Best Smart Backpacks For Women And Also For Men

I consider smart backpacks to be one of the best things that has ever happened to the backpack industry. The idea of bringing technology into the backpack revolutionalized the industry making the backpack to be even more versatile than it ever was. Are you in the market for a smart backpack and are probably wondering which are the best out there? Then check out my top smart backpacks for women and also for men.

From backpacks with charging ports to those that are TSA approved, solar paneled backpacks, backpacks with headphone jacks are just some examples of cool features of smart backpacks.

1. Yorepek’s Extra Large Backpack

Yorepek's extra large backpack which is one of the best smart backpacks for women and men

There are several reasons why I decided to pick this as my first choice of smart backpacks for women and also for men.

Yorepek is a company that was recently formed as at the time this post was created and they have risen to the top and have been featured in a lot of top 10 lists.

They made it a point to study what their competition does and improved on it. This has made their smart backpacks to become really popular and one of their best designs is their extra large smart backpack.

For those going for a smart backpack with lots of pockets and extra space to back your items then Yorepek’s extra large backpack is meant for you. You get to listen to your music the right way by making use of the headphone jack from the backpack, the backpack is TSA friendly, you can charge your phone with ease and also it has an unbelievable number of pockets that would be more than enough for you.

Pros and cons of the best smart backpacks for women and men


2. Matein Laptop Backpack

An image of Matein's laptop backpack which is one of the best smart backpacks for women and menMatein is also one of those companies that have not been around for a very long time but are already making their mark in this industry.

The secret to their success is that they consider themselves to be both seller and consumer of backpacks. Because they make use of backpacks they themselves encountered the problems that you encountered.

The features that you need in a backpack they themselves were also in need of them. It’s like they felt what you felt when making use of your backpack.

This is what made them design a smart backpack that is considered a bestseller in various online shopping stores. Matein’s travel laptop backpack is durable and water-resistant and is ideal for students, business, travel.

Its color selections are just amazing and trust me when I tell you that you would not regret getting one for your self.

Pros and cons of the best smart backpacks for women and men


3. Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

Oscaurt Anti-Theft-Backpack which is a smart backpack for women and menHave you ever come across a backpack that is almost a perfect anti-theft backpack? It’s like a backpack designed to give the bad guys no chance of getting any access into your backpack.

I had not come across such a backpack until recently which is what made me include Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel Backpack in my list of smart backpacks for women and men.

If you take a closer look at the picture of the backpack you would see that the zippers are completely hidden.

Amature burglars or pickpockets would have a had time gaining access into your oscaurt anti-theft backpack.

Heck even experienced burglars won’t find it that easy to gain access into your backpack.

I know you must be wondering why I said almost perfect anti-theft. I said almost perfect because first and foremost nothing in this world is perfect and secondly, though it has a really good anti-theft feature there were some complaints that when the backpack becomes full it hidden zippers become not so hidden.

Like I said in my Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel Backpack review the best way around this is to make sure you don’t over pack when making use of this bag.



4. TYLT Power Bag

A picture of TYLT power backpack which one of the best smart backpacks for women and menTYLT energi pro power backpack was actually what I planned on placing here but I just went over their website and I noticed that they no longer produce that particular backpack.

That was a huge disappointment because it got a lot of positive reviews from previous customers.

All hope was not lost as I did a little further digging and noticed that they produced another similar model or should I say upgrade.

It has not been around for long so the reviews were not much but based on its specs been very similar to TYLT energi pro power backpack I have a feeling it is going to be just as good.

TYLT Power Bag is the newest model or upgrade of TYLT energi pro power backpack and it is just as awesome. For starters, the backpack can be converted to a tote bag by tucking the back straps to their designated pockets and also, it comes with a built-in battery that can be used to charge your smartphones and tablets.Pros-and-cons-of-the-best-smart-backpacks-for-women-and-men


5. Fanspack’s Solar Powered Backpack

A picture of fanspack's solar power bag which is one of the best smart backpacks for men and womenThere are some features that makes a smart backpack stand out and a solar-powered backpack is one of them.

Unfortunately, it is rare to see a particular smart backpack that has all the features of several smart backpacks rolled up into one.

Each smart backpack has probably one to three features that makes them identify as a smart backpack.

If you had told me several years ago that a backpack would have a solar panel attached to it to charge some items like phones or tablets I would have told you to keep on dreaming.

This particular dream has become a reality and now solar powered backpacks are been produced.

Fanspack’s solar-powered backpack comes with a removable solar panel that can be removed from the backpack and used alone. If you decide to get yourself this just make sure you read how to properly make use of the solar panel in other to get the best use out of it.




I have searched wide across the internet and although I might not be able to identify every single smart backpack out there but in my opinion, these are some of the best smart backpacks for women and also for men. Their features are amazing and they might just make your life to be much easier than it used to be.

I have picked these as some of my favorite selections but I would like your thought on them. What do you think about them and which is your favorite? Do you have any in particular that I did not include here? Please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below and I would reply to your comment as soon as I possibly can.

30 comments on “Best Smart Backpacks For Women And Also For Men

  1. I think these backpacks would also be perfect for kids at school.  So much these days kids have their electronics and a smart backpack is a great way to keep the devices protected.  When I need a backpack I usually take my kids’ unless they need it for school and return it to them when done,   

    I think it may be time to get my own backpack.  I had not seen these before and never thought they were even made.  I am glad I looked at this article as it has opened my eyes to look elsewhere than local stores.

    1. Thanks Jeffery for your comments. This is one of the advantages of buying backpacks online as I stated in my How To Buy A Backpack Online post. There are a lot more options to choose and are of unique designs which you would hardly find when you shop at a mortar and brick store depending on your location.

  2. I have been looking for a decent backpack for travelling. I am travelling South America and the travel agency say its notorious for theft in those regions.

    After reading this post I like the Oscaurt backpack. Not only does it look super smart it offers some protection. However, I like the size of the Yorpek. Is there a bag that will offer both these requirements?

  3. Hello Manuel,

    I have become an avid reader of your blog. I admire your vast knowledge on everything backpacks. Especially on the subject of smart backpacks. 

    Who would have thought of a solar powered backpack? Innovation in the world of science is really moving at a fast pace. 

    Fanspacks solar powered backpack is amazing for its unique feature of solar charging. However, I’ve had some problems with solar powered chargers and I don’t really have faith in solar chargers.

    Have you used this bag, what’s your take on this?

    1. Thanks Louis for your comment. Unfortunately I have also experienced some mishaps while making use of solar powered devices and I have learned from them how to properly make use of them and I have not yet had the opportunity of making use of fanspack solar-powered backpack but from what I researched based on the comments of other customers the solar power function of this fanspack backpack was pretty good.

  4. Hi Manuel, very good article of best backpack for women and men. The smart backpacks are something new on the market, at least here where I live, so this article seems really interesting to me. I`m sure these backpacks have a bright future. Anyway…all those backpack seems great, but my favourite is Fanspack Solar Powered Backpock; it functions on solar power, this is really amazing. I like your reviews, thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Recently I have been looking for a backpack for my laptop and when I saw your article with these smart backpacks I was very interested on the laptop backpack and I already check the price on Amazon and for 40 bucks now is totally worth it, I definitely going to get one.

    Thank you for sharing this information about this smart backpacks very helpful to me.

  6. I really appreciate your review. The Yorepek backpack is very good with nice specifications. I love the large size, it makes it suitable for picnics and travels. I also love the matein smart backpack, it is much suitable for laptops. It will be convinient for students and office use. 

    The fact that it is selling high at Amazon means it is a very good product. The solar panel is a plus! 

    1. Yorepek’s extra large backpack is a favorite of a lot of people when it comes to choices of smart backpacks. The fact that it is a large backpack makes it even more reliable to be able to contain and carry our items.

  7. Hey Manuel,I was actually looking for a backpack for my camping trips and I believe that Fanspack’s solar-powered backpack is exactly what I need because I was thinking about purchasing a small solar panel to charge my phone anyway.I have some questions though…Does the solar panel store the energy in a battery or not? If yes, how long does the battery last without charging? And also what do you mean 90% waterproof? Which 10% of the backpack isn’t waterproof?Thank you in advance for your response.Xaric!

    1. Thank you Xaric for your comment and for your very insightful questions. No, the solar panel does not store power directly. You actually need a battery that can store power. What happens is that the solar panel absorbs energy from the sun which is then converted to electrical energy that can be stored in your power bank which you can then use to charge your phones or small gadgets. It does not store power. It is only a medium used to convert the energy from the sun which is then converted to electrical energy that can be stored in a power bank. 

      You can charge your devices directly from the solar panel by plugging your device to the panel when the panel is under the sun but the panel would not store electricity. If you want to store electricity you would have to connect a device that can store electricity like a power bank to the solar panel so it can get charged.

      For my statement of 90% waterproof, it means that though the backpack is been advertised as been waterproof this might not be completely true because if the backpack is under intense heavy rainfall water might still be able to have some access into the backpack. So the backpack is not completely waterproof but it is highly water-resistant.

  8. Sincerely, I lack words to express my profound gratitude to the writer of this article. The review you outlined about backpacks are just on point. I purchased TYLT powerbag few months ago and i must say its mind blowing and i didnt regret my actions. I will also try out all the other products you listed in this article. I look forward to reading your other articles and having success.


    1. Hello Abioye, thanks for your comment. TYLT power backpack I believe is probably an upgrade to TYLT energi pro power backpack cause they have similar features. It is truly an amazing Smart Backpack. If you do decide to make use of most of the backpacks in this review please do take it one step at a time so you don’t spend much

  9. I love your reviews! They are so in depth and really helpful. I’ve been looking at reviews for the TYLT Power Bag for ages but they never seem to add any of the cons on other sites so thanks for making us aware.I didn’t reslise it had no USB ports until now so I think i’ll go with the Matein Laptop Backpack instead!

  10. Awesome review! So many Smart Backpacks at one place with great features. Of course, nothing in the world is perfect, but based on particular requirements this review is great. For a person in search of a smart backpack, this review would greatly help him to decide on his own.

    Yorepek’s extra large Backpack is able to attract more customers because of a great combination of amazing features like more spacious, mesh back panel, 20+ pockets, can be opened flat in 180 degrees, headphone jack and charging point. These all features in a single backpack.

    The second item which was able to draw my attention is Fanspack’s solar power backpack. The unique feature in the category on backpack.

    Oscaurt Anti-theft Travel Backpack is also much smart to draw the attention of college, high school student and young adults due to sleek design and hidden zip.

    According to my opinion, one of the above three would be a sure choice of anyone either men or women, who planned to have a smart backpack.

    An honest and perfect review by Manuel would be the last destination for selecting a Smart Backpack for anyone.

    I would like to know Manuel, is any Backpack available in the market that has all the features of Yorepek’s backpack along with inbuilt power bank? 


    Amod Ranjan

    1. Thank you Amod for your detailed comment. It is pretty difficult to find a Smart Backpacks having all features in one. They are normally separated and there must always be something missing. If for example it has a solar system you would find that it does not have a headphone jack. If it has a headphone jack you might find that it does not have a solar system. 

      There must always be something missing. I do like the fact that improvements are been done and more smart backpacks are been created that would be smarter than the previous ones. Like for example, Lumzag smart backpack is one of the smartest backpacks I have ever seen. 

  11. Wow there’s a couple of really exciting products here. One of the things I don’t like about backpacks is the possibility of someone stealing from it because you can’t see it so the anti theft backpack looks like a great idea. The one I’m most taken with is the solar powered backpack. What a brilliant innovation! Thanks very much for such an informative and interesting review.

  12. Thank you Manuel for such a detailed review. I have been looking for a good smart backpack for a while but never thought that I will get anyone online. Seeing that you can give a good list like this, is very nice. I fell in love with the Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel Backpack because it is not only smart but also anti theft. I think that will be my best pick for now and thankfully it is unisex. Does it come in a different size too?

    1. Hello John and thanks for your question. As at the time of writing this the oscuart anti-theft travel backpack comes in only one size.

  13. Oh well, I don’t really know much about the backpacks but I know a friend uses a smart backpack. This one’s you have listed looks luxurious I must say. They have good features that anyone will like. Maybe I should buy one for my sister. She will definitely like a new bag to keep her stuff. Nice list here.

  14. Hi Manuel,

    I cannot say how useful your post is when I search for my next  backpack to replace my old one. I do have some considerations when I am about purchasing the next backpack, and I found you listed all my concerns in some paragraphs too which is very thoughtful from you!

    The first is is my backpack easy to store all my small things, such as my phone, my power bank, my airpods case, and etc. So, a very big backpack with many pockets will be my first choice, and it seems the Yorepek one will suit me the most. The other backpacks here, I like the one that can charge all my smart devices with a solar panel – Fanspack is amazing! 

    Anyway, thanks for this post and it’s really useful!

  15. These is really amazing… Thanks for taking your precious time to review this smart backpacks…I have been in need for a nice looking backpack with amazing qualities for a while now and I haven’t seen any . Thanks for this great review and there is a lot of nice and quality backpacks mentioned here that I never  knew exist. I would love to have 2 of the fans pack solar power backpack. It has super qualities embodied in one with the solar feature. Thanks for this great review.

  16. This is really interesting, technology diving into backpack industry is a really progressive thing. Even though I don’t carry backpack that much cos I use more of messenger bags, I still have some backpacks and getting an additional one won’t be a bad idea at all, this Article is really useful and informative, nice pictures of bags with really mind blowing specs, I can’t believe there’s a bag with solar panel, a charging port and so on, as in, its amazing. I’ll get myself one of these as soon as possible cos its gonna be good to have one, my favorite is the Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel Backpack. Thanks for sharing this post, its really useful.

  17. Hey, Great reviews. This is the first time i have heard of smart backpacks, you made me want one. i liked Yorepek’s Extra Large Backpack the most, and i liked Fanspack’s Solar Powered Backpack, but only for the solar panel. What is TSA approved? im guessing its an american thing since i have never heard of it in norway.

    1. Not entirely Simon. In terms of backpacks, tsa approved backpacks are backpacks that don’t have to be fully emptied in order to scan the digital items in the bag.

      Some backpacks have features that allow this to be possible.

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