A List of The Best Laptop Backpacks For Men 2019

As a guy I think you would agree with me when I say:

A picture of some devices and a laptop backpack for men on a table

Our expensive laptops can be a really important part of our everyday lives.

Don’t you agree?

Most of us are not always conscious of the items in our bags when we are out performing our busy daily schedules such as going to work, class, daily commuting, trying to make that all-important meeting…

…or even traveling.

Well it turns out that there are actually laptop backpacks for men that are perfectly suited to protect any laptop inside a bag…

…a pack with features that would completely protect your laptop.

And in today’s post, I’m going to show you some of the best of these type of backpacks that has compartments and features that can keep your laptop safe while it is in your bag.

What is a Laptop Backpack

A laptop backpack is not a backpack that comes with a laptop in it but rather has a compartment that can be able to fit a laptop.

Most modern packs now come with this as we live in an era whereby our devices such as a laptop plays an important role in our daily lives either personally or professionally.

This basic requirement has prompted for the production of bags specially designed to carry these devices.

Most of them are even being made to protect your laptop from getting damaged when the bag is bumped or knocked or in some extreme cases falls from a short distance above the ground.

It all depends on the designer on how they do this and it is up to you to look for a pack that is able to meet your laptop needs which is exactly what this post is all about.

I am very sure you would find a laptop backpack from this list which is perfectly suited to your needs.

How This List of The Best Laptop Backpacks For Men Was Formed

It is pretty simple how we formed this list.

We obviously have not made use of all the bags on this list so we cannot tell you that we had firsthand experience on them.

What we can assure you is that we have done our research based on users of these laptop bags and how happy they were with their purchase.

We went through a lot of reviews and only selected products with a very high rating with a lot of happy customers.

We also went through a lot of blogs and YouTube videos and made sure we only picked their best selections.

You can be rest assured that you are going to be happy with your purchase and I always advise my readers that if you get a product that is not to your satisfaction based on the pictures you saw online please do not hesitate to return it and have another product sent to you.

By doing that you should be able to get exactly what you paid for.

What To Look Out For in a Laptop Backpack

We all have our separate needs on what to look out for when searching for a pack that has a compartment for a laptop.

But we have been able to come up with some basic requirements that most of us lookout for.

1. Size of your laptop: This is extremely important because you definitely don’t want to get a back bag with a compartment smaller than your laptop screen size.

So you need to make sure you know the exact size of your laptop screen in inches and make sure you get a pack that is able to fit that exact size.

So if your laptop screen is 17″ in size it would not be wise to get a bag with a laptop compartment for a 15″ sized laptop. That would just be a waste of your money.

The size of laptop the bag can take is always mentioned in the specs of the bag.

2. Padded compartments: For your device to be properly protected you need to make sure the bag you purchase has a laptop compartment that is well padded.

This is very important as it would protect your device from getting damaged either when the bag falls vertically or horizontally or when it is bumped or knocked.

3. A security strap: This is not a must but it can help keep your laptop in place when in its sleeve or compartment. If your pack doesn’t have this you don’t have to be worried because it is not really important.

To learn how to chose a laptop backpack you can visit this link on how to chose a laptop backpack.

Top Selections of The Best Laptop Backpacks For Men

Polare Handcrafted Leather Laptop Backpack

Polare backpack which is one of the best laptop backpacks for men
I am pretty sure your first impression of the Polare laptop pack is that it was made with leather.

You are absolutely right.

But you might be wondering:

What type of leather was it actually made with?

The Polare laptop pack was made with durable full-grain cowhide leather.

Trust me when I tell you that you are going to be making use of this bag for a very long time before this leather starts to give way.

The laptop sleeve inside the main compartment of the bag can comfortably fit a 16″ laptop.

This is a leather laptop backpack that I can highly recommend to just about any guy in the market looking to buy laptop backpacks for men.

The leather is thick and tough and there have been reports of the bag being able to withstand heavy rainfalls.

My advice to you when making use of the Polare laptop bag is to be a bit careful when making use of the bag. If you are, this would be one of the best leather backpacks you will ever buy.

The pockets located at its front gives the bag a unique look which makes it one of the best unique fashionable laptop bags I have ever seen.

Want to know the best part about these pockets?

The best part about these pockets is that they are not just there to make the pack look stylish. You can put the pockets to use by placing your items in them.

Pretty cool.

There are even side pockets for your water bottles or umbrella.

There is plenty of room inside the bag to contain your items.

The shoulder straps can be easily adjusted and the zippers are really smooth.

You would definitely love this bag because it is a well-made heavy-duty leather backpack.

eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpacks For Men

ebags slim backpack one of the best laptop backpacks for menebags professional slim laptop backpack can be considered as one of the best laptop backpacks for men which is fairly priced.

Why did I say this:

I say this due to its layout and well-thought-out compartments.

Obviously, if you research carefully you would find a pack that has a better layout than the ebags slim laptop backpack but I really doubt you would find one within ebags slim laptop pack price range.

The interior and exterior compartments and pockets of the pack are well-thought-out and organized and would make arranging your small sized items such as your phone, wallet, etc so much easier.

Do you wish to know exactly what I mean by this?

Then click here to check this out to see pictures of the organizational pattern of the backpack.


I am pretty sure you are very interested in the laptop compartment of the bag.

It has a well-padded laptop compartment which is separate from the main compartment of the pack.

The laptop compartment is able to contain up to a 17″ sized laptop and the padded compartment which also has a removable padding at the bottom of the compartment can protect your laptop from damage if your bag is to fall vertically.

Both sides of the compartment are also well padded.

This would also keep your laptop safe if the bag is to fall horizontally. Just try and make sure the height is not too far from the ground because the padding can only protect so much.

Some other amazing features of the pack are:

  • A removable crushproof insert located in the bottom front pocket of the bag that can protect your delicate small sized items from being broken.
  • A separate tablet sleeve where you can place your tablet device for ease of access.
  • A pass-through sleeve at the back of the backpack that can secure the bag to the top of a rolling luggage by passing the upright handle of the rolling luggage through the sleeve at the back of the bag. This would make the backpack sit comfortably on the rolling luggage giving you more freedom while you travel.
  • Side handle which enables you to be able to carry the backpack in the form of a briefcase laptop bag.

A truly amazing backpack.

Moleskine Metro Vertical Device Bag, Sapphire Blue

Having a laptop backpack is one thing

Having a laptop backpack with a sleek design is an entirely different thing.

The Moleskine metro vertical device bag is yet another amazing laptop backpack for men that can be perfect for you.

The pack looks smart and would safely carry your digital devices.

It is not the most spacious pack but is large enough to contain the important items you make use of on a daily basis either at school or at work.

Being that it is a laptop backpack means that it has a laptop compartment.

But here’s the kicker:

The laptop compartment is able to only fit up to a 15″ sized laptop. So if you have a 17″ screen-sized laptop then this might not be the best backpack for you.

You should probably check out other options on this list. But if you have a 15″ sized laptop then you are good to go.

Just like every other laptop bag on this list, the Moleskine metro device bag has other features apart from the laptop compartment of the bag.

  • There is a sleeve at the back of the bag that serves as a luggage pass-through sleeve whereby you can pass through the right handle of a rolling luggage which would make the pack sit comfortably on your rolling luggage.
  • The back of the bag has mesh padding which would allow for ventilation between your back and the back of the backpack which would help keep your back dry while the bag is on your back. I found a post that explains how mesh panels in backpacks works.
  • Pockets inside and outside of the bag for your devices and other items. The pack does not have as much pocket as we would have loved. If that is not a problem for you then you would love this backpack.

A functional and ergonomic backpack with a sleek and modern design.

Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack

The Herschel Little America is one of the most popular bags of Herschel.

It has been used by a lot of people with most of these people having only positive things to say about the bag.

For the quality and function it offers, the pack is really cheap.

The Little America was made with polyester fabric with high resisting power to wears and tears.

This means that as long as you make use of the backpack the right way you are going to be using it for quite some time before it starts to show signs of wear and tears.

The Herschel Little America pack can be considered to be among the top stylish laptop backpacks below hundred dollars due to its simple and yet sophisticated design.

The main compartment of the Herschel Little America pack makes use of a drawstring closure that is further secured by a flap closure at the top of the bag instead of a typical zipper closure.

This gives the main compartment a bit of extra security because the top flap makes use of magnetic metal pin clips that has to be unclipped before gaining access to the drawstring of the bag.

There is a media pocket inside the bag where your mp3 player can comfortably sit.

The laptop compartment which is able to house up to a 15″ laptop has a laptop sleeve which can protect the laptop from getting damaged.

Some other features of the Little America are:

  • A headphone port where your headphone cords can pass through. You can comfortably listen to music through your headphone connected to your mp3 player through the headphone port while your mp3 player sits comfortably in the media pocket inside the backpack.
  • A key clip located in the front pocket of the bag. You no longer have to empty your bag just because you are looking for your keys. You can just easily make use of the key clip to secure your keys.

This is a pretty solid laptop bag and for its price, it can be considered a really good deal.

Fjallraven – Kanken Laptop Backpack

The Fjallraven – Kanken has a padded laptop pocket able to contain a 17″ sized laptop.

The main compartment has a 20L storage space which should be big enough to contain your items.

But here is the thing:

It is imperative that you try not to overload the bag. If you continuously overload a bag it can eventually end up damaging the zip of the backpack.

Health issues are another major concern of a heavy or overloaded backpack so please be careful on how much you carry in your bag.

The main compartment of the bag makes use of a dual zipper and is protected by a rain flap.

The fabric used in crafting the backpack makes the bag very easy to clean and although the fabric is not waterproof it is water-resistant.

The shoulder straps of the pack are well padded to give you that extra comfort while carrying the bag for a long time.

The backpack can be carried as a tote bag by making use of the top handles of the backpack. So I guess that is pretty cool.

There is also a pocket at the side of the bag for your water bottle.

The Fjallraven – Kanken can be used as a college backpack, a hiking backpack and can even be used for traveling.

An amazing laptop backpack for men on the go.

It comes in various colors and you should be able to find a color that is just right for you. To know the exact price of the bag please click the button below.

SwissGear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack

I am pretty sure this is the backpack on this list of the best laptop backpacks for men with the highest number of reviews by users of the bag.

Another fairly large backpack able to contain quite a lot.

The volume of the bag is 31L in capacity. You should be able to fit quite a lot into the bag.

The laptop compartment is separate from the main compartment of the bag and it is able to contain up to a 17″ sized laptop.

It is well padded and would keep your laptop device safe from getting damaged.

It was crafted using ballistic polyester fabric which is a really strong fabric that is able to withstand heavy and hash use.

Though this fabric is not waterproof, it is weather resistant. This means the items in your bag would be safe from getting soaked as long as the rainfall is not heavy.

Another awesome backpack that can be used for traveling.

It is TSA friendly which means it is also able to open up to 180 degrees. You don’t have to remove your laptop from your backpack when going through an airport security checkpoint.

If you are still told to take out your laptop you can easily do this without having to go through the main compartment of the bag because your laptop is in its own separate compartment.

Had enough?

If not then check out the other features of the swissgear 1900 laptop pack below:

  • It has a floating tabletsafe sleeve where you can place your tablet. Your tablet would be well protected as it is suspended from the bottom of the bag.
  • Organizational pockets for your textbooks, smartphones, cords, and similarly sized items.
  • Contoured and padded shoulder straps for comfort while carrying the bag even for a long time.
  • Padded airflow panel at the back of the bag which enables good airflow between your back and the back of the backpack keeping your back dry while the bag is on your back.

A great backpack for your everyday use.

KROSER Laptop Backpack

The Kroser laptop backpack is actually the cheapest laptop bag on this list.

But guess what:

It has a feature most of the packs on this list don’t have.

Keep on reading to find out what it is below.

The backpack was designed with a water-repellant poly fabric. This means the items in your bag would be safe from rainwater as long as the rain is light rain.

If you encounter heavy rainfall while making use of the Kroser laptop backpack it would be best to hide under a shade so you can better protect the items in your backpack.

It is a very spacious backpack. You would definitely not be complaining about space when making use of the Kroser backpack.

The main compartment is well padded and is large enough to contain your books, clothes, files, etc

It has a well-padded compartment perfect to protect your laptop.

The padded laptop compartment is able to contain your 17.3-inch sized laptop.

You would have no problem taking this bag to school, business or for your daily commuting.

Some of its other features are:

  • Organizational pockets that can be used for items such as phones, wallet, iPad and even a power bank
  • A built-in USB charging port in which you can connect your USB cable to power your device. Please note that for this to function you are going to have to make use of a power bank which you would have to purchase separately.
  • Comfortable and well-padded top handle just in case you get tired of carrying the pack on your shoulders. The well-padded top handle would make the bag less stressful when carried with your hand especially when carried for a long time.
  • A luggage belt at the back of the bag which is meant to comfortably place the bag on rolling luggage. You only have to pass the upright handle of the rolling luggage through the luggage belt of the bag. This would make the bag sit comfortably on the luggage.
  • An eyewear hook on one of the shoulder straps of the bag that you can use to hang your glasses.

If you are looking for a cheap laptop backpack then I highly suggest that you consider the Kroser laptop backpack.

Thule crossover backpack

The Thule crossover is a 32L backpack with enough space to contain the important items you make use of on a daily basis that can fit into a pack.

The laptop compartment is elevated and is able to fit a 15″ sized laptop.

Not the best backpack if you are searching for a waterproof backpack because the fabric used in making it is only water-resistant.

You definitely don’t want to be under a heavy rainfall when making use of the Thule crossover.

The backpack has a crushproof compartment which is perfect if you have items that can easily break such as glasses, portable electronics, and other fragile gears.

The back of the backpack is well padded for proper ventilation between your back and the back of the pack to help keep your back dry when making use of the pack.

The shoulder straps are also padded for comfort and less shoulder fatigue while carrying the pack on your shoulders.

Some of its other useful features are:

  • Mesh pockets at the side of the backpack for your water bottles or accessories.
  • Grab handle at the top and bottom of the bag for a quick and easy way to carry the bag.
  • Organizational compartments for your items

An exceptional laptop pack that can be of great service to you.

Everki Titan Laptop Backpack

Here’s the deal:

If you are looking for a travel laptop backpack then your search might just be over because a lot of users of the Everki titan laptop backpack consider this as one of the best laptop backpacks for travel that they have ever used.

The laptop compartment of the bag is so large that it is able to fit an 18.4″ laptop.

Just so you know…

…the laptop compartment is very well padded and even has a security strap to keep your laptop in place.

Your laptop would be well protected from damages as long as it is in the laptop compartment of the bag.

Your backpack needs would be well met as it has features that would make your backpack experience worth your while such as:

  • The backpack is TSA friendly which means it is able to open up to 180 degrees. You would not have to remove the laptop from the bag when passing through checkpoints. Even if you are asked to remove your laptop you can easily do this without having to rummage through the bag.
  • The backpack can be taken into planes and was designed to fit in the above cabin and even under the seats in planes.
  • A portable media player pocket with a cable outlet by which you can pass through the cord of your headphones which you can connect to your media player which would be comfortably placed in the media pocket of the backpack.
  • Accessories pouch that can be used for your mouse, chargers, power supplies and cables. The accessory pouch would keep these items separate from the other items in your backpack.
  • Heavy-duty metal zipper pulls which would ensure the zipper pull of your backpack is able to last for a long time without breaking.
  • Organizational pockets both inside and outside the backpack to keep your items well organized.

The Everki Titan is truly an awesome backpack and I am not surprised people consider it as the best laptop bag for air travel that they have made used of.

Everki Versa Premium Laptop Backpack

The everki versa premium laptop backpack is a bit similar to everki titan laptop backpack.

As you can tell just from the name, they are produced by the same company.

The Everki Versa does have some standout features.

One of the standout features between the two packs is the size of laptop that can fit into the laptop compartment of the bag.

Instead of the 18.4″ of laptop size that can fit into the Everki titan, the Everki Versa is able to fit a 14.1″ sized laptop.

The laptop compartment is well padded and this would greatly help in protecting your laptop when your Everki Versa is knocked or bumped.

Even the bottom of the laptop compartment is padded just in case you accidentally drop the bag on the ground abruptly. You can be rest assured that your laptop would be safe due to the shock-absorbing system built into the Everki Versa.

Another standout feature is the hardshell case located at the top of the Everki Versa. The hard shell casing is perfect to protect items such as your glasses from getting broken.

You can also put some small-sized items that you probably need quick access to into the small-sized casing.

Still need some proof that this is an amazing backpack?

Then check out some other amazing features below:

  • It comes with a trolley handle pass-through that can come in handy when carrying more than one bag. You just need to pass the upright handle of the luggage through the pass-through sleeve at the back of the bag and the bag would sit comfortably on it.
  • Two leather handles at the top of the bag which enables you to be able to carry the bag in the form of a briefcase.
  • A back flap which can not only be used as a trolley handle pass-through but also can be used to tuck away the shoulder straps of the bag which would make carrying the bag with the top handle in the form of a briefcase much better.
  • Stylish and well-organized interior which makes the organization of the items in the interior pocket so much easier.
  • A pocket for your tablet, iPad or kindle.

Just so you know, the backpack is also checkpoint friendly as it opens up to 180 degrees. With this, you won’t have to remove your laptop from your pack when passing through an airport security checkpoint.

Osprey Packs Arcane Large Day Pack

Osprey is a popular name in the backpack industry and with some research, I was able to find out about the Arcane day pack.

The Osprey arcane day pack comes in three colors which are black, dark grey and dark blue.

Due to the fact that osprey is really good at producing hiking backpacks, there were some suggestions that this was more of a hiking backpack than it was a daily commuting pack.

But we have been able to find a lot of people that claim this is a perfect bag for their daily commuting and from the features of the bag it can perfectly be taken to work.

The main compartment has a laptop sleeve that can contain a 15″ laptop.

It also contains a sleeve where you can place your documents.

The Osprey Arcane day pack is the only pack on this list with a standout anti-theft feature.

It has an aluminum security hook at one side of the shoulder straps that can be removed and secured around a stationary object to prevent theft of the bag.

I won’t say this is a state of the art anti-theft feature unlike those present in the list we created on some of the best anti-theft packs for men but still…

…it counts for something.

The left shoulder strap of the bag has a fabric that can be used to store valuable cards for quick access such as a transportation card.

It also has a pocket at the front of the bag that has a keyclip inside of it which you can hook your keys to for easy access.

The osprey arcane day pack is a simple and comfortable pack with a minimalistic design that would make it perfect for your daily commuting.

You can use this for school, for work and can even be used for hiking.


Buying an expensive laptop is no easy task and it is very important that we play our own part in trying to keep it safe from getting damaged as much as we can.

One of the perfect ways to do this is to get a pack that has features that can protect your laptop from damages. No matter how expensive or cheap your laptop is it can be protected in a really good laptop backpack.

No matter your budget or needs you would definitely find a backpack here that should be perfect for you. If you are not able to find one please leave a comment below on the specific bag you are looking for and we would direct you to the right place.

If you have any questions you can leave a comment below and I would personally respond to you as soon as I possibly can.

Trust me when I tell you that you would feel better knowing your laptop is safe even without being overly conscious of the items in your bag.

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  1. The perfect article for me – I currently have to swap between a Lenovo laptop and a Power Mac laptop for work purposes – and I dread carrying them around in my bag through the tube stations in London etc. 

    Would any of the bags you cover above be suitable for both of these laptops, at the same time? 

    I’m looking for a bag that is safe and secure so I can carry both at the same time with no worries?

    1. Hello Chris,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Depending on the screen size of your Lenovo and your Power mac laptops you are going to want to go for a pack with a large capacity.

      The swissgear 1900 would be perfect for this. 


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    A writer, too, requires bringing laptop everywhere I go, so I have to be in agony just to go nearby locations with the laptop with me. Which is why I love this post and will be looking into your suggested backpacks in the list. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information for me. 🙂

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    I am certain that the laptops on all of these backpacks would be very safe with a significant drop. However, my main concern would be in flexing. How well do these padded compartments protect the laptops from being bent? Since nothing was said about this can I assume that all the backpacks will prevent the laptops from being bent for example if sat upon? The reason I ask is not everyone will think there is a laptop in the backpack. So if a laptop backpack is on the floor, someone might think about sitting on it.

    Apart from this little concern, you presented a great range of styles, features and price ranges to choose from. 

    1. Thanks Edwin for your question.

      The padding of the laptop compartments of these backpacks can only do so much.

      It can only protect the laptop from bumps and knocks and if the bag falls from a reasonable height.

      The padding cannot protect the laptop if the bag is sat upon. 

      The weight of the person sitting on the bag can damage the screen of the laptop. The padding can’t do much about that.

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    1. Hello Ben, you can always follow the video we provided above but if you are not satisfied or convinced with that, you can always perform a google search.

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    You have a great selection here for me to get him one. I got excited when I saw Moleskine because I’m a big fan of their products, but too bad it’s only up to 15 inches. My husband’s laptop is a 17 inch.

    But then I read that the Kroser laptop backpack is good for wet weather. We live in a place where there is a fair amount of rain and damp weather, and he does take it to work fairly often, so that would be a good choice.

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    Thank you so much for this post. It is truly a guide

  18. Hi Manuel,

    My laptop is my business and essentially goes everywhere with me, I often need to travel through the day and will take food and water with me so being able to store it in the same bag while keeping my laptop safe is absolutely vital! I’ve used a couple of different laptop backpacks over the years and some have been better than others.

    I am in need of a new one, annoyingly my needs to be multi use, for my laptop, lunch and gym gear, so I tend to need a lot of different compartments and compartment space. Any advice on which bags are best to consider for this sort of use scenario?

  19. It’s a great post since I carry my backpack for most of the time with my favorite laptop for my chores. For my personal experience, I carry many stuff with me all the time, so the weight of the backpack counts the most when I am making the purchase decision. If a backpack looks nice and stylish but with a heavyweight, I would avoid it.

    For all the chosen types of backpacks in this post, I find the Osprey suits my taste since it looks not bad and it got an anti-theft feature which I never consider in the past. Will try to re-consider this backpack for the next time. 🙂

  20. I have used many laptop backpacks over the years. From a protection point of view, you definitely need one especially if you need to move around. You did emphasize size as a key criteria and I completely agree the fit is the first decision you have to get right. Sure, the bag can be bigger but not smaller. The padded compartment is important if you are planning to get one bigger than your laptop. A snug fit is best as it prevents the laptop from sliding around inside the bag. Weight was not mentioned and for me, that is an important decision. I don’t want the bag to be too heavy as it adds weight. I usually try to work on total weight I will be carrying daily. Believe me, you will feel the weight if the bag is too heavy.

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