5 More Reasons Why You Need Smart Backpacks

The idea behind the introduction of smart backpacks revolutionized the backpack industry. It has become so much more from what it used to be and has made the backpack to more technologically smart was really impressed when I came across a smart backpack and I discovered just how much effort was placed into its creation.

It was made by people that think outside the box and imagined the backpack to be more than just an item used to carry our belongings.

From the most basic and simplest to the complicated and more technologically advanced smart backpacks, you would always be impressed at the level of creativity and imagination put into its creation.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, the old-fashioned backpack is still reliable and is a favorite of a lot of people including myself but if you want even more functionality and more ease of use then smart backpacks are definitely your option.

I already stated the awesomeness of this new gen backpack style in my previous post but to tell you that it has even more appeal, I decided to give you 5 more reasons why you need smart backpacks.

#1. Organization Made Easier

Without overexaggerating on this all you have to do is to check out the image below and see for yourself the organization pattern of most smart backpacks. Now just so you know, not all smart backpacks are created like this but most are. The ones that are created in a similar fashion makes organization to be so much easier.

It is an organizational genius that puts the needs of the modern day individual into serious considerations. With our smartphone, tablets, laptops, earphones, and much more. This new gen backpack style has made organization of these items in our backpack much easier which in return makes access to our items quicker and better.

From multiple holes to its divided sections with various compartments, organization has never been this sexy.

#2. Even More Style, Even More Swag

I have come across a lot of backpacks both smart packs and old-fashioned backpacks and I have to say that they are both amazing but when it comes to a more sleek and modern look smart backpacks come ahead.

You project more style and swag when you wear a smart backpack giving you more confidence as you go about your day to day activities.

#3. Tear Resistant and Water repellant Materials

Are you wondering if smart backpacks are able to withstand rain? With all the great features of the smart pack, been water repellant and resistant to tear is an added bonus. Though not all but majority produced are made with waterproof materials that are also tear resistant.

An example is the oscaurt anti-theft travel backpack though waterproof but there have been some mentions that this is not 100%. It was made with water repellant materials that drastically reduces the amount of water that can gain access into the backpack.

#4. Ultra Protect Your Items Against BadGuys

Smart backpacks are built with additional layers of security making unwanted access into your backpack difficult. The nature of the anti-theft feature of various smart packs might vary.

While some come with hidden compartments, some others might come with hidden zippers making it difficult for anyone not familiar with the bag to be able to gain access into the backpack.

One effective anti-theft placement of the zipper is behind the back of the pack.

Hidden pockets are another great anti-theft feature of smart backpacks in which you can place some important items like your wallet, phones or even some cash.

The advice given to anyone wearing a backpack is to make sure you are always aware of your surroundings as this is the best way to reduce experienced pickpockets from slashing the straps or bottom of your backpack.

This consciousness to your surroundings is a very effective method but to take it a step further why don’t you just get yourself a slash-proof backpack.

This would make your mind more at ease when you make use of your backpack.

Luckily, some smart backpacks are made with slash-proof materials which makes your items more secure from the hands of the bad guys.

#5. Bringing Technology Into The Backpack

Smart backpacks were engineered to make life easier when making use of the backpack. It’s design, functionality, and the addition of technology makes the backpack more important and versatile than ever before.

The compliments and praises of those making use of smart backpacks inspire for even more creativity making the backpack to be more technologically advanced.

Technology always improves which means the idea behind smart backpacks is just beginning. There would be more introductions into the backpack with more creativity to suit the lifestyle of the modern backpack user. I am very excited to see what the future holds in terms of the improvement of the backpack.

Are you as excited as I am? What do you think about technology in the backpack? Do you think smart backpacks can become more advanced than they currently are? I would love to read what you have to say. Please do leave your comments in the comments section below.

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  1. Wow, can’t imagine the mini-advantages in every one of the five reasons you happened to have listed, it is like I should want to buy it mainly for the reason of anti-theft! Places I usually pay a visit, pick-pockets are too much and due to the poor pack, I used to carry with me, I would sometimes end up losing valuables and suffering as a result but hopefully, this backpack would help sort my problem out. thanks for the informative post.

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