clamshell opening(opens like a briefcase) which makes it better suited as a travel bag rather than an everyday pack.

It has a laptop compartment able to contain a 15″ laptop and it has very comfortable top and side handles for an alternative carry option.


1. Perfect for short travel trips

2. Has top and side carry handles

3. Very comfortable to carry

4. Has easy access to laptop compartment


1.  Not the best bag for an everyday carry

2.  Does not have a water bottle holder

3.  The compression straps have several limitations

Who This Backpack Is For

Someone wearing chrome's summoner backpack

The chrome summoner backpack looks like a top-notch backpack but the truth is that you don’t need such a bag if you are looking for a travel backpack that is not for short travel trips.

A good alternative that you can consider for a longer trip say about 2 to 3weeks would be osprey’s farpoint backpack.

Also, if you are searching for an everyday carry backpack you are going to be better of going for a different backpack because the design and structuring of this bag makes it less of an ideal everyday carry bag.

In this case, you would be better of going for chrome pike backpack because it is a more ideal EDC backpack due to its structuring and design. Ebags professional backpack is also a really good alternative.

What Makes A Good Travel Backpack

If you have never bought a travel backpack before then you probably don’t know what to look out for if you intend to get one.

There are several factors to consider such as:

  • How long your trip is
  • The items you plan to travel with


One of the best qualities of the summoner backpack is that it is considered a really good travel backpack.

But here is the twist.

If you intend to travel for a long time then you are better of going for a much larger backpack because size is a major factor to consider when choosing a travel backpack.

Although this is considered a really good travel pack, it is more ideal for short travel trips.

This is what a fellow user of the Summoner backpack had to say about this.

“Just like every other chrome bag I own, the Summoner backpack sure gets the job done. I am able to pack a couple of days worth of clothes and my laptop for traveling….”


This was a reworded statement.

I have traveled with a large backpack only to later realize that I would have been better off with a small-sized pack.

When traveling you need to know how long your trip is so you know the type or size of the bag to carry your belongings.

Another factor you might want to consider when choosing a travel backpack is the packing style of the bag.

The suitcase packing style and the top loading style are different with the first more suited for a traveling bag.

You are going to find it a bit difficult to pack a travel backpack making use of a top-loading style than one making use of a suitcase-style.

For a travel backpack, it is just more practical than a top-loading style bag.

Alright, if you are still reading it is about time I show you all about the chrome summoner backpack and how it can be of great benefit to your needs.

Chrome Summoner Backpack Review

The summoner backpack is a 32L carry bag which is part of chrome’s modal collection. Just as the pike pack, It is lightweight and made with durable material.

The 600D twill melange fabric used on the bag makes it durable and it helps to keep the bag always clean drastically reducing the amount of dirt the bag attracts.

Summoner backpack

The structuring and organization of the bag are quite amazing but not without its faults.

Like I mentioned earlier, the pack was designed in a way best suited for traveling rather than for everyday carry.

Of course, it can also be used this way but for its ideal purpose, its internal and external structuring is best suited as a travel bag.

For a 32L pack, it can contain quite a lot and though the 600D fabric is pretty strong, it is not as completely strong as some of chrome’s bags but this does have an advantage which is best described by a fellow user of the bag below.

“The material of the pack is not as strong as some bags produced by Chrome i.e 600d compared to 500d fabric but this helps to save a lot of weight and is very much easier to carry around, plus as the material is soft and flexible means there is more room for squeezing extra stuff in.”


This was a reworded statement.

For quick access to your items, you can make use of the small front quick-access compartment.

There is also a quick access compartment at the top of the bag and according to users of the bag this particular access pocket is best suited for the delicate items you might need quick access to such as your sunglasses.

A particular feature I also like in this bag which I look out for when I review a backpack is the hidden quick access compartment that can contain small sized items such as a passport or your wallet.

This would come in handy during your travels as you can access the hidden pocket quickly to get your important small sized items such as your passport.

For an alternative comfortable carry while the summoner is loaded you can make use of the top and side handles of the bag.

I have come across several handles of various packs and they were really not up to standard which is why I was really impressed by what Bo Isomono said about the handles of this particular chrome’s pack.

Chrome summoner backpack

There are some organizer pockets and slots in the interior of the bag that can be used for some of your small-sized and medium-sized items.

If you have a 15″ sized laptop then you would be pleased to know that it would fit perfectly into the laptop compartment in the bag which is divided by a mesh divider to the compartment with organizer pockets and slots.

A bonus is easier access to the laptop compartment of the bag through the top ykk aqua guard zipper at the top of the bag.

With this included on the top of the bag, you won’t have to go through the main compartment of the bag to access the laptop compartment. You can just go through the zipper at the top of the pack giving you quick and easy access to your laptop.

Standout Features and Their Benefits to You

The bag makes use of a clamshell opening (opens the way a briefcase opens).

So how is this of benefit to you?

The briefcase-style opening makes organizing and arranging your belongings very easy.

This is a huge advantage when you make use of this pack as a carryon but can also be considered as a disadvantage if you decide to make use of this bag as a daily backpack.

This is because before assessing some of your items in the bag you might have to open it all the way which means you would have to place the bag down just like you do a briefcase.

To make the bag more compact four compression straps were placed at four corners of the pack which helps compress the bag.

Apart from compressing the bag which makes it more compact the four compression straps also have an advantage of serving as an anti-theft feature for the bag. Some people don’t realize this but check out what this user of the bag had to say about this.

“This bag gave me a bit more confidence when it comes to security. The four clips round the corners of the bag act as a sought of barrier preventing the main zippers of the bag from opening.

There is also a zip pocket at the back of the bag that can also serve as a security pocket.

Drawbacks on the Chrome Summoner Backpack

There are a lot of things I like about the summoner pack but just like almost everything else it also has some drawbacks that I was not entirely thrilled at.

1. I think the four compression straps are a really good idea by chrome but it can make your gaining access to the laptop compartment rather difficult. You would have to unclip the top two clips before you can gain access to your laptop.

The same thing happens if you intend to gain full access to the main compartment of the bag. You would need to undo the four compression straps before you can gain full access to the bag.

This might be ok if you intend to make use of the bag as a travel backpack but for an everyday bag, it would not be practical.

One more thing still about the compression straps.

Gaining access to the organizational pocket is easier because of the suitcase style opening but this can be a drawback if you use this bag daily and you plan on assessing the items you keep in the organizational slots and pockets.

2. Depending on how you use this bag you might not require pockets on the backpack but for those that do they might be disappointed that water bottle pockets were not included at the side or anywhere on the bag.

My Thoughts on the Chrome Summoner Backpack

This is actually a great backpack with some amazing features even though some of them have their drawbacks but with the experience I have with owning several backpacks and the reviews I have done on several bags I would say that you should only consider this bag if you would be making use of it as a travel backpack for short trips.

Although you can make use of it as a daily bag it is just more suited as a travel backpack. You can check out osprey’s farpoint backpack as a travel alternative bag or the pike backpack as an everyday bag.

If you have any questions about this bag you can leave a comment in the comment section below.

A lady wearing a chrome summoner backpack

5 comments on “Chrome Summoner Backpack – A Perfect Short Trip Pack

  1. Honestly, when i read the article I felt as if i wasn’t being sold anything so a good job. I love reviews that feel that way. It doesn’t pressure me to buy. I was also wondering if you had any backpacks to stay away from as I am a big hiker and traveler. I love to write about this stuff too so I would love to know your opinion

  2. Hi there,

     Excellent review I really loved the reading

     I was looking on the net for a backpack as I am going to make a short trip soon to Venice, so I need a good bag to keep my stuff safe while traveling. The Chrome Summoner backpack seems to be practical and useful, and I really like the style too. As I am going in December, I need a waterproof bag that can protect my contents from the rain. So my question is, is this bag waterproof. If not, is there a waterproof cover I can use for this bag. And if it is waterproof, what the ratings are?

    Thank you for this useful review and looking forward to hearing from you!

  3. It’s always good to have a very stylish and comfortable backpack that can suit that short trip perfectly a it makes it easy to transport from one point to another. This is a very nice article and it’s of great use, I really like the Chrome summoner backpack and it’ll be a good one, I like the features and most of the fact that it has good quality. I’ll consider getting one because I need it. Thanks for sharing this information, it’s helpful.

  4. I’m not someone that travels a lot but I do go on vacations with my family sometimes and it’s a very good thing to have a perfect fit backpack that suits the purpose of short trip. I think this Chrome summoner backpack is a very good travel companion, I really like the quality and the kid of comfort it offers. I’ll try to fix this into my bucket list and I will get it against next time I’m traveling.

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