9 Facts About Backpacks You Probably Had No Idea About

There are facts about backpacks that a lot of people are not aware of. Aside from its history which a select few are familiar with here are 9 facts you probably did not know about backpacks.

1. Promote Your Brand With Your Backpack

Did you actually know that you can promote your company or your brand by making use of backpacks? A study was actually carried out by the Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI), and it showed that 31% of U.S. consumers own a promotional bag. These type of bags are referred to as personalized backpacks and they generate more impressions in the United States than any other giveaway.

What this actually means is simple. If you would like to put the word out about your brand and would like a lot of people to see the brand logo on a regular basis then you can stick it to various backpacks that you or your close ones make use of.

Due to its style and functionality, backpacks are been used on a daily basis by a lot of people so this means that if your logo is attached to the front of some backpacks, a lot of people would actually see your brand logo on a daily basis.

You can get bags that have a similar color to that of your company or brand logo.

2. The Lash Tab or Pig Snout of a Backpack

These were originally designed for only outdoor packs and the main reason a Lash Tab was included in a backpack was to pass strings through them and fasten equipment. It is actually a traditional way to hang extra gear on the backpack. You can actually pass a string through the middle and lash objects to your bag.

It is pretty useful especially if you have an item that doesn’t quite fit inside the bag or probably if you want to keep it within reach. It was once only being used by climbers and hikers but it can also work well for gym shoes. They are now being popularly used by some major brands such as Herschel supply co, Jansport and L.L. Bean.

3. Girls Are More Likely To Have Backpack Injuries

Of those that carry heavy backpacks or backpacks the wrong way, it has been shown that girls are more likely to have injuries caused by backpacks. This is solely due to their body frame as they have a smaller stature. Girls often weigh less than boys but still end up carrying the same amount of weight in their bags. So don’t be surprised if you see a female complaining of pains while carrying the same backpack weight as a male not of complaining of pains.

4. Wearing Both Straps Of A Backpack is Now The New Cool

Once upon a time, backpack users were considered uncool or nerdy if they decided to wear both straps of their bags. Well, those days are long gone as the cool kids around the block now wear both straps of their backpacks. There are many reasons for this change with health coming at the top of the list.

It is no news that carrying a backpack the wrong way can lead to several health issues such as neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, altering one’s posture, etc. To avoid this it has always been advised that both straps of a backpack be used instead of making use of just one strap.

It is way more comfortable and can distribute the weight of the items in the bag. A lot of people now realize this which is one of the reasons it is now being preferred to making use of just one of the strap of their bags.

Other reasons for this change in trend are

  1. It makes movement easier
  2. You can carry your pack for a longer time
  3. You can carry more items
  4. It makes carrying of heavier items easier
  5. and so on

5. Most People Still Don’t Know How To Wear Their Backpacks

Even with a lot of people realizing that it is better to wear both straps of their packs than just the one, they still don’t know how to properly wear their backpacks. More than 50% of those making use of backpacks don’t properly wear them.

It is reported that thousands of people all over the world visit their doctors because of pains caused by the wrong use of their bags with an alarming increase of kids reporting back or shoulder pains. Some of these people don’t realize this until they pay a visit to their doctors.

A lot of blogs have written about this and at realbackpacks, we have also taken it upon ourselves to write on this. If you wish to read this you can click on the category backpack safety at the top bar of this post. In this post, I would list some ways you can use in carrying your pack the right way.

  1. Wear both straps of your bag
  2. Make sure the straps are properly adjusted for proper fit
  3. Make sure your bag is stabilized
  4. Adjust your bag so it is just about an inch above or below the waist
  5. Make sure you buy a bag that has it’s back and shoulder straps padded

These are some methods you can use to carry your backpack the right way.

6. Backpacks Are Just Not For Kids or Students

Before bags started being so popular among adults, they were ones used mostly by kids or students in carrying their books to class. They are still being used for this reason but it has evolved to more than an item being used by students and is now being used by adults for various reasons.

They have been designed for various works of life and are now being used to work, to the gym, to travel, for hiking, for backpacking, for fashion, etc.

I cannot remember when last I went out without coming across an adult with a backpack. It has definitely transcended from being used by just kids or students to an item that is used by both the kids and adults.

7. You Really Don’t Need To Carry An Expensive Backpack To Look Cool

One of the facts about backpacks is that you really don’t need to purchase an expensive bag to look cool. Yes, expensive packs are known to be better than cheap packs but one very important thing you should never forget is that you should always cut your coat according to your size.

This means that you should never go above your budget. You only need to get what you know you can afford. You would be considered a weird person if you have a Gucci backpack of about $1000 and you are not able to cater to your basic needs like eating.

There are some really nice backpacks that are below $100 and some even below $50. So my advice to you is to get a backpack you can afford and then make sure you take care of it the right way so it can last for quite some time.

If you have the finances to go for an expensive backpack then you can go for it because there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

8. Backpacks Have Actually Been Called Different Names

Over the years, backpacks have been called different names. Some of these names are still being used while others have been discarded. Some names by which backpacks have been called are knapsack, rucksack, rucksac, pack, sackpack. bagpack, moneybag, haversack, oat sack, bergen, kraxe, etc. Backpacks used in school mostly by students are referred to as bookbags or school bags.

9. We Owe Our Thanks To The US Army

It has been said that we probably would not be making use of backpacks if not of the US Army. This dates back to the 1800s whereby the first recognized backpack was crafted due to the needs of the US Army during the civil war. Supplies were made independently without putting much thought on how they would be carried.

These had to be wrapped in a blanket and carried on their shoulders across America and this process was very uncomfortable and wasn’t efficient. Colonel Henry Clay Merriam of the Seventh Infantry, a Civil War veteran submitted a patent in 1877 for a pack meant for the United States Army and it was approved the next year.

His packs were made from sheets of metal and it was able to serve the purpose of reducing the number of equipment that had to be carried. These were obviously not comfortable but it was a step in the right direction which paved the way for the crafting of better and more comfortable backpacks.







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  1. This is golden Manuel, 

    I was surprised to know that I’m using my backpack all wrong! I tend to wear it below the waste like those cool kids and to make myself look not boring like the nerds (Because I am one :D), I wear only one strap and I have to admit, it does put a strain on my back. Didn’t know that there are actually proper methods to using a backpack, you saved me from long term backache, thanks!

    1. It is good we all try and make sure we wear our backpacks the right way to avoid issues that occur due to wearing backpacks the wrong way

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