Beam Backpack – One of The Most Advanced Solar Powered Backpacks

Have you ever being outside your home and your phone battery suddenly beeps indicating low battery power?

What if I tell you that there is a way to keep the battery power of your phone always charged…

… and did I mention that you don’t need to plug it to electricity supply from a wall outlet.

In this post you would learn about a backpack that makes use of a free and natural power supply to keep your devices always charged up while you outside your home.


Naa, it is actually possible.Beam backpack

I introduce to you beam backpack which is one of the most advanced solar panel backpacks capable of drawing energy from the sun which can be used to power your devices.

Product Name: Beam Backpack

A Good Place To Buy: Amazon

Warranty: One Year Warranty

My Rating: 9.4 out of 10

Overview of Beam Backpack

I recently created a post explaining the meaning of solar panel backpacks and because of that post, I decided to research on solar bags just so I could give a proper explanation by seeing them firsthand.

During my research, I stumbled on this bag and I have to say that the pack was pretty impressive. It had a nice look and its features were pretty good.

It was well padded and from what I found out the solar cells used for its solar capability are top-notch and are produced by one of the best companies around.

These obviously made me more curious about this back bag which is why I decided to write a review on it. In this post, I intend to detail out everything I found about this bag. Some points I would be writing about listed in no particular order are…

  • The material used in designing the bag
  • The type of solar cells used and the company behind its production
  • The features of the bag such as its Voltage Regulator which helps to control the power input/output for charging your device, USB charging ports, RFID anti-theft protection, anti-theft buckle lock to secure the pack from thieves, and much more features
  • The charging efficiency of the solar panel
  • How to properly use the solar panel
  • Some drawbacks of the beam backpack

By the time you finish this review, you should have a good idea as to whether this backpack is right for you or not.


The material used on this bag is polyester and it claims to be waterproof. While I am not doubting this, I would have to say that it is probably more in the water-resistant category.

This means that when exposed to light rain it would probably be able to withstand water from gaining access into the bag for some time but this can change if left under the rain for a longer period.

For heavy downpour, the time it would take to withstand water from gaining access into the bag would be shorter than that of a light rain.

On a positive note, the zippers used on the backpack is a YKK Water Resistant Zipper to keep any water at bay.

Design and Comfort

The beam backpack was designed for maximum comfort as it was made with a lightweight material. The back of the bag was designed with a thick soft multi-panel ventilated padding.

This creates a good airflow between your back and the back of the pack which would help keep your back dry.

The multi-panel ventilated padding also helps to give you maximum back support.

The ergonomic design and compression shoulder straps of beam’s backpack helps stabilize the weight of the pack on your lower back as suppose to a traditional pack which pulls down on the shoulders and concentrates its weight on the lower back.

It was designed with breathable cotton shoulder straps and you can easily adjust them so it better fits on your back.

To better fit the bag and make it more comfortable you can make use of the adjustable chest buckle which you can secure with the magnetic suction seal.

A complaint I found was that the bag absorbs a lot of heat being that it is black.

This can lead to a battery getting overheated when been charged and can lead to the battery going into an error state as the bag is closed.

Although I only found a few people that this happened to but just in case, the advice given to counter this is to open the top cell of the bag to let out the heat out of the bag.

Do You Prefer To Watch The Video of This Backpack? No Worries.

Just Click on The Youtube Play Button Below To Watch A Visual Explanation of this Bag.

Storage and Organization

Beam’s backpack was designed with 5 main compartments to make organization of your items easy. It comes with a laptop compartment capable of holding up to a 15.6inch laptop.

This is bad news for those that own a laptop with size more than 15.6inches because it would not be able to fit properly into the laptop compartment.

As good as this bag is, this can be a disadvantage for those looking to carry a bigger sized laptop and they might not be willing to invest in this bag because of this.

The solution to this is in making use of the main compartment to store your laptop.

By doing this it should be able to hold laptops that are bigger than 15.6inches.

This does come with a disadvantage as the laptop would not be properly protected as it would have been if it was in its own compartment which was specifically designed for it.

It also has a compartment capable of housing a 10.1-inch tablet.

It’s most spacious compartment is quite large to contain most of the items you use on a daily basis. It might not be as large as we might have expected but depending on your needs, it should be large enough.

There are also quick access pockets at the side of the bag for items like your water bottle, umbrella and similarly sized items.

Reflective Logo

The beam backpack has a reflective logo at the back of the bag which lights up when you decide to charge your phone with the backpack under the sun’s radar.

The logo lighting up indicates the bag is working and charging. It also lights up during the night if you decide to charge your device.

Anti-Theft Features

Beam backpack comes with two noticeable anti-theft features and they are

  1. Anti-theft buckle
  2. RFID blocking

It has detachable shoulder straps with locking buckles and they can serve as an anti-theft security system.

It allows you to be able to lock the buckle around anything which can help prevent the theft of your backpack.

All you need to do is to loop the strap, click the buckle and lock it up.

RFID blocking is meant to safeguard your data present in your credit cards.

This can come in handy as thieves now have ways whereby they can access your credit card information just by standing close to you.

To prevent or reduce this some companies now produce products that have RFID blocking.

For backpack companies making use of this, they usually create a special part of the bag mostly a pocket where you can place items like your credit card, passport or similar items.

When these items are inside these special pockets they become inaccessible by anyone trying to steal the information in them making use of technology without actually opening the pocket.

I am not entirely sure if hacking this is possible but at least it gives you a better chance of beating the bad guys.

Beam backpack comes with an RFID blocking feature located in a side pocket at the side of the bag.

The pocket is made of a double layer silver fabric, magnetic suction deal which offers 99.99% protection all held within a slim band.

Flexible Solar Cells

Ever heard of CIGS? The full meaning of this is copper indium gallium selenide solar cell.

It is actually a thin-film solar cell that is used to convert sunlight into electrical power.

It has a high absorption coefficient which means that it is able to strongly absorb sunlight.

One of the most popular American companies that produce these sought of solar cells is Miasolé. They are an American solar energy company that sells CIGS thin-film photovoltaic products.

Their manufacturing process lays CIGS on a flexible stainless steel substrate.

They are behind the manufacturing of the CIGS flexible solar cells used in the making of beam backpack.

One very important fact you need to know behind the technology of this type of solar cells is that they have a conversion efficiency of 19.2%.

This might not seem like a big deal to you but trust me when I tell you that it actually is a big deal.

It is a big deal because It sets a world record for CIGS sputtering technology.

It adheres directly to surfaces and is very lightweight, ultra-thin and flexible which makes it an excellent power source for a solar panel backpack or a solar-powered pack.

The Miasolé Solar Cells boast a 5V-11V; 0.1A-1.7A peak charging current giving you an easy way to charge your cell phone using the sun’s energy while on the go.

USB Charging Ports

A solar-powered backpack would be completely useless if it doesn’t come with a USB charging port for connecting your cable to power up your devices.

The beam backpack comes with unique USB ports. This would be very beneficial depending on your type of cable.

It has one USB output charging port along with a micro USB charging port. Some USB cables are made up of the normal sized charging connectors while some others are small sized.

So depending on the size of your charging cable it should be able to fit either into the USB output charging port or the micro USB charging port.

Voltage Regulator

It is advisable that when making use of solar energy to charge your device that you make use of a voltage regulator.

A voltage regulator helps to control the power input/output for device charging.

If you intend to build your own solar panel backpack you might not have any idea about the amount of energy the panels you get might produce when charging your device.

It is best to get a voltage regulator that can help to control this current so you don’t blow up your device.

The voltage regular included in the beam backpack as I mentioned above helps to control the power input/output for charging your device. It gives optimal and intelligent charging.

How exactly does this work? Well, let me explain. The power supply for older solar power technology is usually limited when there is a cloud cover.

What the beam’s voltage regulator does is that it automatically reboots when this happens which gives you a continuous power supply without a manual restart.

It automatically identifies the sun’s strength and exposure and automatically switches to solar power and self starts without human intervention.

To better understand how to use this please follow the principle of operation below.

Solar Charging Efficiency

The solar panels used in the production of beam’s backpack were tested outdoors to show you just how well they work and the results are documented below.

Note that the solar radiation was about 1125W/m2 and it was tested with direct sunlight.

Also, I was able to collect these results from the sales page of beam’s backpack so I have no way to know if they are accurate.

  • 8.5 hours get a 10000 mAh power bank fully charged, 4.71-5.0 Voltage maximum 1.35A of electric current
  • 3 hours get a 2716 mAh iPhone X fully charged, 4.71-5.16 Voltage, maximum 1.27A of electric current
  • 3.5 hours get a 3400 mAh MIX2S fully charged, 4.71-5.17 Voltage, maximum 1.32A of electric current


Been away from home can mean that you would have no power source and a dead battery can make life difficult for anyone that regularly makes use of their phones.

Accessing the internet, making that emergency call or even taking that memorable picture can be difficult with a dead battery.

Beam’s backpack is a way to stay fully charged because it is a solar powered backpack.

It has an ergonomic design, is highly water-resistant and is able to attain a peak output current of 1.7amps making use of one of the most powerful renewable natural source of energy which is the sun.

Its solar cells which are CIGS are considered to be one of the best in the world. They are lightweight, flexible and are waterproof.

Your devices are sure to remain powered and your items are sure to remain organized due to the organization pattern of beam’s backpack.

Its exterior storage system is as organized as its interior storage system making accessibility easy enhancing its user experience.

It’s charging speed and efficiency is close to that of charging indoors with an outlet.

The buckle of its shoulder straps can serve as an anti-theft protection system that can be used to protect the backpack from being stolen.

Although the laptop compartment might not be as large as I might want, it is still a backpack that I highly recommend for anyone looking into solar powered backpacks.

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  1. Hello Manuel :), i really enjoyed reading this awesome review on the beam back pack. you described every feature and it looks like an amazing product. i do suffer from my device going off and the possibility to charge on the go is an appeal, i would be looking at getting one of this for myself. thanks.

  2. Wow wow wow…! This is amazing! Innovation is taking new turns every moment. Just when you think you have seen enough. 

    I am one of those people that has Low Battery anxiety. I have built my entire life around my phone, such that more than 60% of my day is spent interacting with my phone. 

    I have an old laptop that doubles as a power bank, but it’s limited because I can’t take it outside the how. 

    So, I believe that the solar panel backpack will do the trick of keeping me charged up when I am away from home. 

    1. Solar powered backpacks can be of huge importance especially for people that run out of battery juice quite often. It can be of huge help to keep your phone all powered up. 

  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing this wonderful review on this solar powered backpack, I appreciate you taking time and breaking it all down for us. I don’t really know anything about this backpack but in my humble opinion this backpack is very good when camping.This is a great product review. The details you provided here makes my decision a lot easier. I will be checking into this more very soon.

  4. Nice review there on beam backpack. .You really tried in this review in doing your findings and research before writing it. Although this is my first time of hearing or reading about beam backpack but reading this review l already like every aspect and features of this backpack. Some of the features I think I like most about this bag is the anti-theft and solar charging can make use of this bag when going on a long journey without the need for power bank to charge your phone. This bag shows advancement in technology in the production of backpacks 

    1. Beam backpack is one of a kind backpack. I think it has a nice look and the fact that it charges at quite a speed makes it my ideal kind of solar-powered backpack.

  5. This is no doubt a good innovation. Students and travelers like me would find this beam backpack very useful. polyester materials are durable and water resistant. Though wisdom demands that one should refrain from carrying the bag during a heavy downpour. Luckily my laptop is not more than 15.6 inches. Everything about this bag is excellent.

  6. Hello Manuel,

    Thanks for sharing this important article. It is always really pleasure to read your article. Cause you are not like all of those bloggers who write article just for affiliate commission. You my friend provide peoples real useful informations. 

    Well I have recently joined my first job. As my office is a bit of a far from my house and I don’t have a car I have to carry my important official papers in paper made files while travelling by local train. And service of the railway in my locality is just indescribable. I have already lost some of my important papers. So now I am really in need of buying a back pack. And as my office is far from my house I feel the need of powers. That’s why a back pack with a built in power bank and solar power supply would be the best choices of mine.

    Here from your article I got to know that the back pack companies really use flexible solar panel. 😘   

    1. Not all backpack companies producing solar backpacks make use of flexible solar panels. 

      Solar backpacks can serve as a very useful tool for those that have devices that regularly run out of juice.

  7. Hey Manuel. Thanks to you for writing this great review about Beam backpack. I loved every part of this review and I can’t wait to get myself one of this backpack. I use my phone a lot but camping isn’t really good for because of my phone. Well, I guess I have found a good solution to that.

     Thanks for sharing. I’ll be looking forward to new posts from you 

  8. Hi Manuel,

    This is a great informative and educative product review about beam backpack. This post makes me feel that this is one of the best solar-powered backpack currently existing. I love its solar panel and multiple functionalities. I think that it will be affordable for me. I am going to check it’s price and warranty period also. Thanks for writing this excellent product review.

  9. Hi Manual,

    Simply Awesome…! A backpack with a flexible solar cell, fully waterproof, with a voltage regulator to control the power input/output, USB charging port, RFID anti-theft protection, anti-theft buckle lock, well organized internally and externally, and the material is also from a famous company. This is the best backpack I have ever read about. And the appearance of the bag is very much smart. Would really love to get my hands on this
    Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous post.

    Best wishes,

  10. Wow, I didn’t know that low battery anxiety was actually a thing. Love this idea for a backpack, and something that can charge your devices on the go is ideal for the busy business person or student.

    In fact, I wouldn’t mind one of these bags myself, as I often take my Ipad with me, and then find I am low on battery life halfway through the day. I love that you can charge this backpack using solar energy, which also makes it great to take camping, or to places where there is no power.

  11. This Beam Backpack is the most advanced model I have seen on the market and I love it! The solar power, the innovative design that is less of a drag on your back compared to most backpacks, and the quality of workmanship all are big pluses for me. This is exactly what I need for the many times I am out of the office and away from any source of power.

    The 15.6 in size laptop that fits into it is good enough for me. I have two that size, and one at a time is enough for me when outside for business or pleasure. The antitheft measures they have added are quite nice too. It is an unfortunate truth that the world we live in means these kinds of things is necessary.

    Great review of a new design and powerful backpack that I and many thousands of buyers will want to get. I do not mind paying top dollar if I get value for the money, and this Beam Backpack is certainly offering a huge amount of value! Heading to the sales page now…

    1. Thanks Dave for your comment. Beam backpack is definitely one of the most advanced solar backpacks we have come across. I think it is worth every penny and is ideal for anyone looking to buy a solar powered backpack.

  12. I am one of the people that have experienced low battery anxiety because my phone would die within 6 hours with very little use.

    I’ve been using a much “lamer” (is that a word?) way to charge my phones by using portable chargers… the problem with these is that I would have to remember to plug them into an outlet and recharge them which was just a hassle and I’ve been looking for a different solution.

    If I’m understanding correctly I would still need the battery pack correct? but the nice thing is that it could stay in my backpack and would charge in the sun by itself which would be a huge plus in my opinion.

    The beam backpack sounds like it would be an excellent choice to fit my needs of on the go without having to remember to plug it in (since it’s solar). I’d mainly use it for carrying around a chromebook which is small enough to fit in the bag and wouldn’t be an issue.

    1. Thanks Josh for your comment and also your question. Yes you would still need your battery pack if you are to store the current for later use. If you don’t have a battery pack you would be able to charge your devices only when the battery is under the sun

  13. Hi Manuel,

    Great post – the Beam backpack certainly sounds interesting! I’ve never heard of a solar-powered backpack. This seems like it could be potentially practical in so many way.

    However, two of my concerns would be:

    1) Is this bag allowed on airplanes? If not that would preclude it from being a traveling backpack.

    2) How does this bag truly fair in the elements? You touched on this above by mentioning water resistance. The reason this is a big deal is I could see the Beam backpack having a ton of utility for someone hiking. You’d have the ability to charge your devices without needing extra batteries. However, if the elements are a concern, this could preclude you from using it as an outdoor pack.

    Anyways, just my two cents. I still think the backpack is super cool, no matter the answers to the above questions.



    1. Hello Nick, thanks for your comment. Yes, it’s fine as it doesn’t store power. It will only store power to a power bank and as certain power banks are allowed on planes I would look at purchasing a power bank that is safe for flying. You don’t actually need a power bank as direct sun will power your devices without the need of a power bank. The power bank is only used if you require to store power. There are no restrictions on the bag when traveling as it will not store power so there are no restrictions.

  14. Oh wow that’s so cool! There’s been so much solar powered stuff lately it’s getting hard to keep up. It might not be the ideal way to charge things all the time considering it’s solarpowered, but I’m sure it would save some time and effort as long as the sun’s out!

    Does the energy from the solar panels fill a battery that can then be used to charge other things whenever, or does energy go directly into devices being charged? If the backpack has a battery of its own, then you can continue to use it into the night!

    1. Hello Bobby, thanks for your question. Depending on how long the solar panels of beam backpack are exposed to the sun would determine if it can actually completely charge a battery. Also, we provided some stats on the solar charging efficiency in the post which we are sure is pretty accurate. 

      If you have a power bank, you can be able to get it charged using your beam backpack which you can then make use of while you are not under the sun. 

      I would also advise that before you leave the house make sure you get your phone or power bank charged so that you can just make use of the solar charge of the beam backpack to maintain the percent charge while outside the house.

      The backpack does not have an inbuilt-battery of its own. We provided a principle of operation on how the current is transferred above. Please go through it to give you a better understanding of how this works. 

  15. Dear Manuel,

    I am really amazed at the technology development and this a thorough and in-depth review post.

    To be honest I am a little overwhelmed by so much information, but I appreciate all the effort that you put for creating this review post. This is one of the most excellent and well detailed product review I’ve read lately on Beam backpack and You have given me plenty to think about here. This review is so thorough it opened my eyes to all sorts of information I wasn’t aware of!

    Anti-theft features is amazing and RFID blocking is super helpful. I was not expecting it.  

    The pros and cons you shared is very helpful in making my purchase decision. When I checked the pricing (I was afraid and thinking the price will be lot more expensive) to my surprise its under my budget. Being a traveller Beam backpack is a must and its on my list.

    Much Success!


  16. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about the Beam backpack which is something I’d definitely want to bring with me the next time I go on any kind of extended trip.

    The way you laid it out is perfect and informative. I love how this bag comes with an input/output USB charge for the smartphone which is very eye opening and can come in very handy when traveling. A little pricey but probably worth it. Thanks for the review.

    1. Thanks Son for your comment. I think the pricing is worth it because beam backpack is not a typical backpack but they are the kind of backpacks that have special features attached to them. When a backpack has these type of features they always tend to be more expensive than a regular backpack.

  17. I had come across portable solar panels, but never a solar-powered backpack. This backpack seems very innovative. Its design maximizes the solar panel size, thereby producing more electricity. 

    The storage areas were well thought out and maximized the number of things that could be stored in it. I also liked the security feature. You addressed the technical issues very well. 

    Glad you added a video that gave better insights on the workings of the backpack. The only thing I couldn’t find was the price.

    Thanks for a great solar backpack review.

    1. Hello Edwin and thanks for your comment. We tend to not include prices on our post because it is a policy from Amazon not to do so. Also, these prices normally fluctuate so we don’t want our visitors to see one prize here and then another when they decide to purchase it.

  18. This article is worth sharing, I have a lot of friends in social media that are hikers and mountain climbers. I’m impressed and considering to buy one for myself soon. Honestly, it’s quite pricey for us here, living outside the United States. But it’s worth the price.

    I have one question which I think you need to answer here. I was reading back and forth in the article looking for the statement saying we can charge not only mobile phones but also laptops, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the explanation… 

    Can we plug in a laptop for charging?

    1. Hello Gomer, thanks for your comment. The beam backpack is able to charge most devices that can be charged with a usb charger so if your laptop can be charged with a usb charger, beam solar backpack should be able to charge it but it might take a bit longer since its charging with the sun’s energy.

  19. Hi there, good informative review about the backpack, with the revolution of smartphones most of us now are suffering from dead batteries especially when you are out or on travel, power bank it’s a good choice but it’s really annoying when you need to recharge the power bank every time when you are willing to go out, I really like what Beam backpack can provide almost all the device can be charged all together at the same time, I really enjoy watching the video you provided and I would love to have one of this smart bag which is a solution for frequently dead batteries

  20. Wow, what an enlightening post. I am continually being amazed by the advancement in technology and the different applications, specially when it is as useful as a solar powered backpack. I am always worried about running out of battery when I am out and about. With an old laptop that doesn’t hold the charge for very long this seems to be the perfect solution. Love the anti-theft feature and RFID blocking as well.

  21. Pretty interesting stuff here! You’d think tech like this would only belong in scifi novels and movies, and yet here we are. This looks really useful for different situations – long, connecting plane trips, wilderness escapades and even tourist spot romps. The compartments are also great for people with multiple devices on them.

    Looks sharp!

  22. Wow this is the first time I’ve heard of Solar Powered Backpack.

    I thoroughly appreciate the research you must have done to gather and compile so much information on this post.

    This Beam Backpack is really something that everyone must get their hands on.

    Thanks for taking your time to put all these together. I would get one of this end of this month. 🙂


  23. Hi, I read your article very carefully. Thanks for sharing this wonderful review on this solar powered backpack. This post makes me feel that this is one of the best solar-powered backpack currently existing and the appearance of the bag is very much smart. We can get a free power supply to keep our devices always charged up while outside home. I love its solar panel and multiple functionalities. I think that it will be affordable for me. I am going to check it’s price and warranty period also. Thank you very much for writing this excellent product review. 

  24. I like it but I don’t like it at the same time. I like the fact it’s lightweight and contains a good number of compartments for storage, but I carry around my laptop as if it’s a first-born child so my number one priority would be to find something I can fit my laptop into. It’s fantastic, it seems, for those who carry around tablets and the technology here is state of the art. As for being waterproof, I think the best thing to do is to battle test it and see how it fares. 

    1. If you feel the laptop size might not be ideal for your laptop then it would be best to probably get yourself a backpack with big enough room to contain your laptop.

  25. How cool that you can go hiking with these backpacks and not run out of juice for your electronics!  My main worry when we hike is that we are gone for quite a long time. I mean the places we go it’s like four hours up and then four hours back.  We use our phones for flashlights as well as cell reception, and we always run out of juice on the way back.  It’s just super nice to have that extra juice for the phones.  This would seriously be so convenient and I would worry a lot less about these long hikes in the middle of the mountains!

    1. I would not really recommend beam backpack for hiking purpose because it might not be able to contain all the items you would make use of during your hike unless of course you don’t intend to hike with much. A choice I feel would be good for you is eceen solar backpack. You should check it out.

  26. This is a great looking bag that i can definitely see myself wearing. No more anxiety from low batteries. My only real complaint is the time it takes to charge the items. It does take a couple hours to charge a cell phone. For that reason alone I do not think this product is best suited for me. There are other cheaper and smaller options for a cell phone and tablet. What type of person would you recommend this product to? I was thinking someone that likes to go camping or hiking and are away from the everyday conveniences.  

    1. Hello David, 

      Beam backpack should be used for the daily commuter moving around town or maybe traveling or going on hikes or adventures that would not require a lot of items. Also, because the charging source is from the sun coupled with the panels used, it would obviously not charge as fast as an actual source of current from either a power bank or power outlet.

  27. Awesome! This is a great idea. No more charging phones using the car battery or looking for where to plug our phone when we are out and about. I really like the compartments for various items and the fact that it has RFID protection. I was just wondering if this bag could store some solar energy for places like the massive airports and shoppers malls where there is no direct sunlight? 

    1. For the beam backpack to work at max level it would need to be in contact with direct sunlight. To store the current for future use you would need to charge a power bank using the solar panels of the backpack.

  28. Hello Manuel.
    I am really so excited after reading your Beam Backpack review. This seems to be very useful for me. Because when I go out or roam, my phone is closed due to not being charged almost every time, which is very sad for me. This Beam Backpack is very important for everyone as well as me.

    According to my knowledge, nowadays I am not the only person who is the victim of this problem. I think your Beam Backpack will benefit us a lot. I’m also very excited to purchase this Beam Backpack.

    Thank you so much for such an important review.

  29. Wow what a cool backpack! I always worry about my phone going out and I like to move around a lot, so this will be very handle to travel with. Great post!

  30. I was looking or a backpack with charging abilities. I looked at the way solar panels work to find out what is needed for a good charging backpack.
    In the Beam back pack the solar panel looks like it covers the whole back of the pack. Does the panel get hot in the sun, they create power by moving molecules faster producing heat and power. If it gets hot is their any insulation between it and the stuff inside.
    Is there a way to hold a power pack while you hike to charge it while you walk, I did not notice a way to store the power in this back pack.

    1. Hello John, beam’s backpack is not able to store power except through the use of a power bank which has to be bought separately. If you intend to make use of a power bank a pocket has been provided inside the bag that can be used to store the power bank. Some few customers mentioned the backpack getting warm.
      The best way around this is to open the top pocket to prevent overheating.

  31. Nice backpack. Anything solar powered fascinates my nephew, and he is going to love this one. He doesn’t go anywhere without a backpack and his devices always run low on power. No doubt, this will come in handy for him. Truly, it is a bit pricey though.

    1. Hello Carol
      It is a bit pricey and that is probably due to its features. It is a pretty amazing backpack and is actually one of the best I have seen.

  32. I had no idea low battery anxiety was a real thing. What a cool way to keep things charged. I spend a lot of time outdoors where I do worry if my GPS tracker or camera batteries will die. I honestly never thought about having a backpack with a solar charger built in.

    Great article.

    1. Thanks Donnie for your comment. Low battery anxiety is definitely a real thing as a lot of people worry about the battery of their devices running out.

  33. Wow, what an interesting backpack. Flexible solar cells that is cool. It looks like they thought of almost everything. Water resistant. Good shoulder and back positioning to help you avoid injury. A lot of good stuff. I never would have even known this existed if you hadn’t written about it so I thank you. How do you find out about all these backpacks? Are there any backpacks that are good for bringing food with you for the day? Like backpacks that keep your food cool. That would probably be my number one thing because I like to make my own food and bring it with me.

    1. Hello Charles, beam backpack cannot be considered as a really good pack to store your food especially perishable foods.

  34. Hello Manuel, this is a very awesome review on the beam back pack. Seeing that one can really use a back pack that can charge my phone on the go is awesome. That way, I can not run out of power on my phone. Another great feature I’m attracted to is the anti theft features that come with it too. One thing I can frown at is the compartment. Not too big but I’ll still definitely check it out. Thanks.

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    1. Hello Nikki, the beam backpack is an awesome backpack that can withstand rain and sun but we have noticed some complaints about the main compartment of the bag generating some level of heat in hot weather. 

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