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A lot of companies out there don’t produce some products that they sell. This is entirely true in the backpack industry because backpack manufacturers produce these backpacks and ship it out in bulk to a third party company who in turn then stick their names on these products.

Depending on the type of person you are, you might want to buy directly from the source or you might prefer buying from companies that received their product from a third party company.

Some manufacturers out there just produce the materials and these materials are shipped out to companies who then design the products based on their personal taste before selling to the public. Also, some of these companies inform these manufacturers exactly what they want and then they produce to their taste before shipping it out to companies.

All of these are also common in the production of backpacks. Some of these manufacturers are given directions on exactly what their clients are looking for and these instructions are to be followed before shipping the product to the companies. These manufacturers also produce based on their taste.

Just like everything else, there are some factors one might consider when buying straight from the producers and I would list some of them. There are things that you must consider first before picking a backpack manufacturer before that let’s go over some few points.

Why Some Companies Use Other Manufacturers

Depending on the type of backpack producing company, reasons might vary with why they depend on backpack manufacturers to produce their products. One of the reasons is budget or let me just be blunt and use the word cost of production.Picture of a lady calculating the invoice of products from her company

There are lots of challenges when running a product based company and one of the common ones is the cost of production. Some companies are not just financially equipped to produce their own products and therefore depend on a third party company to produce for them.

When you are just starting a backpack company you would want to cut down on cost as much as possible and one of the ways to do this is by having your product get manufactured by a different company.

Experience is an important reason why some companies prefer using other manufacturers for product production. This is obviously important because these people already know what they are doing, therefore, the rate of production would be faster with good quality.

Some equipment used in producing products might be expensive when producing in either small or large scale. This can also fall under the cost of production.

When some products are produced they are usually tested first before they are released. Not all productions would be good enough for release after production, therefore, they might have to be discarded or remade and this can cost the company more but if given to a third party it would be their problem because they would have to deliver good products.

Why Some Individuals Go Straight To The Manufacturers

There are some people that go straight to the manufacturers for their own personal taste. Backpacks can be designed imagein a unique way and some people might like their backpacks to be customized so they would like to give specific instructions on the designs.

Though this might be a good thing you would still have to consider the fact that you might pay more due to the special order one is making.

If you are making use of a local manufacturing company the delivery time for your product would be a lot faster than when you are making use of a foreign company.

Some distributors might produce fake products and start selling it to customers so because of this some people are more comfortable buying directly from known manufacturers so they know they are getting quality products.

Most product producing companies have more options like color choice, design and sizes so with this the individual customer has more options in making their choice.

Also, if you have complaints pertaining to your product it is better handled when you are talking to the company that actually manufactured the product because they would have a better response.

One of the reasons I like buying directly from the manufacturers is because they would normally sell their products at a cheaper price. There is a downside to this. You probably don’t live in the same region with these manufacturers so if you factor in the amount for shipping the product to you it might be similar to actually buying close to you.

Picking The Right Backpack Manufacturer

What are some things you have to look out for when researching backpack manufacturers? If you are going large scale it would mean that you plan on selling the backpacks and not for personal use so first thing is that you check out how huge the company is and if they have the ability to produce the quantity that you are asking for.

Some backpack manufacturing companies might produce quality products but if they are a small company they might not be able to produce the quantity that you need.

We are all trying to meet a deadline and we work with time so if a company is not able to meet my deadline this can cost me on the amount of money I might be losing due to lack of products.

Inquire about previous products and demand for samples so you can check on the quality of their products. This is very important so you know if they are reliable.

You can not just dive in when looking for a company to produce your backpacks. I always recommend that when making a purchase you should always check for reviews and recommendations. In this case, you ask if they can tell you some of their current companies that they work with. Some of them might reveal this to you while others won’t.

Also, you have to find out how credible these backpack manufacturers are. is my go-to website for this but the downside is that they only list backpack manufacturers in the US. You can check for the quality of their certifications and their registrations using Thomasnet.

Some companies like to supply in large scale only so if you are going for personal use you might not be able to make use of such companies. The best way to find out if these manufacturers produce in such a way would be to talk with their customer support.

Most customer supports are able to communicate in English but these might be a bit challenging depending on the country they are located so you would have to try to make sure you get your message across.

Depending on what you are looking for some backpack manufacturers offer longer guarantee than others so this can be another criterion you can consider when looking for a backpack manufacturer. To find out backpack brands that produce backpacks with lifetime warranties, click the link below.

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Where To Find Some Backpack Manufacturers

There are a lot of backpack manufacturers both in the US and outside the US. Some of the popular brands we know of make use of these manufacturers.

1. Shilla Bags Co., Ltd.
Located in Vietnam SHILLA BAGS are considered as one of the top choices when it comes to outdoor bags manufacturing. They manufacture bags and related accessories.

2. Outpac Designs Ltd
They are located in hong kong and was founded in 1998. They offer designs and manufacturing of backpacks, bag protectors, digi pouches, day packs, hip packs, compact and vertical travel bags, briefs, duffle bags, laptop backpacks, handbags, totes, and backpacks, belt extenders, laptop messenger bags and briefs, wallets, handbags, sling and backpacks, sling purses, phone sling purses.

3. Shui Shing Handbags Factory
Located in China. They are good at producing backpacks, handbags, shopping bags, cosmetic bags, travel bags, cooler bags, and purses. They have nearly 1000 workers working for them. Their yearly capacity is about 6-8 million bags.

4. Xiangxing Fujian Bag & Luggage Group Co. Ltd.
Located in China. They are one of the biggest manufacturers in bag and luggage in China with more than 9000 employees. These guys specialize in manufacturing and exporting different kinds of world sports backpack brands, travel luggage. Their processed products include backpacks, briefcase, trolley bag, traveling bag, climbing backpack, satchel, waist bag, and electronic product bag.

5. Xiamen Ason Products
Located in China. Their major products are backpacks, cooler Insulated bags, tote bags, travel bags, sports bags.

6. KJM Industries Ltd
Located in Hong Kong. They produce handbags, travel bags, sporting bags, backpacks, bags.

7. Quanzhou Huangjie Bags Co Ltd
Located in China with about 51 to 100 employees. They were established in 2009 and their main products are the production of bags.

8. Guang Der Corporation Ltd.
They are a Taiwan based company and they specialize in the design and manufacturing of bags, backpacks, and harness.

9. Eminent Luggage Corp
They are a Taiwan based company engaged in manufacturing, processing, import and export of various kinds of luggage and related parts. They manufacture quality products and they satisfy their customers every need.

10. Quanzhou Fengze Huangjie Bags & Sacks Co Ltd
Founded in 1999. Their line of business includes the manufacturing of textile bags.

What Next

These are a few of the backpack manufacturers. There are a lot more out there. When looking for a backpack manufacturer make sure you go through the criteria listed above. Make sure you do the right things so that you would get the quality products you are looking for.

Follow these criterias and make your own research and if you know of more that I did not include here please write them in the comments below to help others know more ways to identify good backpack manufacturers.

If you have any questions or suggestions please leave them in the comment section below and I would respond to you as soon as I can. In this way, more people would get more information on how to go about this.

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