Brinch Backpack – A Sturdy, Sleek and Comfortable Pack

Are you searching for a backpack that is sturdy, has a sleek design and is comfortable to wear? If yes then let’s see if brinch backpack is all that.

We provide detailed written reviews on backpacks but if you are interested in the video review of this bag you can check it out below.

In this post, we intend to reveal everything we have been able to find about this bag and also identify some of its drawbacks and if your plan was to get this backpack you would be able to make an informed decision on whether this pack is right for you or not.

Product Name: Brinch Backpack

A Good Place to Buy: Amazon

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Design and Layout

The first thing that caught my attention the first time I came across this particular brinch’s backpack was its design and layout. It does stand out from regular packs and it is actually one of the reasons why I decided to have a closer look at the bag.

You are definitely going to be receiving a lot of compliments from your friends because of the stylish design of the bag. Just check out what other users of this bag have to say and you would notice that most of them complimented the design of the bag and some actually mentioned being complimented by their friends, coworkers and even strangers.

Brinch backpack was designed with an anti-scratch fabric which means that the fabric is able to mitigate scratch effects on the bag. This would be very useful especially if you are one of those that does not like to see scratches on any item they own.

Though the pack is not waterproof, it is definitely water-resistant and is able to withstand water from gaining access into the bag especially during light rains. Just be aware that during heavy rain pour you might have to find shelter because the bag would not be able to withstand this type of rain.

The fabric used is top-notch and the lining does not only make it attractive but also very durable.

One Large Compartment

Brinch backpack comes in two sizes which is a 17-inch size and an 18.4-inch size. They both have the same designing, layout, and features and the only difference is actually in their sizes and prices with the 18.4 inches costing more than the 17-inch size backpack.

Brinch’s backpack has just one large compartment that can be accessed from the top of the bag. There is a padded laptop sleeve inside the compartment of the backpack that is able to protect your laptop from getting damaged or scratched as long as it is in the padded sleeve.

According to what we found out from their website, the padded sleeve should be able to house a laptop with a screen up to 18.4inch depending on the size of the bag you decide on getting. So this means if you decide to get the 17inch size then it should be able to fit a laptop with screen up to 17inch in size and if you decide to get the 18.4inch size then it should be able to fit a laptop with a screen up to 18.4inch in size.

The laptop padded sleeve has an elastic strap that can be used to secure your laptop while it is in the padded soft thick foam sleeve.

At the opposite side of the laptop padded sleeve, there is another padded sleeve but smaller in size that should be ideal for keeping your iPad or tablets.

The main compartment of the bag is large and should be big enough to contain several of your items such as your clothes, books, documents, etc.

Pockets and Organization

There are several pockets in and outside the backpack that can be used to organize your items. There is a fairly large mesh pocket attached to the tablet padded sleeve inside the bag.

Outside the bag, there are two identical pockets on both sides of the pack that can be used to store several of your small sized items such as your phone, pens, wallets, etc. These two pockets are rather small and would not be able to contain large items.

Also, on both sides of the pack, there are elastic mesh pockets that can hold a small sized water bottle or a compact sized umbrella. They are not as big as we would have wanted but the sizes are ok and would be of great use to you if you make use of small sized water bottles.

At the front of brinch backpack, there is a flap which has a pocket on it. Underneath the flap, you would also be able to find a pocket that is deeper and larger than the pocket on the front flap of the backpack. There is also a zip pocket at the front bottom of the bag that can also be used to store several small sized items.

Comfortable Shoulder Straps and Backpanel

A very important factor when purchasing a backpack is comfort. The important parts of a backpack that needs to be comfortable while making use of it is the back of the pack and its shoulder straps. One of the ways to make the back of a backpack comfortable is by making it padded.

The back of brinch’s backpack is padded with thick foam and also, a thick multi-panel ventilated foam mesh padding was included in the design and this provides extra padding for the back of the bag for comfort and maximum back support.

The multi-panel ventilated foam mesh padding would help keep your back dry by allowing good airflow between your back and the back of the bag.

The shoulder straps of the bag are padded and were designed with airmesh material for comfort on your shoulders while carrying the bag.

The same thing applies to the top handle of the bag. It is also padded and was designed with soft mesh foam which makes the user of the bag be able to carry it for a long time with comfort.

Some Drawbacks of Brinch Backpack

The design and the layout of this bag is pretty awesome but it does have some shortcomings that might be of concern to some people. One of its shortcomings is the main compartment of the bag. It is pretty deep and can only be opened from the top so if you decide to find anything inside the bag you would need to put your hand in the bag and feel around.

I also found out about some complaints of the laptop padded sleeve of the bag mostly the 17inch size. Some users complained about their 17inch size laptop not been able to properly fit into the 17inch size brinch backpack and the ones that do fit tend to be a tight fit.

These were just complaints by a few number of people and for others, it was just fine but if you are worried I would advise you to go for the bigger size which is the 18.4inch size.

My other concern is that the pockets at the side of the bag might just be a bit too small and might not be able to contain items that I would like to put into it but that is just me and might not be a drawback for those making use of this backpack.

My Final verdict

I think this is a pretty awesome backpack and one thing I like most about it is its stylish design which makes the bag to look very attractive. It can be used by students, can be taken to work, and can even be used for traveling. I think its drawbacks are pretty minor and would not be an issue to a lot of people.

This is a bag that I can highly safely recommend for anyone in need of this style of backpack. Its price is really fair and I think it is a huge bargain for the quality of this backpack.

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