Brands Killing it in The Making of Solar Panel Backpacks

It is no news that the use of backpacks is way past just for carrying items from one place to another. Companies are now coming up with creative ideas by which they use to make packs much more than they were meant to be. One of these introductions by these companies are solar panel backpacks and in this post, we are going to identify some brands dedicated to this line of work.

Two young adults wearing solar panel backpacks

If you don’t have a clear understanding of what these type of backpacks are you can check out what is a solar-powered backpack to have a clear understanding of what they are. A simple explanation is that they are packs equipped with thin-film solar cells or solar panels and batteries capable of converting the sun’s energy into electrical energy.

Most of the time some brands include batteries in their solar-enabled bags but other times these batteries have to be bought separately.

These companies that decided to produce these type of backpacks were inspired due to different reasons to start up their companies. One of the companies listed below actually got inspired to start up their company due to the fact that some beach-goers had a problem of the battery of their phones always running out while they were at the beach.

Another company was started due to the fact that the phone battery of the founder of the company ran out while he was visiting another country.

Whatever the reasons were that made these guys start up their companies we are very much thankful because they have been able to solve an issue that was a lot of problem for a lot of people.

Solar panel backpacks are not as common as regular packs, therefore, the companies producing these type of bags are not as much as those producing regular packs.

Below I have been able to identify some of these companies. Some of them are solely dedicated to producing solar panel backpacks while some others introduced it into their backpack collection.


One very popular name I have recently noticed when it comes to solar panel backpacks is Eceen solar backpack. Their backpacks have been listed among the best solar backpacks on numerous occasions. This is definitely not a coincidence which is why I decided to list them first in this list of solar backpack brands.

A young lady using a solar panel backpack to charge her device

Eceen is a textile and electronic developing and manufacturing company based in Guangdong China and they were established in 2007. They produce solar backpacks, solar charger, power supplies, and solar powered products.

In the year 2010 after some few years of studies and tests, they engineered a new way to construct bags and this idea was patented which led to the designing and developing of bigger solar panel products on backpacks.

Their backpacks had enough space to attach solar panels which is able to generate enough power to charge any kits outside.

The fact that their products are mainly solar-focused means that they are more suited for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, biking, etc. Their packs are also suited for travels, schools and many lifestyle activities.

All of their products including their back bags carry at least a 1-year warranty and they own the designs and construction patents of all of their products.

For more information on their website please visit

Voltaic Systems

Another brand that appears to be very popular alongside Eceen solar bags is Voltaic Systems. They are also another brand that specializes in producing packs powered by the sun. Unlike Eceen which is an Asian company based in China, Voltaic is a portable solar power company based in Brooklyn, New York.

One of voltaic systems solar panel backpacks

I actually like what these guys said in their about page. They actually said that when the latest phones are produced they just like everyone else heard over to stores to take a look and while most people are checking out the design of the phone they are on the lookout for its compatibility with their system and power requirement.

This is one of the reasons that has led to their production of some really great solar powered products.

Their solar panel backpacks are not exactly cheap but they are of really good quality and they get the most out of sunlight when making use of it to power their solar-enabled products including their solar-enabled backpacks.

Their solar panels are designed to last and they are built using rugged fabric and strong solar cells that can withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Their solar panels, cases, and bags come with a 2 years warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship and their batteries are warranted for 1 year.

Eclipse Solar Gear

Another brand located in North America. Eclipse solar gear is an Innovus design Inc company brand located in north Austin, Texas. Their products are geared towards electronic users and outdoor activities.

One of eclipse gear solar panel backpacks

The company was founded in the year 2003 and the starting up of the company was inspired while on vacation at the beach. According to their website, the inspiration which led to the formation of their company was from noticing beach-goers getting worried about the battery of their phones running out.

Just like Voltaic Systems backpacks, Eclipse solar gear backpacks are also pretty expensive. Most of their solar panel backpacks are over $100 and they are of really good quality.

For anyone that finds this expensive and still need a solar backpack, you can always try to create your own solar backpacks.

The solar panels used in creating their backpacks are weather sealed, flexible, light-weight, and durable.

Damages to a section of the panels they use in their designs does not shut the power off. Their solar bags are durable and ready to be used for any situation ranging from daily use to emergency situations.


If you visit some of the official pages of these listed brands you would notice that some of their solar panel backpacks are rather expensive just like beam backpacks. An alternative is in the creating your own solar-enabled backpack. The process is not as difficult as you might think.

As long as you are able to procure the required items you should be able to create it. I have been able to provide the guided steps for this and even provided a video that you can view to serve as a sought of guidance. To view this click the link below to be redirected to the post.

              –>Learn How To Create Your Own Personal Solar Powered Backpack<–

The introduction of solar panel backpacks by some brands has being a blessing in disguise to a lot of people as they have been able to keep their devices powered up while they are outside of their homes. Though some of these bags might be expensive, their use and efficiency cannot be denied.

Have you ever made use of a solar-enabled backpack or have you probably being able to make yourself one. I would really love to know because even with the guidance that I have provided some people are still not able to make one. If you have been able to make yourself one please I would like to know in the comment section below.

12 comments on “Brands Killing it in The Making of Solar Panel Backpacks

  1. No, I have never made use of a solar-powered backpack and these seem like really useful backpacks to own. I am here thinking why I have been buying ordinary backpacks when I could have owned one of these very resourceful backpacks. I mean, how many times had I been traveling and have my phone battery run down when I had a backpack on. And if only I had a Solar Panel Backpack, I wouldn’t be telling this story now.

    Nevertheless, I am glad I found this blog post because now I would build mine and if it doesn’t work then I would go purchase one of these. And they look so cute! Thanks for writing about this and please, do keep us informed with new products or upgrades with this solar backpack technology. Great Post!

    1. Thanks for your comment Vapz. I have a huge fan of DIY but if you find it difficult to build your own solar panel backpack you can always contact me for some guidance. If you are still unable to build one then you can result to making a purchase.

  2. These are really great looking products. I have no idea these exist. This would be great for traveling as I am going to Thailand with my wife to visit a few temples. It’s going to be quite a trek so we must be prepared. This is an opportunity for us. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Good opinion man. Keep it up. I must confess that you really did justice to the topic. I really appreciate this interesting upgrade in many backpacks nowadays with solar panels. Point blank, I must confess that the introduction of solar panel backpacks by some brands has being a blessing in disguise to a lot of people including myself as we have been able to keep our devices powered while outside of our homes, though the efficiency of this cannot be denied but I must confess the price is not really affordable for most people including myself as I haven’t been able to get one since the one I struggled to buy which was eventually taken by my cousin as his birthday gift. But my question is that creating one’s own solar backpack can it be as efficient as the ones made by these brands?

    1. Thanks Topaz for your comment and question. The fact is that although we try to build our solar panel backpacks for personal use and it does get the job done but I would say that it might be as efficient or neat and organized as the ones done by these professionals.

      Although some people might actually do a really good job, most people might find it a bit difficult. As long as you get the right equipments and tools you should be able to build one that is almost as efficient as those built by professionals.

  4. Dear Manuel,

    I was looking for backpacks and doing my search. I got interested when I read your post title and this is an amazing post, for me this is an eye-opener WOW “Solar Panel Backpacks”. This is an awesome idea and helpful invention.

    I do go for hiking and camping every month with our church youth team and we often face the problem that mobile battery running down, so Solar Panel Backpacks sounds great and its a must for our team.

    Thanks a lot for sharing the detailed and helpful information on the 3 brands. As you said, indeed these backpacks are quite expensive. However you have provided with a great advice as well when you advised about creating our own Solar Panel Backpacks. Being an electrical and electronic engineer I believe I can do it. Your post on “What is a solar powered backpack?” is very helpful and I am bookmarking it for future reference. 

    Much Success!


  5. Wow, I really feel like I’ve been out of the loop for a while, I didn’t know “Solar Powered Backpacks” even existed.  I don’t recall having seen one recently or any time before, maybe I just didn’t notice. 

    Solar powered backpacks what a fantastic idea, I can see the practicality of it when hiking or even bike riding.  But, I wonder how efficient are they. really?  And how long can it last before it needs to be recharged?  

    Finally, is something like this safe when traveling on a plane?  Or would this even be allowed as carry-on luggage on a plane? 

    1. Thanks Christie for your questions. Solar panel backpacks are really efficient. Some of these types of backpacks come with batteries that can be used to store the current that is been converted from the sunlight. The solar panels themselves don’t store this current. They serve as the medium used in converting solar energy to electrical energy.

      If you decide to connect your devices without a battery to store the current then without the sunlight it would not do much. My advice is to get a device capable of storing current and use it to store the current been transformed from the solar panel. 

      I would also advise you get a solar backpack with a voltaic regulator. If you wish to know how this works then check out beam backpacks. Also, these backpacks can be used as luggage in planes. If you take it as a carry on you should be fine. But if not then I don’t recommend it 

  6. I’ve heard of a lot of things, but this, the solar-panel-backpacks, now that’s quite genius.  I’m super excited about this because one thing that stresses me out when we go out for a long day is MY CELL PHONE DIES!  LOL!  Sometimes it’s not an issue if we’re someplace without coverage because then I don’t use my phone, but so many times I wished I could charge my phone.  This is the answer!

    1. Solar panel backpacks is an awesome invention and would be of help to a lot of people especially those that make use of their phones regularly while outside their homes. 

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