The Best Anti Theft Backpacks For Women (2019 edition)

In this guide, we would show you some of the best anti-theft backpacks for women which are currently available including baggallini convertible backpack, Pacsafe slingsafe LX400, Pacsafe citysafe cs350 compact backpack, Pacsafe citysafe cx 17l backpack, Pincnel Backpack Purse and more.

Buying a backpack is one thing and buying one that would securely safeguard the items inside your bag is an entirely different thing. For a backpack to be anti-theft there need to be some specific features present either outside or inside the bag which we would discuss.

There are actually some backpack brands that specialize in designing and producing these type of bags and as you might have noticed from the above examples , I listed more of Pacsafe backpacks than I did any other brand.

Do they actually produce the best anti-theft backpacks? I would let you decide by going through the list and features of the anti-theft backpacks for women listed below.

Baggallini Convertible Anti-theft Backpacks For Women

Baggallini Convertible Anti-theft Backpacks For WomenStarting off this list is Baggallini convertible backpack which is a bag made purely of polyester. The official website of baggallini actually has a whole collection of these type of bags but one of their best creations is this particular convertible anti-theft backpack for women.

Made entirely of polyester including polyester lining, the backpack is perfect for a lady looking for a stylish and secure backpack.

Why exactly did I say it is secure? Well, the pack comes with some amazing anti-theft features such as

  • RFID Blocking which can safely protect your personal information from getting scanned and stolen from inside your bag.
  • Locking Zippers which can greatly discourage pickpockets from trying to gain access into your bag
  • Anti-cut Strap which is perfect against the use of sharp objects to cut the straps of your bag (this is now becoming a common way whereby backpack snatchers snatch backpacks from people)
  • Slashproof fabric which is the use of a fabric whereby sharp objects cannot cut through it. Backpack snatchers or pickpockets can result in making use of a sharp object to cut through the fabric of a backpack. Bagallini made use of securtex fabric panels which makes cutting through the fabric of the backpack difficult.

As an added bonus, the fabric would still look new if anyone attempts cutting through. Just because you want a stylish backpack does not mean it does not have to be secure. The bagallini convertible backpack can be a perfect choice for a stylish secure backpack.


Citysafe CX anti-theft backpack

Citysafe CX anti-theft backpackIt is no news that Pacsafe is a backpack brand with specialized skills in designing anti-theft backpacks for women and one of their most recently outstanding designs is the Pacsafe citysafe cx anti-theft 17l backpack.

They were definitely on point by describing this as an Ultra-chic, versatile and practical anti-theft backpack.

You hardly come across anti-theft backpacks for women that are this stylish and perfect for the modern woman.

It is a 17L backpack that should be able to contain most of the items you make use of on a daily basis either when going to work, heading off to class or your regular daily commuting.

It can even be used for traveling as a lot of users have commented on how spacious the backpack is. Its anti-theft features are amazing and they are one of the reasons that have made this bag to be such a success.

Are you worried about your personal information getting scanned from your backpack? You no longer have to because the citysafe cx backpack comes with RFID blocking pockets and materials to prevent scan scam.

Some of its other amazing anti-theft features are:

  • A secure zip tab: You don’t need to purchase a padlock as the turn and lock security hook of the backpack can be used to lock down the zipper of the main compartment of the backpack
  • A turn and lock security hook: You can safely secure your bag to a fixed object to prevent bag theft.
  • Invisible stainless steel wires embedded in the shoulder straps of the bag makes the shoulder straps to be slashproof from any sharp object. With this, no one would be able to cut through the shoulder straps of your backpack. Truly impressive.
  • Stainless steel slashproof wire mesh in the fabric of the backpack protects the fabric of the backpack from being cut through with the use of sharp objects thereby further protecting your items in the bag.

The items in your bag would be secure no matter where you go to with your citysafe cx backpack for women.



LOCTOTE Flak Sack IIHave you ever been in search of a backpack that can completely safeguard the items in your bag giving you peace of mind when traveling or in a crowded place or when you are at the beach or even if you decide to leave your backpack for some minutes while you are outside your home?

Then you should probably consider Loctote Flak Sack II which is an upgrade of loctote flak sack.

Dubbed as the most secure backpack by its users the loctote flak sack ii does not disappoint with its anti-theft features.

The fabric of the backpack is highly slashproof achieving an A9 cut level which is considered as the highest slash, tear and abrasion resistance level.

Nobody is going to be able to cut through your bag with this. Even if they are able to, they are going to have to labor for it which can take a very long time.

It comes with a heavy-duty combination brass lock which allows you to lock the bag shut or to a fixed object. The shoulder ropes of the backpack are slashproof and are just as tough as the fabric of the backpack which would greatly prevent cut and run while making use of the backpack.

They are also reflective which means they would be slightly visible at night.

Worried about your personal data in your id’s or credit card from being scanned without your knowledge? The loctote flak sack ii takes care of this as it has an RFID blocking pocket to keep your valuable personal information safe from hackers.

A perfect anti-theft backpack for women but just so you know, it can also be used by men because it is a unisex backpack.


The Hustle Backpack

The Hustle BackpackA beautifully made backpack were the words of a happy user of the hustle anti-theft backpack.

The backpack was once a dream of solgaard designs and their dream came to reality through the funding of the project through Kickstarter.

The main compartment of the bag can be accessed by making use of the top flap of the backpack which gives you access to the well thought out and specialized pockets in the main compartment of the bag.

The backpack has an integrated and retractable cable lock which gives you the option to lock the backpack to a stationary item while locking it shut.

It also comes with hidden pockets that you can use in storing your passport or your credit cards.

As an added bonus, the backpack comes with a USB charging port which you can use in connecting your USB charger to charge your device while you are on the go. Just make sure you get your own power bank because the bag does not come with a power bank.

A perfectly comfortable backpack with a few anti-theft features.


XD Design Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack

The xd design bobby backpack is a unisex backpack and it comes with anti-theft features that would make life difficult for a pickpocket if they decide to try gain access into your backpack.

Another great backpack that can be used for your travels and is even considered as one of the best anti-theft travel bags by some of its users.

The first impression of the bobby backpack would deter any pickpocket from even attempting pickpocketing on your backpack.

This is because all the zippers and pockets of the backpack are hidden which means no access point for pickpocketing while the bag is on your back.

The backpack was designed with protective layers and cutproof protection boards which would come in handy if anyone tries to cut through the fabric of the backpack. They would have to put in a lot of work if they plan to gain access through the front of the backpack.

By making use of the xd design bobby backpack, the items in your bag would be safe when you are in a crowded venue or when you are in a place whereby you would have to stand in one particular spot for some minute.

As an added feature, a USB charging port was integrated into the backpack which you can use to conveniently charge your phone while you are out and about.

A backpack raincover would also be included in your purchase which would really help protect the items in your bag against rainfall.


Travelon Anti Theft Classic Backpack

Travelon Anti Theft Classic BackpackThe Travelon anti-theft backpack is a classic backpack with anti-theft features which would help keep your belongings safe while you are on the go.

If you are looking for a travel bag companion then this can be your choice.

A user described this as the perfect size for a traveling backpack while another said the backpack actually has more room than it looks.

With so many words used to describe this bag, one thing remains clear and that is the backpack is a perfect bag to use when traveling.

Not too small and not too big. You should be able to fit just the right amount of your belongings into the bag so it is not too heavy. What also makes the bag stand out are its anti-theft features which should be a must in a traveling backpack.

Its anti-theft features includes the use of a fabric which is made of a material that can withstand the use of sharp objects on the bag, RFID blocking feature protecting your personal information from being scanned and scammed while it is in your bag, shoulder straps made of materials that cannot be easily cut and locking straps which allows you to lock the bag to a stationary object.

You can also lock the zippers of the compartments of the bag which can help keep the items in your bag safe especially in crowded venues or shopping areas.


Pacsafe Slingsafe LX400

Pacsafe Slingsafe LX400The Pacsafe slingsafe lx400 is another well thought out design from Pacsafe. Though not perfect, the slingsafe lx400 is another great anti-theft backpack.

Just like the Citysafe CX backpack, the fabric of the slingsafe lx400 has embedded in it a slash guard stainless steel wire mesh which also helps against accessing the compartment of the backpack by cutting through the fabric.

It also comes with a pocket made with RFID blocking material to protect against hackers from stealing your personal information from your id’s and credit cards.

Being a product of Pacsafe, there are also wires embedded into the shoulder straps of the bag to prevent anyone from cutting the straps of the bag either while it is on your back or when you secure it to a stationary object when making use of the turn and lock hook at the bottom side of the backpack.

There is a removable pocket at the front of the bag that can be turned or used as a cross body bag. This particular feature might not be anti-theft so just be careful not to put valuable items into this particular pocket of the backpack.


PINCNEL Women Rucksack

PINCNEL Women Anti-theft RucksackThis can actually be considered as the most common backpack on this list of the best anti-theft backpacks for women. It can also be considered as one of the best women’s travel bag.

The backpack is actually anti-theft because of the location of the zipper of the main compartment of the bag.

The zipper of the main compartment of the bag is located at the back of the backpack.

This would actually make it extremely difficult or nearly impossible for anyone to gain access into the bag as long as it is on your back.

The backpack is not as large as we might have expected but it has quite enough room to contain a reasonable number of items.

There are several organizational pockets inside the bag which can be used for your documents, mobile phones, wallet, etc.

The backpack is not large enough to contain large screen laptops. If you intend to put your laptop in the bag it is going to have to be below 9.7inches.

A backpack which can be used for going to school, for going to work, can be used for shopping and can also be used for a one-day travel trip.


Citysafe CS350 Anti-Theft Backpack

Citysafe CS350 Anti-Theft BackpackI mentioned earlier on that Pacsafe specialize in producing anti-theft backpacks.

The citysafe cs350 backpack for women is another classic anti-theft backpack designed especially for women.

Just like every other anti-theft backpack produced by Pacsafe the citysafe cs350 is packed with anti-theft features that can keep the items in your bag safe no matter where you go to.

Are you probably scared of the strap of your backpack being cut by a backpack snatcher while you are carrying your backpack?

Ease your mind because the citysafe cs350 also comes with wire-reinforced carrysafe slashguard strap which would prevent your backpack from being cut and snatched from you while you are carrying the bag.

Penetrating through the fabric of the bag would be extremely difficult because of the technology used by the Pacsafe design team.

The fabric of the bag has embedded in it stainless steel wire mesh which would make cutting through the fabric of the bag by pickpockets nearly impossible.

The backpack just like every other Pacsafe’s anti-theft backpack comes with a pocket made with RFID protection material in the main compartment of the bag to prevent theft of your personal data through hacker scanning.

The backpack is about 19.1L in capacity and is able to contain a 13inch screen sized laptop. The backpack is versatile, functional and lightweight and would be able to serve you during your travel trips and your daily commuting.


Charmore Women Backpack Purse

Charmore Women Anti-Theft Backpack PurseThe charmore women backpack purse is very similar to PINCNEL women anti-theft rucksack.

The charmore women backpack purse was designed with anti-abrasion tear nylon which provides strength to the backpack and also makes the backpack to be able to last longer.

Just like the pincnel rucksack, the main compartment of the backpack can be accessed through the back of the bag.

It can be carried either as a backpack or as a single-shoulder bag.

If you intend on giving your shoulders a rest you can easily make use of the handle sleeve of the backpack, especially when using the bag for long periods of time.

These carry options gives you the ability to use the bag either as a backpack, a single-shoulder bag or a backpack purse.

The backpack is also rainproof which means that the items in your bag would be safe from water if you should come under light rainfall.

The Charmore anti-theft backpack has about 20 color options giving you room to make a choice on your perfect color. The backpack is versatile and can be used for traveling, for going to school, for going on a date, for going to work and for your daily commuting.


What is Actually an Anti-Theft Backpack

An anti-theft backpack is basically a backpack that was designed or crafted in a way whereby illegal access to the bag or items in the bag can either be delayed or stopped.

The stats showing the number of pickpocket theft occurring is really disturbing. According to, about 400,000 pickpocketing occurs worldwide on a daily basis with about 600,000 incidents per year in just the UK alone.

Surprisingly, these numbers have even been downplayed as a lot of pickpocketing incidents are not even reported to the police.

As of 2010 to 2012, pickpocketing increased by 20% in London. These stats are really alarming which is one of the reasons why there is a rise in the popularity of theft-proof backpacks.

Some backpack brands now even specialize in the production of theft-proof backpacks due to the increase in demand.

What Makes A Backpack Theft-Proof

The anti-theft features of backpacks vary but the main goal is to make sure the offender has as little access as possible to the items in the bag. Some pickpockets are now been creative as they now result in snatching backpacks or cutting the strap of the bag to snatch it away from the original owner of the bag.

In crowded areas especially when the owner of the bag is stationary, the offender might also result in trying to cut through the fabric of the bag.

Another recent creative idea been used is by making use of hacking devices to access your personal information from your id’s or credit cards without touching the backpack.

These are really scary times and therefore backpack designers always try to come up with ways by which a backpack can fight back.

Some of these ways are listed below

1. The use of anti-cut and anti-slash fabric: This is gradually becoming a common anti-theft feature both in female and male backpacks. Special materials are now been used on backpacks which would make the use of a sharp object to cut through the backpack very difficult.

If a pickpocket should try cutting through your backpack while it is on your back it would be very difficult and they would have to apply a lot of pressure which would definitely make you become aware that someone is trying to access your bag because you would feel the pressure been applied on the backpack.

2. Hidden pockets and compartments: If a pickpocket is not able to find pockets on the front of a backpack or the compartment of the bag they become very discouraged from trying to gain access into the bag.

3. Cutproof shoulder straps: Cut and grab is a pretty common term among pickpockets. The straps of some backpacks can be cut easily with a knife which can make the backpack fall from your bag especially when it is on just one of your shoulders.

To prevent this some creative backpack designers create backpacks with straps that are nearly impossible to cut through with a knife while it is on your back. This is very effective and would make all attempts ineffective.

4. RFID blocking material: To prevent the scanning of your personal information or data from your credit card or passport, a special pocket or pockets that are made with a special material is included in some backpacks.

The materials used would help prevent any electronic access through the materials. This type of theft is not common but it is been used by some people to steal important personal data from others.

These are just some ways that a backpack can be made theft-proof. Of course, these methods don’t work all the time against some pickpockets but they are a huge advantage over anyone trying to gain illegal access into your backpack.

Final Thoughts

When traveling, going to work, school or wherever you plan to go to you need to always be conscious of those around you which is one of the best ways to keep the items in your bag secure.

Purchasing a backpack that is theft-proof does not mean that the backpack has to be less fashionable. You can have a fashionable backpack or stylish backpack that is also anti-theft and from the anti-theft backpacks provided on this list, you would definitely find a bag that suits your taste.

To be fair with you, there are also some options that are really awesome and of top quality that were not listed here but we have done the best we can and have searched the internet to provide you with the best choices we were able to find.

We have done extensive research on anti-theft backpacks for women and those listed on this post meet most of our requirements for an anti-theft backpack best suited for women.

For further information on how to properly secure your backpack please click here.

For a detailed review on loctote flak sack II please click here. If you have any comments please do not hesitate to leave them below and we would reply to you as soon as we can.

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  1. I’ve already tried to convince my wife to buy a bag like this, since there is a large amount of these thefts reported lately. I will show her this post, hopefully she changes her mind, and perhaps she will buy one of them. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us, hopefully she agrees this time. 

    1. Anti theft backpacks are slowly becoming popular due to the activities around us. The good news is that an anti theft backpack can look just as good as every other backpack while still protecting the items in your backpack.

  2. I am definitely getting the Hustle backpack for my wife. Such sleekness attached to beauty of the bag. I’ve told my wife to get any of the anti-theft backpack but she just wouldn’t listen to me and that’s the reason I took it upon myself to get one for her and surely, I love the Hustle Backpack the most from the list. The added advantage of being able to charge is also a plus and that’s great. I’m really anxious to present this to her as a gift. Thanks for taking your time to share this post

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  5. Women are the most affected when it comes to street theft. I once witnessed a case scenrior where the personal belongings of a Lady was hijacked on the street by some unscrupulous elements.

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    1. Most pacsafe anti-theft backpacks are slashproof and their straps are also cutproof and you can also find these features is the city cx backpack and the LX400. The loctote flak sack is also a good choice.

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