Best Dual Laptop Backpacks 2019 Large Enough for Two Laptops

Here’s the deal:

Most backpacks are designed to have just one laptop compartment or a laptop sleeve to hold a laptop.

If you are looking for a dual laptop backpack then your best bet would be to get a backpack with a main compartment which has a separate laptop compartment.

Backpacks with two laptop compartments are extremely rare so my advice to you is to get a separate laptop padded sleeve where you can put one of your laptops and you put your second laptop into the laptop compartment of the backpack.

You would need to make sure the bag already has a laptop sleeve or compartment so you don’t have to get two padded laptop sleeves.

Why Getting a Padded Laptop Sleeve is Very Important

Why exactly am I advising you to get a separate padded laptop sleeve for your backpack?

It is pretty simple.

The main compartment of most backpacks especially the bottom of the backpack is usually not well padded. This can be risky to your second laptop if you are in the market for a dual laptop backpack.

So the best way to avoid getting your second mini-computer damaged while it is in your backpack is to place it inside a removable laptop sleeve.

Below are some backpacks with laptop compartments and enough space in the main compartment that can hold a padded laptop sleeve.

The Best Dual Laptop Backpacks

Swissgear 1900 Scan Smart Dual Laptop Backpack

The swissgear 1900 Scan Smart Backpack is a 31L capacity bag with a separate laptop compartment and a main compartment large enough to perfectly contain another laptop.

Having doubts if it can fit more than one laptop?

Then check out the video below.

In the video above we can see that one of the laptops is placed in the mesh padded laptop compartment to protect the laptop from damages while the second laptop is placed on the compartment.

That makes two laptops without even making use of the main compartment of the bag.

The laptop compartment can contain up to a 17-inch sized laptop and has a strap that further secures the laptop making it steady.

The swissgear 1900 is one of the best laptop backpacks for men that can be used for traveling due to its size and some of its features.

You no longer have to worry about hassles when passing an airport security checkpoint because the backpack can open flat quickly up to 180-degree so it can easily pass through the airport checkpoints without having to remove the laptop in the laptop compartment of the backpack.

A really important feature to have in a backpack for passing through airport security faster.

Some other features present in the bag that would be of importance to you are:

  • A floating tablet pocket that can help keep your tablet safe from damages
  • Interior and exterior pockets for organization and easy access to your items such as textbooks, cords, chargers, water bottles, keys, office supplies, etc.
  • An accordion file folder for the organization of your business documents, files, and personal papers.
  • Padded contoured shoulder straps for maximum comfort also having a sunglass loop to hang your sunglasses.
  • Side compression straps to adjust the bag to your fit.

The swissgear 1900 is a two laptop backpack although it has only one laptop compartment it can be able to contain more than one laptop.

Perfect for traveling, work, business trips and can even be used for college.

High Sierra Swerve Laptop Backpack

A two laptop backpackHigh sierra swerve laptop backpack is a 36.5L capacity bag with compartments large enough to be used as a high school backpack, college backpack, and is spacious enough to be used as a traveling bag.

The main compartment which is the larger compartment of the bag has laptop and tablet sleeves.

The laptop sleeve can contain a 17-inch laptop and is well padded to protect your laptop from damages.

As a bonus, you can access your laptop in the laptop sleeve by making use of the back access panel without going through the main compartment of the bag (a useful feature for quicker access to your laptop).

The main compartment of the bag is large enough to contain an additional laptop.

To be on the safe side you can make use of a removable padded laptop sleeve to protect your second laptop from scratches and damages.

The second compartment though not as large as the main compartment is also quite spacious and can contain quite a lot such as your textbooks, notebooks, magazines, etc.

The high sierra swerve pack is not a waterproof laptop backpack but it is a water-resistant bag that would keep the items in your bag dry when under light rain.

For items you need quick access to you can make use of the exterior pockets at the front and top of the backpack.

The larger exterior pocket has organizational panels for your phone, journal, pens, jotter, etc.

Listen to your music in style by making use of the earphone port connected to your phone in the larger front pocket of the bag for easier access.

Other items that can also be accessed easily are your beverages or water bottles which can be placed in the side exterior mesh pockets of the bag.

For comfort while carrying the bag the shoulder straps were designed to have enough padding to provide relief while carrying the bag when it is heavy.

The high sierra swerve backpack can be your go-to backpack for highschool, college or as a traveling backpack.

Yorepek Extra Large Backpack

Yorepek backpack which is a dual laptop backpackYorepek’s extra large laptop backpack has two large compartments with one of the compartments able to open flat up to 180-degree.

This particular compartment has a padded laptop sleeve that can house a 17-inch laptop. An additional laptop can also be placed in this compartment making the laptops that this particular compartment can take to be at least two.

For those that wish to go overboard, the main compartment of the backpack can also house an additional laptop but it would be best to make use of a removable padded sleeve to protect any laptop not in the padded laptop sleeve of the backpack.

Yorepek’s laptop backpack because of its size can be used as a travel backpack.

Some features that makes it an amazing travel backpack are:

  1. It can open flat which is a huge benefit especially if your laptop is in the laptop compartment of the backpack which means you won’t have to remove your laptop from the bag when passing through airport security.
  2. It has a luggage strap at the back of the bag which can slide through the upright handle of rolling luggage which allows the bag to sit comfortably on the luggage for easy and comfortable carry.
  3. It can fit under the sit in a plane without any difficulty.

It can also be used as a college backpack, and can even be used as a work backpack.

Still not convinced of how awesome this backpack is?

Then check out more of its features below.

  • It has a USB charging port for easy charging of your devices. Your power bank would comfortably sit inside your bag which you would comfortably connect to the USB charging port from within the bag. You then connect a USB charging cord to the charging port and then to your phone which would charge your phone while you are on the go.
  • The backpack has a headphone jack or hole where you can pass your headphone which you can connect to your phone inside the backpack for an easy way to listen to music without holding your phone or putting it in your pocket.
  • Organizational pockets for placing items you need quick access to.
  • Side pockets that can be used as a water bottle or beverage holder

Yorepek’s extra-large backpack is a very spacious backpack with enough room to contain two laptops. Its main compartment can take all your daily necessities, clothes, shoes, school supplies, books, and binders.

The feedback on this bag has been truly amazing and the pricing is a bargain.

Everki Titan Backpack

The Everki Titan Backpack is another top-notch backpack able to accommodate more than one laptop. Just like every other backpack on this list it does not come with more than one laptop sleeve or compartment but is large enough to hold more than one laptop.

The Everki titan backpack has two large compartments with one of the compartments able to open up to 180-degree angle. The laptop sleeve is located in this compartment with additional room to contain an additional laptop.

The laptop sleeve is well padded to protect your laptop against damages and it can contain an 18.4-inch size laptop.

The main compartment can also be used for the additional laptop but if you want your laptops to be separated from other items in the bag then you can make use of the compartment that can open flat.

The Everki titan backpack is a 40L backpack designed to be able to contain everything you need daily. Its main compartment has a dedicated pocket that can fit a 13-inch tablet.

The smaller compartment at the front of the backpack has organizational panels for your smaller sized items such as pens, business cards, calculators, etc.

The side pockets at the exterior side of the bag are zipper pockets with a mesh water bottle holder within the pocket.

An impressive and well-thoughout backpack built with comfortable and well-padded shoulder straps for comfort while carrying the bag and also a mesh back panel to allow for proper airflow while the bag is on your back.

Oh, one more thing…

It has a well-positioned portable media player pocket with a headphone or earpiece cable outlet where you can place your media playing device for ease of use while it is in your bag.

A sleek and well-designed backpack that is perfect for traveling and can also be used as a work and college backpack.

Brinch Laptop Backpack

A double laptop backpackUnlike other backpacks on this list, the brinch laptop backpack has just one large compartment which also has a laptop sleeve in it.

The brinch laptop backpack comes in two sizes which are the 17 and the18.4 inch sized models with both able to fit at most a 17 and an 18.4-inch sized laptop respectively.

For an additional laptop, you can make use of the main compartment of the backpack and for better protection, it would be best to make use of a removable padded laptop sleeve.

The brinch laptop backpack is spacious and even while carrying an additional laptop it still has enough space to contain few notebooks, textbooks or your office supplies.

There is a padded tablet pocket in the main compartment of the bag for storing your tablet for safe and easy access.

The brinch laptop backpack is a stylish and practical bag with exterior pockets strategically positioned for storing small sized items you make use of daily such as your pens, phone, wallet, etc.

The two mesh pockets at the exterior side of the bag can be used as a beverage or water bottle holder and can even contain a compact umbrella.

For maximum comfort and back support while carrying the bag the back of the brinch laptop backpack was made with a soft

thick multi-panel ventilated foam mesh padding.

This would help allow for good airflow between your back and the back of the backpack keeping your back cool and dry while carrying the backpack.

For an additional carry style, you can make use of the foam mesh padded top handle which allows you to carry the bag in comfort for a long time with your hand.

The brinch laptop backpack is a sleek and stylish water-resistant backpack that can be used as a daily commuting backpack, to school, to work, for traveling and can even be taken to business meetings.


Most of us that need to carry two laptops to work, business meetings, when traveling or for school can easily do this by making use of a roomy backpack.

Like I said earlier on, most backpacks don’t come with two laptop sleeves or laptop compartments. You are going to have to make use of a removable padded laptop sleeve that can be placed in the main compartment of the bag.

TSA approved backpacks able to open flat can contain an additional laptop in the compartment that opens flat but backpacks not able to do this can take the additional laptop in the main compartment of the bag as long as it is spacious.

The packs listed in this posts are all of high quality and are reasonably priced. If you have any questions on dual laptop backpacks you can leave a comment below and I would get back to you as soon as I can.

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