Chrome Pike Backpack – Is This Really Worth Your Investment

Chrome pike backpack is part of chrome industries modal collection and with this review, we would be taking a closer look at all this pack has to offer. If you probably landed on this page in search of more information on this bag then I can assure you that you have landed on the right page because I intend to reveal everything to you that I have been able to find out about this bag.

An adult wearing chrome pike backpack

Chrome industries are experts in designing bags for the road and chrome launched a series in creating a collection of bags for just about anyone’s requirements. The pike backpack is among this collection and with this post we intend to write a detailed review of all the features of this bag.

We would write about its design, compartments, pockets, back panel and material used in the designing of the back panel. We would reveal to you if at all the bag is comfortable and so much more. I also intend to reveal some drawbacks or negatives that we found out about this bag.

My plan is that at the end of this post you would have enough information to be able to make a detailed decision on if this bag is right for you or not.

If you prefer to watch a video review on this bag rather than read text, no worries because we have been able to find a video that perfectly explains the features of this bag.

An Overview of Chrome Pike Backpack

Before we go into detail of the bag we should have a rundown of some of its features. This is a 22L capacity backpack that was made with a polyester 600D twill melange fabric. The main compartment is accessed using the top opening or a duffel style opening.

There is a flap front pocket at the front of the bag and two elastic water bottle pockets and also two velcro pockets at the side of the bag. There is an attachment strap at the bottom of the bag and also straps with clips at the side of the back which holds the front flap pocket of the backpack.

The bag is able to house a 15″ laptop and the back panel was made using a high quality molded eva back panel. This is a pretty solid pack and the material used indicates that it should be highly resistant to abrasion.


Chrome pike backpack is a 22L pack designed with Polyester 600D twill melange fabric which was made with a 70D nylon liner. Its design and layout makes it have a modern look meant for the modern man with a high taste for a utilitarian backpack.

It was designed using a YKK zipper which is highly waterproof. Though the zipper of the pack is waterproof, the pack itself was designed with a water-repellant material.

Pockets and Organization

There are several pockets both in and outside the bag that can be used to organize several of your items. There are two water bottle pockets for holding water bottles and similarly sized items and also two velcro pockets that can also hold water bottles and small sized items.

At the front of the pack, there is a flap pocket that can also be used to store several items such as your phones, wallets and other small sized items.

There are several organization panels inside the main compartment of the backpack that can also be used to store several items. There is a sleeve padded pocket for items like your tabs or ipads with another pocket for your phones and also a pen slot for holding your pens.

Water bottle and Velcro Flap Opening Side Pockets

At both side of the bag, you would find two elastic water bottle pockets as well as two velcro secured flap opening side pockets. The elastic water bottle pockets are used to hold water bottle and can also be used for a small-sized umbrella. Its elastic nature gives it the ability to be able to contain a water bottle that is slightly larger than the actual size of the pockets.

Also, the velcro secured flap opening pockets at the side of the bag can also be used to hold a water bottle. Although the initial pocket would be more preferred because it does not have a flap covering the pocket. The flap opening pocket is more secure than the initial pocket and in this case, is more preferred because of its covering.

Also, the velcro can put you on instant alert due to its noise if a pickpocket should try gaining access into the pocket of the pack.

For water bottles that come with a hook or lu, there is a clip at the side of the bag that can be used to secure the water bottle while it’s inside the water bottle pocket at the side of the bag.

Dedicated Padded Laptop Compartment

Chrome’s pike backpack comes with a separate compartment dedicated to the safety of your laptop. The laptop compartment is able to contain up to a 15″ laptop.

To keep your laptop safe and secure, the compartment is well padded and is about an inch to two inches above the bottom of the back pack. Though this can safeguard your laptop by reducing the impact on the laptop if the pack should fall vertically to the ground but I don’t think this is enough.

What I would have loved to see is for the bottom of the laptop compartment to be several inches more above the bottom of the backpack. With this, a laptop can be completely safe if for any reason the pack should fall vertically to the ground. I hope chrome works on this when they produce more of chrome pike backpacks in the future.

Straps for Proper Fit and Comfort

There are several straps with clips at different parts of the pack that serve different useful purposes. At the side of the bag, there a strap with a clip just above the water bottle pockets at both side of the pack. These straps can be creatively used for several reasons depending on the user of the bag but the main purpose of the strap is for holding down the front flap pocket from revealing the duffel style opening of the backpack.

It also serves a purpose of compressing the bag to make it more compact and also, for water bottles with a hook or lu, the strap clip can be used to secure the water bottles by passing the strap through the hook or lu and clipping it. Pretty cool!!

A removable sternum strap is attached to the shoulder straps of the backpack. Apart from the very important health aspect of a sternum strap, they serve a very useful purpose of stabilizing the bag on your back by reducing its movement thereby also making the shoulder straps not to fall from your back when you are on motion.

The health benefit of including a sternum strap on chrome pike backpack is to evenly disperse the weight of the backpack when there are items in it. It helps your shoulders from getting sore by restricting the movement of the shoulder straps of the bag.

Also, as mentioned earlier on, the sternum strap is removable. So if for any reason you feel uncomfortable you can easily remove the sternum strap and continue rocking your chrome pike backpack.

There are two attachment straps or loops at the bottom of the backpack. This can be pretty useful if you intend to carry items that you probably don’t want inside your bag. All you have to do is to clip it to the attachment straps at the lower part of the bag.

To make it look less awkward, it would be best to make use of both attachment straps of the pack. You can use these attachment straps for your jacket, umbrella or even a tripod.

Double style opening

To access the main compartment of the pack, you can either make use of the top compartment or you can make use of the duffel style opening of the bag. A front pocket flap clipped by the two side strap clips covers the duffel style opening of the bag.

Duffel style opening of chrome pike backpack

To easily access the main compartment of the backpack using the duffel style opening, you would have to unclip the front flap pocket and flip it to lay flat. This gives you easy access to the front compartment of the bag.

Secure Your Bag With a Completely New Look

Taking a closer look at the front of the pack you would notice that the zipper of the front pocket and that of the main compartment are exposed. This can probably lead to making the job of a pickpocket easier when trying to gain access into your bag.

A way around this due to the smart designing done by chrome is to unclip the front flap pocket taking it to the back of the pack and ones again clipping it while its at the back of the bag. By doing this you would completely cover up the zippers of the main compartment and that of the front zipper pocket thereby making it difficult for pickpockets to gain access into your bag.

New look of chrome pike backpack

Also, your pack would have a completely new new-look and style giving you a completely different way to rock your chrome pike backpack

Comfortable Back Panel and Shoulder Straps

The back panel of chrome pike backpack was made with high-quality Molded Eva back panel. The back panel was designed to have ridges which encourages for better airflow between your back and the back of the backpack keeping your back dry while making use of the bag.

There is nothing as messed up as a sweaty back while making use of a bag. Good thing chrome took this into consideration and designed a back panel that encourages better airflow.

Also, you can be rest assured that the back of your outfit would not become messed up as does the back of other packs out there due to the material used when designing the back panel of the backpack.

The shoulder straps of the bag are pretty well padded and they have reflective stripes that are great for visibility mostly at night. It makes use of shoulder yoke backpack straps for extra carry power and comfort.

Also, the top handle of the bag is well padded for easy carry in case you decide not to make use of the shoulder straps of the bag.

The Drawbacks of The Backpack

I consider this a pretty awesome bag but just like every other thing, it was not designed perfectly and therefore has some minor drawbacks that we have been able to identify.

1. Laptop compartment

As we mentioned earlier on, the bottom of the laptop compartment is not high enough from the bottom of the backpack. It is about 1 to 2 inches high and for a laptop to be safer we would have loved it to be higher than that just in case the backpack should fall vertically on the ground or floor so the impact on the laptop can be drastically reduced.

2. Flap opening velcro pockets

Using velcro pockets on the pack is a pretty decent idea to alert the user of the bag and anyone around if a pickpocket decides to try accessing the pockets of the pack but the fact is that when the user of the pack decides to access the pockets of the bag in a library or an office, the noise of the velcro might be a little too much especially if one needs to gain access to these pockets on a regular basis.

This might not be an issue to a lot of people but for some others, it might. I just think it would have been better if a zip pocket was used instead of a velcro pocket.

A Multiconfiguration Backpack Based on Your Needs

Looking to get a backpack with style? With a unique design and layout? Then Chrome Pike Backpack might just be what you have been looking for. It is a super-utilitarian pack with multiple configurations based on your needs.

It has a dedicated laptop compartment able to house up to a 15″ laptop. There are two elastic water bottle pockets and two velcro pockets at the side of the bag. The main compartment can be accessed using both a top opening style and a duffel bag opening style.

There is a quick access pocket on the front of the bag and several pockets inside the bag for the organization of your items. There are attachment straps at the bottom and straps at the side of the bag that holds the front flap pocket.

Do you wish to change the backpack to a completely different look? Then unclip the front flap and clip it at the back of the pack to give the backpack a new streamlined look while also protecting access into the main compartment of the bag.

This is a truly awesome pack which I can highly recommend to anyone looking to buy a bag designed not just for fashion but also for practicality.

A lady carrying a chrome pike backpack

25 comments on “Chrome Pike Backpack – Is This Really Worth Your Investment

  1. What a cool looking backpack this is, I have been looking for something different to be able to take my lunch and laptop into work with me as I cycle to work and this looks like it would be perfect for me

    I love the simplicity of how the Chrome Pike Backpack looks but it still has all that room inside and the extra velcro water bottle side compartments mean that I can reach around and take a drink while I cycle to work

    Also, the front clip that goes around your front will make it even more secure

    I do like this black one but do they come in any other colours just in case I fancy a change?

  2. What a thorough review of the Chrome Pike backpack. I agree about the stylishly attractive look of the bag (both versions of it), and the water bottle pockets are definitely a must-have for me. I also liked the fact that it has a special panel for better airflow against the back. I like to take a good backpack on a nature trail run with my dog so I usually get a sweaty back, and you’re, it is uncomfortable. 

    I assume this is a bag I could throw into the washing machine with the melange fabric. I also checked out the price; Not bad for all the features it has! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.


  3. I don’t really like the design but I need to admit the efficiency. It has room to accommodate lots of things. I like the double opening option. The duffle opening will definitely be the one I use the most.

    I think it is different with a unique and effective design. It is really worth the investment!

    As always, I enjoyed reading your very informative review.


    1. It does have a unique design that not everyone would fancy but that is just another thing that makes the chrome pike backpack special.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to go into depth concerning all of the features of the Chrome Pike Backpack! I appreciate the duffle bag feature! I have never seen a backpack quite like this.

     I also like the idea of the velcro aspect, even though it might be a bit embarrassing in quiet spaces like you mentioned, but I like the deterrent effect for pickpockets. 

    I have to say that I get a little nervous with a water bottle holder so close to the computer compartment, and then I remember you mentioning the fact the backpack is made with water deterrent material. 

    I was wondering if black is the only color option offered?

    1. As of the moment that is the only option available but you can always check back to see if other colors have been included.

  5. Thanks for the detailed information on the Pike backpack. I like to take the kids on hiking outings. This bag might be just perfect for us. 

    I like the bottom straps making it easier to carry items that might not fit in the bag or that we might want easier access to when on the go. Are these straps adjustable for size? Or will only something very small such as an umbrella or a jacket fit in it? I’m thinking it might also be perfect to carry a blanket for our picnic lunches.

    I do worry a bit about the laptop opening being so close to the bottom. I like to carry mine with me so I’m able to work while the kids run and play at parks etc. There are times my bag gets tossed around and I want to be sure that my laptop would be safe in any bag I am carrying. 

    Thanks so much for your review. The Chrome Pike backpack is definitely on my short list of options!

    1. Hello Shannon, the straps at the bottom front of the bag can only be slightly adjusted.
      You would need to be a bit more careful on how you use the bag if you decide to place your laptop in the laptop compartment of the pike backpack.

  6. I am planning my summer vacation and I was looking for a high-quality backpack. I’ll definitely need one with a laptop compartment as I’ll be carrying it around with me.

    However, I am going to be camping as well and I need a backpack which is waterproof because you never know what might happen while outdoors.

    So, is this Chrome Pike backpack waterproof or not?

  7. This is a neat looking backpack,and the neutral color, should go well with most outfits.

    The back panel is a nice innovation, and adds value,as well as giving a unique service, to keep your back dry, this is good for hot weather or humid conditions.

    The security angle is really good,to stop any one gaining access to the bag,by clipping the front flap pocket, to the back of the bag.

    I like the laptop compartment, in spite of having not enough padding at the bottom,as you have dual access points, to get at your computer.

    The multiplicity of water bottle pockets,is a good feature,the elastic pockets, are attractive as you can put other items into them, such as an umbrella. .

  8. This looks like a really good backpack. However, the downside of it is that laptop compartment, which makes me doubt if it is the good one for me. My laptop is important, and I need to have space for that. I will consider it, but as I said, I’m doubting because of that. Regardless, thanks for sharing it with us. 

    1. The laptop compartment can be a problem. You would have to be a little bit more careful when making use of the backpack if your laptop is in the laptop compartment of the chrome pike backpack

  9. This is really nice, Chrome pike backpack is a really nice design and I like it so much. Chrome industries are really creative when it comes to designing their bags and they add really cool specs to make them exceptions. I think chrome bags are really nice and can fit any kind of road. I’ll make sure I get one for myself because I’m a fan of chrome bags. This is a very informative article, I like it.

  10. Arrgh, the design looks somewhat old Skool, not really my style but I guess that’s one of the good things about this back pack. I like that it has water bottle flaps though. I can’t deny the durability of the pack and it’s utmost efficiency. Nice back pack I must say. The chrome pike is a good pick but it’s not really my style. Nice review.

  11. Nice looking backpack with a very good colour too that can go along with any outfit. Unfortunately, it’s compartment are not so voola Nd they seem to all be outside. There’s no option for a laptop compartment too which makes it a big doubt for me since when I want to get a backpack, I’m always turned on on the laptop compartment. You did a good review though. I’ll check out some other packs you have up for grabs.

  12. If there is one thing that this chrome pike backpack has that made me fall in love with it is simply the simplicity of how it looks and how secured it could be against theft. I really love backpacks that possess the real packages and this backpack has everything to look for other than the laptop compartment that suffers quite well. Other than that, I love every other thing that this offers. Great backpack this is

  13. This chrome pike backpack is really a simple and beautiful backpack. It is incredibly great having very complex features with a deceiving simple look. I love the zipping that has a two way feature and also the straps too are comfortable looking. It also looks kind of portable too. Such a great back back.. It should be a good purchase for the money

  14. I like this backpack and I have been checking out backpack reviews all this afternoon. The issue concerning the laptop or the noise at the library are no problem for me. And I love it’s design. I’m glad I found your review and I must thank you for finally making up my mind. This is the one!

  15. I’ve been looking for a strong backpack for my teenage son as he goes through 2 or 3 every school year. The description and material used leads me to believe it might last the whole school year. I’m not concerned about the laptop compartment being too close to the bottom because he doesn’t carry one for school so that would give him additional room for books and other items. 

    He carries a lot of things in his backpack, so it gets pretty heavy, having the sternum strap would have a health benefit for him by taking some of the strain off his back.

    Thanks for all the great information!

  16. This indeed looks like a bag that has quite a number of features. The only thing that might maybe stop me from getting it is the laptop sleeve. It’s really the only downside but I’m sure I will be able to make it work somehow. This is really great in-depth review of the bag and I really enjoyed it as it explained a lot about how useful the features of the bag are which is really important when getting a backpack.

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