10 Best Backpacks That Are Good For Your Back 2019

Backpacks are one of the best things that were ever invented due to how useful they are to a lot of people. But the fact is that if used the wrong way they can be harmful to our health and one common issue people have with packs is back pain. The truth is that there are actually backpacks that are good for your back and there are those that aren’t.

An adult wearing a backpack that is good for your back

We have been able to make a list of these type of packs that are actually good for your back. There were some criteria we made use of and you would find these criteria at the end of this post.

To know how to wear these selected packs so they can be more effective head over to the proper way to wear a backpack for a detailed explanation or you can scroll down to the end of this post for a brief explanation on how to wear a backpack.

Whatever choices you make, by the time you are through reading this post you would have a good idea about some of the best backpacks that are good for your back and you would know if any of the backpacks we suggested are right for you or not.

The Best  Backpacks That Are Good For Your Back

1. ICON Laptop Backpack

How Is This Backpack Good For Back

Incase Icon laptop backpack was designed with an integrated sternum strap. How is this beneficial to your back? This was actually done so the weight carried in the backpack is distributed in the bag so they don’t become concentrated at one side of the bag and this, in turn, makes it comfortable when you put it on.

Also, the compression molded back panel of the backpack was made in a way so that it has airflow channels to make your back remain dry when you put it on.

Another very important inclusion is the addition of padded shoulder straps and multiple adjustment points which makes the pack comfortable when you put it on also giving you the ability to adjust it to give it a proper fitting on your back.

Other Features Of Incase Icon Laptop Backpack

Incase Icon laptop backpack has a dedicated fully padded laptop compartment lined with faux-fur to give your laptop maximum protection. Its laptop compartment is able to store up to a 15-inch MackBook.

It has three large pockets for your MacBook, iPad, and iPhone which you can easily access and it also has a side pocket which has an integrated cable port to allow access to portable power or audio devices.

It also has several pockets that can be used to organize your accessories and your essentials. It was designed with a heavy-duty material that enables the pack to be able to hold up to everyday wear and tear.

Who Is This Type of Backpack Ideal For

The Incase Icon laptop backpack is best for students and also for office workers and can also be used by those that don’t plan to carry a lot while traveling.

2. Kelty Redwing 50 Backpack

How Is This Backpack Good For Your Back

Another backpack designed in a way that would keep your back cool while you work. It was designed with a mesh back having a dynamic airflow back panel that creates a reasonable space between your back and that of the backpack which enables better airflow keeping your back dry and also keeping your load stable and comfortable.

Other Features Of Kelty Redwing 50 Backpack

Its shoulder straps were made with an air mesh material to give you that cool feeling. Also, it has a dual-density foam waist belt and lumbar pad which also helps to keep you cool while you walk.

Looking to make your hiking journey comfortable? No worries because Kelty Redwing 50 Backpacks comes with load lifters, stabilizers, sternum straps, removable hip belt stabilizer straps, and waist buckle.

All these give you the ability to adjust the backpack to make it properly fit keeping the load close to your center of gravity.

The backpack has a hybrid-loading U-zipper design and this works as both a top loader and a panel loader allowing you easier access to all your gears.

Who Is This Type Of Backpack Ideal For

Kelty Redwing 50 Backpacks are ideal for travelers and hikers and for anyone heading out for any type of adventure.

3. Gregory Baltoro Mountain Day Hiking Backpack

How Is This Backpack Good For Your Back

Gregory Baltoro Mountain hiking backpack was designed with an ultra-cush back panel meant to make your back comfortable when you put on the backpack. It comes with a response A3 suspension which automatically adapts to your body when you put the backpack on making it balanced and comfortable on your back.

It has a Lumbar tune insert which gives you the ability to be able to customize the lower back support. This provides incredible contour matching and load management. Its internal aluminum wish bone frame delivers superior load transfer while maintaining torsional flexibility.

Other Features of Gregory Baltoro Mountain Day Hiking Backpack

Gregory Baltoro hiking backpack comes with a color-matched raincover able to cover the backpack giving the items in your bag an extra layer of protection from the rain. It has a sleeping bag compartment and several pockets that you can make use of to organize your items.

There is a bottle holster at the side of the backpack to store your water bottle for quick access and also, it has dual top pocket compartments, dual side pockets, and large front pockets. It comes with a dual trekking pole attachment at the side of the bag for attaching your trekking poles or your ice ax.

These are some of its amazing features. To view even more of its features click on the link below.

Who Is This Type of Backpack Ideal For

Gregory Baltoro hiking backpack is ideal for hikers and also for any type of adventurer.

4. High Sierra Loop Backpack

How Is This Backpack Good For Your Back

High Sierra Loop Backpacks are designed with a padded back panel for that extra comfort while you carry the backpack. It makes use of a yoke-style, S-shaped mesh padded shoulder strap with a suspension system making the backpack comfortable and easy to carry.

Other Features of High Sierra Loop Backpack

The weight on the shoulder of the backpack is distributed evenly on both shoulders due to the non-slip shoulder pads of high sierra loop backpack. They can be easily adjusted to fit your height and a swivel chip at the end of the strap helps prevent twisting.

For added security and for ease in adjusting the size of the bag, a side and bottom compression straps were added to the bag. It contains a side compartment for water bottle and also has interior and exterior pockets for organizing your items.

Who Is This Type of Backpack Ideal For

High Sierra Loop Backpacks is ideal for camping, hiking and traveling.

5. Premium Valletta Leather Laptop Backpack

How Is This Backpack Good For Your Back

Built specifically for women Premium Valletta Leather Laptop Backpack was designed with padded straps, adjustable webbing, and a luggage strap so you can be hands-free. It is pretty expensive and this is because of the quality it has to offer.

You can wear your backpack without having to worry about your backpack causing you back pain or shoulder pain due to the way the Premium Valletta Leather Backpack was made.

Other Features of Premium Valletta Leather backpack

It has a stylish design and is able to house a laptop up to 15inches. It has a water bottle holder, insert pockets, key hook and zipper pocket. Included in your purchase is a wristlet and dust bag for storage.

Who Is This Type of Backpack Ideal For

A backpack perfect for travelers, students, and executives.

6. The North Face Surge Laptop Backpack

How Is This Backpack Good For Your Back

The North Face Surge Backpack was designed with a padded mesh back panel and has a FlexVent suspension system which makes the backpack to be extremely comfortable on your back when you put it on. It also features a highly breathable lumbar panel for maximum breathability all day long.

Other Features Of The North Face Surge Laptop Backpack

It has a compartment meant for your laptop, tablet, and documents. Its main compartment is able to fit your books, binders, clothes and similarly sized items. There is a padded fleece-lined tablet sleeve in the front compartment of the backpack. It has two water bottle pockets made with a fabric capable of concealing contents.

It has an external fleece-lined pocket for keeping your sunglasses or similarly sized items and it also has fleece-lined media pocket, secure zippered pocket and elastic webbing for cord management inside the backpack. It has a removable waist belt and also has a sternum strap with a whistle buckle.

Who is This Type of Backpack Ideal For

Perfect for a daily commuter.

7. High Sierra Swerve Backpack

How Is This Backpack Good For Your Back

To provide you with a lot of relief while carrying heavy loads, high sierra swerve backpack was designed with a suspension system. It does this by drastically reducing the shock of the weight transfer while you make use of the backpack.

Other Features of High Sierra Swerve Backpack

It has several internal pockets by which you can use to easily organize your accessories. It also has a padded laptop compartment for your laptop and a TechSpot sleeve for your tablet. Its main compartment is large enough to contain most of the items you would need in your backpack.

Who Is This Type Of Backpack Ideal For

High Sierra Swerve Backpacks is ideal for camping, hiking, and traveling.

8. Osprey Packs Atmos AG 65

How is This Backpack Good For Your Back

Picture having a dry back almost throughout your adventure. It is a pretty amazing feeling which is why Osprey atmos ag 65 was included in this list. It makes use of an Anti-Gravity suspension which actually makes you feel like you are carrying less weight than is in your pack.

It takes the trampoline-style suspension to a whole new level by suspending the entire back panel and also the hip belt. The anti-gravity suspension system spreads out the load reducing the actual weight of the items in the backpack.

The awesome part of this is that this design style does not compromise the layout of the rest of the backpack.

It has a fit-on-the-fly hip belt able to adjust to about 5inches to get your fit and it also helps to transfer some of the weight off your back.

Other Features of Osprey Packs Atmos AG 65

Osprey atmos ag 65 has a double upper and lower compression straps which can be used to help stabilize your loads making you maintain a streamlined position when you carry the backpack. It has a dual access stretch mesh side pocket for storing your water bottles.

The hip belts have zippered pockets for storing smaller items that need quick access to. It also has a separate section at the bottom of the bag that can be used to store your sleeping bag.

There are several pockets inside the backpack for easy organization and it also has a flap jacket that can be pulled out and over the opening in the draft collar which helps keep the content of your bag dry.

On the left shoulder strap, you would find a stow-on-the-go-trekking pole attachment which enables for safekeeping of your trekking poles freeing up your hands. It also has dual ice tool loops where you can stow away your ice ax depending on the trail you take.

Who is This Type Of Backpack Ideal For

Osprey atmos ag 65 is perfect for backpackers, world adventurers, and hikers.

9. The North Face Borealis Backpack

How Is This Backpack Good For Your Back

This backpack is very similar to the north face surge laptop backpack. It was also designed with a padded mesh back panel and also has a flexvent suspension which makes the bag to be comfortable while it is on your back. It also has a lumbar panel for maximum breathability all day long.

Other Features of The North Face Borealis Backpack

It contains a padded fleece-lined laptop sleeve in the main compartment used to house a 15inches sized laptop protecting it from falls and bumps. Its main compartment can be used to store your books and binders and its front compartment has a padded tablet sleeve, a pendolier, and a secure zip pocket.

Who is This Type of Backpack Ideal For

Can be used by college and high-school students. It can also be used to work and for traveling.

10. Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack

How Is This Backpack Good For Your Back

Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack was built with a light wire frame suspension which transfers the load from hipbelt. What this means is that this type of suspension helps spread the weight of the bag across the back and the hips.

It also has a mesh backpack panel which helps improve ventilation between your back and the back of the pack keeping your back dry while you make use of the bag.

Other Features Of Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack

It comes with a detachable daypack which provides additional storage. This daypack is designed to attach to Farpoint 70 and 55. The main compartment of the backpack has a laptop and tablet sleeve and also a scratch free stash pocket to protect eyewear.

The main compartment has zipper pulls which are lockable to protect your gear inside your backpack. The backpack has dual front compression straps that are meant to keep your gear stable while wearing the pack.

You have the ability to give the backpack a slimmer look by making use of the hipbelt and harness system making it a better-checked bag.

Who is This Type Of Backpack Ideal For

An awesome backpack for hikers and travelers.

How To Properly Wear A Backpack

Having identified 10 backpacks that are good for your back, your next step is to know how to properly make use of these backpacks. You can drastically reduce the negative effect a backpack has on your health.

All you need to do is follow a few guidelines and you would notice that whenever you put on your backpack, you won’t have to worry about having back or waist pain.

Never Carry More Than Your Limit

It does not matter how good a backpack is. If you carry more than you are actually meant to carry trust me when I tell you that having back or waist pain is probably inevitable. A backpack can only do so much. You should strive to carry below your limit.

Even if you are to carry a heavy backpack make sure it is not something you do on a regular basis. Have some sympathy on your back and waist and carry only what you feel they would be able to withstand.

Make Use of Both Straps

A backpack has two straps for a reason and you also have two shoulders for several reasons. Why complain about shoulder pain when you always carry your heavy backpack on one side of your shoulders. The straps of a backpack are meant to help distribute the weight of the pack evenly on both sides of the shoulders.

If you always make use of one side of your shoulder then the weight of the pack would always be concentrated on that one side which would eventually lead to complications on that one side of your shoulder. So my advice to you is that you try and make sure you make use of both straps of your backpack.

Buy The Right Backpack

If you take a closer look at the backpacks on this list you would notice that most of them have one or more of these

  • Double shoulder straps
  • Padded back
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Chest strap
  • Waist strap
  • Mesh back
  • Mesh shoulder strap
  • Suspension system etc

One or more of these are included in a backpack and they are meant to make the pack more comfortable when you put them on. So whenever you pick a backpack, make sure they have at least 3 of the features listed above.

Always make sure you put your health first before thinking about the money you would spend on a bag.

Properly Adjust The Shoulder Straps

By adjusting the shoulder straps properly, you can make the backpack sit more comfortably on your back making it feel like less of a burden when you are making use of it.

Stabilize Your Backpack

If your backbag moves from side to left while it is on your back then that means that it is not properly stabilized. You should properly adjust the straps and make sure the bag is stationed at the center and if it should move while you walk, the movement should be so small that it would not be noticeable by people around you.

Just Above And Below The Waist

When you put on your backpack make sure it does not go more than an inch below your waist.

Make Use Of Your Waist Strap and Chest Strap

A lot of people don’t like making use of the waist strap and chest straps of their backpacks. At least 80% of people are guilty of this. What we don’t know is that those waist straps actually helps to distribute the weight the backpack exerts on your shoulders on your hip.

The chest strap also helps to stabilize the backpack making it less likely to have a lot of motion while you are wearing the bag. Very little but important things that we ignore when we make use of our backpacks.

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  1. I frequently travel from Florida to Alaska to visit my dad.  I check my luggage and use a back pack for on the airplane.  In which I do carry my laptop and accessories.  I really like the Icon Laptop Backpack.  This is perfect for everything I carry and the long 12 + hours flying time, not to mention the layovers. My backpack ends up kind of heavy and it does start to hurt my shoulders as well as my back.  Will this also alleviate the pain you can get on the shoulders from a heavy backpack?

  2. Hey Manuel! I’m so excited to have found this post. I have been having the worst back pain carrying around all my books and laptop in my bag. It is so bad sometimes that I just want to throw the whole bag across the courtyard and drag the bag on the ground or something, lol. I really like the High Sierra Loop Backpack because it has a lot of extra pocket space. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Backpacks don’t have to be a burden. They were actually made to aid us not to burden us. If used right they can be of great help in our everyday lives

  3. I love the sound of the Gregory Baltoro Mountain Day Backpack. It almost seems too good to be true to have lumbar support that can be adjusted! I get quite a lot of lumbar pack pain at the best of times so will keep this in mind in the future when I am able to get back out hiking again!

  4. I am a Fan of Back packs, i hardly step out without one, its almost become a fashion accessory. I hardly ever have less than 4 at a time. The incase Icon backpack would be for everyday use, the premium valleta would be for official use and the Atmos AG 65 would be for camping. Thanks for the beautiful review, it gives us variety and options.

  5. Thank you for sharing. I like how you shared the step by step approach for evaluating a backpack. I appreciate that you shared a logical process for determining what would make the back pack comfortable and less taxing on your back. I wondered if there was an approach I could use to ensure my children had a good backpack for school. Thank you again.

  6. I am so excited to have found this post. I have been having the worst back pain carrying around all my books and laptop in my bag. It is so bad sometimes that I just want to throw the whole bag across the courtyard and drag the bag on the ground or something. I really like the high sierra loop backpack because it has a lot of extra pocket space. Thank you for sharing your article.      

    1. Although backpacks are awesome, getting the wrong backpack can be detrimental to our health which is why we need to make sure whatever backpack we get has features that would make it very comfortable.

  7. Hello Manuel,

    Nice article here on the 10 best backpacks that are good for your back. I could do with a new one as the straps on mine seem to want to snap anytime from overuse. I seriously can’t even choose because they are all of excellent quality and the prices are reasonable as well.

    Thank you Manuel for this all-in-one guide about backpacks as it is exactly the information I currently need for a trip away shortly. Much appreciated ~ Philip

  8. When choosing backpack, one should be very careful of the features that comes with it so as not blame ourselves at the long run. When I was in college, there was this backpack I  used to carry around. It used to leave behind a chronic backpain after the week runs out. I have to stop using the bag and go for another one that have back strap, shoulders strap and waist strap. The back looks like icon laptop backpack. The bag served me throughout my college years and it is still very okay up till now. If I want to get another backpack, I’ll love to try ‘premium valletta leather laptop backpack’. This will be useful for traveling and for my current office work.

  9. In this modern world, the number of travelers is increasing day by day. People use casual things to carry . The number of backpackers is increasing and as a result the demand of backpacks. It is really difficult to choose the right one because the matter of comfort is concerned here. I like the article because it suggests best backpacks according to one’s choice. Not only that,it also clarifies how to wear a backpack. No matter which brand you choose , it depends on how u wear it.

  10. Hi there!

    Backpacks are really very useful for us specially for travelers and tourists. You have shown different backpacks that will help to choose according to use. Thanks for that. The laptop backpack looks amazing and very useful as most of us have laptops to carry. But I liked the Gregory Baltoro Mountain Day Hiking Backpack as it automatically adapts to our body when we put the backpack and makes back comfortable. What fabric was used on the backpack?

    Thanks in advance 🙂 


    1. The baltoro moutain backpack was crafted using nylon fabric. Aluminium was used on the frame of the backpack and the hipbelt was designed with a weathershield polyurethane coating.

  11. Hi!  I was actually looking for a backup for my fiancee so that she have something to use when we go hiking. There is too much backpack offers around the Internet so I am having a hard time to choose.

    I would like something that she will love and she will be comfortable. Would you recommend something for her? Thank you!

  12. Being of the technologically challenged era, I have never had much use for the laptop backpacks, however, when it comes to backpacks for hiking, camping and school books….. there I can add my pennies worth.

    A few years ago, when I was still at school, oh about 50 yrs back, there were no fancy framed back pack. they were in fact know as haversacks. Even when I was in the police on border duty, we just had the old webbing bag.

    It was only in the last 15 years or so that I have had a decent back pack that has a proper frame and padding. Ensuring that your backpack fits correctly, has the proper supports  and  padding is important as it will define what and how much you can carry and the distance that you can cover.

    An ill fitting backpack can cause injuries and result in many stops to readjust your pack and can slow your pace considerably. Whether buying a High Sierra Loop Backpack or  a The North Face Surge Laptop Backpack, or any other back pack for that matter, ensure that it meets your requirements and fits correctly. Buying a school backpack for a 3 day hike probably won’t cut it.

    1. You are absolutely spot on Bryan. 

      It really does not matter how expensive or cheap a backpack is. If the backpack is not comfortable to wear then it would be a complete waste of money.

  13. Hello Manuel

    I’m the one who have huge interest in backpacks, especially the travel backpack, I like to travel with only one backpack with me, so it’s really important to choose the best one or the most suitable, and I think waist strap and chest straps are what I consider the most, the right backpack must have a good strap cuz it can release the weight of it and make you feel more comfortable while carrying it, it’s really a informative and good post, like it so much. Im gonna share this post to my friends who might be in need of a backpack. Thanks .

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